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Hello and welcome. The headlines: wind out of the region's four bids


for Finn is selected by the government. Our first goal is by


2015 per grit needed 2000 jobs. Unemployment is down, but youth


unemployment is still high. What hope for young people? It is scary,


really. Because it is just so hard to get a job. After a scathing


report into care there, a residential hospital treating


disabled and mentally ill patient is to be shut down.


And after the riots, shops and restaurants report a big dip in


trade. One business saver lost 80% Good evening. Tonight, mixed


fortunes for our region has the government names as series of new


enterprise zones, with the aim of creating thousands of jobs.


Hereford has been chosen as one of 11 new locations across England,


but applications from Stoke-on- Trent, Coventry and could Mr have


been rejected. -- Kidderminster. Local government secretary Acol


Pickles defended the decision, saying and neighbouring zone in the


Black Country would have benefits for Stoke.


One winner, three losers, on a day of mixed economic fortunes across


the West Midlands. This will be the site of the region's only new


Enterprise Zone, on the outskirts of the Rotherwas industrial estate


in Hereford. A huge pile of rubble will be used for the Pat --


foundation of the new Business Park. Those behind the bid are predicting


about 2000 new jobs by printed 15. We said this would be the biggest


opportunity for her picture since the Second World War, will mean


that. At the end of the completion, we could have 6000 jobs. This is


wonderful news, it is what we have been looking for, because we have


an ambition in this county to raise the average salary and wage from


19,000 to 25,000, and this is the first step in that aim. So what are


the actual benefits of being in a Finn? For a start, there are lower


taxes, less regulation for planning regulations, and super-fast


broadband. No such benefits for today despite losing bidders, among


them, Kidderminster and Coventry, where the Enterprise Zone would


have been based around the airport. We're disappointed, we put forward


an excellent proposal, creation of up to 14,000 jobs, solutions to a


serious high weight problem. Stoke-on-Trent, hopes had been


raised when David Cameron gave his answer to one of the City's MPs


earlier this month. I will certainly ask the Chancellor to


look if it will be in the next lot, because we want to help the


communities she represents. today, and at the news that this


site in the valley will stay empty. I was astonished when I heard the


news, not long ago we had the Prime Minister here, promised in that we


would get an Enterprise Zone, and this announcement has sneaked out


that we haven't got it, it is just incredible. It is really


disappointing. Particularly disappointing given previous


comment from the current government about how they might support the


North Staffordshire area. Overall, from today's announcements, mixed


emotions. Hereford alone with cause to celebrate. The losing bidders


can only contemplate what might have been.


Our political editor joins us now. Let's start with what really is a


disappointment in Coventry, Stoke- on-Trent and Kidderminster. All


places that have had to jobs problems and could have done with a


lift. That is the thing with beauty contests, you get more losers than


winners. The government says these stones are particularly targeted. -


- these zones. That of course, doesn't convince many Labour MPs.


Joan Whalley says that the government had braved this along


party-political considerations, which has brought a typically


forthright response from the minister in charge of this. That is


utterly ridiculous. We are putting these into Labour areas, Lib-Dem


areas, Conservative areas, areas I have not got the remotest idea who


controls. This is about regeneration. I think that, it says


more about the people who says it then government policy. Success by


Herod did come as we have been talking about, but they have their


critics, haven't they? -- successor for Hereford. The government have


been accused of recycling old idea which date back to the 1980s. The


shopping centre in the Black Country started off as an


Enterprise Zone, under Michael Heseltine. Apart from creating new


jobs come but they are accused of destroying jobs, because if you


look at the other high streets around the Black Country but have


struggled since the shopping centre was built, to compete. Thank you.


Unemployment may be up nationally, but here it is falling faster than


anywhere else in the country. Figures out today show the jobless


total for the region fell by 30,000 over the last quarter, down by 1%,


despite this drop, unemployment of regionally is still running at 8.5%,


higher than the national average. There are a total of 224,000 people


out of work. The level of unemployment among


young people in particular remains stubbornly high.


Learning skills to help them in the future. These young people have


taken advantage of opportunities at a charity in Redditch. There are


200 of these in Redditch alone, meaning not in education,


employment or training. We have yet people up against graduates to have


left university, all the people who have been made redundant, they are


going for vacancies, it is virtually making it him possible


for our 16 and 17-year-olds. These teenagers are due to start college


courses in September, but worry about the future. I have tried


handing out about 30 C V s back, and it is scary, really. Tim Lowe


is one of the lucky ones, he is due to start a motorsport course at


Silverstone, with the ambition of becoming a mechanic at a Formula


One. He also spent his summer at this centre, learning to cook, as


well as confidence and team building skills. More engineers are


needed than before, so that is sort of wire went into that line. It he


is right about engineering. This charity has been training


apprentice engineers since 1969, and has seen the number of


vacancies trouble since last year. Its centre in Coventry wasn't big


enough to cope with demand, so it is building another in a Quidditch.


A 5th of yen people in the West Midlands are unemployed here, let


his 83,000 of them. This training charity which supplies ingenious to


charities is struggling to fill 24 vacancies locally. We are


representing a part of industry which is working pretty well.


Undoubtedly there are wide range of industries and sectors that are not


performing as well as engineering. Sertec in coal still makes


components for the automotive industry. Becky has joined the firm


as an apprentice. Obviously, not been in as much debt as going to


university. Becky has worked with us on the job and has gained


experience. Had graduate that came straight out of university,


although they have the qualification, they wouldn't have


the practical experience to back that up. So a bright future in


engineering, but a challenging time in many other areas the young


people in the West Midlands. Now, hospital which cares for


adults with learning abilities and mental-health problems is to close


next Wednesday. For hospital is run Arden Vale, a purpose-built 25 bed


hospital, opened in Meriden near Coventry five years ago. The


hospital looks after adults with challenging behaviour, but last


month it was revealed it was under police investigation, and staff had


been suspended. A review carried out by the Care Quality Commission


found that people at the Arden Vale were not protected from physical or


emotional harm to stop the management of medicines was unsafe,


and does raising concerns were not respected. We have to make sure


that residents are looked after and the standards of patient care or


off Alternate important. It is a sad day, but it shows us this


should not happen again in the future. For hospital is run by a


castle back, the company has agreed voluntarily to close it after


concerns were raised. Castlebeck also run at this hospital, which


was filmed by Panorama. Alternative arrangements are being made for the


19 people still being cared for at Arden Vale.


In a statement, Castlebeck chief executive said, we will be working


with the people in our care, as well as families and care managers,


to ensure there is minimum disruption. Joining us now is


Andrea Gordon from the Care Quality Commission. What was it that was


going on at Arden Vale which meant you wanted to see it shut?


carried out a number of visits in June, and identified issues with


inappropriate restraint used, inadequate staffing, staff working


odd patterns of hours, medicine management issues, and we made a


decision that we would take enforcement action against Arden


Vale. Over the last week, people have been working with the Primary


Care Trust, they went into Arden Vale and said there were still


serious issues around management of medicines. You were taking legal


action. Why did this... A why it is this understanding about what has


been happening at some of these Castlebeck homes only happening


after the Panorama programme? we register at all adult social


care providers, so we made an assessment on Arden Vale at that


time. There were no problems brought to our attention, it was


only in May this year where issues were brought to our attention.


does say something about checking procedure, you didn't know what was


going on. But we are not in and out of place is all the time, we are


reliant on other people sharing information with us. Is there any


chance of criminal proceedings? couldn't comment at this stage. We


worked closely with the provider, and how partners, the Primary Care


Trust, and the police, around this The National Deaf Children's


Society says it will take Stoke-on- Trent City Council to court over


cuts to educational support. The society says the council is in


breach of the law by failing to assess the impact the cuts will


have on deaf children. If the cuts are made, there will be just three


specialist teachers for the 200 deaf children in the city.


Network Rail and a signalman have been ordered to appear in court


after a woman was killed on a railway crossing. Jane Harding died


last year when her car was hit by a train at a level crossing at


Moreton-on-Lugg in Herefordshire. The company and signalman are due


to appear at Birmingham Magistrates' Court in October.


You are with Midlands Today. Still ahead, Shefali is here with an in-


depth forecast. With rain to come, will it be


drizzle or a downpour? Join me later and find out.


Birmingham's biggest shopping centre has reported a huge dip in


trade because of last week's riots. Bullring say retailers there have


lost up to 50% in takings with official footfall down by 35%.


Other businesses say they are struggling to cope with lower than


usual cash flow. It was a frenzy of looting caught


on the shop's own camera. Some of the teenagers stole just sweets and


chocolates. One was just ten-years- old. I really feel sorry for him.


This is the sort of training he is getting at that age. I do not know


what will happen when he grows up. But what is going to happen in the


short term to the family run business he attacked? The cash flow


has really gone down because we had low sales and also the stocks have


been stolen. It has all gone. big names in the Bullring suffered


too albeit indirectly. Our tenant had been telling us that sales are


anywhere between 30% and 50% down on last week. At Edmunds in


Brindley Place, the Good Food Guide's Midlands restaurant of the


year, things are finally picking up. Takings have dropped 80%. There is


that fear factor still within Birmingham. People are fawning up


to ask if it is safe. -- phoning up. We are just trying to reassure


people. The fear factor is still playing a part in Wolverhampton,


too. The owners of this antiques shop had their grade two listed


window frame put through. And have weeks to wait for a replacement.


But almost as bad, they say, is the quiet. I was disappointed more


people didn't come to show their support. They did not have to buy


things, but shh -- just to show support for the town centre. Around


the corner, this mobile phone shop estimates �50,000 worth of damage


and lost stock. And the owners couldn't afford insurance. Just


over 500 people have now been arrested in connection with the


riots. Every day, the number being charge rises. Today, the total


stands at 139. Police say the response from the public in


identifying the perpetrators has been very positive. And still more


faces emerging that police hope you can help identify.


A week ago, a corner of Birmingham was propelled into the national


headlines, Winson Green. It was of course where three men were killed


after being run down by a car as they tried to protect their


businesses from looters during the riots. So, how has the community


reacted and what is the way forward for them now? Our reporter has been


assessing the mood. Three miles out of Birmingham City


Centre, in northwest Birmingham, this is Winson Green. Now known for


this expanding shrine for 21-year- old Haroon Jahan and brothers


Shazad Ali and Abdul Musavir. They were all hit by a car last


Wednesday as they guarded a row of shops during riots. Black and Asian


people make up 66% of the population here. Businesses are


owned by them and cater for them. It is an area that was already


being hit by the economic downturn and now this tragedy. Their


customers are frightened of coming into the area because there is so


much publicity. They are worried things will not be safe for them to


come here. All businesses are suffering here. Pinnu Khan has been


running his shop for 35 years. Many have stayed away in the last week.


It is a different story. We did not get any problems at all. Down the


road at the barbers, an air of disbelief still lingers. We are


peaceful community. This negative attention does not help us at all.


Sentiments echoed by traders up and down Dudley Road. At the moment, it


is quiet and subdued. There are rumours going about about various


things. But this is a good community and we are fighting back.


But some shoppers are remaining defiant. We have lived here for


five years. We mix with everybody, no matter what colour. It is a good


community. This is sad. It will be hard for new people coming into the


area are. People don't want to be in an area or Cobra they think it


is not says. There are independent shops here which rely upon shoppers.


Many of them have kept away this week. Businesses here have been


telling me the hope that the shoppers will return. For them,


testament to the way the whole of the community has come together, in


grief and in peace. Meanwhile, the funerals of Shazad


Ali, Abdul Musavir and Haroon Jahan are expected to be held tomorrow.


It follows a decision to allow their bodies to be released. We can


go over to our reporter who is in Winson Green. What can you tell us


about the arrangements? Well, I understand the bodies have


been held by the coroner up until now, so that the police could carry


out their forensic investigations. They are now satisfied with those


investigations and have released the bodies to the families, so the


funerals can go ahead late tomorrow afternoon. At 2pm, in Summerfield


Park, there will be a special ceremony for the three men and all


members of the community and all face had been invited by their


families. The funerals themselves will take place at Handsworth


cemetery. They will be private. What is the latest on the police


investigation? One man is being held by police at


the moment. They have up until 10pm this evening to release them are


charged him. Three other people have also been charged with the


murders of these three men. They are 117 year-old youth and two men


in their twenties. -- a 17-year-old youth.


Onto football and it was a miserable night for our teams with


not a single winner in the Championship, League One or League


Two. But that won't worry Birmingham City who are preparing


for a European adventure instead. Flying out for their first match in


a major European competition for 50 years. Birmingham City may have


ended last season on a relegation low but they are still enjoying the


benefits of the high point. Qualifying for the Europa League by


winning the Carling Cup. First destination, the Portuguese island


of Madeira to play Nacional. Geeky these teams have earned their way


into the competition. They are of a good quality. -- these teams. We


must play our best. We do not want to be chasing the ball all night,


especially the way that the Portuguese play for at all. I think


we will win. It will be tight. 1-0, hopefully. And they were happy to


leave behind the rigours of the Championship where, ten days into


the season, teams are already the season, teams are already


playing their third league game. It has been a miserable start for


Coventry City, but their fans still made the trip to Crystal Palace and


had their hopes lifted by a goal from Lukas Jutkiewicz. But it was


to end in last minute heartbreak as Palace scored twice in stoppage


time to condemn the Sky Blues to their third straight defeat. In


fact, it was a miserable night all round. Walsall seemed to be on


course for an impressive away win at Sheffield United when they led


2-0 early in the second half, through Kevan Hurst and Will Grigg.


But the home team fought back and won it with a late penalty.


Hereford United have suffered a shocking start to the season. Three


league games, three defeats, no goals scored, eight conceded, four


of them in a second half collapse at home to Morecambe last night. --


Macclesfield. It was certainly a night to forget for assistant


manager Russell Hoult, called up in goal because of injuries. In fact,


the only teams who even managed a point were Burton Albion and Port


Vale who cancelled each other out And if you want to follow


Birmingham City or Stoke City in the Europa League, you can hear


full commentary on BBC WM and BBC Radio Stoke.


How far would you go to achieve a burning ambition? One teenager from


Stone in Staffordshire moved away from home at 16 to concentrate full


time on his goal. Now, at 19, he is deferring university and he is on


the move again to London. He has set his sights on winning the only


place left on the GB Canoe team for 2012. If you ever wondered how much


sheer determination it needs to chase an Olympic Dream, our


I liked the feeling of being strong when I am fighting against the


water. I started the sport when I was 10 years old. My school had a


link with the local canoeing club. I was one of the lucky ones that


managed to start here. My biggest achievements have been winning a


gold medal in the Junior World Championships three times. This


year, I won silver at the European Championships. Now I want to win


some individual medals. My family have been very supportive. They


have had to drive me around the country. They come abroad to what


to me as well. We are very proud of them and we follow all of his


competitions. We really hope he does well and makes it to the


Olympics. Canoeing takes up most of my life, really. I am always


thinking about it. I am kind of obsessed. When I first started, I


was coached by local coaches who are volunteers. Now I am on the


Olympic development programme. I study sports science and management


at Nottingham Trent University. I have chosen to do my second year of


a two years and then I am moving to London and will be training full-


time up until the Games. There is on the one place available in each


category for the Olympics. There will be six people at the top


fighting it out. The Olympics, for every athlete, is the biggest


competition in the world. Everybody wants an Olympic gold. I would give


anything to compete in the Olympics. Call for it! We are all rooting for


Call for it! We are all rooting for him, not just his grandfather.


Over the next few days, perhaps the most notable event will be


tomorrow's rain. There is the potential for some fairly heavy


rain, but, then again, some of you may escape with a mere spattering.


You can see where the heavier rain in concentrated tomorrow from the


darker shades of blue on the map. It is the southeast that is bearing


the brunt but it tends to become watered down further North. There


is a ridge of high pressure building in on Friday and then the


next reference point will be this front that heads in over the


weekend but the timing of that may leave the days dry. So, tonight,


even though we have rain arriving tomorrow, the cloud will start to


melt away leaving much clearer conditions. Some mist on the


hilltops and a cooler night with temperatures dropping to ten


Celsius in rural parts. But by tomorrow morning the cloud is


beginning to thicken up from the South and rain arrives soon after.


The heaviest of the rain will sit in the southeast, while the


lightest of the rain falls elsewhere and in the north it may


about to hardly anything at all. A cool day ahead as well with


temperatures rising no higher than 16 Celsius. The rain then clears


away tomorrow. The cloud breaks up and we all wake up to quite a bit


of sunshine on Friday morning. There may be some high to medium


level cloud bubbling up through the day but it stays dry and warms up


too with highs of 22. Quite warm too with highs of 22. Quite warm


over the weekend. A look at tonight's main headlines:


After the worst violence in England for decades, the Prime Minister


praises the courts for handing out stiff sentences to rioters.


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