20/04/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Good evening, and welcome to the late Look North.


Thousands more shoppers in Leeds, but business isn't booming


for all stores in the city's new retail centre.


The Harrogate Flower Show gets underway, with visitors asked


It's a fairly cloudy story over the next few days. But high pressure is


in charge. I will have the full forecast shortly.


Tonight, is Yorkshire's newest flagship shopping centre failing


It's six months since Victoria Gate opened in Leeds.


It was dubbed the Knightsbridge of the North.


But although the number of shoppers in the city centre


has increased by 3%, there are signs that trade for some


outlets in the development hasn't been as brisk as hoped.


Here's our Business Correspondent, Danni Hewson.


Thursday morning, and things are pretty quiet.


But Victoria Gate has always been about quality, not quantity.


And management insist they are happy with footfall.


We feel very comfortable with the customer numbers that we're


Typically we have a higher spend and slightly lower volume


of customers to what you'd find in a typical shopping centre.


That's totally to be expected, given the line-up and mix


Probe a little, and it's clear not all shops are making the kind


Now the novelty has worn off, even high-end retailers are facing


Competition from online, yes, but also rising inflation eating


I don't know, I feel like we've already got shops we can use,


You know, because obviously it's big, and obviously you can go


Sometimes you just look in to see if there's


Because obviously that's what we do nowadays.


It's really nice to go there, but I really don't


There's not much retailers can do about the cash in your wallet.


But shoppers can be tempted from their couches


By the summer, the rooftops of Victoria Gate will be home


to D London's third and fourth Leeds hotspot.


Both a Japanese eatery and a New York bar.


Leeds has got a very young scene, it's got a very music scene.


It's got a big food and beverage offer now inside Leeds,


which thousands upon thousands of people coming to Leeds every


As for online shopping, most brands have a digital presence.


Shops have become primarily a window to be dressed to impress.


Bricks and mortar retailers, the key focus they've got to look


at is making sure that customers get something extra when they


You can't just have transactional retail any more, where it's pick


You know, every single sector from luxury to high street


really needs to focus on what they are doing in stores


to make their customer connect with the brand and to make them keep


wanting to come back to the high street.


Catherine Shuttleworth is a retail analyst from Leeds.


I asked her why some of the stores could be struggling.


Well, it's a brand-new centre, it's only been going for six months.


And some of these stores in this centre are brand-new.


Not just to Leeds, but to a lot of shoppers in the region.


So I think it'll take them a bit of time to find their feet.


And also, since Christmas we've been tightening our belts financially.


Not spending quite as much on luxuries and the things


And these are the sort of stores that suffer straightaway when times


As interest rates have got a bit higher, a lot of people have found


But is this not a blow to the centre, then?


There's been so much investment there, hasn't there?


There's still developments upstairs on the roof


It is a kind of iconic centre in the city, and it's


So I don't think there will be panic yet, but there'll be a little bit


of unsettled feeling that it's perhaps not taken off as quickly


Yes, a 3% increase in the number of shoppers.


Should that not be higher, considering some big names have


I think it's difficult to judge it, because it opened just before


Christmas, which is traditionally a time when we're all


out on the high street and we are spending more


So the high street in general has seen about a 1.3% increase


And it does show that things are slowing down a little bit.


I think we need to give this centre about a year or two before we can


How much is political uncertainty a factor, do you think?


I think it's a huge factor at the moment in terms


We're all a little bit concerned about what's going to happen over


That's been exacerbated this week by the announcement


And we're just being really careful about what we spend


We want value, whether we're spending ?500 or ?5.


Do you think Leeds has now reached a limit in terms of new shops


Leeds is one of the premier retail centres in the UK,


I think it's fantastic we've got these different centres.


We've got Trinity, we've got the market, we've got Briggate.


It's always difficult to say, isn't it, whether we've got too much.


Because the retail space keeps growing and people


But there will be a point where we've kind of topped out.


I don't think we are quite there yet.


The Barnsley East MP Michael Dugher has said he's quitting Parliament.


He won the seat for Labour in 2010, but was sacked


from the Shadow Cabinet by Jeremy Corbyn last year.


He's said he wants to "make a difference in life


Meanwhile, the former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls,


who lost his seat in 2015, has confirmed he is not standing


Mr Balls hasn't ruled out contesting a seat elsewhere.


Three people have been arrested in Leeds on suspicion


of intimidating jurors during a trial.


In February, three men were jailed for killing 88-year-old Betty Laird


They deliberately drove into the car she was travelling


in so they could make fake compensation claims.


During the trial, jurors reported being offered bribes.


Today two men and a 15-year-old girl were arrested in Beeston


and Harehills on suspicion of conspiracy to intimidate jurors


The Proms - one of the biggest music events in the world,


They'll travel to Hull this summer, leaving London


Three open-air concerts are being held in July.


It's part of the city's UK Capital of Culture programme.


Thousands of people have been heading to North Yorkshire


for the first day of the Harrogate Spring Flower Show.


They've been treated to eye-popping displays of the best blooms


If there's a plant you fancy, chances are you'll find it there.


There's only one phrase for it - blooming marvellous.


The Harrogate Spring Flower Show really cocks a snook at the winter


with a gorgeous celebration of what's to come on the gardening


And, especially for this show, these amazing floral costumes,


Some of them take about three months to make.


I had to do this one in a hurry because this is actually meant


And I was actually sort of doing the statements at about 4pm


Yes, that was sort of popped in the suitcase and came.


Incredible what months of work can achieve.


This was one of the show garden plots last week.


It is going to be a memorial garden for the Royal Logistics Corps,


And the Military Wives Choir was on hand to fill this


# That leaves your soul to breathe #.


Seeing it come to life has been fantastic.


We'll have to deconstruct and then reconstruct it on camp


for the soldiers and their families for years to come.


It's been a great collaborative effort.


And I'm really pleased with the result.


To have won gold and Best in Show is just outstanding.


It's remarkable what you can do with plants.


The floristry displays are inspiring.


Thousands have enjoyed them today, and will


Sheffield swimmer Max Litchfield has broken a British record.


The 22-year-old won the 400m individual medley


at the British Swimming Championship this evening in his home


His time guarantees him a place at this summer's


First thing is first, is your microphone working?! You hearing me


loud and clear? Technical problems, live telly, that's why we love it!


High-pressure is in charge of the next few days. It is good if you


will be pretty cloudy. We set the will be pretty cloudy. We set the


scene for tomorrow in the same way. Overnight, a dry picture for most of


us. Cloud gets a bit thicker in northern and western parts, could


squeeze out a bit of light rain and drizzle on higher ground maybe. Look


at the temperatures, overnight lows, 8-9dC. We will not have to worry


about frost tomorrow morning. Early-morning brightness across


parts of East and north Yorkshire, some sunshine. Further west, thicker


cloud, maybe some light rain or drizzle on higher ground on the


Pennines. Temperatures tomorrow, look at this, 14 or 15 Celsius. That


will feel pleasant if you are out and about. You can see some gaps


where we could see some drizzle in the often noon, and a westerly


breeze. We have high pressure in charge, and if we come to the


pressure chart, alas, here is the high pressure. In the weekend,


Saturday is looking OK. Introducing thicker cloud and maybe some light


rain and drizzle across western parts. But we noticed this cold air


flooding down from the north later this week. We could see some wintry


showers, yes, I said wintry showers. I


week for much of the UK and for more about that and the UK outlook, Helen


Willetts. The sunshine make such a difference


this time of year, only 12 or so degrees under the cloud today but 19


in eastern Scotland not far away from St Andrews. Also in north-east


England, where we had the majority of the decent sunshine. Even under


cloud it was dry for the most part. We have this week whether forgiving


showers in the south. This weather front starting to pep up in the


North, it'll change the feel of the weather for all of us in the coming


36 hours. Through the night very little changes, cloud comes and


goes, there will be missed a shallow fog south of the M4. Possibly the


odd pocket of ground frost here and there. You can see the rain