29/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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A North Yorkshire farmer's market whose business rates have increased


six fold has warned it will struggle to survive.


Hawes Mart is at the centre of the local rural community


and farmers from across the Dales rely on it.


Sheep have been sold at this auction mart in Hawes for 103 years,


It's seen its business rates shoot up.


A revaluation means a big bill is coming in April.


We've been paying business rates, about ?7,000, ?7,500 and that


What does that mean for the mart, can you pay?


It means that the mart isn't going to be viable.


Business rates have been reset across the country.


Some properties will see a fall, but rural enterprises are the worst


hit, it the first revaluation for seven years.


100,000 sheep are sold here every year, including


The mart, an essential part of the process for getting


I would regard it as insurance, really, your auction.


You send things into an abattoir, it's certainly not as safe.


But if the mart goes, it won't only be farmers


Stuart's Guesthouse offers a stay for mart buyers and sellers.


September, October are busy months anyway in Hawes,


but the market adds something to it because you get farmers from all


It's a big social event and visitors find it a huge attraction as well,


so it's a big part of Hawes, is the market.


In its defence, the Valuation Office Agency said it sets rateable


There is an appeal process, but it takes three and a half years.


Time enough for the mart to no longer be at the heart


Three people are still in police custody tonight after a teenager


was shot dead outside a barber's shop in Leeds.


The two men and a woman are being held on suspicion


of murder following the death of 19 year old Raheem Wilks.


He was shot in Harehills on Thursday and died later in hospital.


Meanwhile Raheem Wilks' 18 year-old brother Maleek


made his first-team debut for Leeds United today.


But his team suffered a shock defeat in the FA Cup fourth


round against non-League Sutton United.


Sutton may be the lowest-ranked team left in the FA Cup


but they dominated against Leeds from the start.


The National League side thought they were 1-0 up eight minutes in.


But the celebrations were cut short by a late offside flag.


Only minutes into the second half, a penalty was awarded to Sutton,


Leeds felt they deserved their own penalty,


The match brought an emotional moment for Maleek Wilks.


Just three days after his brother was shot dead in the street,


the 18 year-old striker made his Leeds United debut.


But on the pitch, things got no better for Leeds.


Their captain Liam Cooper was sent off after a second bookable offence,


leaving United to end the match with ten men.


As the final whistle blew, Sutton manager Paul Doswell had


I knew after five or ten minutes of watching it


we were in with a right chance, because the lads started the game


So, joy for Sutton and Leeds United now


The majority of this patchy drizzle is now really spreading off


towards the North Sea and we're looking at a largely dry picture


overnight tonight, but quite cloudy, quite misty and murky with a fair


Overnight temperatures won't drop quite as low as they have


over the last few nights and with all the cloud,


But under clearer skies we could see a bit of frost for North Yorkshire.


We'll start the day tomorrow on a very cloudy note.


Lots of low cloud, mist and murk and patchy fog as well,


but this will lead to a lot of low cloud.


We will see very little in the way of brightness,


the best of the brightness will be further east along the east coast.


As always, we are at risk of seeing one or two showers,


Temperatures tomorrow will get up to around 7 degrees.


That's all from the late team tonight, we're back tomorrow


Good evening. Very soggy down south today. A wash-out of the day for


some of us. Scotland, northern parts of England, had sunshine. It's going


to be cold. Already is. This is what is heading our way for the week


ahead. We need our brollies out and it'll turn Wendy later in the week.


The rain is clearing. I wouldn't say necessarily particularly drying out


after this rain band boost towards the east, it'll stay damp but cloudy


and murky in the north. Maybe freezing fog in places. It will be


cold in the glands of Scotland.


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