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Good evening. The Shropshire man serving life for a brutal murder in


1994 has been found responsible for two others committed in the same


year. Robin Ligus was 59 and was presented in the dock for only one


day at his month-long trial at Birmingham Crown Court, having been


judged mentally unfit for taking part in the proceedings.


He called himself a natural born killer, but it took 17 years to


bring Robin Ligus to full account for his crimes. He has been in jail


for the mid- 90s, when he battered to death Robert Young, a retired


businessman and his home in Shrewsbury. I don't know who would


want to do that to him. He did nobody any harm. He would chatter


as we went by. We now know this is not his only killing, far from it.


I had an iron bar. It was inside my camouflage jacket and I hit him on


the back of the head. And 2009, he confessed to the murder of Trevor


Bradley, an antiques dealer found and the remains of his burnt-out


car. I hope he rots in hell. I truly hope you rot in hell.


Trevor's younger brother of new Robin Ligus and says he is a


psychopath. He is now confined to a wheelchair and has been considered


mentally unfit to attend the trial. He has a full-time carer in prison.


There are pensioners out here that have led an honest life and they


cannot have their own careers. But we have this sort of person already


doing life for killing someone, living the life of luxury.


other victim was Bryan Coles, battered over the head during a


burglary at his bungalow in Whitchurch. The original police


inquiry team have doubted the truth of his confessions which he later


retracted. A decade on, Cold Case Review Letters to the charges.


Robin Ligus claimed he drowned another man when he was just 17 but


police found no record of that victim. And imagining, perhaps, of


a murderous mind. And Robin Ligus will be sentenced


on July 29th. The jury found it had not been proved that he was


involved in the death of Bernard Czyzewska, whose body was found in


the River Severn in November, 1994. West Midlands police blame the


soaring price of gold for a soaring spate of street robberies targeting


the Asian community. Across the area, 52 women have had their


jewellery snatched this month, double the average. Our reporter


has had exclusive access to the police operation which has seen


over 100 arrests in two weeks. Gold has never been such a safe


investment. But with prices doubling in the past 12 months,


opportunist thieves present a real danger. Naeeda Bi found this out to


her cost. My daughter was with me at the time. He jumped on me.


is one of 15 Asian women targeted by chain snatches in Birmingham's


famous Soho Road Road area in the past month. Police say that Asian


gold has become a target because it is purer and often on display. They


are targeting individual suspects, but police recognise they must also


reassure the wider community. ensure there is his ability in key


locations to show the public we are taking the effects of robbery


seriously. -- there is visibility. And we are sending out the message


to robbers, and we are out in force, overtly and covert leave. This is


�100,000 worth, smelted down in a few minutes. Reputable jewellers in


the City have adopted a Neighbourhood Watch style or


approach to stop thieves trying to use them to liquify stolen gold.


one of us has a problem, everybody is aware within seconds that there


is a problem in the area and to look out for people. The West


Midlands Police is pouring resources into the crime hot spots


that this is creating. Cricket now, and Warwickshire take


on Leicestershire in a Twenty20 match and Edgbaston's new


floodlights tonight. There will be in full match commentary from 7


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