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Welcome to Midlands today. The headlines: three men and two women


are jailed for torturing and killing their disabled friend and


leaving her on a disused railway line. Criticism of an ITV show


depicting Fred West by the detective who led the enquiry.


is not just unfair, but to the deficit of the investigation.


�100,000 for the former councillor who says Labour dropped him because


he is Asian. Nine arrests after home fans clash with police --


clash with police at Coventry City. The evening and welcome to Monday's


Midlands today. Tonight, five people had been jailed for


torturing them killing a disabled woman. Three men and two women were


sentenced at the Old Bailey in London to a minimum of 85 years in


prison. 27-year-old Gemma Hayter was left to choke on Harome bladder


on a disused railway line in Rugby in Warwickshire last year after


being kicked and stabbed. In sentencing, the judge said the


killers had subjected her to a chronicle of heartlessness as they


tormented her before her death. The judge said it was difficult to find


the words to express how vile their behaviour was. Gemma Hayter should


have been celebrating her birthday tomorrow, instead she choked to


death on her own blood on this disused railway line in rugby. She


was humiliated, beaten and forced to drink urine, before being walked


to her death by a gang she believed were her friends. Gemma Hayter was


a vulnerable young woman who was brutally killed at a hands of five


people she considered friends. Nothing can bring her back, and her


family can now try to come to terms with everything that has happened.


I hope they can start to rebuild their lives. Described as a


vulnerable adults with learning difficulties, she was captured on


CCTV in the hours before her death at their hands of a gang who hunted


in a pack. The charity Mencap said although her death was extreme and


tragic, abuse against the vulnerable is sadly commonplace.


There is a problem in society with people seem as not being human and


therefore extremely vulnerable and open to abuse. I think if these


crimes were committed against people on a race basis, we would


have very different an outcry. Chantelle Booth said she was her


best friend, but was described in court as a nasty piece of work with


no conscience. She, at Daniel Newstead and Joe Boyer were all


subjected -- all sentenced to life. Duncan Edwards received 15 years


for Gemma's killing. Outside court, her mother said the family was


still try to come to terms with her death. We are satisfied with the


sentences, this will give them 20 - - plenty of time to reflect on


their dreadful actions. This will never bring her back, but has


brought us some closure. When sentencing, the judge said she


failed to see how the five could have sunk any low were. She


admitted she had been upset watching CCTV footage, and that


each of them had never worked, as none of them had ever come to be


good to society, and always blame somebody else for their problems.


She added that for all by the burn it was by then, it soon will be,


but not in the way you have planned. Our reporter joins us now. There is


a serious case review under way into Gemma Hayter's death. What


does it involve? Any professional organisation which may have had


contact with her, police, social services, health bodies, will have


to establish how they were working together at the time of her death.


Why are they holding this review? It is not usual to hold a serious


case review into the death of an adult, but because he was


classified as a vulnerable adult, for all the agencies must establish


if there are any lessons for a recommendation that can come out of


this. When is the report due out? We expected at the end of October.


As you can imagine, this is going to be a very full and comprehensive


enquiry done by an independent body. Obviously, the family will still at


questions they want answered, and professional agencies want to


ensure that nobody is left unsafe. Later in the programme, we will


have the very latest at the tail- end of Hurricane at the tail-end of


Hurricane Katia beaches the Midlands. We have had reports of a


high wind and rain pouring in. Minor roads in Warwickshire and


Gloucestershire were closed off because of high wind. The strongest


wind was recorded in Shropshire. Disruption and damage are possible


in the next few hours. Find out more later. The detective who led


the Fred West investigation in Gloucester said he felt left Diane


-- let down by the producers of an ITV drama. Appropriate Adult


featured the relationship between Janet Leach and Fred West. John


Bennett said they ignored his advice and put dramatisation before


the fact. A drama showing the relationship between at Gloucester


housewife and a manipulative mass murderer was never going to be easy.


Appropriate adult -- Appropriate Adult took three years to make, and


producers had the areas meetings with Detective Superintendent John


Bennett. This afternoon, police officers found in two separate


areas what is considered to be two significant and separate fines.


Having seen the programme, he is angry at the way in which Janet


Leach's role is dramatised will stop they have wrongly portrayed


how Janet Leach came into the investigation, the way she was


dealt with, from welfare and the way she Interactive's. -- the way


she interacted with Fred West. The impact on the investigation has


been all parenthesised. It was produced in a way for the purpose


of the story they wanted to show. Unfortunately, other than the


acting ability that resulted in the portrayal of Fred West, it achieved


nothing at all. The writer of Appropriate Adult defended his


position, saying it made a better story. We are compressing years of


drama into two hours, so you must simplified the story, but we


absolutely stand by the essence of the story. The drama does not


criticise Gloucester police, John Bennett, others have. What of the


women at the centre of this? Janet Leach neck -- nearly brought the


trial to a halt when it was revealed she had done a deal with


the Daily Mirror for her story. She worked with ITV on the drama but


did not want to be interviewed. What should we expect from the


dramatisation of a story? It was a pretty grim watch. The you believe


these should be the same, the deal for detail? The job of the script


writer is to stick to the basics. Cover the fundamentals of the plot,


not necessarily pay lip service to every detail, which would have


weakened at the force of the drama, and it was an excellent drama. It


was told from the perspective of Janet Leach, the social worker. We


did not see the rape, incest, murders, we did not see bodies


exhumed, it concentrated on the relationship, and it was a morally


ambiguous relationship. I think in this situation the detective's


criticisms are not legitimate, because he was not privy to aspects


of that relationship. Can you understand people were actually


they're being frustrated beyond belief that were furious when the


see something that never happen? can understand, that everybody


takes liberties. Every artist, scriptwriter, take liberties with


the fact. Otherwise we would be seeing documentaries, and this was


not a documentary, it was a powerful drama, in the sense that


it engage the audience. Everybody who watches those shows will be


totally engrossed. It is a compelling drama, but what about


the victims? Was it unfair to the victims? A lot at the time in this


particular case, it was 17 years ago. We have to keep her mind on


the fact that time has and an aesthetic quality. It desensitise


his cars. -- desensitises us. We sold it horrific case of Gemma


Hayter. There is no doubt that in a decade or two, someone will have


the idea of dramatising this and it will offend people. It will not


make the facts of the crime Galway, but it will make a compelling drama.


-- the crime Galway. A former councillor has won more than


�100,000 compensation from the Labour Party in a race


discrimination action. In a long- running case, he claimed he was


dropped as a candidate because he is Asian. It has been some battle.


For 13 years this former Labour councillor has pursued the party


from courtroom to tribunal. I am really pleased that this battle has


more or less come to an end. At the end of the day, I have been


vindicated. This was 10 years ago, at one of the first tribunal


hearings. Labour deselected him following claims he gave his Asian


families preference for housing repair grant in exchange for votes,


claims he has always denied. In the end, the tribunal ruled that Labour


had deselected him because they feared Borders would associate at


candidate from the Pakistani community with a housing grant


community -- scandal, and this amounted to discrimination. He was


awarded compensation of nearly �123,000, legal fees being paid by


the public. If the money has been given -- taken from the taxpayer,


it should be charged to the Labour Party. Labour told us they were


clear that unfairly discriminating against someone because of their


race is totally unacceptable. He is now qualify as a solicitor and is


no longer involved in party politics. Parents of deaf pupils


said today that the council decision to halt specialist


treatment programmes Cup's are welcome, but the damage has already


Getting ready for school. This five-year-old Carl and her sister


are both deaf. This family believes plans to halve the number of


specialist teachers over two years would have had a big effect. Even


though they have given us that extra staff back and they have


stopped cutting staff, the damaged that the council have caused is a


much more greater than what they have given us back. As the girls


said off, they are believed the council has decided to reverse its


plans for cuts. We help by signing and by talking slowly. I feel happy


because my sisters can have support teachers. Now they can hear


properly and when the teacher is speaking fast, they can understand.


Stoke-on-Trent City Council has refused our request for an


interview. In the past to the council has said it has been forced


to face an unprecedented level of savings. But the charity which


Launce the action, says the council ignored the concerns of parents.


is a shame that parents and ourselves have to take this step.


They realised that they were not following proper legal processes.


It was evident they were not consulting parents. There will be


more consultation with families over the next few months, after


their legal victory, these campaigners are determined to avoid


further cuts. The UK's first ever facility for


recycling nappies has opened in the Black Country. The plant aims to


process 36,000 tonnes of waste a year. Although just opened, the


plug is working flat out and there are plans to build others in the UK.


David, how much nappy waste to reproduce? A lot. Look at these


facts. By the time you potty train your child, they could use up to


6,000 nappies before it becomes potty trained. News 8 million


nappies in the UK every day and these can hang in the landfill for


500 years but not if they come here. Here they are recycled. They are


put under pressure, heat-treated and separated into two different


strains. The plastic can be used in things like roof tile and the pulp


canned make things like this, cardboard tubes. Martin, how much


is the demand for this? Over a million tons of hygiene products in


the UK. This plant will handle about 36,000 tonnes but the board


out that we would like to have would be another 45 plants as


minimum. That is amazing. This is commercial nappy waste from


hospitals. What about domestic nappies? This is the absorbent


hygiene products recover. We hope that the local authorities will


expand to allow us to have the collection methodology for bringing


in the household waste, but at the moment the plan -- plant is for


commercial sources. There might be more plants opening soon? We are


looking for roll-out of four or five plants in the next five years


and that will be covered by all of the absorbent products, commercial


or domestic sources. I know what everyone has been asking me, how


does it smell? I have smelt much worse! But it does linger!


Still to come: the rare Land Rover cars saved from the scrap heap in


Norway that could be yours at auction.


Danny is here with the sport. Coventry City's first win of the


season was marred by crowd trouble. It started after fans tried to


protest against the club's owners. Nine arrests were made during the


home win over Derby. Birmingham City's win over Millwall also saw a


rest. It was the moment that tension


spilled out. Fans frustrated with how Coventry City is one, chose the


home game to demonstrate against the owners. But when banners are


confiscated, the frustration turned to anger and all while the match


was going on. The club said the scenes sad and staff and they have


launched an investigation. The Sky Blues won their first game of the


season. Richard Keogh and a penalty which Lukas Jutkewicz converted and


Carl Baker's that -- body led to victory. It is time for us to move


on and we have set our standards. We played some of the big boys and


we want to kick on. There will also 12 arrests after Birmingham City's


win over Millwall. Her hat-trick from Chris Wood gave them a 3-0 win.


His second was a volley and his third in the dying minutes was also


a goal. The win lifted the Blues 10 places up the table to 12. West


Bromwich Albion also won yesterday. The victory at Norwich was the


first Premier League points. Peter Odemwingie scored the only goal


Odemwingie scored the only goal after three minutes. The big


talking point was this collision between Albin's Gabriel Tamas and


Norwich striker James Vaughan. Tamas has been charged by the


Football Association with violent conduct and could face a three-


match ban. That is not how everyone saw it. Norwich were unhappy.


was an accident. And Stoke City where the other winners. A Jon


where the other winners. A Jon Walters penalty was enough to beat


Liverpool 1-0. Shrewsbury Town have also started


the season well. They are in the League Two promotion places. They


beat Midland rivals Hereford United. Have the's defeat leaves them in


the bottom two. You can see the highlights from all the matches on


the BBC sport website. Warwickshire are wrong course to


win the County Championship after a great day's batting. If they win


they should take the title and they had to centurions. Varun Chopra was


the first to that mark. He was out for 109. And Shivnarine Chanderpaul


also made 100. He closed the day 107 not out. The bears ended Day


one 296 for three. Worcestershire at dismissed Durham at the


Riverside as they strive to stay in Division One. They were 24 for one.


Four commentary on both of those matches you can log on to the BBC


sport website. It has been a wild weekend in


Aberdeen but Andy Sullivan will never forget it. The golfer played


a key role in helping Great Britain and Ireland win the Walker Cup. The


perfect way to end his amateur career before turning professional.


We met Andy Sullivan last week and he was living the dream of every


amateur golfer. He was heading to Scotland to first the cream of the


USA and he was confident that Great Britain and Ireland could topple


the holders and when the Walker Cup. By Sunday, G B I needed three


points to win the silver well. This birdie putt left him two down with


eight to play and as the north wind blew, so did Andy. He won the 11th


hole to trail by just one and when he levelled his match, his American


opponent must have feared the worst. Earlier, Andy had won both his


foursomes to win points for the team but although he lost his


singles, nothing could stop Great Britain and Ireland from securing a


victory. Fantastic. The loudest cheers. You could hear it all over


the course. Nuneaten had arrived. What a high note to go on.


Fantastic. His family were so proud. Andy Sullivan will take the plunge


and turn professional but winning the Walker Cup will be the


highlight of his amateur golf career.


Congratulations, Andy. His trip back was delayed because of the


high winds. Thank you. Would for once believed


to be the largest collection of rare Land Rovers in the world has


been rescued from a scrap heap and brought back to the Midlands.


Models were about to be seized and destroyed by the Norwegian


government but they will now be auctioned off at the weekend.


63 year since the first Land Rover came off the production line in


Solihull, this most iconic of British bands has come in many


guises. Take this, the Cuthbertson, one of only 13 built in 1958 to


track through boggy terrain. This fire engine converted by a


Worcester firm backing 1964. have ex-British Army, designed to


float on water. These rare models have been rescued by one man, John


Craddock from Cannock. He bought them after they were seized by


government officials in the wake and now plans to auction them off


on Sunday. We will have more foreign visitors than UK visitors.


The response has been overwhelming from around the world. We know that


our people coming from China, Japan and America. Not all the exhibits


are in perfect condition. This is a 1954 series one model. It is one of


the most sought-after vehicles by Land Rover enthusiasts. And


deserveds like Stephen Peters from Florida. He has already arrived in


anticipation of securing a piece of Midlands and motoring heritage.


This is a piece of history that will never happen again. This


collection is massive. It is great to be here and have the take a


vehicle ham. So passionate art collectors, they will pay tens of


thousands of pounds for a rarity. You buy a car, keeping it three


years, it has had it. By a Land Rover, you keep it for ever. And to


think all these could have ended up on the scrap heap.


Some weird-looking ones! There will be more in our late bulletin. We


will be reporting live from the Frankfurt Motor Show.


As we have heard, it has been a windy day right across the region.


Has Hurricane Katia finally blown Has Hurricane Katia finally blown


itself out? How is it looking? It is looking a little bit better.


The effects of the winds have stretched far and wide. Shops yeah


probably got the worst of the gusts. -- Shropshire. From the rest of the


figures, it is the north and west that bore the brunt of the


battering. Now that the remains of Cyclone Katia or are drifting off


to the North Sea, the was see that they raise some slack developing in


the isobars the further south we go. Still quite a blurry out there.


That will last through the evening and through the first part of


tonight with gusts within the region of 50 miles per hour. The


possibility of some transport, damage to trees and structures.


Towards the tail end of tonight, the wind speeds easing.


Temperatures are down to 11 or 12 Celsius and that is because of the


winds. It is also a dry night with clear spells. That yields some


sunshine tomorrow morning. A nice start to the day. But quickly the


cloud thickens from the West and that will introduce a rash of


showers. Some could be heavy. They become more sparse through the


afternoon. Temperatures riding to 16 or 17 Celsius. Slightly cooler


but not quite as windy. Gusts of but not quite as windy. Gusts of


around 30 miles per hour. Wednesday December.


A look at tonight's main headlines: the government has promised to push


through the biggest overhaul of Britain's banks in a generation.


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