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Welcome to the programme. The headlines - warning from the mother


of a murder victim. She says the fight Against guns and gangs will


be badly hit by police cuts. Because of funding cuts, a lot of


the resources which were in place on no longer in place. Jailed for


four years for recklessly infecting his partner with HIV. The sentence


that's been given today clearly reflects how serious we take this


matter. It will hit the poorest and we fear a rise in homelessness, say


two charities concerned of a benefit Cats. There's a risk that


significant numbers of people will become homeless. At the Royal


double. Prince Charles is that soldiers raising money for injured


comrades and Prince Philip opens Good evening. Tonight, a warning


from the mother of a murder victim who has become a high-profile


campaign in the fight against crime. After years of steady progress, she


believes that cuts in police could lead to a setback, with an increase


in antisocial behaviour and gang culture. Marcia Shakespeare, whose


daughter was shot dead eight years ago, they as the focus on fighting


street crime may be lost, as youth projects are cut along with some


frontline police teams. We have this exclusive report. You're 80


schoolchildren getting to grips with the harsh facts of life. --


you're eight. The lesson on violent crime. Which one of these is real,


which is a ball-bearing done? guesses? Holds school in Lozells is


in brand new premises. Set in the heart of Birmingham skunk and gang


area, the school has turned around and seen a big improvement in


discipline and exam results. A lesson before the summer break was


that everyone has choices. There's always an inclusive instances


involving young people for round antisocial behaviour in the summer


holidays. But the kids are fully aware of the implications of taking


toy guns and BB guns out to the parks. She had a fatal gunshot


wound which went straight through her heart. Leading from the front


is Marcia Shakespeare. In 2003, her daughter, Letitia, and her best


friend, Charlene Ellis, were killed in a spree of machine gun fire.


Innocent murder victims caught in the crossfire of gang warfare.


kids go from one year to another and new children come in, they


should be equipped and educated in the curriculum around a violent


crime, because this is what we live in. Holt's school has changed, so


has this area. Crime has fallen but 10 years ago street robberies were


on the rise. �1 million was spent on summer activities for youngsters.


Crime fell by 50 %. At the same time it was decided to place


dedicated police officers in schools, working directly with


teachers and young people. This school had its own police officer


along with many others. For the last 12 months, all of those police


officers have been returned to normal duties. Senior teachers are


warning that could impact on the impact -- fight against antisocial


behaviour. Taking that away has been unfortunate. Certainly the


reduction in street crime, robbery and youth crime was a really


positive effect. It remains to be seen how that change will be. We


felt the difference in terms of contact and regular communication


with the police since the police officers were taken from the


schools. I think that's common across any schools that have had a


police officer. Yet the police say they haven't given up their


commitment to schools. Officers spending time in schools are still


an important part of what we do. Only this morning I received an e-


mail from a local headteacher thanking me for some work my


officers did at a primary school. Engaging with young people,


diverting them from crime and antisocial behaviour remains really


important to us. Marcia Shakespeare fears that all the games of the


last decade could be lost in the race to cut budgets. When Letitia


and Charlene were killed, it was bad then and it was a turning point


for Birmingham. That turning point needs to stop at the point where it


is and not be lost through lack of funding and resources.


youngsters left for the holidays, many adults were asking - what will


be done to keep them occupied and The Home Secretary, Theresa May,


has been in Birmingham today to hear about a new crime unit. Our


reporter put it to her that the government was failing communities


over Cats which will lead to the removal of designated police


officers from schools. They are not failing local communities. Of


course there are operational decisions which will be taken at


local level as to how budget cuts are going to operate and be put


through. But we recognise the impact that the issues around gangs


and the use of knives by young people has in the West Midlands.


That's one of the reasons why West Midlands is one of the three areas


we identified from the centre that we should put some extra funding


into, to deal with this particular issue. So we are supporting


activity taking place locally in relation to that. With respect,


these officers have been doing a good job in schools and have shown


to make a real difference with crime and how young people are


recruited into gangs. They are now going to be removed. Explain that


to repair and of how that's going to make a positive impact.


decision... The decision of how officers are used locally must be


taken at the local level. It's not right for me in Westminster to say


to West Midlands, this is how you should deploy your forces. That is


what they must do. Yes, there are challenging budget cuts. We accept


that, we have to do that because we are facing the biggest peacetime


deficit in history. There is a lot of concern in your report about


young people, what's available for them this summer and how crime


might rise. How important is that? By the risk of sounding corny,


teenagers are our future. They are important. For years, the


authorities have been trumpeting to me just how special Birmingham is


and just how much they've achieved. Yet on our programme tonight, the


woman who is the figurehead of all that success, with gang related


murders coming down from 27 in one year down to one, she is actually


saying you are putting this legacy at risk. It's very important.


our councils have to save money, so what's the alternative? They do.


The Home Secretary there is painting the stark reality of why


we need to make these savings. At the same time, I've been talking to


educators who have said a few years ago that they are putting on


special projects for 1000 youths, and they have �300,000 to do that.


This year they've just got 30,000. Isn't it a bit simplistic to say


that having something to do for the teenagers will cut crime? It is,


but often if the right funds are channelled to the right people,


then that is what works. It diverts people away. To use that old phrase,


the Devil finds work for idle hands, people are saying that unless you


really engage with teenagers, what then happens is you create a vacuum


and the drug dealers and gang members move in to fill it. Have


you been affected by a antisocial behaviour, are you concerned about


the impact of cuts on services for young people? If so, we'd like to


hear from you. The contact details Later, as the famine crisis in


Africa deepens, we meet the Somali and community in Birmingham trying


to help. And there's great news for English apple lovers. The season


has arrived weeks early. I'll be at an orchard where the harvest is


A man has been jailed for four years after pleading guilty to


recklessly infecting his partner with HIV. 44-year-old Nkosinati


Mabanda knew he was HIV-positive but didn't tell his girlfriend. She


only found out he had the virus after finding a text message from


his secret fiancee. Speaking after the case, police said what was most


disturbing was his blase attitude towards his victim and various


other partners. We have been speaking to his former partner.


He's just an animal. He has deserved everything he's got today.


When this woman started a relationship with Nkosinati Mabanda,


she had no idea he was HIV-positive. She only discovered by finding a


text message from his secret fiancee on his mobile phone.


couldn't see no reason why he had and said nothing because we have


spoken about it anyway. He said, no, going be tested, he's HIV-positive.


Nkosinati Mabanda was arrested in 2009 after his victim went to the


police. Investigations discovered that after he arrived from


Zimbabwean 2004, he had had unprotected sex with nine women


minus seven of them also have no idea he had the virus. In court,


the judge told Nkosinati Mabanda this was as bad as it gets, as far


as this type of cases concerned. You took the decision, he said, not


to tell her, and it was her right to know. She's been devastated and


her life has been changed permanently. He went on to say that


Nkosinati Mabanda was a very real danger to women in the future.


the sentence the judge has given out today, it shows the seriousness


in which the criminal justice system has taken this case. We have


to take the bravery of the victim, to actually come forward and


notified the police of this. Otherwise we might never have known.


Today, Nkosinati Mabanda was jailed for four years. The judge said a


transcript of the sentencing would be sent to the Secretary of State


to consider deportation on his release from prison. We are joined


now by Lisa Power, from the Terrence Higgins Trust, the largest


HIV and sexual health charity in the UK. An horrific situation there.


How common are these kinds of cases? It's extremely important


that people should realise that although most people with HIV try


very hard not to pass the virus on, for some people it is very


difficult. They don't know how to tell people or they shy away from


it. For one in four people with HIV in the UK, they can't possibly tell


their partner because they don't know themselves, they haven't been


tested yet. It's up to all of us to look after our sexual health in


these situations. If someone lies to you about their HIV status, it's


very difficult to protect yourself, isn't it? Clearly, if someone


actually lies about their status then you are N8 difficult position.


What we often say to people is, if you are in a relationship and are


thinking of giving up condoms, go down to the clinic together and get


tested together. That way you both know where you are starting off


from. It's a difficult thing to do when you are in a relationship at


first, you are hardly going to save, let's go down to the sexual health


clinic for our first date. It is difficult. In early dates most


people do still use condoms. But what I would emphasise his we have


a society where it's actually easier to have sex and talk about


it. That's the wrong way round. Actually, for everyone's sake, your


own and your partner's, you are much better off having a chat at


some early. And getting these things clear and making sure that


both you and your partner are safe. There are a lot of people with HIV


who haven't tested yet. So we do encourage anyone has been at risk


If you've got any questions about HIV or AIDS, you can call the


Terrence Higgins Trust. The number Two charities have warned the


impact of cuts to the benefits system could take up to �70 million


a year out of Stoke-on-Trent's economy. A report by the Citizens


Advice Bureau and Brighter Futures predicts changes will lead to


increased homelessness. The Government has said its Welfare


Reform Bill will be fairer than the current system and help more people


into work. Clare Milner is 18 and rents a one-


bedroom flat in Stoke-on-Trent. Changes in her housing benefit


means she is now rethinking plans to study A-levels. People like me,


and I have loads of friends in the same situation, they are having to


give up their dreams of going to college to get a full-time job to


be able to support themselves. There is nothing they can do about


it. Stoke-on-Trent is not unique, according to the Office of this


report, but they say there are social and economic factors which


mean it could be affected more harshly than other cities. Wages in


Stoke-on-Trent are almost 10% below the national average. The labour


market here has contracted by 3.6% in the last year, compared to 1.9b


national. We do have health problems, and those will get worse.


Homeless this will get worse. The housing market will not recover. In


saving money, I think it is a very false economy. We will save money


in Westminster and we will be paying for far more expensive


services to deal with the results of what will happen to people.


statement, the Government said its The Government has introduced a new


test, for people. Be charities dealing with claimants are


sceptical. With the best will in the world, however affected the


private sector is at creating jobs, it will not create enough jobs


quick enough. Clare Milner is still taking stock of the impact of these


changes for her, and the authors of this report hope it will be the


basis for wide-ranging discussions. Police are investigating after


several coaches and cars were deliberately set on fire. It


happened in the early hours of this morning at a car park in the Small


Heath area of Permian. Four coaches, three cars and a caravan were


destroyed by the far, which spread to nearby storage sheds.


A woman has been rescued after falling down a 30 feet well in


Worcestershire. It happened just before four o'clock this afternoon


in the village of Abbotsford. A specialist search and rescue team


were sent to the scene at the woman was taken to hospital.


The BBC has learned that around 30 drain covers a month are being


stolen across Burnley him. Castle Vale is the latest area to be


targeted overnight. -- across Birmingham. It is thought the


covers have been stolen to sell us scrap metal.


Coming up, a royal flush at Birmingham plays host to two


princes and a duchess. The Somali community is calling for


more aid to help millions of starving people in the Horn of


Africa. A quarter of Somalia's population is being displaced as


the search for food and water. An estimated 40,000 Somali born people


love him Birmingham. They include a former Government minister who says


she was horrified when she released the returned to the country. --


recently. Desperate scenes in Somalia. Today,


the French Agricultural Minister has reported to have said it will


be the scandal of the century is more eight is not forthcoming.


Maryan Qasim can relate to that. She has just spent seven months


working as a Government minister in Mogadishu, the first time she has


been back to her home country for 25 years. My most beloved place


when I was a child. Everything was destroyed. There is nothing I can


do for all those people. Sometimes I used to see people dying out of


hunger. They could not get anything to eat. I would see children in the


streets, begging. Now back in Birmingham, Maryan Qasim is one of


an estimated 40,000 Somali born people living in this city. Several


African charities have their headquarters in Birmingham. They


are in daily contact with aid workers in Somalia, trying to set


up the station's there to prevent the starving having to cross the


border in search of food and water. -- feet stations. They also receive


many donations, many from people who were born in Somalia. The


British Government has donated �90 million in eight so far, but the


response from other countries has been criticised by Somalians living


in Birmingham. There is still a huge shortfall of funds. We are


thankful to the British public, and the UK Government, more needs to be


done because of the huge crisis. is a country torn apart by war, not


just famine. In the long term, what many West Midlands-based Somalis


want his stable Government, then maybe theirs will be a country they


will want to return to. Not one, not two, but three members


of the royal family were in Birmingham today. The Duchess of


Cornwall, the Prince of Wales and his father all popped in on


official business. In a moment, the Duke of Edinburgh at Warwickshire's


new cricket ground. First, our personal thank-you from Prince


Charles to the servicemen and women who have endured at off 48 hours. -


- Huttoft 48 hours. Time to banter with the patients at


the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital. And Tanton looked -- trying to beat


the military men and women who spent a very sweaty weekend. He was


asking me how the event went, it was tough. What I am going to do


now is going to have a mudbath. Rewind, and this was the Bastion to


Birmingham challenge would started on Saturday. Cycling and running an


awfully long way. The objective is to rack up 3580 miles, the distance


from Camp Bastion back year to the hospital. Some of the injured


soldier is being treated you have done their bit using this. Among


those taking part are up a former rugby international helping to


raise money to build a home where the injured servicemen from the


Queen Elizabeth Bosman military award can spend time with their


families. They will need support through this time. What we're doing


here is just saying, we are here, we are with you, we are supporting


youth and we will try and do our bit to make that process as much as


possible. The Prince this is the hospital about four times a year to


beat when good soldiers. The Prince -- the Prince visits. He said thank


you. He knew how difficult it was, he was really interested and he was


grateful for what we are doing. spent a long time talking to the


patients and their families. He really inspired them and motivated


them to continue on their long recovery path. There followed a


private visit to meet military casualties. For lunch, four hampers


cent ahead by the Prince. -- cent ahead.


Have a day for the Brazier twins, lilies, the and 13 wicketkeeper,


and her sister Rebecca were determined to put on our right Well


performance. Prince Philip took to the field, looking delighted to be


here. No wonder, he has always loved his cricket. The Duke of


Edinburgh is no stranger to Edgbaston. He was your 11 years ago


for the official opening of the indoor cricket school. Today, he


has returned for the rebirth of this famous Test match arena.


During a break, he chatted with the girls about their shared passion


for the game. All around, junior teams were enjoying a festival of


cricket and the Prince popped inside for lunch. He congratulated


us on what we had achieved and look forward to seeing our success in


the future. Will he be back for that this month -- Test match next


month? We did him -- we invited him but I think he prefers to watch it


on TV. It has cost �32 million, no wonder the Prince was impressed.


But some things are priceless, like this clever Cat by LEAs to help


Walmley when the under 13 lady Tavener final. -- By Louise.


Probably the biggest day in their season so far. They thoroughly


enjoyed it. I do not know is that they won the Duke said to them, but


they were smiling. He was asking us how long we have been playing


cricket. And why we love it so much. I was really nervous. No worries.


The sun shone, the shield went to Walmley and the visit -- the teams


gave three cheers for the royal visitors.


To complete the royal round-up, the Duchess of Cornwall was presenting


a Queen's Award for Voluntary Service medal at the City's


Botanical Gardens. For many of us who look for to


Turkey into a first English apple of the season, the harvest has


arrived weeks earlier than expected. Normally we would have to wait


until late August or early September. Thanks to the cold


winter and the warm spring it is promising to be a great season.


Cath Mackie is in an orchard for us right now. When will they start


picking? Actually, I have already started!


The harvest proper starts here tomorrow. Here is column Brimfield.


I cannot believe it is July, it is a magnificent sight. It is very


early. We have been farming here for 100 years and this is the early


season by a week. We are picking Discovery apples, we picked a few


of those today, and we will be picking in earnest tomorrow. That


is have a quick chat with Adrian. We were saying this is good news,


but is an early-season good news? Barry Davies, because we will seek


English apples available to consumers for longer than has been


the case for many years. And also, we are producing increasing volumes.


We have seen a real renaissance in the English apple industry. Were


orchards have been planted, greater production and consumers will have


access to English apples run now right through until next May.


there was concern, there was a frost in a will which has damaged


some of the crops. Some orchards in Herefordshire have been obliterated,


but fortunately, they are in a minority and the damage has been


far less than anticipated. And we will get a larger crop this year.


And the good news is, the English apples will be in the shops at the


end of the league. -- the end of the week.


See how she ripped that have all of the tree! I have been quite pleased


the tree! I have been quite pleased about the weather for the last


couple of days. It looks pretty decent. It has been


beautiful and sunny over the weekend, it was a beautiful weekend,


dry and warm. The rest of the week will stay settled. Tonight, it is


mainly dry. We could see a little shower in a few spots. But that


will be good for the garden. Nothing too significant. Mainly dry


with clear spells. Some cloud around also. Overnight, lows of


eight Celsius, fairly mild for most of us. Tomorrow, once again, we


will see some sunshine, not everywhere, there will be some


cloud lingering, but it will not spoil the day. It should still be


fairly bright. Highs of 23 Celsius. Going into tomorrow night, once


again it will be similar to tonight, clearer spells, some cloud drifting,


and it will not be too cold. Another mild night with lows of ten


to 14 Celsius. This week, when it is warm it will be highs of 24


Celsius. Slightly cooler in the cloud, highs of just 19 Celsius. A


high pressure is holding off the low pressure so we have that


settled weather. There is the threat of a front moving through


but we expected to be mainly dry through the rest of the week. So


through the rest of the week. So calm and settled, temperatures in


the low twenties. A look at tonight's main headlines:


The Norwegian massacre, the self- confessed killer says he had links


with two other underground cells. And a murder victim was my mother


warns that cuts in policing could undo all the progress that has been


done in the fight against crime. That's all from us this evening,


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