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Welcome to the programme. The headlines: Plans move a step


nearer that could mean thousands of new jobs created around Coventry


airport. It is ready to go. It is a side


that can literally be happening within weeks or months.


A ground-breaking deal signed between the University of


Birmingham and one of the most prosperous cities in China.


TRANSLATION: If the companies from Birmingham want to come to


Guangzhou, we will treat them justly and fairly.


When the shops and restaurants that have made this town world-famous


have held their long -- held their own through the economic downturn.


And the women's wheelchair doubles at Wimbledon.


Good evening. Tonight, the prospect of thousands of new jobs and A


Prost -- partnership between private and public money. They


would be created in the shadow of Coventry airport. Local authorities


have joined with businesses to back the plan. They believe it could


create up to 14,000 jobs next year by cutting through red chip and


planning regulations. -- red tape.


Denys Short likes to get things done. He set up a beauty product


Ivers -- business in Stratford- upon-Avon from scratch. Turnover is


now �1 hand and 30 million. His business may be thriving but he


fears for the rest of the country. What does it take for real --


people to realise there are no jobs our business is? What needs to


happen for people to say, we needed to turn this round and focus on


growth and jobs. He is behind a plan for an enterprise zone on land


behind Coventry airport. They have just submitted a bid. We start out


with jaguar Land Rover and move down here, a defunct sewage


treatment works. It is fundamental to Coventry. It shows we are open


for business and we are prepared as eight region to move forward. It is


important for the region. Enterprise zones lure businesses


with incentives, relaxed planning laws and he --. The Isle of Dogs


started out like this. If the enterprise zone over here is going


to be a success, they have to look at this. This is the worst traffic


bottleneck in the area. It is likely to be a problem for five or


six years. If the enterprise idea comes forward it could be resolved


into a three years. It is important it is usable. Critics argue that


enterprise zones and this place jobs. Ashby's place. Every job


should create another job outside the enterprise his own. There would


be a need for it with their losses in the car industry. A would be


brilliant. I think the rope round there is not designed for that


amount of people. It is bad enough now. The government will announce


if the bid was successful in two or three weeks. It was something of


pride and if we when it will be a great honour.


A ground-breaking deal has been signed between the University of


Birmingham and China. It was a multi-million pound research centre


set up in the city of Guangzhou. Chinese officials will arrive at


looking for business partners and clearly there is money to be made.


China is a world's second largest economy and it is predicted it also


pass the USA by 2020. What can a Chinese opera businesses from the


West Midlands? -- what can be Chinese offer?


All smiles as they signed a memorandum of co-operation, they


are in business. It is a unique collaboration between a British


university and China. There are a number of advantages. We will be


working in one of the fastest- growing economies in the world. One


of the evidence is the best research is done internationally.


Brains from Birmingham will collaborate with researchers in


Guangzhou on projects relate -- ranging from health to


manufacturing. Already the University spearheaded the largest


health trial in China. We estimated 1.9 million deaths in China are


caused as a response that -- to passive smoking. It kicked off last


weekend when the Chinese premier visited MG Rover. He went on to


sign deals in the UK were billions. Clearly officials in Guangzhou are


hoping for the same. Around 100 are in Birmingham and armed with a


glossy video, they are trying to promote business. If a business


wants to invest in your city, how confident can they be that there


will not be political interference? TRANSLATION: To further co-


operation, we will issue a series of policies regarding companies


from the UK and Birmingham. We will give them support and help.


If what we are encountering is a seriousness of commitment and


openness to working together and a desire on both sides to get his


right. The Birmingham-Guangzhou research centre will open in the


Teva. I am joined by Professor David


Bailey. Our China connections keep growing. Why is it good for


business here? All universities in the West Midlands are active in


emerging economies. That is partly about students, partly about joint


research. At Coventry it is everything from automotive design


and three to low carbon economies. It is more about economic


development. Whether it is an enterprise zone in the West


Midlands or at supporting administrations in China. China is


the fastest-growing economy in the world. What is the attraction for


them to do this this year? We know it is good for us, but what for


them? We can offer skills, Brahms, technologies and lease on a visit


by the Chinese premier last week. - - Bryant's. We can't do the


development in the UK and the money factor in China and both benefit.


It is about finding ways to increase trade. Will we get on with


business here but find it difficult in China? We will have to make it


work as we do with other markets. There is a big role for


universities in understanding cross cultural differences. Let's take


you to the top story, the enterprises and in Coventry. For


there will be all sorts of tax benefits. Is that no way to get


this country back on its big economically? There will only be 20


when enterprise zones, not everyone had them. In the 1980s they were


short lived. Be on the Enterprise Zone, how do things develop? It


will help businesses grow. It builds on the success of a science


park and it will offer an attractive place for inward


investors. It is supported by councils and universities. When a


tax rates and run at Ayr is a chance of it working.


-- and run out, there is a chance of it working.


Don't mention a tennis! Still ahead tonight... The Saxon relics going


on show for the first time with treasures from the stuff which


record. -- Staffordshire abhorred.


Around 100 jobs could go at a Premier Prison when a private firm


takes over running the prison. -- Birmingham prison. Their company


due to take over the prison in October has confirmed 123 posts are


at risk in management and administration.


An investigation into the work of a Staffordshire surgeon has concluded


one patient was not treated correctly. Dr Changez Jadun's


activities have sparked for separate inquiries. He no longer


performs some procedures on the brain. The trust also admitted his


whistle-blowing policy did not work. Under changes announced, a fit of


workers in a council was the big drop in pay. 50% will get a heck --


pay rise and some of the noted at all. All staff have to agree by the


end of October RTE's redundancy. -- or face redundancy. Please explain


why you are doing us? We have to do it. The equal Pay Act came into


force in 1970, followed by the single status legislation in 1997.


We are obliged to take this process forward. Inevitably, Unison is


latching on to the fact that staff will have a pair reduction. What do


you say to that? There will be winners and losers. We cannot avoid


that. We do not want there to be losers but we have to follow the


government guidelines in the introduction of this grading system.


That is what has shaken out. We have followed procedure and this is


how it has worked out. The union is saying, there is no doubt Walsall


will seek strike action similar to Birmingham earlier this year. Does


that worry you? I would be disappointed to hear that. We have


had good negotiations with the unions. We have worked well with


them to resolve these matters amicably. I would be disappointed


if we got there that situation. official statement says they are


disappointed at the way this has turned out. So be it, we have


followed procedure. We have carried out the evaluation in a correct


manner in consultation with unions. Might I said, there will be winners


and losers. Bearing in mind, 81% of people will either stay the same or


be a winner, 19% will have a change. A lorry driver has been jailed for


12 months for causing the death of a her for a couple who were crushed


when it's begun shed its load of timber. Tom Matts and Terri-Ann


Barnett died after the lorry hit a bridge at Belmont in February. Ray


Morgan has been told he will serve at least six months in prison.


MPs want the Government to postpone closing the National forensic


science service based in Birmingham. Ministers announced the closure in


December, saying the service was losing �2 million a month. It is


due to be wound down by March but the Commons Science and Technology


Committee said meeting the work elsewhere could create unacceptable


risks to justice. An empty building designed for use as a regional fire


control centre is costing the taxpayer �1.4 million in and will


went. Wolverhampton control centre was commissioned by the Labour


government to bring emergency call services under one roof. The


National Audit Office says it was flawed because it did not have the


support of Fire and rescue services. Local produce, visitors from around


the world and individual food protesters, the recipe for economic


success. While there have been hard times for some, on the whole they


have held their own. Ludlow has developed an


international reputation for fine food. The annual Frugi festival in


a September attracted 22,000 visitors, double the local


population, and generates millions of pounds for the local economy.


This chef gained 8 Michelin-starred two years ago. Turnover increased


30% in the last financial year. Some Australian tourist recently


planned their trip to the UK based on a visit to this restaurant.


supporting local businesses by buying locally, supporting


independent farmers and shops, and in turn the locals support me.


There is a market for days a week. The shops are owned by independent


people, we do not have changed here. People are passionate about what


they are selling, they know about the producer. The pictures and


because know the origins of everything they are using and that


is really special. Visits here has remained stable. Mike of the shop


owners, they were affected more by this know than by the economic


climate. We get a lot more visitors from the West Midlands area. They


seem to travel to Ludlow regularly. They used to come every week but


now they perhaps come once a month. Perhaps that is due to fuel prices


as well as the economy. This picture it says people are more


cautious. In the last few years it has grown 10 to 20% each year. This


year, it has been stable or is even dance some percentage. It is


worrying but compared to some places, probably very good. A mix


of local people, we get home owners and tourist shop here. Their


opinion then buried. I am going to Manchester tomorrow. I am taking


food to my son in Manchester because I'll have the choice.


pubs and restaurants are great. The fine dining is good. Tourists but


accommodation within a 30 mile radius a year in advance of the


annual rate festival and with many holiday makers opting to stay Hann,


those in the food industry here That has made me hungry. Lunch was


a long time ago. Still to come:


How the gorgeous spring weather - remember that - has produced a


bumper and early crop of a fruit that we love to drink.


And there could be good fruit growing weather this weekend -


mostly dry with some sunshine and a bit warmer. The full forecast in a


few minutes. I think we are going to like the


forecast. Rare Anglo Saxon documents rarely


shown to the public are going on display for the first time. Over


1000 years old, they give an insight into the dark Ages, a


period we know little about. The exhibition has been put on to


coincide with the first tour of Staffordshire of the famous


Staffordshire hoard. Lindsay Doyle reports.


This is one of our archive strong rooms which we do not normally


allow access to, so you are privileged. Stafford is truly going


Saxon. Rare Anglo Saxon documents are going on display at the records


office to coincide with the first visit to the town of the


Staffordshire hoard. We are very lucky that they have survived from


that period will stop the connection with the Staffordshire


hoard adds even more to what they tell us about the history of the


county. The documents are over 1000 years old and they rarely leave the


archives. The most valuable is the last will and testament of a mercy


and nobleman, who leaves his wealth to the abbey. It is not just the


will, but there are several documents relating to the


conveyance of land. They are not normally stored like this. They are


being prepared to go on display for There will, for example, was folded


into a small package of perhaps three inches square. And this would


have been kept in someone's pocket, in a pouch or his saddlebag. Just


over the road, the famous hall of Anglo Saxon gold from the ancient


kingdom of mercy or is being carefully unpacked. It was found in


a field two years ago by a metal detector enthusiast. It is


absolutely fantastic to be able to put the items on display. Some of


them have never been on display before. And on show for the very


first time, the actual metal detector used by the manner


discovered the hoard. The first stop for the artifacts, it will


then travel to Lichfield and Tamworth.


If that has whetted your appetite, there is a programme on Sunday


presented by Dan Snow on BBC One at 6pm.


Dan is here with the sports news. I understand there has been around in


women's football on Twitter. Yes, communication is not always a good


thing. England's women have got their World Cup campaign back on


track with victory over New Zealand. For Enny Aluko, it is the perfect


response to comments that she received after the first match,


comments she described as poisonous. Aluko missed several second half


chances. England drew their first game 1-1 with Mexico. She said that


comments directed at her on Twitter did nothing to help her or the team.


It does affect me. It is quite poisonous. When I am in a World Cup,


you need to keep positive going into the next game. I do not need


these things directed at me. There is a time when I might say


something back. Carson has left to join a Turkish


side. As a Roger Vingham have not revealed how much the former


captain has been sold for. -- West Bromwich Albion.


It was not just Andy Murray who had a big day today. While he was


losing on Centre Court, Jordanne made her Wimbledon debut in the


wheelchair doubles. But she also lost in the semi-finals.


It is the most famous tennis club in the world and is home to the


most famous tournament. Today, Jordanne was part of it. For the


first time, she graced the grass of Wimbledon. Then 19-year-old from


Halesowen played in the semi-final of the ladies will chair doubles,


an invaluable experience. It was a good experience and I really


enjoyed it. It is lovely to play with Lucy. We worked hard to get


the ranking that we have, and we worked hard together to be in


places like this, playing in these tournaments, so I was proud.


despite the lure of Andy Murray on Centre Court, there were plenty of


fans cheering them on. It means a lot that people are taking the time


to look at wheelchair tennis, taking the time to support us. We


appreciate that. Sadly, her debut was a losing one, losing in


straight sets. But she will hope to be back twice next year. Once in


the Wimbledon championships, and again at the London 2012


Paralympics. Finally, if Alex McLeish needs help


winning over the fans at Aston Villa, he could do worse than to


call on this man. Yes, that really is Prime Minister David Cameron


going for his morning jog in an Aston Villa shirt. The photo was


taken in Hyde Park. I presume he has Cameron Number 10 on the back.


Am not sure that he and the Chancellor have much spare cash,


but Alex McLeish could do worse than to ask. His uncle was the


chairman of Aston Villa in the glory years. It is the club of the


Establishment. Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England,


Prince William, Tom Hanks, no less. Exactly, a Holyrood superstar.


There is an argument as as men of that age should not be wearing


football shirts. I have to say, he was exercising so I think it is


allowed. And most men have not given up the dream of playing for


their side. Thank you.


It may not be the most tasty of fruits, but the humble black


currant is having something of a resurgence. Almost a third of the


total crop produced in the UK has grown in this region. This year,


thanks to the spring weather, the black current season is earlier


than ever. Deep in the Herefordshire


countryside, the black current harvest is well under way. On this


farm in Lyonshall, close to the Welsh border, they have been


growing the fruit for almost 100 years. We are picking this variety


about two weeks earlier than ever before. Lovely fruit, swelled by


the rain and ready to harvest. some parts of Herefordshire, they


have been harvesting blackcurrants for two weeks, something unheard of


before. So why has the season started so early? We had a


fantastic the cold winter, lovely warm spell in the spring and plenty


of water recently. Sunshine on the Bush has now to get the sweetness


into the berries. So this should be a very good crop. On this farm in


Herefordshire they grow around 125 acres of blackcurrants. That


produces around 300 tons of the fruit each year. 90% of that is


bought by a manufacturer of a rather well-known blackcurrant


drink. That still leaves enough fruit to produce a drink of a very


different kind. This is Casillas, an alcoholic version of


blackcurrant juice. It is one of the products they make on the farm


from this bear fruit. This is this year's crop. What makes good


blackcurrants? In terms of nutritional benefit, it is the


colour, the Act -- the anti- oxidants that come from such a dark


colour. There is also the fact that his is full of natural fruit sugars.


As far as the crop is concerned, these are lovely berries, so we are


pleased. With more fruit now being produced in the UK, the growers


will be hoping the blackcurrant resurgence is here to stay.


Someone around here perked up when they mentioned coses. -- when they


mention the alcoholic drink! Can we Yes, we will be drinking in the


garden this weekend. Not as warm as last weekend, but the headline is


that we will see sunny spells and it will stay mostly dry, and it


will begin to turn a bit warmer as well. The reason for the fine


weather is this area of high pressure right on top of us at the


moment. Through today, that has trapped a lot of cloud underneath


it but that will melt away through the rest of tonight. Clear spells


developing which will allow things to turn fairly chilly. In towns and


cities, down to 10 Celsius, but in the countryside, may be as low as


six. It will be a bright start tomorrow morning with a lot of


sunshine through the first part of the day. But more cloud developing


into the afternoon. Temperatures doing quite well tomorrow, getting


up to 22 Celsius, 72 Fahrenheit in a light and variable wind. Tomorrow


evening and tomorrow night it will stay fine, which is good news for


over 400 women heading to the University of Birmingham for the


start of the Starlight stroll, kicking off at 10pm. Pleasant


weather for walking. Clear spells, patchy cloud and temperatures down


to 10 Celsius. But there will be some sunshine on Sunday, very


pleasant conditions. Patchy cloud, some spells of sunshine and


temperatures beginning to rise. Maybe 23 Celsius. Not good news for


everyone. High pollen levels make things miserable for hayfever


sufferers. That will continue through the weekend and into the


first part of next week, because during Monday and Tuesday it will


stay fine and dry, with sunny spells but only in the daytime, not


the night time! Temperatures eventually into the mid- twenties.


As far as the weekend goes, not too bad.


Just to confirm, it will be dark at midnight!


Before we leave, the headlines: The former IMF chief Dominique


Strauss-Kahn has had his bail conditions relaxed in New York, as


doubts emerge about the sexual assault case against him.


Over and out for Andy Murray, beaten again by Rafael Nadal in the


Wimbledon semi-finals. The Spaniard will play Novak Djokovic in


Sunday's final. And plans for thousands of jobs


with the creation of a business enterprise zone near Coventry


airport. A couple of big events are amongst


many this weekend. There is a weekend of celebrations to mark the


reopening of the canal at Droitwich Spa. It cost �12 million to make


the seven-mile stretch navigable again, completing a Worcestershire


circle. There will be displays of boats and trips on the water. And


they will have the weather for it. And today has been the start of


three days of music in Coventry. Three days of music and


entertainment. One of a highlights is the Godiva choir who have been


chosen to perform as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. BBC


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