14/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Good evening. Chinese cheque-books.


Businesses in Scarborough and Whitby have spent the day clearing up


after a tidal surge hit the East Coast yesterday.


North Yorkshire escaped the worst, but a number


From Scarborough, Michelle Lyons sent this report.


Today brought beautiful sunshine to the East Coast -


quite a contrast to last night's tidal surge, which battered


Scarborough's seafront, leaving the council and businesses


dealing with a costly clean-up operation.


We were behind the barriers and they really did serve us,


but when we closed the pier early last night and went down to the next


arcade that got hit really bad, I could have cried, to be honest,


the amount of clean-up we've got to do.


Throughout the day, tractors have been scooping up sand that has been


deposited on the foreshore and putting back it


At one stage, a crashing wave hit spectators and carried


I think the lady got pulled over and dragged along with the flow


Back in Scarborough, part of the flood defences


near the spa were washed away and roads remained closed


for most of the day, but the overall feeling


Police have launched a murder investigation after a body was found


Officers were called to Shirley Terrace shortly


The 43-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene.


A 47-year-old woman and 26-year-old man have been arrested on suspicion


of murder and remain in police custody.


Part of the M606 in Bradford remains closed after thousands of litres


12 containers fell off a lorry, which was involved


Highways England says a large section of the southbound


the carriageway now needs to be resurfaced.


Leeds United's new co-owner Andrea Radrizzani has said


he is honoured to have invested in the club, and wants to bring more


The Italian businessman was speaking at his first press


conference this morning, after victory over Derby last


night moved the Whites up to third in the table.


Massimo Cellino and Andrea Radrizzani.


These two Italians now own Leeds United between them,


but is the club big enough for the both of them?


Massimo didn't want to sell the entirety of the club


because he has a strong passion for Leeds and he's a fighter


and wanted to do something good for the club before he gave it up,


We found a way to work together and hopefully continue together.


Come the summer, Mr Radrizzani may stand alone as owner,


but getting just this far has taken long enough - negotiations


He was keeping me posted and updated in sharing


the decision about players, acquisitions, so he behaved fairly


because even before signing and investing the money,


Of course, it's who's sat at the top of the championship table and not


the one in the boardroom that interests the fans.


United are sitting pretty there, too, a single, simple goal


from Chris Wood enough to overcome Derby at Elland Road.


The win eased in the closing stages by the sending-off


of Derby's Bradley Johnson, a former Leeds United


So United continue their pursuit of the league's top two


after victory in front of their own new team at the top.


Staying with football, in the Championship,


Barnsley lost 2-0 to Fulham while Rotherham United


Sheffield Wednesday won at home to Huddersfield Town 2-0.


In league one, the Spirites beat Covernty 1-0, Bradford City lost


one-nil to Shrewsbury and Sheffield United


While in league two, Doncaster Rovers won


Some clear spells initially overnight, but frost will form.


Showers along the East Coast and then a band of showery rain


Some snow on the leading edge and it will be persistent as we head


Overnight, temperatures into minus figures,


Either way, a miserable start to the day tomorrow.


Outbreaks of rain on and off through tomorrow.


Drier interludes tomorrow afternoon, but a very cloudy day


Charlotte's back tomorrow, just after six.


Getting the detail of this cold snap is proving to be challenging and


will continue to be so over the next 24 hours. Ice around across eastern


parts after the earlier showers then rain pushing in from Northern


Ireland across Scotland and a period of snow across eastern Scotland


temporarily. It will extend into northern Wales and England too. A


chilly night across the East, much


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