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Welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight.


William and Kate in Birmingham. The royal couple visit a shop attacked


by looters. It was the surprise of my life that


they have come to my shop. Silence on the streets of West


Bromwich in memory of the three men killed during the riots.


Are some of us really programmed to want to eat fatty food?


And we are at V Festival, the biggest in the region, where for


some camping has turned into glamping.


Good evening. Tonight, Prince William's praise for Birmingham's


reaction to the riots. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


had a private meeting with the parents of the three men killed in


Winson Green, community leaders, emergency workers and city centre


traders, but what impact did their visit had it -- have on people


affected by the violence? As if on cue, the sun emerged as


the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in the heart of Birmingham.


They had come to the Summerfield Community Centre in Winson Green to


hear first hand the stories of those affected by the devastating


riots just over a week ago. They were talking about the type of


work we do, trying to bring calm to the streets, and they were moved by


the level of commitment and sacrificed by the emergency


services and those of us in the community who were prepared to work


with the police to try to restore order.


Central to the visit was a private 20 minute meeting with the families


of the three men who died just a short distance from here.


The open-air funerals of Haroon Jahan, Shazad Ali and Abdul Musavir


took place in the city yesterday. 20,000 people turned up to pay


their respects. Flowers are spreading along Dudley Road, where


they died trying to protect property. The royal couple


questioned emergency services caught up in the trouble.


It has made such a difference to Birmingham after such a traumatic


week. It is great to end in the sunshine and with the royal couple


here. Of word spread quickly and the crowd was there to meet them at


the next stop, a shop in the city centre eluded -- looted in the


riots. It is fantastic that they have


taken time out to show their support. It is really nice for them


to be here. Customers were taken by surprise.


Nobody would believe this! royal couple spent just a few hours


in Birmingham but people told me that the impact would last much


longer. People were very appreciative, they


just wanted to speak to ordinary Brummies caught up in the rioting.


Are you confident that this will put a stop to any community


tension? I am, because of the efforts people have made. At once


again, the second city was the focus of massive media attention


but this time the pictures were positive.


I am joined now by Ajay Bhatia, who welcomed the couple to his shop.


This must have been a bizarre two weeks for you. It was basically all


sleepless nights since this happened. After meeting the Duke


and Duchess of Cambridge, it is like something to cheer about.


Let's get back to what happened. People just entered your shop,


didn't they? You saw it on your CCTV footage.


We can see the pictures now, they were jumping over the counter. But


you were not there, were you? I left five minutes before this


happened. -- no, I left. Later I thought, everything has gone, I


will never be able to stand on my feet again. But the support from


the community around was amazing. What did they do? They came out


with their brooms and said, we have taken time out from the office to


help you with your shop. I was open within four hours. Today the Duke


and Duchess of Cambridge turned up. What happened? It was like the best


moment of my life. I never thought they would come to my shop. They


spoke to me about exactly what happened. There were a few light


moments talking about the cricket as well! You were still left with


big problems. Does the even -- the royal visit make any difference's -


- difference? You have to pay your rent and I have two children in


education. The insurance company should have priority. The big


stores can afford the losses but, being a family business, a day-to-


day business, the cash flow stops. So very, very hard but a great day


today? It was a great day. We wish you luck with your business.


An hour before the Duke and Duchess arrived, traders in West Bromwich


held a two minute silence in memory of the three men who died in Winson


Green. On the stroke of 11 traders and


shoppers stood quietly as the community came together to pay


their respects. With more than 70 traders, it is a


bustling market and in times of recession and the pattern is


important. Even so, stallholder has asked police and the Council for a


two minute silence for the three men mown down in Winson Green.


I am delighted there has been a spontaneous response to something


which has touched all of our hearts. People are showing how important it


is to be together. And so they stood in silent tribute.


Just down the road, the wife of an Indian sweet shop owner holding


court. He was out looking for the van stolen by the rioters. Some say


that tensions are still high because of desperate poverty.


Young people do not have enough jobs. To live in society now you


have to get 26 grand a year or more. There are no 26 grand jobs. People


were taken aback by what happened up the road, with the riots, but I


think we are getting back to normal. People are scared to come to West


Bromwich but everything is getting to be OK again.


The hope is that the silence will have drawn a line under the events


of last week and that life and trade in West Bromwich can get back


to normal. Let's give you the latest


investigation from West Midlands Police on their investigation into


the riots. We say the more than 500 people have been arrested and 141


have been charged. Their website has had 800,000 hits in August and


a special e-mail address has received more than 800 messages.


You are with Midlands Today. Still to come...


Warnings to pregnant women about how to protect babies from a


Victorian bone disease. Football banning orders totalling


nearly 200 years have been handed down to hooligans who fought with


police after their team was relegated out of the Football


League. It follows a five-month


investigation into trouble which fled at Burton Albion. Liz Copper


was in court. These were the scenes after the


final whistle at Burton Albion's match against Grimsby Town last May.


Burton's 3-0 win meant that Grimsby were relegated. Fans invaded the


pitch, ribbed top advertising hoardings and attacked police and


match stewards. These people were not football fans.


The real Grimsby fans were appalled and shocked by their behaviour. You


are talking about grown men, not youngsters. They had been drinking


since the early morning. 49 Grimsby fans have been


prosecuted. Sentenced today was 42- year-old Stephen Pexman, jailed for


20 months after admitting violent disorder. Matthew Jones, a former


soldier, received 18 months. Shane Wallace, on the far left, and


Andrew Blackett, in the centre, were imprisoned for 18 and 20


months respectively. All received football banning order it -- orders.


But police had to trawl through hours of CCTV footage.


It was very frightening for the families and the members of the


club. One witness was a steward for Grimsby who said it was the worst


act of violence he had seen. The judge said what he had seen


showed ugliness, yob that -- Yori and thuggery. He said compared to


everyday life the football match was a minor affair but does he


jailed had behind it -- behaved as if they were part of a national


disaster. He said the game of football would suffer because of


their actions. Five men have been arrested after a


gun was fired in Stoke-on-Trent. Police were called to Stream in


Dresden after midnight. Two men were taken to University Hospital


of North Staffordshire and treated for minor injuries. Both have since


been discharged. We don't have things like this


happen every day and it is a rare occurrence. I want to assure the


community of Stoke-on-Trent but that is the case. We are out in


number for people to speak to. If you are overweight or have


diabetes, your doctor may ask you to watch what you eat. But doctors


say a restrictive diet may alter how your brain response to food.


These changes may make it harder to follow a healthy diet.


These are pictures from a university of Birmingham experiment


aiming to answer the question, why do some people find it so hard to


stick to a healthy diet? Why do people find it hard to


change their way of life and others find it restrictive? They feel


deprived of many things. Cakes and biscuits and hamburgers.


The researchers scanned do brains of obese people, some with diabetes,


as they looked at images of food, and it turned out that those with


diabetes had brains with very different responses to those


pictures. Patients who have higher activation


in brain areas are involved in emotion. Those people had


difficulty controlling their diet. The thinking is, it is the


restrictive diet that people with diabetes have to follow that is


causing these differences. Ironically, these differences are


one reason it is harder for these people to follow a restrictive diet.


It is also possible that obese people effectively trained their


brains to respond more strongly to fatty food.


If you have been used to eating a lot of fatty food and you are


accustomed to that, it will be more difficult to change your life


around and make lifestyle changes to reduce the amount of fat and


follow a healthy diet. To understand what is going on we


need more research but it is very real, it seems. The scientist even


found that, the fattier the food, The scientists are particularly


keen to talk to teenagers, help the wide-awake, all of type 2 diabetes.


You can find out more and our blog. You get to take home in a imager


your brain, not too many people can say that.


Thanks for joining us. Still ahead, if darker clouds


covering -- gut dark clouds gathering over Coventry City. I'll


have all of the weekend's where there. -- all have been weekend's


weather. There are calls for the NHS to consider checking pregnant


women are to protect babies from the Victorian disease rickets.


It follows a study in inner-city Birmingham which found almost one


in two Asian women were vitamin D are deficient. Rickets was


associated with the Victoria my era, and 1930s depression.


In children it is almost always synonymous with bent legs. Doctors


tested 200 pork pregnant women and found that almost half were


deficient with the -- efficient in vitamin D. There were higher levels


in deficiency in some ethnic groups. In African and Caribbean are women


we found to a deficiency in over 60 % of the people we studied. That


has to do with a number of back tears, skin pigmentation, how much


light your skin sees, and whether you are taking supplements.


This doctor, Dr Helen Grindulis, says she sees a lot of women with


deficiencies. A few recent Casey's, with had an infant with a delay,


about nine months old, they had a deficiency. We have had a young


baby, a few weeks old, who had the seizures duty vitamin D deficiency.


The Department of Health advises groups of women to take vitamin


pills. Doctors say the best source of vitamin D he is sunlight. You


can also get it by eating it aches and oily fish, also by taking


supplements. -- a gas. It seems more than anything the great


outdoors can also help prevent a disease associated with a bygone


era. The Department of Health is


reviewing the evidence on this, there is more about it on our


Facebook page. The owners of Coventry City have


met with a party interested with a possible hate -- possible takeover.


The club have had their worst start to a season for 43 years. They have


been out of the Premier League almost 10 years.


The right-footed free-kick go is in. Let the City had scored full stop


the header hit the post, it has gone in! Face lot in the rebound!


It has been a dreadful start to the season but Coventry City, they have


lost all three games in the Championship, and they out of the


Carling Cup. They have had the use of 317 year-


old players last week. You might expect the mood to be down in the


training ground, but it is not according to the manager. We are


disappointed of course, we have not got what we wanted for our


performances. If we keep doing the right things it will come. Geoff


Foster watches all of their games for BBC Warwickshire, he says that


the manager has their hands tied -- has his hands tied until they have


a takeover. The fans want to see some more


investments. They want to see it taken over. The club is �30 million


in debt, if they cannot turn it around a they lose half million


pounds a month. They met potential at best it -- potential investors,


but the meeting ended badly. They said that no formal offer was put


on the table. The previous offer of �1 was totally unacceptable. What


now after an increasingly desperate start to the season? Dan and joins


us now, are there any sign of improvement.


-- any signs in prevent? Not really come -- not really, unless they can


get new investment the team will not improve. It is bad times. They


have lost a free of their best players, Ciaran Westwood, Aron


Gunnarsson, and striker Marlon King. They are playing pretty well, not


having the rub of the green. The fans must be feeling miserable? In


some ways, they are kind that used to it. It has gone so far, they


have had enough. There are talk about process staying at tomorrow's


game -- there is talk about protesting after tomorrow's game.


The fans might stand up. They are not happy. Thank you very much.


can see the look -- the best coverage will be on BBC local radio.


Meanwhile England's cricketers are continuing to dominate against


India. Ian Bell scored 174, England scored


473 - 2. He was watched by a fellow Aston Villa than, David Cameron.


Thousands of music fans have been causing gridlock. It is the start


and V Festival it in Staffordshire. The Acts do not take to stage until


tomorrow. Ben is alive at the campsite. It is worse than


expected? It has been tough for some. He took us four hours to get


here from Birmingham. There are 85,000 people each day going to be


watching Act here. -- watching it ats here. They are crowding into


Weston Park. There is a lot of traffic, delays, it will be


worthwhile when you see the acts you are playing. If you think of a


music festival this is probably what you imagine.


At the be best the bulk they are offering accommodation with a bit


of style. These pop up hotel rooms from a company based in Chipping


Norton, come with dressing-gowns, a power shower and air-conditioning.


The cost of staying here is �2,600. It is not going to appeal to


everybody, not everyone can afford it, thankfully there are people who


want the kind of luxury that we can offer. We can give them an


additional option. It is known as "glamping", it is not cheap. A lot


of other options can set you back as much as �1,000 for the weekend.


Some people are willing to pay. It is much more enjoyable. It is worth


it. You have to spend money on experiences. If you are going to do


it in style, you might as well include all of the trimmings.


well as a massage bows to choose to go a "glamping" can also get a


massage, and a haircut. For many people it has taken them one-hour


to carry in their suppliers and set up camp. We are going to have a


great time. For them to spend 10 times as much as we are, I just do


not think it is worth it. A lot of the festival experience is about


getting the sunshine. You get the atmosphere. Everyone can be


together and setting up means a good at must bear. The last minute


preparations are being made to the main stage, amongst those playing


his Rihanna or, Eminem and the Arctic Monkeys. Every one of the


90,000 people is their own to be here to enjoy themselves. With me


is the best of organiser, this is the per as time that you have done


it, a bit of a change? This is not usually the best of all


way. -- V Festival way. You have popped up hotels, if we want to


give people a choice break up and festival experience. It has


completely sold out. It took 85 minutes to sell-out. V Festival


seems to go to strength -- of the best will seems to go from strength


to strength. We try to get a buried line that -- varied line-up.


have mentioned a fee of the Act's - - a the of the acts. We have Eminem,


the Arctic Monkeys and Rihanna, we also have some upcoming actors.


have a varied mix of music. The traffic seems the be easing, that


is good news for everyone. Tomorrow the first acts were be on stage.


Be on stage. Thank you very much. �2,600 very posh shared! Greats


�2,600 very posh shared! Greats time is for sure.


Let's find out about the weather. Not too bad for festival weather.


The were get a mix of everything. For tonight, looking cloudy, barely


dried. As they go into the weekend -- as we go into the weekend, it is


looking considerably drier. Tonight is increasingly cloudy. It should


stay dry. We are looking at quite mild pillows, we could see 15


degrees in Shrewsbury. Going into tomorrow, a dry and bright start to


the day, once again increasingly cloudy, we see some rain pushing


its way in, too. The rate will start to pour in the north. It will


be a little cooler 19-20 degrees. If you are going to the festival


brings a Wellington boots. Over the next couple of days, temperatures


begin to rise, Monday looks fairly decent as well. Back to tonight,


decent as well. Back to tonight, mainly dry and increasingly cloudy.


You have brought us some good weather, thank you. It is your last


day, thanks a lot. Let's look at the headlines, at


least a 10 macro -- at least 10 people had been killed in a office


in Afghanistan. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


had visited people affected by the events macro. Let's say


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