17/05/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Good evening, welcome to Look North. news teams where you are.


Tonight - compensation for sexual abuse.


Roger Dodds assaulted colleagues at Sheffield City Council -


it will now have to pay out thousands of pounds.


I am delighted with the outcome in my favour which indicates what I


have said all along. Could Brexit turn Harrogate


from blue to yellow? We're serving up the latest


manifesto in Harrogate. Will the promise of another EU


referendum return the town TV history under the hammer


as Hilda Ogden's rollers, hairnet and pinny are sold


off at auction. It has been a rotten day across many


parts of Yorkshire, improvement on the way for Thursday but what about


the weekend? Join me for the latest. And we will be live at Hillsborough


for the game between Sheffield Wednesday and Huddersfield.


Tonight - Sheffield City Council must pay at least ?90,000


in compensation - plus tens of thousands more


in loss of earnings - to a former employee


who was sexually abused by a council official.


Richard Rowe, who has waived his right to anonymity, sued


the council after being assaulted by Roger Dodds in the 1980s.


Dodds was jailed for 16 years in February after admitting abusing


You might find some of the details in Tom Ingall's report distressing.


A sexual predator - with the power of patronage over his victims.


Forty years ago Roger Dodds worked in the heart of Sheffield


The young men he abused needed grants for education - or a job.


Very gradually his left hand started to find its way towards my pocket.


This man was assualted at his very first meeting with Dodds.


He was waived his right to anonymity and has now


He has been awarded ninety thousand pounds, plus an amount still to be


decided in respect of lost earnings.


Their attitude has been very tough, very hard, unforgiving and


unrelenting. We have asked questions, there has been no


response. We have asked specific questions and they have answered an


roundabout sort of way. Complaints about Dodds were first


raised with the council He was moved to a different


job which allowed him In 1993 there were more


allegations and he was allowed In 2008 the council


investigated again. Three years ago new


allegations came to light. In February Dodds was finally


sentenced to sixteen We would never defend the


indefensible and we have never failed to accept responsibility


despite the fact that this happened several decades ago. We fully accept


the settlement that the judge me today, we have made a raft of


changes in policies and procedures and shattered city council since


Roger Dodds left the authority. Todays judgment has helped


to ease Richard's mind. He believes their may be


others Dodds inflicted himself upon who have yet


to tell their story. With the frequency of what I


observed, and what others have since commented on and with the observed


of students going through Dodds offers, another ten or 100 wouldn't


surprise me at all. Tonight a final revelation -


he is still being paid Next tonight - the Liberal


Democrats will offer voters Launching the manifesto today


they promised a referendum on any They're putting areas which voted


Remain at the top of their hit list. That includes Harrogate


and Knaresborough. It's seven years since the Lib Dems


lost the seat to the tories - could this manifesto return the town


to the Lib Dem fold? Three weeks to go, it is hard work


keeping up with the election but that is why Coffey was invented.


Today has been about the Lib Dems and one word dominates their


manifesto, Brexit. The other only party to promise a second


referendum. Do you want another referendum? I do. I think people


have made a mistake and voting as they have. Good idea or bad idea?


Another one? Terrible, idiotic. We had one and people have voted and we


want to go with their wishes. I think they ought to just go with


what the majority wanted, it was a slimmer majority. I voted remain, I


am happy to say that but I believe and respecting democracy so I am not


entirely sure on the strength of that from the manifesto that would


make me vote for them. The Lib Dems on the old two seats in Yorkshire,


which is why Harrogate is important. A second Brexit referendum would go


down well here because Harrogate narrowly voted to remain but didn't


have the stomach for more tax rises? The rainy day fund would be for


health care and to spend more money than what an extra penny of tax on


every pound we learn. And I think it is a good idea. I do much about it


but may have just... It wouldn't make me vote for them. My son went


to university lasting. I think I would vote for them. They would


lower the voting age to 16, they would ban all diesel vehicles and


legalise cannabis. I think our stick with the coffee. You Lib Dems think


they can when people run by promising big on a second Brexit


referendum but all voters choose them from the manifesto menu?


James is live for us in Harrogate now.


So far only the Lib Dems are offering a second referendum ?


They are the only ones offering a referendum but this difference to


the one we had last year which was on the principle of leaving the EU,


but the Lib Dems are seeing is they will negotiate Brexit, to get the


deal sorted and then will be a referendum on what the detail of


that deal is, to the people of Britain except the specific deal


will they elect to remain in the EU? If open to get people here in


Harrogate with that because it was one of the three places in Yorkshire


but choose to remain. If upping it works for them here. Sorry landslide


against the Lib Dems and the last election, what is the picture in


Yorkshire at the moment? They had a terrible general election two years


ago, the last 50 seats nationwide, the only have two seats in Yorkshire


at the moment but they will be hoping that Harrogate is one of the


places they can win back although it 16,000 majority for the


Conservatives. In terms of manifesto that is finally stuffed down on


paper, Labour and the Lib Dems today, the Tories this week. The


next to tell us why we should vote for them.


Well, one of the most interesting places to watch on General Election


It's also one of the most unusual constituencies,


taking in rural villages and the very diverse areas around


There's one thing you may well notice if you drive into Dewsbury.


This town is covered in election campaign posters because the parties


Labour won the seat in 2015, the Conservatives were second


not all that far behind and Ukip were third.


This time around, Ukip will not be standing in Dewsbury


so what will Ukip supporters decide to do with their vote


It will be very interesting to see what happens in what really is one


of the most unusual constituencies in the country.


There can be few constituencies more diverse than this one.


On the outskirts of Dewsbury town centre is the largely Muslim


Whoever is interested in the family, they can tell me who to vote for!


But even those who aren't passionate about politics certainly feel


Education is one thing I am concerned about, the eye-catching


teachers and you wonder what the student and staff ratio will be like


They're cutting staff members, teaching assistants in schools,


Inflation at the moment is at a ridiculous level.


Taxes are going up but the working wage is not far off


Immigration, everybody's moaning about it, but that's


not such a big issue, that can be dealt with.


A few miles away, the landscape of the Dewsbury constituency


At the local craft group, it's the Conservative leader


who seems to be getting the most support.


I think the fact Theresa May is female is an obvious statement.


She does seem to have a handle on what women want as well.


She's a politician but she's also a person.


but you're not a fan of Jeremy Corbyn?


I was really upset when he never sang the national


I think that was really disrespectful to the Queen.


The fact the health service has changed and the fact


we're losing a hospital, the fact we may lose our library,


the fact they want to build on what is supposed


But yet you want to stick with the Conservative Government.


I'm not quite sure what the difference would be


I feel strongly about the North-South divide, I think there


needs to be much more realisation that we exist appear.


Although many of these women may be voting Conservative,


the village they live in has plenty of Labour supporters.


It seems this constituency really could go either way.


Here's a list of all four candidates standing in Dewsbury


at the general election, there are more details


If that's got you thinking about the election --


and there's a question you'd like to ask Look North --


I'll be live on Facebook at ten past eight --


with our politics expert getting you some answers.


Just search for BBC Look North Yorkshire.


Full military honours - More than a century after he died


in battle, the remains of a Yorkshire soldier have been


The ashes of Moors Murderer Ian Brady will NOT be scattered


on Saddleworth Moor, where he dumped most of his victims.


The assurance was made by Brady's solicitor during a Coroner's Court


The notorious paedophile and child killer died on Monday at a secure


There's been a slight drop in the number of people in Yorkshire


A total of a hundred and thirty four thousand people are now out


More than a century after he died in battle, the remains


of a Yorkshire soldier from the Green Howards have been


laid to rest in France - with full military honours.Private


Henry Parker was twenty-three when he was killed during the Battle


of the Somme in 1916, but his bones were only recovered


100 years since he was killed at the Battle of the Somme,


Henry Parker was back today with his Yorkshire


At the cemetery in France, he was buried with full military honours


close to where he fell at the age of 23.


The trenches were knee deep in mud, the combat stress he would have


And how these young men are carried out


the exploits that they did with the bravery and determination


Private Parker was a member of the Yorkshire Regiment a


soldier like many from the First World War who had been


In 2015 this Yorkshire regimental badge was found


in France with human remains, a rare find


Yorkshire was to end 100 years of waiting.


Through DNA testing organised by the MOD's


casualty centre, the human remains were matched to Henry's


Today Francis and other family members


made the journey from east and north Yorkshire to see their long-lost


I think he would have been really proud of it.


Farmer, most of them were farmers, so he is back where he belongs.


So 100 years on, a dignified end for this


Onto sport now and Huddersfield Town and Sheffield Wednesday will play


for a place in the most valuable game in football tonight.


The Yorkshire rivals drew


of their championship playoff semifinal.


Tonight's victor will be one win from the Premier League -


a step up estimated to be worth two hundred million pounds.


Tanya's at Hillsborough for us now...


It is a damp night at Sheffield Wednesday at that. In the


atmosphere, more than 30,000 fans expected and here and it is all


square, 0-0 and it really tight match on Sunday. So who has the


advantage? Huddersfield claim they are the underdogs, Sheffield


Wednesday confident and our home form. Much year from the managers. I


think the pressure is on Wednesday because they are in the play-offs


and there is a reason why. We know who is the favourite and two is the


underdog. If you sort how we won and lost, we won more games at home than


away. We have people in both Casio, the former Sheffield Wednesday


manager at the former Huddersfield goalkeeper, do you think it is right


that depression is Sheffield Wednesday? I think so. After what


happened last season to them it was to go one better so I think all the


pressure has been on Wednesday night from the first game of the season. I


also think they will come through. And their home form has been very


good, big wins here, that will help them. And the atmosphere tonight


will be electric. It can replicate what he did against Brighton and


then be running for one heck of a night. Can Huddersfield Plymouth a


bit of abandoned and go for this? And anyone expected to be here, they


have been exceptional this season and I don't think they can play like


they did against Brighton and Leeds, they'd really well but I hope they


take the chances to read, that is the big thing. We will be good on


the ball, the disruptive protest in the back of the net. They have too


scored a goal against them. That'll make it even more special. It will


be a fantastic atmosphere, 2000 Huddersfield fans which I'm sure we


will hear. It could go to penalties matters that something goalkeepers


look forward to? That is the time we shame. I've had great times with


penalty shoot outs in the past and ensure they people look forward to


being the hero. At this point in time, voters alike for the manager?


You don't want to know. We have done all the work and the topping,


because do anything more, the players are well prepared and both


camps and the manager will just be having his thinking time, just


trying to sort everything because it is great to be very fast and furious


tonight. What is great to happen? I think it'll be and Huddersfield will


have position but Sheffield Wednesday have such quality that


they will be goals. And don't for 1-0 Huddersfield. If you want a


Huddersfield town commentary, Brian is heading to Sheffield, we can see


is maybe best team win. There's another crucial playoff


match about to kick off - Yorkshire Carnegie


play the first leg of their Championship playoff final


against London Irish Head coach Bryan Redpath is leaving


the club this summer and says he's The winner will be promoted


to the Premiership. To achieve something with the script


would be the best thing, because it is the hardest. I'll miss it's no


end everyday but new chapters, new things open up predicting on-board


and there will be a tear and may eye no question of get to that stage.


Glossy sports books come out everyday about Man Utd, Andy Murray,


But let me recommend this one to you...a warts and all view


of a season in the life of Batley bulldogs rugby league club.


It's more than a rugby league tale though.


explaining how the club grinds on in the most challenging


And enjoys a special place in the game's tradition.


It has a reputation, being a bit of a dump and I think that is


completely unfair. You can see if you look around how green it is even


on a pleasant afternoon like this with the rain, it is still


beautiful, rich tradition and history. The club has huge tradition


as did supporters. People here still eat dripping, the boss drippings


from the bottom of a roasting tin, here in Batley it is a delicacy. I


think if anything sums up the community spirit it is what happened


to Jo Cox, it was tragic yet should take amenity spirit through the


whole town but especially here. It certainly did. The town was


devastated by it and Jo was a big friend of this club and jewel was


part of that family. For that first home game against Dewsbury last year


it was an astonishing occasion and a real honour to be at that and see


the look amenity coming together and using the Batley bulldogs and Mount


Pleasant as a focus for that. It survives on 1000 people but is loved


by those with passion and commitment. If this book achieves


nothing else, help you get more people through the turnstiles at


Batley because they deserve it. She was one of television's best


loved characters - Hilda Ogden - famous for her sharp tongue,


her trademark headscarf, Now some of those iconic items have


sold at auction for more than four thousand pounds.Jean Alexander's


neice, from North Yorkshire, discovered many of the items


when she cleared her aunt's house. Is one of the most famous outfits in


TV history, the colours, the here and it and the penny of Helder


Ogden. Today it went under the hammer. Jean Alexander played


Coronation Street's must love gossip for more than 20 years. She died


last October and her niece was auctioning her belongings. The star


attraction is the pinny. After she died I came across a parcel and the


World Cup without handwriting and conduct was the first pinny and


headscarf she had used in the show. They belonged to my grandmother,


Jean's mother. There was online interest from Italy and America but


many turned up to build it in person. She just amended you of your


aunt or your grandmother. A typical non-permitted. -- Northern lady.


This went by four by far the biggest amount. ?4000 will stop what they


Trevor Beattie, a film producer who worked on Lock Stock And Two Smoking


Barrels Moor. Really Be Making Helder Ogden In The Medicine. And


Jean Alexander's Nieces Would Have Been Delighted.


Don't You Have Some Sort Of Responsibility As A Mere?


This is the picture of today, York looking miserable and wet. Here is


Whitby. We were season blue skies tomorrow with some sunshine and a


dramatic improvement on the way. Bright with some sunshine and if you


sure as later. Heavy rain for eastern areas, patchy further west


and a little ridge on Thursday but the weather fronts today make


welcome back on Friday particularly for eastern areas where sharia


outbreaks are possible. There is the weather front for today, rainfall


fairly low in the west but an inch and eastern parts towards the coast.


Irina clears and should stop across Hillsborough tonight, the match dry


and clear. Temperature is down to five or 6 degrees. The sun rises in


the morning at five o'clock, there are the high water times. What's


blue sky, a dazzling start to the day what's of sunshine through


Thursday as temperatures rise we will see close developing so skies


turning loaded with one or two showers but the emphasis on fine


weather and the better day compared with today. A light wind, not bad


temperatures, 17 feeling pleasant and warm during the afternoon and


the risk of some patchy rain especially in the east on Friday.


The Beacon sunshine and scattered showers, that's the forecast.


Battered from us, good luck to Sheffield Wednesday and


Huddersfield. Enjoy the rest of the evening and we will see you later.