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Welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight: up to 1000 new


jobs in a comeback for car-making in Coventry.


It is hugely symbolic to bring car manufacturing back to Browns Lane


plant which was the spiritual home of Jaguar.


Controversy over a new drama into the police investigation at about


Fred West. We should engage with these things and these things


should be discussed. The school was destroyed by fire


and now children will be starting school in a stately homes.


And why are regaining their league status could be on the cards for


Good evening. Welcome to the start of the weekend. A comeback for car-


making in Coventry. Jaguar's former Browns Lane plant


is partially reopening. Automotive specialist CPP Global Holdings is


moving in with a potential investment of at �75 million. That


could create up to 1000 jobs. The same number lost when Jaguar


stopped production in 2005. A year later, 2000 jobs went as Peugeot


left Ryton. Different to the days when up to 80,000 people and their


living from car-making and Coventry was known as Britain's Motor City.


The Browns Lane plant in Coventry, once the envy of the world, it


produced iconic sought-after cars but since 2005, this is what most


of the site has been reduced to. Today was a turning-point. CPP


Global Holdings plans to start production of high quality


components and specialist cars including the Spyker on the site.


We should not underestimate the history of the site. Around the


world, people know the names. I think it adds to our story of which


adds to our project. -- product. I think Coventry will be the centre


for low-volume vehicle design many factoring. Come to re-already has


five sites across Coventry employing 250 people. By bringing


all production to Browns Lane plant, it plans to create hundreds more


jobs. What do those who worked in the city's car industry make of


this new chapter in its motoring heritage? Of course it is good news,


provided you can get the skilled people. More work for people. I


wish it well but it is perhaps the car for the Times, but it is not as


I remember it. A it is 50 years ago since this classic a chap Europe


was first produced at Browns Lane plant. -- classic Jaguar. The city


council says it is prove that Coventry's future as well as its


past is synonymous with cars. That is in a city currently with an


unemployment rate 2% higher than the national average. I am hoping


that when CPP Global Holdings take over the 23 acres on this side and


start manufacturing, that will encourage other manufacturers to


move on to other parts of the side. If all goes to plan, the multi-


million-pound redevelopment project will start next spring.


With us now is of Professor David Bailey from Coventry University


Business School. I suppose we should not get too excited but it


sounds like good news? Let us remember that when Jaguar left,


there were over 1000 job losses. CPP Global Holdings will not create


anything like that but they have taken a big chunk of the site and


it could lead to more engineering jobs. Why are CPP Global Holdings


doing this at this time? They have built up a portfolio of businesses


and they are expanding. In making the Spyker sports car, there is big


overseas opportunities there for growth potential. The what does it


mean for Coventry and the motor industry? Symbolically it is hugely


important. It also shows that there is a great skilled engineering


based in Coventry and a lot of Nis producers in things like low carbon


vehicles. A small scale renaissance. The thing we will be able to call


it the Motor City again? A niche producer in the future. It is it is


all good news. Meanwhile, the annual motoring fast


one is moving to Stoneleigh Park. A celebration of British car-making


was cancelled this year for the first time but next year's's


festival will be at the former Royal Showground. The we will be


linking up with universities and colleges in Coventry and


Warwickshire are so they can show off their developments. That does


the same for automotive companies in Coventry and Warwickshire, of


which there are many, they can show off their latest of elements.


ahead, we may be into September, but there's still a chance to catch


a summer music festival this weekend. Details later.


A controversial drama about the Gloucester serial killer Fred West


is to be screened this weekend. It is called "Appropriate Adult"


and it tells the story of the relationship between Fred West and


a housewife who was asked to sit with him during police interviews.


I love Rose and I love... But Anna was the one. "Appropriate Adult",


Fred West is played on the screen with unnerving realism by Dominic


West. The drama explores how the mass murderer manipulated this


woman, Janet Leach, who sat in on police interviews but crucially


West told her things he would not tell detectives. She called me to


warn me. When I got home, we have five minutes together and we agreed


we would tell them it was all me. With the case nearly 20 years old,


Fred West's daughter has reportedly criticised the producers for making


the drama but it is a decision they defend. That is something that we


have registered very strongly but the thing is that if you say that


you can never discuss any difficult subject because somebody directly


affected does not want you to, that could mean, for example, we do not


discuss the Holocaust or the Vietnam war the Second World War


where as we know atrocious things happened. The worst case is of


course the story that will never go away. Hilary Allison was the press


officer for the police at the time and says there is a place for


dramas like this. Lots of aspects of the investigation have been


looked at and used elsewhere. It is really important that other aspects


of the inquiry, including the role of Janet Leach should be looked


back. As long as it is treated sensitively, it is a positive thing


to happen. This is the focal point of the West murders. The house was


demolished soon after the investigation. It was a dark


chapter in Gloucester's history but the hope is that as time has gone


on the perception of the city has changed. We have achieved a lot


since then. We have got plans for the future. It is a lot different


than it was then. It is going to be even greater in the future. Janet


Leach admits that she made mistakes in her dealings with Fred West and


work with producers on "Appropriate Adult" to ensure the real story of


the crucial relationship could finally be told.


Fred West could never be tried for his crimes because he killed


himself while on remand in prison in Birmingham. "Appropriate Adult"


is being shown on ITV won on Sunday evening.


A thousand people have signed a petition calling for better safety


outside a school after the death of a 12-year-old who was knocked down


by a bus. Since Courtney Holdcroft died in


June, there has been a concerted campaign for a road crossing patrol.


The bus-stop outside the Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy is


quiet today. Once term starts, it will be thronging. This is where


12-year-old Courtney Holdcroft died. She was crossing the road after a


school concert practice. 1000 people have called on the local


council to make this road safer for children. This petition sadly was


raised by the death of Courtney but it is not just about that, it is


about the future of the children who come to the school and to make


sure that we never used another child on this road. Following her


death in June, there were many tributes laid outside the school


and her family spoke of their loss. She was so confident. Everything


that I could ever dream of. She wanted something, she would do it.


If I could swap places with her, I would give anything to, anything at


all. A new academy has been built here and as the school at -- school


prepares for the beginning of term, there is much wilful improve road


safety. A you cannot put a price on the life of a child. Anything that


we can do around schools, that would be a great way of making sure


that we can protect other children in the future. Moving the bus-stops


is one option under consideration. Campaigners would also like to see


a crossing installed. This road safety petition will be presented


to Stoke City councillors when they meet next week. The hope is that


the weight of public support will lead to changes.


Other news, you pay online retailer Amazon is expecting a flood of job


seekers after inviting applications for 900 posts at its new


Staffordshire distribution centre. The company is moving in to raise


700,000 square foot warehouse in Rugeley. The building has been


empty for two years. There is a rethink on a decision to


cut services for deaf children in Stoke-on-Trent. It comes after a


National Deaf Children's charity took court action accusing the city


council of being back less. Only three teachers would have been left


for a 200 deaf children in the city. Back to lessons next week and for


pupils at a school devastated by fire earlier this year, the new


term brings something quite different.


They are moving into part of a stately home which has brought a


touch of class into the classrooms. Welcome, and interesting 18th


century mansion just a couple of miles from Birmingham city centre.


One-time home to injured soldiers in the First World War, it has also


been home to a group of nuns. Now it is home to 360 schoolchildren. A


devastating fire last April which caused �1.8 million worth of damage


was the catalyst to them ending up here. The city council has paid


�50,000 for alterations over the summer. We have got storage rooms


which is something that we did not have before and we have got


adequate classroom space as well. We have had an improved playground


area, a tarmac area which is now a sports court so we have got netball


courts and football courts. We are very happy with the improvements.


Even with a portable toilet block to one side, it is an inspirational


place for the children to learn. They love the environment. They


have actually rebranded the school to call it a Hogwarts. There is a


beautiful wooden staircase here. They have even named the teachers


characters from Harry Potter as well. Staff volunteered to come in


today to help get everything ready for the new terms. It is -- it will


be nice to see it full of happy children. It is interesting to see


how well the school has adapted and fits into the building. This term


at Hogwarts then, they hope to be back at their old school by next


It is a lovely quiet corner. This is perhaps a pertinent


question after last month's riots. Can music turn around the lives of


young people? Children had been taking part in a programme in


Birmingham which uses music to make them think about choices in their


lives. They will work with teenagers who had been excluded


from mainstream education. These boys have both been expelled


from their mainstream schools. They are now pupils of Creating Higher


Heights in Birmingham. It is a non- profit community organisation that


provides an alternative education service using music. Meeting the


wrong people on the street. I was kicked out of school. Them I got


invited to come to Creating Higher Heights. I had been behaving much


better and doing more staff with music. That is what I like to do.


It gives me something to do. I like music, and if I did not have music


I would be out stealing other stuff. But now the service is under threat.


Unfortunately, on the two young people that we do have, it is not


enough to sustain. These young people from mainstream schools have


had their confidence boosted this summer. But during term-time, this


service is one of 70 projects across Birmingham where pupils can


be referred to if they are excluded from school. The city council says


budgets in alternative education are not being squeezed, but it is a


competitive industry. It is important to use music and sports


as a place where young people can develop, if they do not have that


they will be suppressed. And suppressed young people means


writing young people. If you give them a place where they can grow,


her career, they will become the founders of tomorrow's companies in


arts and music. Although many of the students have talked about the


benefits of the service, the reality is that is more pupils are


not referred in the new academic year, this facility could close.


We will have more on music a bit later.


At the festival season draws to a close, I will be finding out how


events like this manage to survive in such an overcrowded market.


But what will the weather be like for people going to Festival? Ben


Rich can tell us. It has been unbeatable start to


September. There will be changes over the weekend, with some rain


and it will be a bit cooler. You can join me for the details and a


Sport now a. The big day is nearly here for fans of the Worcester


Warriors, he returned to rugby's Premiership tomorrow. Nothing is


being left to chance. The ground will be sparkling, and the players


had been giving their all in preparation for life back in the


Premiership. It is a World Cup here, so some of these big teams have


their stars missing, so it is a great opportunity. To come up in


the World Cup here is the best -- the best pop bridge --


opportunities. Good luck to the Warriors. There will be full


commentary on BBC Hereford and Worcester tomorrow from 3pm.


If you are a football fan you may be as a loose end this weekend,


with so many players are away on international duty there are no


games in the Premier League for the championship. But there is life


beyond the top two divisions. Tomorrow has been designated a non-


League day. Friday's fun day here. It is time


to unwind before it Saturday's big game. Everything has been decided


the day before by the boss, Steve Bauer. It is good to see him


smiling again. That Harriers might not have much money, but at least


the club is alive and kicking in the Blue Square Premier are. The


last time we met, in February, Kidderminster were on the brink of


administration. But the fans rallied round, disaster was averted,


and now with six games gone, they are third in the table. Was there a


point when you feared the worst? was pretty grim, I must admit,


round about Christmas time. But we got through that, and hopefully it


is behind us now a. I was at Wrexham for 13 years. That is the


only team I have ever played for up apart from this one. So it is a big


game for me personally, but also for the team. Tomorrow has been


dubbed non-League day, when clubs like Kidderminster take centre-


stage and supporters of high profile teams can experience life


at the low end of the football pyramid. Some of the teams are


offering cut-price admission. Or you could win 100 pints in every


raffle by supporting Romulus in their FA Cup tie. -- �100. For the


Harriers, every day is non-League day. For everyone else, tomorrow is


a great reminder that not every club on Planet Football is mega


rich. He is good to see Kidderminster


getting strong, after that tough time.


Birmingham's Hannah England has received the silver medal -- medal


she won yesterday. It was a proud moment for the former University of


Birmingham student he was an unexpected medallist in the 1,500


metres. And there was a personal best for Emma Jackson, in the semi-


final of the 800 metres. But it was not enough to qualify for the final.


Everywhere you look, there seems to be a festival. Book, -- books, art,


film, dance, music. And it seems every taste is catered for, from


superstar Rihanna to smaller events attracting just a few hundred. Ben


Sidwell is live at the Moseley Folk Festival in Birmingham. Is there a


danger that the market is becoming saturated?


Your are right. If you look at the UK this year, more than 400


festivals. That is a lot of festivals. And the West Midlands is


one of the most popular areas. We have had more than 15 here in the


last couple of months. But running your own festival is a huge


financial risks. Despite that, they have been popping up across the


Midlands in all shores of -- sorts of shapes and sizes.


Glastonbury. Reading and Leeds. V Festival. And now, Snodfest. It


seems everyone these days is putting on a music festival.


have a local barrister who is in charge of security. We have a local


solicitor who is in charge of stage management. The picturesque village


of Upton Snodsbury does not seem the sort of place where a music


festival would be held. But for the past four years, villagers have


come together to hold a one-day festival which attracted over 1000


people last year. What is more amazing, it costs just �8,000 to


put on and any profit goes towards giving their local park and


playground open. The reason it does not cost that much compared to the


other festivals is that it is based on a huge amount of goodwill. Not


just from the people who help, but also from the bans. We have 19 bans


this year, and they are all playing for nothing. Moseley Folk Festival


in Birmingham is now in its 6th year, attracting 2000 people per


day to the three day event. But with so many festivals to choose


from, and many of them not pulling the crowds, why do festival-goers


choose this one? It has a nice atmosphere. With this one, you can


can down and so that the vibe. he wants to go for more than one,


especially for three days. It is worth it. Over in Tamworth, they


are making for -- final preparations for a new festival,


Ultrasound. With Tiny Tempah and Madness investing, organisers have


had to invest big money to make it a success. We are conscious of the


situation in the market, and with some festivals that have not


managed to sustain themselves. But from what we have looked at, a lot


of them were small events that will make a jump on the bandwagon. And


they have overstretched themselves this year, and they have suffered


because of it. All three festivals intends to be back next year. The


chances are by then, there will be even more competing for the same


audience. As you can see behind me, lots of people already enjoying


Moseley Folk Festival. We have said festivals are a massive financial


risk. How do people managed to put so many on across the country?


it has become quite trendy at the moment for everyone to put


festivals on. But the main thing for us, it is their 6th year now,


it is steady growth every year, taking it easy and not trying to


jump through a gap. I think a lot of people tried to make a massive


success straight away. The key thing for us is that we have a


diverse line-up. And I think compared the other festivals,


sometimes it is the same bands playing and it is quite as generic.


Do you think of festival like this, it has its own audience, is that


what it is about? Is you will survive you have to be slightly


different? Yes, I think the line-up is the main things. That has


attracted the ball straight away. And the main thing is the venue


itself. We are up in Birmingham city centre but we could be in the


middle of a forest, that is one of our main attractions. We were at V


Festival St weeks ago, the one act of �1 million for 90 minutes. Most


people cannot compete with that. Obviously the garage bands that as


a bad Budget. We know our limits now it's. And we know if we sell


out, what we can afford. And we just have to budget around that.


Hopefully we will be here for the next 10 to 15 years or even longer


have all stopped any advice for someone who is thinking of setting


up a Festival? Taking the easy. I think that festivals have a


successful first year and break even, and then they tried to grow


too quickly. I would say take your time. They are sold out tomorrow.


And a lot of people are coming down here. So I am sure anyone else who


wants to start a festival in the Midlands will have success as well.


He has been all over the place this summer, hasn't he? He has had a


End is beside the canal. Then, it looks a bit Mackie. Yes, it has


clouded over quite a lot in the last half-hour or so. But that has


not stopped people coming out and enjoying what feels like a summer


evening. It feels a lot more like summer than it did at the end of


August. Let me take you back to Bank Holiday Monday, temperatures


in some parts of our region only reached 11 degrees Celsius.


Elsewhere, only into the mid-teens. Today we have had it a good --


added a good eight degrees to that. Can it last into the weekend? It


looks as though it will be a warm start to the weekend, but things


will cool down as we go through, and there will be some rain


particularly on Saturday night. You can see there is a lot of cloud out


to the West. It is circulating around an area of low pressure, and


some of it has already started to move in. It will continue to stream


its way in throughout the evening. Quite low and thick cloud, it could


thing -- 10 things misty. But it will be mild, temperatures no lower


than 12 to 14 degrees Celsius. Tomorrow morning, there will be a


lot of cloud around at the start of the day. But it should be in and


break through the day. Particularly, the further east you are. In the


afternoon, more a thick cloud working its way into the West. Some


rain for Shropshire and Staffordshire by the end of the


days. But still warm. Temperatures up to 23 degrees Celsius. Tomorrow


night, that weather fronts slits eastwards across the region, that


will bring wet-weather for all of us. It should Clear slowly through


Sunday, some doubts about how quickly that will happen. But much


cooler by then as well, highs of 19 or 20 degrees Celsius. Next week,


things look quite unsettled and changeable. Windy with showers on


Monday, heavy showers on Tuesday, as temperatures well down. A


changeable out look, but at least over the weekend the weather should


over the weekend the weather should I have been to a few festivals in


my time! The Night We won the World The headlines: The new leaders of


Libya calls for the guns to come off the streets of Tripoli and tell


the rebels do go home, they will set out to framework.


And up to 1000 new jobs could be created with a multi-million-pound


investment in car production in Coventry.


Finally, after 37 years of broadcasting five days a week for


the West Midlands, Ed Doolan has presented his last show in its


current format. He is going to be taking things a little bit more


easy as he will still present a lunchtime show on Friday and a


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