11/05/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Tonight Look North has brought the red sofa here to Doncaster,


where this town has a very big issue about immigration.


It has the biggest rise in the number of foreigners


We need the acknowledgement that there are problems


It's getting like a ghetto round here, and you've got two


or three factors that don't like each other.


They just seem to keep to their own communities,


They send money back home, they don't spend it in England.


Tonight, we'll be talking to some politicians about how


they will solve the problem, on Look North.


Also tonight: a Bradford Imam is arrested in Pakistan.


Syed Sibtain Kazmi was stopped at the airport and is being


questioned over the murder of a controversial cleric in 2003.


And why Leeds is fast becoming a world-centre for the urban


We've had 19 degrees in Sheffield again today.


Still warm tomorrow though, an increasing risk of showers.


The issue in Doncaster was a decisive factor in the way many


people voted last summer when they decided they wanted to leave the EU.


Let me give you a few facts about Doncaster. It has had the biggest


increase in numbers of people born abroad coming and living here. The


immigrant population has gone up by 43% in a very short space of time


between 2011 and 2015. Nearly 7% of everyone who lives here in Doncaster


now are foreign-born. These figures are low when you compare them to the


national average and that is 13%. It is a big, big topic of conversation.


Especially in hex for, no more than a mile so away from here. Danny,


eight you have been there over the eight you have been there over the


last couple of days. What did you find? You get a sense in Hexthorpe


of boarded-up shops and businesses of boarded-up shops and businesses


moving out. People are concerned that the difference in culture. You


have people that have been there 20 years, invested in houses, they were


normal errors, Dave got to get up at eight in the morning, and on the


other hand you've got the Roman community who operate on different


hours of the day. It is the source of tension and something residents


there it will say affect the way that the vote.


We saw 800 immigrants coming into Hexthorpe


It doesn't sound a massive amount but our population,


We had a lot of English families in here and unfortunately they've


all moved away from the area due to the fact that we've got too


Not prejudice, never been brought up to be prejudice, but it's getting


You've got two or three factors that don't like each other,


There's stabbings, there's fighting, brawls, kiddies running


round at five o'clock in the morning, 12 o'clock at night.


Is immigration the key issue that you're voting on this election?


They just seem to keep to their own communities,


They send money back home, they don't spend it in England.


I know there are difficulties here in Hexthorpe and I'm not


going to be the one to say, "No, there aren't," there


They're real for the people that live here.


Everybody's got a right to make a good living


for themselves wherever they go, but you are going to get


A lot of them, they're decent people.


The majority of them are really good folks.


There's still massive division within the community.


It's not being addressed appropriately with our politicians.


We're having to deal with it ourselves.


We've got a bunch of politicians that we're


What are you going to do about immigration?


You know, I can hear a lot of people getting very angry


I'm pointing the finger at four people here,


four different parties, because you've got to convince


a sceptical electorate that you know what you're talking about.


Rosie Winterton, we now know thanks to a leak, what your policy


is in your manifesto, but come on, it doesn't exactly set


Well, what people in places like Hexthorpe tell me


is that they do feel under pressure in terms of immigration,


but now that we're leaving the European Union, it's really


important that we make sure we have a fair immigration policy


and that we don't leave other areas, for example like the NHS,


short of nurses or doctors, we need to make sure that in Yorkshire,


and we've discussed this before, that we have enough people,


for example, in the food picking and the food processing.


So what we have to do is this - we have to make an analysis


of the current situation with regard to immigration,


where business needs migration to find out what our businesses need


in terms of future immigration, skills and what we need


I don't know what your policies are because you haven't


I'll come back to you, I'll give you another chance in a minute.


Let me move on to Aaron Bell, Don Valley.


Why are the Conservatives going to make things better?


Because you're saying it's going to come down to the tens


I just don't think Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are credible


They're not serious about restricting freedom of movement.


Theresa May has made it clear that in a negotiation she will prioritise


Our policy is to get down to the tens of


You've failed for seven years to do that.


Well, when we have Brexit, we will have a completely new set


We will be able to control immigration from within the EU,


A lot of people don't feel that they've been consulted


and they don't feel they've had consent for immigration.


If I may take Kim Parkinson from UKIP now.


Your policy seems, in one sense to be the most drastic,


it's one in, one out, if I can paraphrase it as such.


And yet you're not really having any impact, are you?


Well, we're not in power, so we can't have any impact.


If we go to the people of Hexthorpe, which is the local community


with the problems, the issue there is quite serious.


There are people who were frightened to walk the streets


500 people came in over a six month period into a population


And it's been hugely expensive, as far as the local


ratepayers are concerned, the council taxpayers.


And the other aspect of it is a lot of these people,


according to local, the word on the street, don't work.


They're here and they're living on benefits.


Let me move over to Robert Adamson, Lib Dem.


I think we've come out with a very specific proposal.


That we want to have a fund to help communities to reconcile


the problems between communities and migrants coming in,


Initially funded by money from the European Union,


while we're still a member of them, from the European Social Fund.


And using that money, trying to do what the Conservative


and Labour governments have failed to do over many years.


OK. Like Hexthorpe.


So let me just ask you now - if you had one message,


and it's a brief message, to give to anybody in Hexthorpe


or any of your constituencies that you would like to say


about immigration, why they should trust you.


We need to make sure that when people come to this country,


That needs a whole range of measures.


It needs tackling zero hours contracts, insecurity at work,


and it needs improving our skills base.


But we must make sure that the immigration system


that we can now introduce as we leave the EU reflects that.


We have to listen to what people are saying.


People don't mind if people are coming here to work.


You have to listen to what I'm saying as well, I said 30 seconds.


Let's move on. Aaron.


I would say the only way that we're going to get immigration under


control is with Theresa May and her strong, stable leadership,


Oh, strong, stable leadership again. She is strong and stable.


We hear it all the time, that. No, but she is strong and stable.


And she hasn't done it for seven years.


She is going to stand up for Britain.


She needs a strong mandate and that's why I'd urge


You've put the message across, Aaron.


The only way to control immigration is to control your borders.


The only party that's been pushing for that for decades is UKIP.


Who would you trust to actually work genuinely and constructively


Do you realistically think you've got a chance at this?


The message really is we need to remember there are two things -


there is immigration, which is essential for the economy


and keeping our hospitals working and so on,


And then there are refugees, people fleeing for their lives,


and we as a compassionate nation need to be a safe haven for people


To all four of you, thank you very much indeed and best of luck.


Thank you very much. Thank you.


We will have reaction from real people. You can see them there. The


chat with the politicians took place a little earlier this afternoon.


There is another side to the whole of this as an issue and it becomes


fairly obvious, that the NHS relies on foreign workers and sodas the


hotel industry. to the Rendezvous hotel in Skipton,


where one in five workers comes They say they can't really survive


without foreign workers. Like many hotels and restaurants,


the Rendezvous in Skipton 22% of its staff were born


in continental Europe. Kasha and Maria want to call


Yorkshire home, but since last year's referendum vote


to leave the EU, they've worried about their future


status in Britain. TRANSLATION: Of course


lots of people are very worried. You know, lots of people


are returning to their own country now and I brought my daughter


here when she was eight. If we return to Poland,


then she might have to go right back to a lower class in school just


so she can cope. I'm scared for Brexit


because you go home, yeah, Do you have any ideas of what time


you would like to book for? The foreign workers here won't get


a vote in the June election, but that doesn't mean they're not


closely following the campaign. They might say they want hard


Brexit, but they can't kick everyone It's impossible because the market


will just completely collapse. Everything I have and I've


managed to achieve in life, I've got a career, I've got


a lovely place to live in, TRANSLATION: Life hasn't


changed since Brexit. People here are as pleasant


as they've always been. The only problem is our plans to buy


a house are on hold because we don't The Rendezvous is run


by the Weaving family. Immigration policy will play a big


role in how they vote I can't see anybody is going to send


back to their own country these It's just stupidity


to send them back. They live here, they've


adopted our ways of life. Malcolm values his workers


from the continent, but like many people in Skipton,


he voted to leave the EU and he wants to see tighter


controls on immigration. Being members of the union,


we've got to let everybody in, And the majority of them


are scrounging off the country But those that do come and work,


they are really the salt of Earth. Industry experts say hotels


like this could face major staffing problems,


if access to EU workers In Skipton today, they're


watching and waiting. A different perspective there, but


can I now introduced Wayne, Lillian and Stewart in our initial report


that Danny did from Hexthorpe. You have heard from the politicians,


Wayne, be honest, did they tell you anything that convinced you would


vote for ex-? No, not one of them. What did you want to hear? You live


in the area, you know what the problems I. We just want more help


for communities, in general. Not just talking the talk, you've got to


back it up. The word is community. Would you agree as well, you've got


to try and bring communities together? Yes, definitely. Part of


being in a community is being able to communicate with each other.


Which is where my role was and goes. You find that frustrating that you


couldn't achieve that? Yes, very much still, from looking at the


candidates, I didn't get any confidence at all. I would ask your


voting intentions, but if I can ask you, Stewart, a Labour guy through


and through, would you say? Are used to be. They haven't done enough


needs a warrant to voting for them. The policies the coming up with, I


don't think they are addressing the issues that need to be addressed.


What do you want to see? What would you like to see happen? I want to


elected get their sleeves rolled up, elected get their sleeves rolled up,


coming to the community and address the issues that exist within the


community. Have you made up your mind, change your mind about


floating? It's between two. I will tell you something, they are tough


year in Doncaster because you are both short sleeves shirts and I am


absolutely frozen. We always want to hear from you as far as the election


is concerned. That's all from Doncaster tonight,


but if you've got questions about the general election you'd


like us to try and answer or a story you think we should be covering,


here's how to get in touch. We can't promise to have an answer


for everything, but we'll Next tonight, an Imam from Bradford


has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a controversial cleric


in Pakistan in 2003. Syed Sibtain Kazmi is alleged


to have been involved in the killing of the leader


of a banned sectarian organisation. Mr Kazmi was also the cleric


who granted an Islamic divorce to the Bradford woman,


Samia Shahid, who died In a moment, we'll get


reaction from Bradford, but first the BBC's Pakistan


correspondent Secunder Kermani described the circumstances


surrounding today's arrest Syed Sibtain Kazmi had been


due to take a flight from Islamabad Airport to Manchester


but instead when he got to Islamabad Airport,


he was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency,


it's the Pakistani equivalent of Britain's National Crime Agency,


and he was arrested in relation to the murder of a high profile


and controversial cleric The victim was called


Maulana Azam Tariq. He was the leader of a banned


militant sectarian organisation. It's not quite clear why Mr Kazmi


has been arrested at this stage. We do know that he was previously


detained in Iraq at the request of the Pakistani authorities


a number of years ago, So how does this link


to the Samia Shahid case? Yes, when Mr Kazmi was an imam


in Bradford back in 2014, Samia Shahid, he says,


approached him for a divorce He gave her that divorce and,


as a result, he told the BBC he had received death threats


because of that. The Samia Shahid case


is still ongoing here in Pakistan. The legal system can at times be


quite slow and we're still waiting for a decision to be made


on whether to indite Samia Shahid's The news has been met with shock


among those who knew Heidi Tomlinson has


spent the day there. At this mosque in Bradford,


worshippers came together to voice concerns over the sudden arrest


of their imam. Sibtain Kazmi was visiting his


brother in Pakistan, about to return home,


when he was arrested at Islamabad Airport in connection


with a murder committed in 2003. Imam Kazmi was due to lead prayers


at a special programme here at the mosque in the community


centre this evening. Instead, he's being detained


at a police station in Pakistan. Friends say his wife and son back


in Bradford are desperately worried He's a very nice man, pious person,


always available for peace activities and always available


to all community members. The mosque community


believe Mr Kazmi's been set up by the authorities


for political reasons. I'm from Pakistan as well,


but they don't like this country. They do very bad things


to the people when they arrest us. We request the Pakistan government,


he is a very innocent person, he's done nothing wrong, he must be


released as soon as possible. Mr Kazmi spoke to the BBC last year


after the death of Samia Shahid - a British woman from Bradford


who was killed in a suspected so-called honor killing


after she remarried. Imam Kazmi performed her divorce


and second marriage. He says he was threatened by Sami's


family because he helped her. They said we will harm your family


and you and you will pay much price Now the imam is


detained in Islamabad. Already, friends have started


a petition for his release. Hundreds of people turned out


in Bradford this morning to pay their respects


on the 32nd anniversary Relatives of the 56 who lost


their lives stood alongside fellow Bradford fans -


many of them wearing City colours - as the ceremony took place


in Centenary Square. Organisers said it was one


of the biggest memorial Two men have been found guilty


of encouraging dangerous driving after the deaths of four people


in a quad bike crash Terrie Kirby, Alexandra Binns,


Ryan Beal and Brandon Brown died when the quad bike


they were on was hit by a car Leeds Crown Court heard several


vehicles were racing at the time. The men convicted today will be


sentenced with the driver of the car involved in the collision


and his passenger, who have already admitted causing death


by dangerous driving. The police watchdog will investigate


whether former South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner


Shaun Wright committed perjury over the Rotherham


child grooming scandal. Mr Wright was accused of lying


to MPs when he gave evidence The IPCC initially said lying


would not have amounted to a criminal offence and was not


under its remit. But it reviewed the matter


after admitting there had been Now, believe it or not, Leeds


is fast becoming a world-centre It's the sport, also


known as free-running that involves sprinting,


flipping and jumping off buildings. It was only recognised as a sport


this year and a new academy has opened in the city to encourage more


young people to give it a go. The number one rule of parkour -


don't look down because this isn't And Leeds' concrete jungle


is the perfect spot for these This lot have been at it


since before they were teenagers and they learnt everything


they know here in Yorkshire. You do see your own city


in a completely different way, so in Leeds most people are walking


around and they see areas that they're supposed to walk


or not supposed to walk, and very rarely even look up


at the buildings around them. It's the feeling you get


of expressing yourself It's an art of pure precision


and runners meticulously But it's a sport that's


faced criticism. Some say it encourages trespassing,


but this year parkour got a ringing endorsement from Sport England,


when this country became the first in the world to make


it an official sport. Well, there's a lot of running,


a bit of jumping and Essentially, it's just quite a fancy


way of getting from A to B. Youngsters are now being given


their chance to give it a go I think it's the uniqueness


of parkour that actually made me want to sign up,


because not many people do it. It's a real big passion to me


and I like jumping around and stuff. They might not be scaling


buildings any time soon, but the hope is that some day these


youngsters will be able to see Looks great fun. You will be sure to


find you hopping home. I will stick to playing golf on a Friday.


Scarborough looking as beautiful as ever. The second shot I chose is


close to my home town. That's at sunset yesterday, a beautiful shot.


Several addresses were you can send the pictures over the next few days


and I will have a look at them and get them on looking north on Monday


evening. There will be some tomorrow evening as well. The headline for


the next 24 hours, a slow deterioration, more cloud around


tomorrow, the risk of showers but very hit and miss, some of us may


miss it altogether. Low pressure is drifting up from the neo-con didn't,


humid feeling. This weather system will come through Saturday night


giving us a couple of hours of useful rainfall and then Sunday is


the day of scattered showers. The cloud has been floating and drifting


up from the neo-con didn't in the last few hours. Some showers


knocking around but most of us are dry, 19 degrees in Sheffield this


afternoon. A warm evening forever you are, generally speaking it will


cloud over from the south, but Steve stride because of the cloud it


should be a mild night, milder than last night with lowest temperatures


at seven or eight Celsius. That is 46 Fahrenheit. A reasonably bright


start, sunny spells around, looking at a generally cloudier picture


across Yorkshire and Derbyshire tomorrow, that cloud thickening to


produce a few showers, but the focus will be later tomorrow as


temperature rise and the showers could be heavy with the rest of the


odd clap of thunder. Very hit and miss, quite a few of us will stay


dry. Temperatures similar to today's levels but humidity will be higher,


a close feeling day. 64 Fahrenheit. Mostly dry on Saturday with some


sunshine, rain on Sunday. That is the forecast.


Enjoy that lovely evening. We'll be back at ten o'clock tonight.