17/05/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Good evening and welcome to the late Look North.


Victims of sex abuse at Sheffield City Council in line


for thousands in compensation after the conviction of Roger Dodds.


And a dramatic win for Huddersfield town against Sheffield Wednesday


which takes them to the play-off semifinals at Wembley -- finals at


Wembley. A dreadful day, big improvement on


Thursday but what about the weekend? Join me for the live forecast.


We will be crossing live to Tanya for reaction to that dramatic for


putting shortly. First, the menus of day. -- main news of the day.


Sheffield City Council must pay at least ?90,000 in compensation -


plus tens of thousands more in loss of earnings - to a former employee


who was sexually abused by a council official.


Richard Rowe sued the council after being assaulted


You might find some of the details in Tom Ingall's report distressing.


A sexual predator with the power of patronage over his victims.


40 years ago, Roger Dodds worked in the heart of Sheffield


The young men he abused needed grants for their


Very gradually, his left hand started to find its way


This man was assualted at his very first meeting with Dodds.


He was waived his right to anonymity and has now


successfully sued Sheffield City Council.


He has been awarded ?90,000, plus an amount still to be


decided in respect of lost earnings.


Their attitude has been very tough, very hard,


We have asked specific questions and they have answered


Complaints about Dodds were first raised with the council


He was moved to a different job which allowed him


In 1993, following another investigation, he was allowed


In 2008, the council investigated again.


Three years ago, new allegations came to light.


In February Dodds was finally sentenced to 16


We would never defend the indefensible and we have never


failed to accept responsibility despite the fact that this happened


We wholly accept the settlement that the Judge Robinson made today.


We have made a raft of changes in policies and procedures


at Sheffield City Council since Roger Dodds


Today's judgment has helped to ease Richard's mind.


He believes there may be others Dodds inflicted


himself upon who have yet to tell their story.


With the frequency of what I observed, and what others


have since commented on and with what they observed


of students going through Dodds' office, another ten, 20 or 100


Dodds is barely months into his sentence.


Tonight, a final revelation - he is still being paid


Now to tonight's big sports story. Have you been on the edge of your


seat? Huddersfield town have won the Championship play-off semifinal


against Sheffield Wednesday. A tense match ending in penalties as both


Yorkshire side bid to be one win away from the Premier League, a step


up estimated to be worth ?200 million. Tanya is in Hillsborough,


it doesn't get more tense than this, does it? No, it has been quite some


evening, it has been draining, it has been exciting and dramatic. The


first half, quite frankly, was pretty dull. The second half of this


type really got going. It was Sheffield Wednesday who came out


with more intent and it was them that finally got a goal. They got


the initial breakthrough, Steven Fletcher rising to meet Barry


Bannan's cross to head the ball home. That gave them a real lift and


Wednesday looked like they might get a second but it also opened the game


up, as Huddersfield town went hunting for a reply of their own and


eventually they got it. The ball across and Nahki Wells somehow got


the ball home. They kind of have to post a little bit then and we found


ourselves headed for extra time -- huffed and puffed a little bit.


There were plenty of chances in extra time but nobody could make the


breakthrough, so we had the dreaded penalty shoot out. Huddersfield town


scored their first, Sheffield Wednesday stepped up to take their


first. Sam Hutchinson was the man and it was saved. So early advantage


to Huddersfield town. Everybody then went on to score there is, so Jack


Payne stepped up, 22 years old, he could have sealed it for town. But


he failed. Then Forestieri, so often a hero for Sheffield Wednesday, had


his say. He missed his, 4-3 to Huddersfield town. They are going to


Wembley, it has been an incredible season for Huddersfield town. Nobody


at the beginning of the season would have tipped them for promotion. They


have been brilliant and head to Wembley to take on readying for a


place in the Premier League. For the Sheffield Wednesday fans, it's been


a heartbreaking evening. Yes, looking very sombre as they leave


the ground tonight. Tanya, thank you.


The ashes of Moors Murderer Ian Brady will not be scattered


on Saddleworth Moor, where he disposed of


The assurance was made by Brady's solicitor during a Coroner's Court


The notorious paedophile and child killer died on Monday at a secure


There's been a slight drop in the number of people in Yorkshire


Figures for January to March show unemployment has fallen by 3,000,


compared with figures released last month.


That makes a total of 134,000 people out


of work in the region - a rate of 4.9%.


Disappointing news for York-based chocolate giant Nestle today.


The company has lost its appeal to trademark the shape


of its four-fingered KitKat bar in the UK.


Nestle insists the shape is iconic and should be protected,


but for many years rival Cadbury has fought against their bid


It was the turn of the Liberal Democrats today


to launch their manifesto - promising a referendum on any deal


They're putting constituencies which voted Remain in last year's


referendum at the top of their hit list.


That includes Harrogate and Knaresborough.


It's seven years since the Lib Dems lost the seat to the Tories -


Three weeks to go, it is hard work keeping up with this election


but I suppose that is why coffee was invented in the first place.


Today has been about the Lib Dems and one word


dominates their manifesto - well, it's actually two words


They're the only party to offer a second referendum.


You've bought your sandwich, you've got your dinner sorted,


I do want another EU referendum because I think people have made


So is it a vote winner for the Lib Dems?


Absolutely idiotic, we have had one, people have voted and we ought


I don't believe they ought to, I think they just go


democracy so I'm not entirely sure on the strength of that alone


for the manifesto that would make me vote for them.


The Lib Dems only hold two seats in Yorkshire,


that's one of the reasons why Harrogate is so important and now


the second Brexit referendum will go down well with people here,


because Harrogate narrowly voted to remain, but do


they have the stomach for more tax rises?


The Lib Dems' rainy day fund would be for the NHS


and to spend more money on that, they want an extra penny of tax


I don't know much about it because I have just been at work,


so I haven't seen it but I think overall, it's a good idea, yet.


Lib Dem idea, they just published it today.


Because my son went to university last time.


Yes, I think it would be a good idea.


Liberal Democrat plan, would that make you vote for them?


Harrogate and Knaresborough is a key seat for the Liberal Democrats.


Is a target for them, it's a seat they have held before.


It's a Conservative place at the moment, though.


They've got a 16,000 majority but it's one of the places


that the Lib Dems think they can fight back.


They have, of course, only two constituencies


That's Sheffield Hallam and Leeds North West.


They are hoping Harrogate will be a third.


There was a big play-off match tonight in rugby union too.


Yorkshire Carnegie were beaten 29-18 by London Irish in the first leg


of the Championship play-off final at Headingley.


The second leg is next Wednesday night and the winner will be


European Tour edge of your say tonight, have you recovered?


I haven't done a forecast, I have them watching football! Only joking.


Tomorrow is a much better day, sunny periods with perhaps a few showers,


but the weather that brought all the rain today is over France and the


near continent and it looks like another wave will develop and bring


further rain on Friday. We still have the rain hanging on towards the


coast. It will eventually push into the North Sea and it looks set to be


dry and a clear and quiet night in prospect, most temperatures down to


five or 6 degrees. So beautiful start tomorrow, some patchy and low


cloud across the Pennines, most of it bright. You may see one or two


showers developing that the emphasis is on a much better day, with many


of us drive. Top temperatures not bad, 17 Celsius, feeling very


pleasant with a light westerly breeze. The showers will possibly


last into the evening and for a time other night, but generally fine for


much of Thursday night but then that weather front I talked about taking


another swipe at us and those showery outbreaks of rain setting in


by eight or nine o'clock on Friday morning. So some uncertainty about


the forecast but it does look as though Friday could turn out to be a


cloudy and at times wet day. Saturday looks showery, Sunday


perhaps the best day of the weekend. That is it, I


showers. But it will be a bit warmer.


Before today, many gardeners were crying out for rain. Some of the


those garden may now be water logged. And Lincolnshire was one of


wettest places with 40 millimetres. That is nearly a month's worth of


rain in 24 hours. Some difficult travelling conditions. Some parts of


north-west England stayed dry. This was the main rain-maker. It is


pulling away. Tomorrow a day sunshine and showers and that


freshing feeling air will filter into those parts that were muggy


today. It was 25 Celsius in Kent. A different feel, but still pleasant


when the sun appears tomorrow. Still some rain in the east of England.


Become light and patchy tonight. Clearer in the north and west. Still


the odd shower in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and western


England. Turning