30/10/2016 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Good evening and welcome to Sunday's Look North.


The husband of the MP Jo Cox who was killed in her Batlex


constituency in June says the huge public demonstrations of support


have helped their children come to terms with their grief.


In a rare interview, Brendan Cox told the BBC's


Andrew Marr that he was detdrmined to make sure her good


I spent a lot of time in thd last four months really focused


on the kids and making sure that they are OK.


Making sure that they are coping with it as best as they can be.


And in fact, I'm positive that the kids are very strong,


they've got a lot of Jo's spirit in them and they have been


surrounded with a lot of love from our family,


from our friends, which means that although they have very dark


and difficult times, they are actually still


And we talk about their mum every day.


One of their questions in the earliest days was whx


So I haven't really found a convincing answer for that


and I don't think they have understood why somebody would do it.


One of the big pieces of advice from the beginning was helphng them


understand that other peopld are feeling some of the pain


And in this case, that's bedn so visual, whether it's


the thousands of people in Trafalgar Square,


around the world as well, whether it is the people


who were lining the streets when we had the funeral.


I knew lots of people loved mummy but I didn't realise


Jo was this unbelievable bundle of energy and of joy and of


enthusiasm and she would never rest in peace when she was alive,


and she would not want to rest in peace now.


And taking forward her work, her legacy, fighting for thd Britain


that she believed in is our way of remembering her and in doing so,


not letting her rest in peace but taking her ideas and beliefs


A murder investigation has been launched following the death


A 32-year-old woman and a 17-year-old boy are in custody.


Cathy Booth has sent us this report from Bentley.


A police cordon around the property in Bentley in Doncaster where a man


is thought to have received fatal stab injuries this weekend.


What happened here at the tdrraced house on the Avenue has


Police were called here in the early hours of Saturday morning,


following reports that a man in his 50s had been stabbed.


He was taken to hospital with life-threatening injurhes


A 32-year-old woman and a 17-year-old boy have now been


Nobody wanted to speak on c`mera in Bentley today but neighbours said


the woman had lived in the house for about a ye`r.


The victim has yet to be naled by police and a postmortem


examination is expected to be carried out soon.


Meanwhile, police have asked anyone with any


A 13-year-old boy who died hn a shed fire in Doncaster has offichally


His body was found following a fire in a garden shed at a house


in the village of Campsall on Thursday night.


Investigations are continuing into the cause of the blaze


but it is believed to have been started accidentally.


People living in Otley say they ll fight Leeds City Council's plans


Some residents are angry th`t it could be sold off to developers


The council says when the btilding was first advertised none


of the campaigners got in touch to formally register their hnterest


Something the 'Give Otley its Town Hall' group denies,


The City Council have been well aware of our campaign


We feel Leeds City Council are sitting on their


Every time we seem to contact them, they have different plans


Until a few weeks ago when ` letter went in our local paper


via the councillor in Leeds, we didn't realise that they


were actually looking to sell the building,


So we have been active with this campaign for the last few months.


Hindus, Sikhs and Janes from across Yorkshire


It's known as the festival of lights, and thousands of people


have been gathering at Sikh and Hindu temples ahead


of the Indian New Year which begins tomorrow.


Thanks to Phil Gregory who sent in this stunning sunset,


How's the weather looking for trick or treaters this Halloween?


Happy Halloween. If you are heading out tonight or tomorrow night, high


pressure is still in charge. It should feel quite mild out there.


Some fog but that should add to the atmosphere. Staying largely dried


tomorrow. Take care when yot are heading out on your morning commute.


A bit of a cloudy, overcast start of the day tomorrow and it might be a


bit of a gradual process but I think it will brighten up by tomorrow


afternoon. In the sunshine, things will feel quite pleasant as well.


Temperatures at around 13 Cdlsius, above-average still for this time of


year. Then things start to change a little bit. Temperatures will return


to normal. That's all we've got time for. We are back in the latd news at


10:20pm. Good evening. Good evening. It has been a mild and


a bit of a murky day. A lot of mist and low cloud, but also some warm


sunshine. Here was the scene captured in Perth and Kinross by one


of the weather watchers earlier in the day. A change in weather type


during the week, feeling colder still some mist and fog round over


the next few days. Quite a lot of dry weather still on the cards.


Mainly dry out there at the moment. Down to this big area of high


pressure. The weather front pushing into the far north-west of Scotland.


Bringing some rain


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