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Welcome to Thursday's Look North. Tonight...


Thousands turn out for the funeral of a Leeds schoolboy.


His father says he'll forgive those who stabbed his son to death.


Concerns as the new Bishop of Sheffield says no


I think the very fact that he won't ordain women himself


has the potential to give out a really negative message.


Were Sheffield tree protestors wrongly arrested?


A criminal barrister says they may have been.


And we meet the '80s pop star who's sold over 30 million records


and he's perfoming here in Leeds tonight.


Sunshine made an appearance, at least for a time today.


Join me later in the programme to find out if it's set


The family of a 16-year-old stabbed to death in Leeds last


week, have appealed for peace and forgiveness, following


Thousands turned out at the Bilal Mosque in Harehills


before attending a vigil close to the spot where he died.


A community united in grief, thousands packed the Bilal Mosque in


Harehills for the Journal of Irfan Wahid. As a friend, a brother, he


was humble, fearless, full of love. -- for the funeral of Irfan Wahid.


We have had a turnout of all old people, all groups, people from all


Trinity is showing the love for our brother, just amazing. Irfan died


from a single stab wound to the chest after he was attacked on


Harehills Lane six days ago. One boy appeared in court today charged with


murder and possession of a knife. Today however was not about


recrimination but simply a celebration of the life lived. Irfan


's family have been great. That is nothing worse than losing your child


and no worse way than losing your child in these tragic circumstances,


so that message of forgiveness which is also echoed by the Iman year at


Bilal Mosque was truly inspiring, something we can all learn from. A


message echoed at the virtual after the funeral close to where he lost


his life. Remember, if she isn't dead, he is alive in our hearts and


don't remember how he died, remember how he lived. Among those paying


their respects at today's vigil, two former teachers, who remembered him


with great fondness. He was dedicated to learning, he made


really good progress, he was an asset to the school, great community


member, really well liked by everybody and such a popular boy. I


remember that smile, but smile could change the world. And over member


ducking into the cupboard to have to laugh so I could tell him off when


he had done something naughty but he was a great kid. Great young man who


brought people together. His death is one of three fatalities in


Harehills over recent weeks, two stabbings, one shooting and three


lives lost, shaking the people who live here. Today was more than


simply saying goodbye to a popular young man with the best years ahead


of him, it was a symbol of togetherness and unbreakable


community spirit. Some lovely tribute there.


Next tonight, there's growing anger in the Sheffield Diocese


about the appointment of a new Bishop who doesn't believe


Philip North takes up his position in June, but a female vicar


says his views make the Church of England look like


a "discriminatory organisation". Heidi Tomlinson has the story.


My family are from Doncaster, my grandfather...


The Right Reverend Philip North, very soon to be


He'll be installed this summer, but the appointment has been met


with dismay by some clergy in South Yorkshire, because he


Although Bishop Philip is very clear that he stands for equality,


and wants to see women flourish and he's really clear about that,


I think the very fact that he won't ordain women himself


has the potential to give out a really negative message,


that somehow the Church of England is a discriminatory organisation.


There was a similar outcry when he was nominated


for the Bishop of Whitby, so much so that he withdrew.


It was 23 years ago that some of the first women priests


were ordained at Sheffield Cathedral.


More recently, in 2015, clergy from all over the world came


to York to witness the consecration of the first woman bishop,


Philip North was consecrated at a similar time and,


despite their differences, the two are friends.


He maintains his opinions on the ordination of women


will not hinder his working relationships in Sheffield.


He says, I understand the concerns of those who have misgivings


When Bishop Philip is installed here at Sheffield Cathedral


in June, he'll be in charge of around 70 women.


He's already held a meeting with some of them in Doncaster,


so will they be able to turn to him for advice, given his views?


In his current role as Bishop of Burnley,


Now, they praise his ability to support and include.


Some of the women were certainly quite apprehensive and I just think


that he's turned that round and I honestly think,


once the women of Sheffield work with him, they will realise how


amazing he is and their doubts will be allayed by him.


As a traditionalist, the incoming Bishop refuses


to ordain or take communion from a woman, but says


he will respect everyone and ensure all the clergy


Heidi Tomlinson, BBC Look North, Sheffield.


So what does his appointment mean for the ordination


The Reverend Canon Ian Smith sat on the panel that appointed him.


He joins us live now from St Peter Church


How do you react to this controversy, not a good advert for


the Church of England, is it? I don't think it's a bad advert for


the church of England. It says that as an organisation much of the game


we have to work with differences and this is something we've been doing


for many years. -- much of the time. And the differences are that women


are not good enough effectively to the ordained in the clergy, that is


his point, isn't it? This is the heart of it, please explain to me


how the Bishop can justify this? I think he will justify it on the


grounds that, in many churches, the tradition is women may not have such


a role. In the church of England we have accepted, we are encouraging


women to flourish at every level, including bishops, but we have made


a space for those who do not, and those people are as valued at have


as many opportunities as anyone else in the church. Does that mean...?


I'm sorry. I think Philip will be a focus of unity. That is a delay


here, I beg your pardon. Does this mean that under his tenure at women


will be ordained? -- now women. Far from it. He will be involved in the


ordination of all men and women as deacons in the Cathedral and being a


deacon is the fundamental part of our ministry, being a servant


figure, and he will be involved in all of that, involved in encouraging


for patience as he has everywhere he has worked, encouraging men and


women. Do you not accept that, if it is true that some of the attendances


at the Church of England are falling, this will not help, keeping


people from going away, maybe 50% of the population? An awful lot of


people don't attend church. Those who do can dip their toe in and


often find it is not quite what they expected, and it is much better. I


think Philip will infuser clergy into being extremely welcoming


places with a great deal of good news to share with the people of


size Yorkshire. He has a great passion for South Yorkshire,


speaking warmly by Doncaster with icons beating from now and it is


great to have a basic so positive about the area and its people. -- to


have the Bishop. What about Whitby, they did not want him, could there


be similar protests in Sheffield question I hope not. At the time and


Whitby, some of those protests were understandable and I hope people


will take the time and effort to get to know Philip as an individual. I


have only seen him once, at interviews, and he came across


exceptionally well. Everyone I speak to speaks exceptionally highly of


him when they get to know him, when they are working with them. People


who expected not to get one with pointy is one of the best supporters


they got, his pastoral care is second to none. You have already


spoken to one person who spoke so warmly of the way he has worked and


encouraged her. Reverend Canon Ian Smith, thank you, apologies again


for the delay which meant that start of the interview awkward.


Later on Look North, he's always bowled us over...


Hello, join me in a few minutes time and I'll preview


my new exhibition in the Town Hall, here in Barnsley.


How's that?! HE LAUGHS


The 15-year-old girl-accused of the murder of seven-year-old


Katie Rough in York in January has today pleaded not guilty.


Our Correspondent John Cundy was at Leeds Crown Court.


Katie Rough's family arriving at Leeds Crown Court today.


They sat in the jury area of the court


in the Woodthorpe area of York in January.


She died soon afterwards in hospital,


as an arrest was made in the community.


Earlier this week, crowds gathered outside


York Minster, where Katie's funeral was held.


The 15-year-old girl accused of the murder of Katie Rough


made a 20-minute appearance by video link to Court 5,


She can't be named for legal reasons.


Her solicitor, sitting beside her, said the girl was


pleading not guilty to the murder of Katie on January the 9th.


The Recorder of Leeds, Judge Peter Collins,


-- The Recorder of Leeds, Judge Peter Collier,


explained the procedures of the court to the girl


and told her she'll stand trial in July.


The community of Woodthorpe, in York, was united in grief


The trial of the girl accused of her killing is expected to


John Cundy, BBC Look North, at Leeds Crown Court.


Some other news now, and a woman has been


found guilty of murder, over the death of a man


she and her partner stabbed and kicked to death.


Police say Craig Wild, who was 47, suffered around 117 separate


injuries from multiple weapons, during the attack in August.


Alison Moss and David Webster, who pled guilty at


an earlier hearing, will be sentenced tomorrow.


Planning permission for a new theme park in South Yorkshire has been


granted by Rotherham Council, subject to Secretary


It's hoped the ?37 million development on the former


Pithouse West colliery site would create more than 400 jobs.


Gullivers, the company behind the project, runs theme


Specialist cold-case detectives are to review the unsolved murder


of a wealthy West Yorkshire businessman 13 years ago today.


John Luper was asphyxiated during a raid at his home


in North Leeds by a gang of men, who got away with ?100,000 worth


His wife, daughter and family au pair were tied up


Now, it's being claimed people detained by police while protesting


about the felling of trees in Sheffield could have been


A lawyer says South Yorkshire Police should not have used legislation


in the Labour Relations Act, which is intended to be used


Two protestors are due to face trial in March after trying


to prevent council contractors cutting down trees.


Protesters were out in force again in the Nether Edge area


of Sheffield this morning, determined to stop a tree


on Chippinghouse Road being chopped down by


There was no sign of the workmen from Amey, who had planned


No sign either of South Yorkshire Police, who, in the past,


have been there to make sure protesters don't get in the way


And I'm arresting you, at...10.10. You don't have to say anything...


Two weeks ago, nine people, including two on Chippinghouse Road,


were arrested by officers, who used legislation normally


Two other protesters have already appeared in court charged


with offences under the law and will face trial in March.


Some of those arrested recently were on private land at the time,


Now, a Leeds-based barrister says he believes these arrests


are unlawful and that those arrested could sue South Yorkshire Police


He says this legislation has rarely been used.


There are certainly strong arguments that they are not


That they've not wrongfully committed any act,


which is what the test effectively is.


The last time the case in front of the Court of Appeal was someone


sitting effectively on a crane to prevent it moving


So that's the normal circumstances it would be used in.


I think that's the difficulty, to find anything upon which they can


remove the protesters, which is why I assume someone


in the force legal department has come up with this one.


South Yorkshire Police said tonight they are unable to discuss specific


cases which are now in the criminal justice system, but say ultimately


the use of the legislation outlined will be tested through the courts.


I think the police are caught in an awkward trap.


They have to enforce the law and, when you've got powerful voices


explaining at great length what they believe the law to be,


and innocent citizens who are a bit flat-footed,


I think they've got to do a complete U-turn.


The process is slow and grinding, so it's a tactic I think,


We can't question it on the day, because we go off in a van


Um, bring it up in court, and it's all it is.


CHANTING: Hey, Amey, leave our trees alane!


Late this afternoon, around 30 people gathered outside


Sheffield Town Hall to mount yet another protest, keen to show


passers-by the campaign to save for the trees


keen to show passers-by the campaign to save healthy trees


from being felled in the city goes on.


Ian White, BBC Look North, Sheffield.


Leeds United co-owner Massimo Cellino is to stay


in position at the helm of the club, for the time being at least.


His proposed ban by the Football Association has


today been suspended, whilst Cellino's appeal continues.


Cellino was due to begin a 12 month suspension,


after being found guilty of breaching the FA's


But in his appeal, he alleges that the decision was unfair


It's been a very busy day down at Huddersfield Town today.


It's been like that all week, actually!


Reporters from all over Europe have been gathering to see how


the Terriers' are preparing to tackle mighty Manchester City


And it turns out that one of Huddersfield's key players


is hoping to face one of his personal heroes


you know, one of my idols for a long time.


It'll be nice to play against him, but that's not the focus.


I'm just going to go in there and play like I normally do.


If I play, it doesn't matter who we play against, really.


We're all looking forward to it, but it's9 going to be great and,


We're all looking forward to it, but it's going to be great and,


now, just going to see how... test us how far we've come


this season, I think, in this game, but it's going to be good.


And I will be talking to David Wagner, the manager, tomorrow on


Look North. Our next guest needs


little introduction. Marc Almond has sold more


than 30 million records worldwide. He shot to fame when Soft Cell -


the duo he formed with fellow Leeds Polytechnic student David Ball


- had a huge global hit That was just the start of a string


of successful singles and albums. And tonight, he's performing


in a concert with students at the Leeds College of Music


for Radio Leeds. The rehearsals are going


fantastic, actually. It's a real treat to work with such


a great collective of musicians from the Leeds Music College


and a great... You know, ex-students,


current students, some new faces, people I've worked with before,


some people I haven't worked with before, and it's always a real


special to come up and see them Treat to work with some


of the arrangements and things and get some songs that I really


love to sing with a great collection Now, you've worked some huge


venues over the years, but this is quite an intimate


performance, isn't it? Well, I've actually worked


all kinds of venues, really. For me, you know, I like doing


intimate places, because then it's a kind of good test


of you as a singer and as a performer, to actually


see your audience and to face them, but as you say,


I've played kind of big places, I've played small places,


to 100 people, to 20,100 people! I mean, the levels of kind of stress


are a bit different and the kind of, I do get a little bit of stage


fright occasionally, on things when I'm out of my comfort zone,


but I really enjoy it. I love things that challenge me,


I love doing different things and new things and this is like,


um, to come and work You're fresh from rehearsals?


Yeah. Shall we take a look at what's


been happening just next door? # Try to avoid her eyes


To avoid her words # They can hit you


with all that you feel! # He's searching


She's showing # See him held in a deep deep spell


He knows she's glowing! # And I can find within my mind


a way to go # And I can look deep


into your light and shout # Hold me, hold me,


hold me, hold me, hold me!# And obviously, it must be great


to be back in Leeds. It's your musical home,


really, isn't it? Well, it is a musical home for me.


It feels like a second home. This is where I kind of started.


This is where Soft Cell started. I was here at the Art College


and it's kind of always coming back here and I seem to have been


here so many times over the past two years, working


with the students at the college. I've been here doing


a couple of shows on my own. I don't think I've been in Leeds


so much over the past kind of ten And whenever I come back,


it was a great kind of feeling. I know Leeds has changed a lot


and it's a much bigger city than it was and things have changed


and moved about a bit, but I always get this


great kind of feeling, when I come back, but this


is my kind of musical home. So to come back and work


with the students feels like coming home and I think the students


and I, since I've worked with them for the first time -


we started working together last year - I feel that we are on this


musical journey now and I think it will be a kind of regular date that


I think we'll do something together. You've got a new album


coming out and a tour. How can you possibly


pick those best songs? The tour in March,


going with the album, is just going to be hits and singles


- that's what it says on the can. Hits and singles, some big ones,


some not so big ones, some ones that I just personally


like that haven't been such big So, um, it's a real kind of up show,


I think, and then I'll probably something a bit different of it


later on in the year. A bit of a different thing.


Fantastic. Well, I've certainly grown


up listening to you, as have most of the newsroom


when I was talking downstairs - the producer and the new


broadcast journalist... I feel really, really old now!


We all lose your music! I feel really, really old now!


We all love your music! Well, good luck tonight.


Thank you. Thank you very much.


Thank you very much, cheers! And you can listen to that concert


at nine o'clock on Saturday An exhibition celebrating


the achievements of Yorkshire cricket legend Dickie Bird


officially opens tomorrow. The display at Experience Barnsley


follows Dickie's life as the footballing son of a miner


to becoming one of the world's most I've been to see Dickie


and the display. And it seems he's been


part of my life ever since I began on Look North.


I've done documentaries about him. LIKE DAVID ATTENBOROUGH:


Its distinctive behaviour and plumage is spotted


throughout the world. And this unusual Bird


attracts universal respect. There have been times when he's had


to peg me back and he's done I think he's looking at you now,


actually, as if to say... I tell you, the man's unbelievable.


Look at him! He's got to be in everything!


LAUGHTER. And now, his own


exhibition in Barnsley. I tell you what, Dickie,


that brings back some memories, eh? This Is Your Life?


Aw, wonderful memories. They came from all over


the world for me. Prime ministers, great


cricketers and, at the end, who came on the show was the great


Garfield Sobers - the greatest player.


You cried as well, didn't you? The bag, tell me about


the Dickie Bird bag. I've had that years,


I had that years when I was umpire and it's a leather, made of real


leather, and it was made by a firm in Albany St Peter's


and that bag's still going, I think this must give you


such pride, this exhibition. Oh, hang on, I must get


the old cap on Dickie! You've lost a few of


these, haven't you? Before a West Indies Test series


started, I used to have a big box I had to make it, because the worst


thing is the supporters used to come Medals, you've got so many.


Yeah, I've so many medals. I did three World Cup finals,


all the finals that I did all over the world, I got a medal,


so I've got medals all over You must feel so chuffed?


Oh, I do feel... Especially my hometown


and this exhibition. And I know the people will enjoy it


and I feel very proud. And the preview is tomorrow


night at six o'clock? Steve Dennison, the chairman


of Yorkshire, is going to open it for you.


Yeah. But it gets underway on Saturday.


It's not to be missed. And there's still an awful


lot of work to be done by these lovely ladies here.


Get working, you two! Come on, get cracking!


Look at all the medals! All the medals, look at this one!


All the medals, Harry! Good old boy. He took off four of


those sweaters, I remember that documentary, because it was


so-called, it was April at the time. I'm amazed they find the room big


enough for all that stuff. What about winter woollies? Will we


need them? No, it will be very mild,


potentially mid teens, I felt warm today, it is only going to get


males. Let's look at some of your pictures coming through, -- it is


going to get mild. That grand Hotel. Devil sunshine in Scarborough


tomorrow. And some lovely reflections in the water. Again,


some sunshine tomorrow. Keep your pictures coming in. Or you can send


me a tweet. And Harry is right there will be


mild weather, particularly the weekend. Tomorrow, a lot of dry


weather, mainly eastern parts in the morning. The yellow one here, that


is the milder air, and will get more orange into the weekend. Into double


figures potentially by next week. Temperatures in the mid for eastern


parts. Some broken cloud not producing too many showers. Most


dying away. Some drizzle continuing across the hills, some mist and murk


year, and more cloud across western and south-western parts. And


temperatures will drop to the coolest here. Maybe even a touch of


frost towards the North York Moors by dawn. The sun will rise in the


morning at 7.22, setting again at almost 20 past five. And the next


high water... We start tomorrow with a south West,


North East split, some drizzle over the hills, more cloud here, but in


the East a lovely start. You can see the cloud steadily moving eastwards,


most places have been quite a lot of cloud later, but it will be dry


across the Pennines. Temperatures tomorrow, more less all places


getting into double figures. Up to around 10 degrees, which is 55 and


hey, maybe even higher than that over the weekend. For the weekend,


-- 55 Fahrenheit. For the weekend, dry weather, most of the region


overnight Saturday into Sunday. Thank you very much. Good luck with


the update later. With the extended late News. And we will see you


tomorrow. Goodbye. Goodbye.