11/03/2017 Look North (North East and Cumbria)


The latest news, sport and weather for the North East and Cumbria.

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It has to be that man, the coach, Eddie Jones, about to win the Six


Good evening. Nations again


Dame Vera Baird, the Police and Crime Commissioner


for Northumbria, has criticised comments made by a


Lindsey Kushner QC said women should protect themselves from rapists


But the Commissioner says the the remarks would discourage


women from reporting rape and she would have preferred her


to have focussed her comments on the perpetrators.


It would be good to make a very big statement that that completely put


predatory behaviour is now recognised for what it is, and the


fact that it is preying on someone who is honourable, who might be less


able to fight back, that makes the rape much worse. So yes, I think


there should be an enhanced sentence for that.


The SNP's demanded the UK government releases its


correspondence with Nissan to show what assurances


Last year, the Government wrote to Nissan offering


guarantees, but is refusing to provide the details.


Through a Freedom of Information request in October, the SNP wanted


The SNP's now complained to the Information Commissioner,


calling for an urgent probe into what they say is a "desperate


The government says the letter would only be released


once its details were no longer "business-sensitive".


From today, collections from the now closed Durham Light Infantry Museum


were opened to the public, relocated to a new site


The university's Palace Green Library is the new home


Durham County Council said the permanent museum at Aykley Heads


of delivery, a big collection centre of delivery, a big collection centre


at Spennymoor where you can see any of the Medel collections. The


archive is still in the original place. Then we've got this space


which is the Durham Light Infantry collections Gallery. It's nice that


they're keeping it alive although we're quite sad that they're closing


the bigger exhibition. This is in a lovely place, lots of people visit


the Cathedral and many more people might pop in on spec and see it.


It's sad that it had to move. I had visited it where it was. That is sad


that through circumstances it has had to move here, but this is


excellent. They were hoping for a semifinal


place in the FA Cup but Middlesborough's Cup


dreams are over. They were beaten at the Riverside


2-0 by Manchester City. There has not been a lot to cheer at


the Riverside this season, but a trip to Wembley could have changed


all that. A key FA Cup fixture which, prior to kick-off, was all


set to raise morale. We need something to kick-start the end of


the season. I'm hoping we could win, but Middlesbrough give you


surprises. It would pep them up, I think, and make them play better, I


hope. But Middlesbrough's FA Cup dream wasn't to be. David Silva


scoring just two minutes in and Sergio Aguero sealing victory in the


67th minute. I think we were very nervous. I think they were beaten


before they went out. Lots of effort, worked hard, just lacked


quality. He's not going to change his formation after being here three


years, but he has to do something. Monday morning Aitor Karanka's men


will be back to business, staying in the Premier League now their main


priority. And in the FA Vase


semi-final first leg... Better news for South Shields. They


won 3-1. In the Championship, Newcastle lost


at home to Fulham 3-1. In League 2, Carlisle lost


to Cambridge United 3-0 and Hartlepool lost


to Notts County 2-1. York drew 2-2 with Sutton United,


Gateshead beat Wrexham 2-0. Berwick Rangers lost


to Cowdenbeath 3-1. It was a bit wet in many parts


today. Let's get the weather now


for the rest of the weekend, Plenty of mist and Merck but we have


also got some rain making its way in from the West. A view breaks here


and temperatures holding up between eight and ten, a mild night. I'm the


rain we have got a slice of something a touch brighter before


the next area of rain pushes in. It's breaking up over the Pennines


and it is brighter behind that. Something much drier and brighter


for the new working week. Good evening. Some of us managed to


get some decent weather today, not everybody but some of us. Lovely


picture from a weather watcher in Northern Ireland, Enniskillen, and


in Northern Ireland we have the warmest day of the year for Northern


Ireland, 16 Celsius. The Southeast a little warmer weather cloud broke


up, 18 Celsius, but we have also had some light rain, and if anything


this coming even in the clouds will thicken up again in some areas, so


for a number of us it is going to be a cloudy and damp night. Mild at


around nine or 10 degrees. Tomorrow, a mix of a day, rain in the morning


across the south-east, London, Lincolnshire and maybe some sunshine


across central areas of the UK, and then a few spots of rain in the


west, and further west some sunshine. A mixed bag on the way.