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Welcome to Look North. continues.


Rail passengers in Yorkshire are being warned they'll face


as members of the RMT union go on strike.


It's part of a dispute over plans to remove guards from trains.


More than 1,000 services will be cancelled, and commuters have been


It won't be such a straightforward journey for train passengers


tomorrow, when the members of the RMT strike.


The union are concerned about plans to change the role of guards -


currently they open and close doors when a train arrives at a station,


but Arriva North want a driver to do that on their own.


We believe that having a second person on all trains provides


assurances to the travelling public, and it's an additional safety


measure in the event that the driver becomes incapacitated.


If you are trying to get from Bradford Forster Square


into Leeds for a 9am start tomorrow, you might just make it.


If you are coming home after work, then your last train


But if you need to get home after work from Bradford to Ilkley,


The advice to passengers is to make alternative arrangements if you can,


It is a similar picture at stations across Yorkshire.


More than 1,000 services are cancelled.


There will be no services before 7am, and the last trains on most


They have got to get to work, the commuters,


and I understand them being upset, but what else can they do?


How are they going to get their voice heard?


It is not good for these people in general.


It will affect most of the activities that are going on.


For me, I think it is not the right decision, really.


If there are no guards, who will help them?


Who will be there with the passengers?


So, for public safety, it is better to have the guards there.


That is the issue that has sparked this dispute,


but Arriva North see drivers can operate doors safely on their own.


We put safety at the heart of everything that we do.


The Independent Rail Regulator has actually indicated that this


is as safe as conductor operation of the doors.


A tricky commute ahead for passengers tomorrow,


with unions warning that, if a deal can't be reached,


Abi Jaiyeola, BBC Look North, Bradford.


For the latest information on the strike tomorrow,


go to BBC.co.uk/Leeds, York or Sheffield,


A woman has died after being hit by a stolen car in Doncaster.


62-year-old grandmother Susan Gravel was knocked down in Stainforth


Police believe the silver or grey BMW was stolen.


Mrs Gravel's family have called her "loving and caring"


and say they're devastated by her death.


You might have noticed some celebrations in Leeds today.


It was the 15th St Patrick's Day parade in the city,


and thousands of supporters and spectators were there.


A colourful convoy of banners, bands and floats took to the streets


for a day of "Leeds Going Irish", with celebrations continuing


The first St Patrick's Day parade to be held in Leeds was back in 1999.


It's estimated 20,000 people in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


are now volunteering for their local authority,


as funding cuts in the region hit the ?2 billion mark.


So, does this mean the idea of a Big Society is alive and well?


Ask not what your country can do for you -


ask what you can do for your country.


A bold statement from David Cameron back in 2010, but, seven years on,


Welcome to Lower Wharfedale in North Yorkshire, where volunteers


We know that, you know, councils are suffering at the moment,


but even when there were good times, we volunteered to help.


The council cuts meant the closure of the Stocksbridge Leisure Centre


near Sheffield, but it was saved by a group of very dedicated people,


many giving up their time while retired,


and, as the working age increases, there are concerns


It is a concern, so we try always to think of how we can, sort of,


bring younger people in and get younger people involved.


Three days of paid volunteering leave was pledged by


the Conservatives in 2015, so is that the answer?


I don't think the Government is ever going to say to an employer,


you must free people up for three days to make this work,


so I think it's always going to be something which is around


encouragement and carrots rather than sticks.


The concern is that, unless the Government


backs up its pledge, community groups will be left


to pick up the pieces with a diminishing pool of volunteers.


On to Super League, Wakefield won a tight match against Salford 24-22.


Castleford Tigers showed why they are the early-season


Super League leaders with a 34-0 win at Widnes, their fourth in a row.


Now let's take a look at the weather.


A much colder night in store than we have had in recent nights.


A little bit of cloud to get out of the way with first,


but then we will be left with clear skies through the night.


Under the clear skies, the temperatures will be falling


to around four or five Celsius, but we could see a touch of frost


That does mean it's going to be quite a cold start tomorrow morning.


We will see some spells of sunshine during the morning,


clouding over with cloud from the north-west as we head


into the afternoon, but still the sunshine will break


through, and temperatures tomorrow will be getting up to a high


For the rest of the week, it looks fairly decent.


Lots of cloud around as we head into Tuesday,


Hello, the weather was hit-and-miss today across the UK, bit of


sunshine, a few spots of rain, the skies are clearing now, particularly


in western area, and unlike the last few nights, this coming night, it is


going to turn chilly, there is a touch of frost on the way, these are


clouds from today. Some


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