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Good evening. The family of a Warwickshire mother of three who


died during surgery to remove a huge tumour from her chest have


today received an out of court settlement of a hundred thousand


pounds. Her family say they were told she had a 98 per cent chance


of surviving surgery - but today the hospital said the surgery


carried "significant risk". Sarah Falkland reports.


They were just nine, 12 and 15 when they lost their mum six years ago.


Today, with their grandmother, they went to the High Court in


Birmingham to hear a judge sanction the settlement for her death. The


34-year-old care worker from Bedworth had suspected that what


doctors thought was stress was something more serious. She came


here to Bedworth Medical Centre. She was seen by two GPs, who are


defendants in this case. Neither of them thought to get her a chest X-


ray. It wasn't until seven months later that a third GP did refer her


to the George Eliot Hospital that St Day, and a tumour was discovered.


By the time surgeons at the then- Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry came


to operate, the tumour weighed 1.6 kilograms. Ms Bailey developed an


abnormal heart rhythm and died. still really miss her. We will


never get over it. It has been hard for all of us, it is like a


grieving roller-coaster. Your thoughts are everywhere. But you


just have to stick together. I am angry with the people who were


giving us information incorrectly, saying there was only a 2% chance


that anything could go wrong. Neither the hospital nor the GPs


have admitted liability. No one from the surgery would comment


today - but in a statement the The trust offered its sincere


sympathies and condolences to the family.


A woman has avoided serious injury after a lorry overturned and landed


on her car near Walsall. The accident happened on the northbound


carriageway of the M6. The woman was treated for a leg injury, and


the effects of shock. The driver of the lorry wasn't injured. As a


result of that accident, the N six remained closed northbound tonight.


A year after Pakistan was hit by monsoon flooding, charities in the


West Midlands say they're concerned donations have dwindled. 11 million


people were forced from their homes, but only 43 per cent of the houses


destroyed have been replaced. Satnam Rana reports.


I was scared, but I had no choice... Recalling the moment he's swum


across the raging river to return to his family and home. The bridge


had been washed away. He was on holiday in the Swat valley of


Pakistan last July, when the monsoon at least it's devastating


rains. -- unleashed its devastating rains. A year on, what is your


family telling you? I just find them, saying that this time of the


year, the river is rising. So far, nearly $2.5 billion has been


donated to the floods appear, but the charity Islamic Relief says


there is a shortfall which is slowing down progress in recovery


work. 12 months on, there is a largely unnoticed Unitarian crisis


on going in Pakistan. -- humanitarian crisis. 8 million


people are still without basic needs like Shelter and schooling.


Now the United Nations is reporting up to 6 million people could be


affected by floods in the monsoon season this year. My biggest


concern would be that in the whole melee of so many things going on in


the world, that people would forget about Pakistan. The impact that


would have his people cannot look after themselves, they would be


relied on charity. The main thing we try and do is help people help


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