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Te headlines tonight, there is promised a new legislation to curb


car clampers, it is taking longer than expected to become law.


Literally within 10 minutes my brother's car had been clamped.


police chief speaks out about the cuts. Birmingham City aim to fight


back to the Premier League. I knew it would be a period changed, the


likely that is that players would leave. Cricket's a man of the


moment looks back to the challenges Welcome to the programme. Drivers


are still having to pay to retrieve cards from wheel clampers one year


after the government pledged to make the practice illegal. Trading


standards officers say they are frustrated that drivers are being


forced to hand over hundreds of pounds in cash. Birmingham is one


of the worst areas of the country, it maybe next year that powers are


introduced. Midday today, another sees car


arrives at the clamper's compound. Afeefah Batool, from Sparkhill in


Birmingham is too familiar with this picture. Last week she had to


hand over �134 when her car was Turk -- towed away. It is


disgusting, within 10 minutes of the car was towed. We were on the


road for two minutes. It was this car-park in Kings Heath where they


had parked for two minutes. There was a car parking meter there.


did not notice the pay and display signs. What is consider easing --


and teasing the notice -- confusing the motorist is that the car-park


is by rights next to another one. They do not realise that they do


get plant there. It is affecting local business. Last year


government announcement said that they would be cranking down on


clampers. People are frustrated that these laws are not yet in


force. We need to do protect motorists from this extortion.


Midway Parks is responsible for a lot of clamping in Birmingham. I


went to their compound, or the manager did not want to go on


camera, but he said he did not see any reason to stop while its it is


not outlawed. Last do with their someone had to pay for poor and and


�50 to reclaim her car. I did not know where my car wars until 12


hours later, that is why it is so expensive. Until next year, when


the practice is outlawed, it is a case of drivers becoming more wary.


We are joined now from Edmund King from the AA. For a good evening to


you. The government promised a year law on this, it looks like it will


not come into practice until next spring, why so long?


legislation was introduced on February 11th, in the freedoms bill.


It is just the way the parliamentary process works. I gave


evidence to the scrutiny committee, and I make the point that since the


announcement to outlaw wheel- clamping on private land, which we


have campaigned for around 10 years, there is evidence from Birmingham


and elsewhere that many campers are drinking in the last-chance saloon,


and trying to clamp -- cash-in. They are trying to clamp as many


people as possible. I need to come in, or I understand that we have


seen people being charged, sometimes there is indeed a poor


car clamping, Odyssey not charging excessive amounts, but there is


access needed on private land? course, people should not part with


they want to park. In this day and age clamping a vehicle is a


barbaric move. There are no restrictions on the prices charged.


Many people get exploited and ripped off. In Scotland they outlaw


this in 1991, landowners have found other ways to stop people parking


illegally. The sooner the better that this menace is removed from


the roads, it will be better for. Thank you very much.


Still ahead, after Japan's terrible earthquake, researchers return to


experiment they had to abandon. The American food giant Kraft,


which took over Cadbury, is going to split it into two parts. Unions


are demanding assurances that jobs at the factories and the Midlands


will be protected. Our correspondent is outside the


flagship Bournville factory in Birmingham. Should work is be


concerned? I suppose any changes worrying, particularly when you


take into account this his Kraft. What they have announced is that


they're going to split the business into two. They want a global snacks


business, an American food business. Why they are doing this, and what


effect it will have, I'm joint by David Bailey from the Coventry


Business School. Should workers be worried? Kraft are doing this


because they realise that they have a huge conglomerate. There is no


strategic picked. They are spinning out the low-growth part of the


business, and at focusing on the high growth area. It should be a


rapidly growing business, Cadbury should be more important. I was not


in favour of the takeover, but this sounds like a clever move. Could it


actually strengthen these plants? There are no guarantees that the


American number of multinational stay in the UK -- that the American


multinational will stay in the UK. It is it's a risky business?


makes a sensible move, it helps them pay down their debt. Many


thanks. These changes take place at the end of next year.


There has been a big rise at the Stoke-on-Trent -- a big rise in


profits at the Stoke-on-Trent pottery firm Portmeirion. Their


successes in due -- their success is due in part to massive sales in


South career, which for the first time are bigger than UK sales.


Every year almost 170,000 people are admitted to hospital for


harming themselves. Many people think that worries about the


economy could be a factor. It was noticed that Worcestershire have a


higher national average than -- had a high average than the national


one. Gloucestershire had a slightly fewer cases.


It is a busy road outside Penny Baines's house. Twice, she sat down


in the middle of its hoping to get run over. Car, bus, anything to


hurt me. Penny, how many times have you tried to take your life? 30 or


40 times. I have tried it at home, I have tried it in hospital. I do


not do it for attention, I do not do it because I'm lacking the love


in my life, I do it because I feel sad. Her 19-year-old daughter,


Christina or, is her full-time carer. She looks after her drugs.


Penny's case is extreme, most some farmers just cut themselves. If


they appear to be growing in numbers. This hospital saw a rise


in sell Farmers, doctors say they are getting better at spotting them.


We have developed our self-harm service that both our hospitals.


Because of the effectiveness of these teams we have been a lot to


identify more cases of self-harm. Penny says there is not enough


support in the community. I am more isolated than ever, I was meant to


be discharged into the care of a community psychiatric nurse. I have


still not been allocated one. Because of the drugs she takes, she


cannot drive their own car and she has tried to take her life by


driving into the River Avon, one day she hopes all that will change.


A very personal story. Still to come tonight, the sole


survivor of an industry that once employed thousands, we talk to the


last traditional glove maker in the county. We look at the weekend


The new Chief Constable of West Mercia Police, David Shaw, promised


that he could still deliver protection for the public despite


cuts to be spending purse. Many forces across the region are having


to make cutbacks. 2000 jobs are going at West Midlands police, they


are down by �123 million. In Staffordshire, they will be 330 job


losses, they are losing �22 million. Warwickshire lost -- loses 430 jobs,


Gloucestershire loses 120 jobs, they are �18 million down. West


Mercia are �24 million down, losing 287 jobs. Does their new boss face


an impossible job? As the Chief Constable of West


Mercia Police, David Shaw has a tough job for as cuts start to take


hold. When you started as a police officer did you ever envisage


having to make these cuts as Chief Constable? I studied politics


closely, I know economy is go up and down. The reality was never


that is going to be -- that it was never going to be a next. Resources


sometimes bottom out. They put us in a difficult position. According


to this criminologist they face an impossible task. They are going to


have introduced massive cuts, they have their hands tied behind their


back. Policy is a turning century, by the Home Office. I know he's a


very respected academic, I'm going to disagree with him. Of course I


always want more, the that is not the reality that we live in. As a


Chief Constable, I do not feel I have my hands tied behind my back.


I have a budget, it will give me a very good men and women to get me


out on this street protecting the public. -- out on the street


protecting the public. They say that substantial cuts are


inevitable, people on the streets there was steady mixed response.


am not happy at all, if the Government stop wasting money


playing around the Afghanis than, we could afford to run this country


as we should. If it is something that has to be done him regard to


the austerity measures all around the country, perhaps it is


something that has to be done. Mercia is looking to put its links


with Warwickshire Police. People in Leamington will still be police


officers in their locality, that is critical. Whereas will change,


whether we can do things once in order to save on overheads, and we


will do it once. We have already identified that we can put it in


hundred extra people out there delivering the service that we


wouldn't have been able to the four hands.


Challenges ahead of forces across the region. And for their police


chief who started out on the beat Scientists from the University of


Warwick are at the forefront of experiments to learn more about how


the universe works. It is about neutrinos, tiny particles that are


much smaller even than an atom. The experiment is taking place in


Japan, which suffered a devastating earthquake and tsunami earlier this


year. We report on the first results.


In September last year, I visited Japan as the University of Warwick


began installing its neutrino detectors. What is a neutrino? Here


is how we explained it at the time. Scientists think the whole universe


is made up of just 12 different particles which we have represented


particles which we have represented with these appropriately Japanese


figures. Others are more mysterious. The mysterious but -- the most


mysterious is the neutrino. It is this oscillation that the


researchers were trying to study. That means sending a beam of


neutrinos from the coast, 300 kilometres straight through their


Earth to a detector at another laboratory and the centre of the


country. Initial results were promising. Then, in March this


promising. Then, in March this year... Everybody had to come home


as quickly as possible. The primary concern was people's safety. We had


an anxious few days scrabbling around trying to find an account


for everybody. The good news was, nobody was injured. Everybody was


accounted for with a few days. Measurements show that the


earthquake moved the entire site one metre out to sea. Researchers


are now starting to go back. This is one reason they want to return -


it is the earthquake data that shows exactly the neutrino event


that researchers were looking for. The data up until the 11th March,


when the earthquake result, -- when the earthquake struck, is what the


result is based on. We have been pleasantly surprised that they can


make some physics statements out of this 2% of data. As the neutrino


travelled through Japan, just a few oscillated - that between states -


and the researchers managed to measure them. But they need an


awful lot more data. In the meantime, the hope is for repair


work to continue and to start the experiment again in November.


It is fascinating, an intriguing experiment. What does it matter for


the rest of us? It is important because it all went back to the Big


Bang. In theory, during the Big Bang, equal amounts of matter


should have been created which would have come together and


annihilating each other, leaving nothing. That is not what happened


and what is puzzling physicists was the matter left over. It is the


neutrino that is key to that. It is this that has led to the world as


we know it. It is amazing how quickly they have recovered


themselves to be able to carry on with this experiment.


laboratories on the coast and they were not expected by the tsunami. -


- they were not affected. The even have nuclear reactors on the side.


It is a tribute to the people who work there that they have managed


to contain these problems and repair the site and now they're


saying to people like the researchers at the University of


Warwick, please come back. We are ready to start.


Thank you. We were commenting how wonderful it was that we had the


cameras there at the time to film the Big Bang!


Our Stoke City getting on in Croatia?


Good news, 0-0 at half-time. We can have a look at a couple of the best


chances from the first half. Added split have been on top. This was a


header after four minutes, which really Pete and explode in front. -


- which nearly pooped and it split There was a shot from long range. I


was lucky enough to seat the opposition fans, they were a noisy


bunch. There are 30,000 of them. The Stoke City fans or call the


12th man man -- are called a 12th man. Let us hope they can keep a


clean sheet. Full coverage of that Birmingham City are also in the


Europa League. First, they have more pressing matters. They begin


their campaign in the Championship this weekend. They're hoping to


bounce straight back into the Premier League but that will be


tough after a turbulent summer. It seems a long time since


Birmingham City were celebrating one of their greatest moments. Be


lifted the Carling Cup in February. Five months is a lifetime in


football. Since then, the club have been relegated from the Premier


League. Alex McLeish, the manager, resigned and joined Aston Villa,


their bitter rivals. Carson Yeung, the owner, was arrested in Hong


Kong and charged with money laundering. We have a knowledgeable


support that know the game and they can see what at -- what is


happening. The expectations have lessened over last few weeks.


of things have changed at Birmingham City since their


relegation. I'll look at the squad that are now training here every


week isn't very different. As well as Alex McLeish, 13 regular first-


N Forster joined Midland rivals West Bromwich are been on loan. --


then Foster. They just be to put the fun's minds at ease. They have


brought in just over �6 million of investment, which could lead to the


company based in the British Virgin Islands were in full as much as 14%


of the club. -- owning as much as. It is important that Birmingham


City football club stays at St Andrews. Their campaign begins this


Saturday, are we at Derby County. Fans will be hoping and praying


that nothing else goes wrong at St Andrews.


Tomorrow, we will be looking at the Sky Blues in the Championship.


Cricket now, and Ian Bell has revealed his desire to be the world


was my number one batsman. He wants to help England make it three wins


out of three against India. He has learned a valuable lesson from the


last game at Trent Bridge. Indian bowlers beware, when Ian


Bell walks to the Edgbaston wicket on Wednesday, it is time to take


cover. He is back on home soil and in the form of his life. We have


played some very good cricket, which is what we needed to do.


this the best period of your career? I think so. I hope that, at


29, there are some good years to come. I think I have matured into a


decent cricketer. We have followed his career every step of the way.


He was a talented teenager from Coventry who caught the eye than


the Edgbaston nets. He played for Warwickshire and England, and now


he has joined Jonathan Trott as one of the world's top batsmen. It is a


gold mine to be the world's top batsmen at some stage. It is great


to be in the top 10. We're both Warwickshire players, so that is


really exciting. Of we can be done some good performances in the next


two Test matches. I did not ask if he fancied a cup of tea, because


taking an early tea cos a lot of trouble in the last Test match.


Cricket came out on top. It showed the sportsmanship we have in the


game. Endear handle the situation very well. I will wait around for


my tea a bit longer now! Victoria Square will come alive for Cricket


In The City this week, a fun day out for all the family, with


England and then the players dropping in. Today, it was just Ian


Bell and his umbrella and his desire to become the world's top


batsmen. Let us hope we see some cricket


next week! What an awful day it was today! Now,


we're going to meet a fascinating man. He is 91 and still serving


customers including pop stars and royalty.


Les Winfield is a blog maker, which used to employ tens of thousands of


people. -- he made gloves. When Les Winfield allow it --


arrived at his company, the 21st century steps aside and he enters a


time warp. My nephew has done a family tree of mind. You can go


back I don't know how many generations and it goes back to the


1600s and there are clockmakers all the way back. -- people who made


gloves. There were 20 odd people in here at the time. He is the last


one now. The industry died out when she imports took over. But the


quality and craftsmanship has not diminished. The process starts off


with the cutting. They then punch it out on the hand presses. These


are then sent to a maker he turns them into gloves. It is not


surprising that they can cost up to �100. Who's buying? People who won


the best. They include Margaret Thatcher and Prince Philip. This


fabric is for the end of the fingers. They went to whether after


that. It is a skill that used to be commonplace in Worcester. This


factory was founded by a someone in 19 century. Why have things fallen


That is the way to do it! After all appears I have lost over


the years! -- repairs. Here is the The humidity is now being that


flushed out by the fresher air after the rain. Tonight, it will be


more comfortable to sleep in. Temperatures are still in double


figures. It is not exactly cool. It will be dried off. -- it will be


dry, however. It will not feel as oppressive. The crowd -- the cloud


will gradually increase from the West. Without the humidity, it will


feel more cool. Her tomorrow night, we will see the cloud increasing


from the West and that could mean some showers. It is just a flavour


of what is to come over the weekend. Temperatures tomorrow night will be


quite mild as well. These other systems in place over the weekend.


There is a combination of a cold front and a warm front. That is


what is giving us the scattering of showers. It is this area of low


pressure which will spoil things for Sunday. The weekenders looking


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