20/04/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Good evening - you're watching Thursday's Look North.


Thousands more shoppers in Leeds -


but business isn't booming for all stores in the city's


Can exercise benefit our mental health?


We'll meet the West Yorkshire runner taking on a marathon challenge,


Harrogate flower show gets under way, with visitors asked


Joined me for the latest weather forecast.


It's six months since Leeds' new shopping centre,


Victoria Gate, opened - bringing thousands more shoppers


But though footfall has increased by 3%, there are signs that trade


for some shops has not been as brisk as hoped.


The centre was dubbed the Knightsbridge of the North


But with rising inflation and political uncertainty,


the retail sector as a whole is facing a difficult time.


Our business correspondent, Danni Hewson, joins us


Last month the centre was named to the number one centre in the world.


The arrival of Victoria Gate has helped propel us up the retail


ranking, leapfrogging Manchester and Birmingham to make as number three


in the country behind on the Leeds and Glasgow. Lots of new names


coming here but it is not all good news. We can only spend a pound once


and post-Christmas the inflationary pressures are certainly affecting


some of the shops here. Thursday morning and things are


pretty quiet. But Victoria Gate has always been about quality not


quantity and management insist they are happy with fruitful. We are


comfortable with the customer numbers we are experiencing,


particularly with higher spend and more volume. That is to be expected


given the mix of retail that we have. Probe also more and it's clear


not all shops are making the kind of profits they would like. Even high


and retailers are facing High Street problems. We have changed the way


that the shop sold 95% of us no shop online, that is one way of


controlling your finances. What is challenging us, how do people get


back in here and start spending money at a time as we go into a


period of general election when we are focused on the concerns the


economy? There's not much retailers can do


about the cash in your ward but shoppers can be tempted from the


coaches with bars and restaurants. Riders are some of the rooftops of


Victoria Gate will be home to a Japanese restaurant and a New York


bar. I do not know anybody who sits and 87 meals at home. Most of my


friends and people I work with are out once or twice a week and Leeds


gives them that flexibility of what they would choose to eat at all


different price points as well. As for online shopping most brands have


a digital presence. Shops have become primarily a window to be


dressed to impress. Bricks and mortar retailers, the key


focus they have got to look at is making sure that customers get


something extra when they come into the store. You cannot just have


transactional retail anymore predators picked this and pop it


through the till. Every sector from luxury to High Street D2 focus on


what they are doing installed to make that customer connect with the


brand and make them keep wanting to come back to the High Street. New


names, saying challenges. It is not just new names that are


struggling. We have heard the news from high-street department store


Debenhams today that they are looking to cause about ten of their


stores, and some of the warehouses and distribution centres. They have


not said precisely where but they say they want to focus, as Victoria


Gate is doing, on experience went shopping. It is all about tempting


people of their sofas onto the High Street. Come and have a drink, spend


your money, and experience as well as shop.


Police investigating the mysterious disappearance of a woman


who lived in Micklefield, East of Leeds, have been carrying


40-year-old Svitlana Krasnoselska, known


to her friends as Lana, has not been seen for two and a half


weeks and detectives say they're extremely worried about her as it's


totally out of character for her to go missing.


Police officers were back in Micklefield this


They were searching a half mile radius


around her home checking bushes, shrubs and water.


The 40-year-old Ukrainian has not been seen since


5.30 in the morning on Monday April the 3rd.


She is known to have links to York and the Halton area of Leeds.


Police hope someone somewhere knows where


She leaves behind a husband and a daughter


and they have no idea of


where she may have gone and why she might have gone.


It is all this that really raises our concern about where


We deal with missing people on a daily


And there is always something to go on.


It is completely out of character for Lana.


We just do not know where she has gone to.


Detectives are working to build a picture of Lana's life style


across Yorkshire and the people she knew.


She's been in this country about 12 years.


I would appeal to any Ukrainian communities within


Leeds or even further afield that may know Lana,


that may know anywhere that she might go to, to give us a


ring, just speak to us, just give us any bit


of information that might


Despite extensive searches the police remain baffled by this


Detectives say it is as though Lana has disappeared off the face of


Her bank accounts have not been touched.


There's no sign yet of foul play but what happened to


Later on Look North: Keeping Yorkshire talent in the north.


Can this derelict mill put Wakefield on the musical map?


The leader of Leeds City Council is calling for clarity


from the Government over the future of transport funding.


The city was promised ?170 million


following the cancellation of the Trolleybus scheme.


This week's announcement of a general election


has potentially called that into question.


Phil - Leeds is desperately in need of a solution to its travel chaos?


Yes, and people of Leeds could be forgiven for thinking they have


heard this before. We have been talking about a solution to the


traffic problem for 30 years. At the turn-of-the-century edit that things


were on track with a super tram scheme and then potentially


Trolleybus. I know we're on the brink of more uncertainty.


Sheffield, Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool.


Then there's Leeds, the largest city in Europe without one.


In 2001 Labour gave a 500 million Supertram scheme the


In 2005 it was cancelled because of costs.


Five years later Labour said OK to a ?250


That was then put on hold by the new coalition


Two years on Trolleybus is restarted after the coalition agrees


After a planning inspector ruled that Trolleybus


didn't provide enough public benefits Leeds was allowed to keep


?173.5 million for other public transport investment.


However with a general election looming could


that funding potentially be in jeopardy?


We are waiting for the Treasury to sign off the final


And the general election came from nowhere for all of us so


we've been asking everyone to have conversations with the Department


for Transport to see if we could get the letter to us before the weekend.


But we're just waiting to have a response back to see


Despite the setbacks three new rail stations have been opened in


the last 18 months and there are plans for more including at


But public transport campaigners say clarity is


I personally think that that money needs to be campaigned for to be


retained, but it is not the whole picture, and there is much wider


The Department for Transport told us ?173.5 million is being retained


But when asked if that money was being ring fenced


following the announcement of a general election


Three decades ago a BBC report about the subject concluded with


While Leeds ponders its transport future


30 years later it seems little has changed.


A motorcyclist who died in a collision in Sheffield over


the Easter weekend had been on his way to a charity event in aid


20-year-old Sam Pickering is thought to have lost control of his bike


on Langsett Road North early on Sunday morning.


He was a regular supporter of the annual Easter Egg Run,


which involves hundreds of bikers riding through the city centre


and over 15 years has raised tens of thousands of pounds


The former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has confirmed he is not


standing in the constituency of Morley and Outwood.


The Labour MP lost his seat in 2015 to the Conservative MP


Andrea Jenkyns in one of the shock results of the last election.


Since then he's taken part in the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing


programme in which he became famous for his own brand of dad dancing.


Three people have been arrested in Leeds on suspicion


of intimidating jurors during a trial.


In February three men were jailed for killing 88-year-old Betty Laird


They deliberately drove into the car she was travelling


in so they could make fake compensation claims.


During the trial jurors reported being offered bribes.


Today two men and a 15-year-old girl were arrested in Beeston


and Harehills on suspicion of conspiracy to intimidate jurors


We know how much creative talent comes from Yorkshire -


but the key is keeping it here as many singers


and musicians are lured by the bright lights of London.


Well, a company from the capital is trying


to reverse that trend by using the derelict mills


Tileyard Studios is the biggest venue in Europe housing people


Amy has been for a look at their plans for a new site in Yorkshire.


Talk me through what you are thinking.


Paul and Nick, Southern luvvies with a big vision for the North.


To convert 100,000 square feet of derelict mills in Wakefield


We're going to see a hotel, we're going to see studios,


music studios, we're going to see a very exciting event


space and lots of spaces for creatives to work together.


Tileyard Studios in London is the largest community of its kind


in Europe housing people in film, graphics and musics


including the likes of Tinchy Stryder, and Mark Ronson.


Wakefield will become its northern sister, a direct link with London.


A place to retain some talent where it originated.


I think, for us, it's about having a site that's a complement


to what we've got in London but we have an appetite to tap


Rather than drag them down to London, why not build something


that can become very much a community in its own right?


A vision from the South wants to breathe fresh


It could be a perfect spot right next to the world


renowned Hepworth Gallery, but how likely is it that the likes


of Tinchy Stryder and Mark Ronson are really going to


Mark Ronson is obviously a very well-known client of ours in London.


He is spending a lot of time in LA at the moment but he's driven


If there was something up here that got him excited, for sure,


The man behind Corrine Bailey Rae's biggest hits has always believed


He is first on the list for a studio here.


Not just for the people who are already working


within the industry but for the kids coming through to see that


there's a place they can go and work like-minded people.


Remember this number one by Sheffield band, Olive?


The creator has collaborated with the likes of James Morrison


and Taio Cruz but he always comes back to Yorkshire.


Leeds and Wakefield, there's bags of talent up


here so there's no reason why we can't have a Northern Powerhouse


and take some of that control from London.


Rutland Mills will be open for arty types from 2018.


This Sunday thousands of runners will take part


Among them will be Sam Tewari from West Yorkshire.


He's one of ten runners affected by mental health issues


His story features in the BBC TV programme Mind Over Marathon


During the filming Sam has met both Princes Harry and William


who are trying to break the taboo around mental health.


Let's hear a bit about of the programme.


It is estimated one in four adults will need professional help for


mental health problems at some stage in their life. Chances are we all


know someone who is suffering. I don't want sympathy or empathy. Just


a bit of understanding. That is all. No, ten volunteers have agreed to


try something different, a running programme. Exercise can help with


mental health issues. Most definitely. From personal


experience. Talking about mental health issues on national TV, and


running a marathon, two massive challenges. What did you decide to


take part? One of my friends was a producer on the programme and he put


something about it on social media. Running and mental health are two


things that, running has been a part of my recovery from mental health


conditions, know I am in a state where I am happy with my mental


health, it felt like time to give back, and the next thing I was at


the boot camp and starting the training. It's all kind of spoils.


It is marvellous the entire process. One in four people suffers from


mental health issues. How did you know you had depression? If you look


back to my childhood there were certain moments where I felt


different or did not quite connect with others, as I saw other people


doing. Daydreaming at school, all those kind of things. Following on


from my dad was like I had a breakdown about three years ago. --


following on from the death of my father. At the time it was scary. I


did not know what was going on. I did not have a BBC programme with


young people taking part two I could relate to. These conversations were


not happening at the time. I had to find my own way. It has taken a


while and I have tried failures different things. Ultimately it has


been the most rewarding experience of my life. I wonder by running? How


is it helping you? I was running before I came into the programme. I


was a step ahead. Sharing the experiences with ten other people.


We have got this common thread of mental health. We all came to the


first boot camp. We instantly were able to connect with each other and


support each other. And you met with royalty. Yes. How was that? That was


a crazy day. We met with him a couple of times. They came down to


St Mary 's University in London. They did some training with us. Then


we broke up and had chats, we had a couple of the boys with the


programme, we sat down with Harry, he shares his experiences. It was


amazed to see how engaged they are the subject. They have all got


personal experiences. We have seen a lot of that in the press recently.


You could tell they were genuinely affected by it and they wanted to


help our cause. Quickly, what will your time be? Hopefully under four


hours. That is a cracking time. And Mind over Marathon is on BBC One


tonight at nine o'clock. Thousands of people have been


heading to North Yorkshire for the first day of


the Harrogate Spring Flower show. They've been treated to eye popping


displays of the best blooms If there's a plant


you fancy, chances are Cathy Killick is there


for us tonight. Look who has just arrived? All part


of the magic. It has been a busy first day of the show. The


stallholders are busy restocking their stance because this is one of


the busiest selling shows in Yorkshire. If few arrived early


enough you did get something for free, a flower to wear for the day.


More on that the moment, but first here are some of the highlights of


show. There is only one phrase for it.


Blooming marvellous. The havoc it Spring flower show has a gorgeous


celebration of what is to come. Florals are in fashion. What about


these leafy waistcoats? And these amazing floral costumes all the way


from New Zealand, especially for this show. Some of them take three


months to me. I had to do this one and a hurry. This is meant to be the


York rose. I was still working on it at four o'clock the night before we


left. In the end, put it in the suitcase, and go. But edible what's


months of work can achieve, but how about eight days? This was one of


the show garden plots last week. Look at it now.


# Some say love it as a river. It is to be a memorial garden. The


military wives choir was on hand. Seeing it come to life has been


fantastic. We will have two deconstruct and reconstructed in


camp for the soldiers and their families for years to come. It has


been a great collaborative effort and I am pleased with the result.


It's one gold and Best in show. It is remarkable what you can do with


plants. The floral street displays are inspiring. Thousands have


enjoyed them today and will until the show closes on Sunday.


If you thought having small children meant your clubbing days were over,


A baby rave has been taking place in Wakefield this afternoon.


Sheffield's internet sensation, Matt Coyne.


He's made a name for himself with his parenting blog.


It was to launch his new book. I wonder why people bother reading it.


But that is such a common experience. Someone, at three


o'clock, how difficult it is, people can appreciate the empathy. It is


hopefully funny. Hopefully people sit down and laugh.


And this story has a happy ending. A terrier found himself stuck in


ageing pipe in Barnsley. He had been there for more than 20 hours. This


afternoon after a lot of digging and coaxing firefighters managed to get


him to safety. Let us move on to the weather.


What is your weather station predicting? Not store.


I know you cannot predict snow. It is going to be a wintry northerly


next week, more fat than a minute. Some of the pictures you have sent


be in the last 24 and worse. And this was the sunset last night.


That picture came in on Instagram. The rooftop Kamara, C what is


happening on our panoramic view. -- rooftop camera. Temperatures are


hovering around 15 degrees. Eight males feel at the moment. Headlines


for tomorrow, -- it is mild at the moment. Headlines for tomorrow.


Sunshine and showers. Heel and thunder. Even snow down to lower


levels. Night frosts. Gardeners beware. At the moment the cloud are


coming in from the West or north-west. But this way they have


been breaking up. Quiet this evening. Variable overnight. That


possibly thick enough for drizzle in the West. Further it will stage I.


Frost three. A lot of close to come. That East,


West split. Light drizzle the showers, but on the East of the


Pennines, towards Scarborough, it will be a pleasant day with some


bright or sunny spells and it will also be dry. The blues will pick up


pushing round to the West or north-west but that will not stop


mild temperatures. A call to front will bring patchy rain on Friday


night. Saturday is a Calderdale batted brighter one. Sunday is a


bright start. Went three showers for much of next week.


A cold snap to come. What panoramic view of your trip would you like to


see? Shadwell or York.


Scarborough. We are always doing Scarborough.


Nothing wrong with that. Goodbye.