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Hello, welcome to Monday's Look North.


The Futurist Theatre will be demolished.


There's anger in Scarborough as councillors vote to bulldoze


We'll have the latest live from Scarborough.


The woman found stabbed to death in her blazing home.


Questions over her husband's mental health care before the tragedy.


We'll have all the weekend's sport including the latest on the sacking


of Chesterfield boss Danny Wilson Plus Katie Ormerod,


from Brighouse, wins her first Big Air World Cup event.


Cannon Hall in Barnsley, a Georgian mansion which looks like it's


straight out of the pages of a Jane Austen novel.


Later in the programme we'll find out how they're spending


?3 million on restoring the grounds and gardens to their former glory.


And all use a much colder weather on the way with a risk of at least some


snow later this week, join me for the live, updated forecast.


It's been part of the Scarborough coastline since 1921,


but today councillors voted to demolish the Futurist Theatre,


Getting rid of the theatre has been described as leaving Scarborough


And today there were lots of angry people in the council meeting.


Phil Bodmer is in Scarborough for us.


Phil, this was a very close decision?


Yes, it was, very narrow indeed, Harry. 22 vote is 221 to knock down


the Futurist Theatre, clear the site and help stabilise the cliffs at a


cost of ?4 million. It seems the night this grand old lady's days are


finally numbered. For 96 years the Futurist Theatre has played host to


the great and good show business, the likes of Shirley Bassey, the


Beatles and Ken Dodd to name just a few but the conservative run council


cabinet says the Futurist is not sustainable as a theatrical venue


and today that narrow majority of councillors voted in favour of


demolition. This was reaction problem council after the historic


boat. People have come forward with ideas


but in my opinion they haven't backed them up with a proper


business case to show that after any refurbishment has been done


and reconfiguration had been carried out that it would provide


the sustainable Theatre to operate I have had a lot of e-mails about


the anger about this decision but a very contentious decision, wasn't


it? Yes, it was contentious. There were many people in the town who


believe that the Futurist if they still a durable and those who wanted


to keep it as a going concern marched from the railway station


down to the Townhall, attending this meeting which started at 2pm. It was


at times a bit and acrimonious meeting as they really wanted more


time to look at alternatives. After this boat today I spoke to one


particular campaigner who was very emotional and she explained her


reaction to the day's decision. Did you expect that it


could have been saved? So, you can see the effect it has on


some people. It has polarised opinion in this town as I am sure


you are aware, for those in favour of retaining it and for those who


want to see the back of it. Some say it is a blot on the landscape but


tonight it seems that the Futurist Theatre's days are finally numbered.


But, we don't know the timescale yet. There are developers, branding


the land has looked at ideas to put a roller-coaster in place. Without


I'm likely to see the bulldozers on site any time before after the


summer, in the autumn. Thank you. Some really big names through those


doors over the years. An inquest has heard


that a man who was found dead alongside his wife,


who'd been stabbed, had been sent home from a mental health


unit just days earlier. Martin Ashworth from Garforth died


in a house fire in April 2014 just 13 days after he was discharged


from the Becklin Centre in Leeds. His wife Susan suffered


fatal stab wounds. Wakefield Coroner's Court heard


Mr Ashworth was told by a nurse that he was being sent home


because "they needed beds." The aftermath of the arson


attack at a family home 47-year-old Susan Ashworth was found


in her burning house. Her husband Martin was pulled out


of the fire but died a short An inquest heard today that


Susan had been planning She told her mother


that he emotionally abused her, trying to impose power and control


over her and their two sons. Wakefield coroner's court was told


that as their marriage deteriorated, Mr Ashworth tried to take his own


life by poisoning himself with Following in his suicide attempt


on the 22nd of March 2014, Martin Ashworth agreed to be


admitted to the mental health unit Three days later, he was


sectioned for 28 days under But only 22 days after


that he was discharged. The inquest was told that family


members were shocked by the decision to discharge Martin Ashworth early


from the mental health unit. We heard that his wife


Susan Ashworth felt she had no choice but to allow him home


as he had nowhere to go. Martin's mother, Barbara Ashworth,


said her son asked staff at the centre why he was being sent


home and was told by a nurse 13 days later, Martin was dead


after a deliberate fire at his home, his wife Susan was found


their stabbed to death. Susan Ashworth was described


by her mother today has a wonderful, kind, loving person


who was loved beyond measure. The inquest into


the deaths continues. Emma Glasbey, BBC


Look North, Wakefield. How about a gentle bike


ride round the park? This is what some of the country's


top competitors came up against when the British cyclo-cross


championships came to Bradford. A fitness to practice hearing has


heard allegations that there were failings in the care given to seven


patients by a former children's heart surgeon from Leeds. The case


has been brought by the General medical Council against Nihal


Weerasena in relation to operations carried out over a four year period


on six children and one adult. The surgeon has claimed he has been made


a scapegoat. Our health correspondent Jamie Coulson reports.


Nihal Weerasena was a consultant plastic surgeon at Leeds General


Infirmary. He specialised operating on children and adults born with


heart defects. In March 2013 he agreed to stop operating when the


trust began investigating concerns about his work. The referral to the


General medical Council followed and despite remaining in the paid


employment of the hospital until last year, hasn't operated since.


Today Nihal Weerasena's case came before a fitness to practice hearing


here. It is alleged between March 2008 and 2012 there were failings in


the care given to seven patients. In one case, patient B, it is alleged


failure to decompress part of the child's heart at a crucial phase in


the operation... In another, patient L it is alleged


Nihal Weerasena fail to use a bypass which is used to take over the


function of the heart and lungs. One experts admitted that in his view


the conduct of this operation was negligent. Nihal Weerasena stop


operating in Leeds just ball days before an intense media spotlight


was turned on the heart unit. First campaigners won a High Court battle


against its closure but then the very next day, surgery was suspended


in a row over death rates. The unit was eventually declared safe. But


the surgeon has faced repeated questions about his work. Last year,


Leeds teaching hospitals apologised to the family of 11-year-olds


Radley, who died after undergoing three operations on two days. His


family spoke about their anguish after the trust admitted errors were


made. We said to each other, we are going to lose him, aren't we? We got


back and that was it. We got back and they said he has had a massive


lead on the brain. Nihal Weerasena did not appear before the tribunal


today but said in a letter he was being made a scapegoat for


departmental failings. The trust when Colin specifically about his


case but there they have absolute confidence in the congenital heart


service. -- the trust will not comment specifically about his case.


In other news now and 200 Tesco jobs are going


The company is closing its distribution centre


The company says it'll try and help employees get jobs elsewhere


1000 jobs are being lost across the country as the supermarket


The Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating


South Yorkshire Police following the death


by a marked police car in Sheffield this weekend.


The accident happened in the Hillsborough area


The man, who died at the scene, has not yet been named by police.


It's thought he'd been walking to meet his family at the dog track


to celebrate his grandaughter's 21st birthday.


Doncaster Coroner's Court's heard how a transgender woman being held


at a male prison died after being found


Forty nine year old Jenny Swift was being held on remand


at Doncaster Prison, charged with attemped murder.


Prison officers attempted to resuscitate her but she was


Meanwhile the inquest has also opened into the death


of 26-year-old Eric Flanagan, the man Ms Swift was


His inquest was adjourned until July.


Family and friends of Yasser Yakoob - the 28-year-old man who was shot


dead by police on a slip road off the M62 in Huddersfield have


gathered at the scene of the incident tonight.


Around fifty people met at junction 23 of the M62 to march


There was some traffic disruption as the march took over the road.


It's exactly a week since Mr Yuqub lost his life after shots were fired


through his windscreen in a planned police operation.


A wanted man who taunted police by posing as the character


Where's Wally, has handed himself in live on social media.


Officers were searching Leyburn in North Yorkshire over the weekend


for JJ McMenamin using the force helicopter and sniffer dogs.


The 30-year-old had failed to turn up for a court hearing


This morning he filmed himself going to Harrogate police station


A West Yorkshire truck driver who led a campaign to help


the family of a man killed in the Berlin terrorist attack has


been personally thanked by the Polish Ambassador.


Lukasz Urban's lorry was hi-jacked by the attacker who then drove it


into a Christmas Market, killing twelve people.


David Duncan has raised nearly two hundred thousand pounds


for Mr Urban's family and today his achievements were


He told us about his extraordinary day.


Well, I was collected at home this morning by one of the embassy cars,


driven down to London, had a bit of a ceremony


It was a real shindig I'm told, come on, tell us about it!


I was too busy being interviewed by the TV to partake in any of that!


I think you've been a bit shell-shocked, haven't you,


about the response that you had to all of this money


Yeah, it has been quite, I mean, this I never expected to raise


so much money I started this, I never really thought


of the implications for British and Polish people and it has been


Why did you start the campaign in the first place?


Just because I felt empathy with Lukasz and the situation he had


been put in and the fact that it was so near to Christmas,


he was probably on his way home to his family.


He had been delayed in Berlin, he was there, didn't want to be


there and this the everybody knows of the tragedy that happened


afterwards that took his life and I just felt that I wanted to do


something to help his family in any small way I could.


As we know, you truckers are very exposed.


Is there any lessons that can be learned from this


Well, this the truckers try and make everything as safe as they can


when they have the daily rest and the need to have their sleep


but you know, parking is obviously a massive problem,


Good, secure parking, it doesn't cost an arm


and a leg and it's just, you know, you are always at risk,


while you are parked up your always going to be at risk.


So, ?200,000 you have raised four Mr Urban's family.


I met them at the funeral for the first time and I have exchanged


Obviously they are very humble, gracious people, very unassuming.


Obviously they are devastated by what happened to Lukasz


and they have had small conversations with me,


just thanking me for what I have done and thanking everybody


Thank you very much for joining us this evening and get


Onto the sport now and Tanya another manager has lost his job,


this time it's Danny Wilson gone from Chesterfield.


Yes, he had had just over one year, which is almost a long time for some


managers but they really top job, Chesterfield, because they don't


have the budget that some of the League 1 clubs have and they are up


against Bradford city, a good side, and they had a bigger budget. Let us


have a look at the fours that defeated them. Here is Mark Marshall


with the first one. There were chances for Chesterfield, Chad Evans


in particular, but it is quite a young squad. They have had the


budget cutback and it is hard to know who they are going to go for


now. They say they don't want to be on the managerial merry-go-round, an


interesting thing to say when you have only given a manager a year,


but that is what they have said and this is who they think they want


next. We're looking for somebody


that is maybe a young, enthusiastic, somebody who is obviously familiar


with League 1 who can come in and hit the ground running


but we are looking for somebody you also have some enthusiasm


about them and some fire, wanting to go forward,


take this club forward and can immediately come


in and make an impact. They want in patent and fire,


something Sheffield United seem to have at the moment? They certainly


have that, Sheffield United are top and going extremely well. They beat


Southend 4-2 and it looked really, ready comfortable. Four golf and Lee


Sharpe, who has been in credible and not score any of them. That is their


first goal. Really good goals. The setup, the way they play in, a lot


of patience and confidence. Chris has talked about changing the whole


environment around Sheffield Wednesday and are playing some


really great football and the goals coming from a whole host of


different people. They are ball points clear at the top ahead of


Scunthorpe, six points clear of Bolton in third and I don't like to


make predictions but they are going up, I bet? I think so, yes.


Hopefully automatically, too. In the FA Cup, Huddersfield Town


are our only team sure of a place The Terriers beat Port Vale 4-0


on Saturday, while Barnsley face a replay and both Rotherham


and Sheffield Wednesday went out. There have been plenty of cheers


at Huddersfield town this season. Their fourth in the league, but this


was David Wagner's first cup win since joining the Terriers


14 months ago. This move was typical of the playing


style he's brought to the club. Neat passing out from the back,


Jack Payne finishing well. Palmer's deflected


shot doubled the lead. Harry Bon made it three nil and pain


had a somewhat easier finish to round off nicely


for a happy head coach. We have to speed up the game,


accelerate in every situation where you can and we scored some


wonderful goals and it was The cup proved the briefest


of distractions from Rotherham's relegation worries,


despite Lewis Price's penalty save and Danny Ward's powerful


strike, the Millers lost 3-2 Hemmings scored the winner and then


set about destroying I wonder if they've


sent him the bill? Sheffield Wednesday had the toughest


test, away at Premier League 0-0 at half-time, the signs


were good until Grant Seconds later, Fernando Forestieri


burst through but Daniel Ayala had no intention of letting him


reach the ball. Surely Wednesday's chances


would improve against ten men? But keeper Joe Wilde Smith's mistake


put Boro out of sight. And once the captain Colin Houlihan


had two good chances to win it late on against Blackpool


but they will replay next Tuesday Hopefully a few more


people will turn up. Leeds United are away


at Cambridge tonight, and the fourth round draw is live


over on BBC Two at 7pm. The Rugby Football League has


received four official bids to start a new club in Bradford


after the Bulls were put The four bids will now be assessed


by the RFL executive who will then recommend a preferred bidder


to the board as soon as possible. Snowboarder Katie Ormerod


from Brighouse has won a World Cup The nineteen year old pipped


Austria's Anna Gasser to claim her Big Air victory


in extreme minus twenty nine degree The competition makes its Olympic


debut in South Korea next year. I've always wanted to win


a World Cup and I'm really happy that I want it here and I'm hoping


there's more to come. I'd love to get another podium


and hopefully win it in Qu bec as well so I'll just keep pushing


through and try to get Yorkshire's first big cycling event


of the year brought fans and riders from across the UK to the City


of Bradford this weekend, for the Amongst the winners was Tom Pidcock


a young Yorkshireman with a real chance of becoming world Junior


Champion before Anyone arriving at Peel Park


for their weekend walk will have found the place rather less peaceful


and much muddier than usual. As well as suddenly showing off some


very colourful bobble hat fashion, to host the best in British


cyclo-cross it was surely Fans and riders came from far


away to be part of it. We've really enjoyed the stunning


scenery around here. Don't know Yorkshire very well,


so it's a really good excuse They've got new media outlets


which seem to be showing a lot more cyclo-cross on the TV


and the Internet now so it is great Bradford's Peel Park is a fixture


on the cyclo-cross calendar. Its natural slopes and Yorkshire mud


make it famously tricky, even for the best British riders,


whether on or off their bikes, or trying a bit of both


to get round the circuit. Amongst the weekend winners, adopted


Yorkshireman Ian Field regained Women's under 23 world champion


E=vie Richards successfully defended her British title


and Yorkshire teenager Tom Pidcock became national junior champion


with an outstanding control performance in front of the home


crowd, complete with Superman style celebration as he crossed


the finish line. It was pretty hard and


it is a hard course. The mud is just heavier


than anywhere else you ride. It just makes it much stickier,


you know, sloggier. There's amazing crowds here,


it's like a mini Belgium and the course was really muddy and


pretty slippery, so it was great. Elite British cyclo-cross should be


back in Yorkshire in December with a round of next season's


National Trophy series. Until then, Peel Park can go back


to doing what parks do best, apart from muddy bike


racing, that is. Paul Ogden, BBC


Look North, Bradford. And congratulations


to Yorkshire's Joe Root and his fiance Carrie on the birth


of their son at the weekend. He'll now link up with the England


squad for their one So are you going to give cyclo-cross


they go? I can see you do that. Are you going to do the Superman finish?


That mud! Barnsley's historic Cannon Hall has


won a lottery grant of nearly The money will be used


to restore the grounds, clean the lakes and repair


the eighteenth century ice house. It's a Georgian gem, Cannon Hall, a


country house that any Jane Austen Haugen with the dog. Although the


house is lovingly restored, time has robbed the grounds and gardens of


its attractive period features, like its greenhouse built in 1700 to grow


pineapples other exotic fruit. This is part of Cannon Hall's glorious


gardens and it is famous for the exotic fruit it used to grow, many


of which we still had growing in the gardens, like our power collection


that goes back over 200 years. We have grapes and all sorts. But


pineapples in particular, Cannon will is famous for. It is hoped


these gardens and greenhouses will be glorious wants more thanks to ?3


million of lottery funding. The oil is owned by the council but it is


helped by a team of volunteers who work tirelessly here, even in the


pouring rain. -- Cannon Hall is owned by the council. We have been


fundraising for 40 years basically, a long time. We knew the lakes


needed the City doing, we knew the gardens did a lot of work and it is


fantastic news. A once majestic Lake is a marked for restoration. It


contains so much still needs to be dredged. Then visitors will be able


to hire rowing boats and fishing equipment in a throwback to popular


Georgian pastime. Something I used to do as a Bubba Watson in those


lakes. I am not going to swim again in those lakes but -- something I


used to do as a young boy was swim in those lakes. Visitors will be


able to see things they have never seen here before, such as this ice


house built in 1700. Long the average rate is well invented,


people would go down to the lake in the winter months, come back with


ice and snow, packet inside here, so it could used during the summer. For


300 years this home and its gardens were owned by the Spencer Stanhope


family but now this is a part for the people of Barnsley and they are


determined to restore it to its Georgian splendour so that others


can enjoy it for many years to come. Some wonderful hills for sledging,


Paul. You think we might be able to use those this weekend? I do there


will be enough snow for sledging but there will be some, a bit of snow.


He has written the express doubt on his grip to wind me up!


Let us have a look at a couple of pictures over the last 24 hours.


Thank you for sending that one in. In the fall. That's beautiful. Keep


the pictures coming in. Here's the headline for this week.


I'm settled, it will turn much colder from midnight onwards and I


think showers of sleet and snow. There is a shot of the day. We had


some sunshine this afternoon. Close valves and the battery showers now.


Showers frequent across the Pennines. Further east it is set to


be dry with clear spells. Clear skies and scattered showers. The sun


rises in the morning at around about 8:20am. A West, East split tomorrow.


Western areas of the Pennines cloudy with patchy rain, further east it is


dry with some sunshine. It will cloudy weather across eastern areas


in the afternoon. As that weather front you can see their pushes


eastwards it fizzles out as it does so. Largely dry for eastern areas


but I think the Pennines, a poor day with intermittent rain and drizzle.


Very windy, top temperatures coming in at about eight Celsius. Gusts


could reach 40 or 50 Marvan Atapattu times. Looking further ahead, not a


bad day on Wednesday but there will be a few showers that will be wintry


and look at that drop off in temperatures. Scattered sleet, snow


and showers and there could be a covering of snow in places at the


end of the week. I am live on Facebook at 7:15pm answering


questions. Working overtime, pool, that isn't like you! That is as far


as we go, we will see you later on. Don't forget Facebook! Goodbye!


Panorama investigates the deadly terrorist attack


and should British tourists have been warned about the risks?


but it's not always the right thing for one person.


we've run at almost completely 100% capacity.


We've got lots of patients now competing. There's no beds.


I do the right thing all the time in this job,


but it's not always the right thing for one person.


I do the right thing for the hospital.


Sometimes I stop things happening, yeah.


This winter, in a ground-breaking new series,


At some point somebody will be telling us


whether we're allowed to do any work.


..to reveal how they make the toughest decisions of all.