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Hello and welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight, two


teenagers die in a canal in what is called -- thought to be a tragic


accident. Friends and relatives pay their tributes and remember.


They were the last moments of his life.


First the riots, now a bill of �5 million that the police say is


unfair. In my view, I think these are costs


that should be borne by insurance companies and taken that way.


I am inside and experiments to make something happen much more easily.


And we need to the Wildlife photographer who was ahead of his


time, filming birds of prey in Good evening. A welcome to Midlands


Today from the BBC. Tonight, tragedy has two teenagers die in a


Black Country canal. Fyaz Uddin, who was 18, and Sara


Rylance was 17. They were pulled unconscious from the water by fire


crews and pronounced dead shortly afterwards.


If tonight, it was said that the tragedy at Smethwick Locks was an


accident. But investigation has been launched into how the pair


came to fall into the canal. Fyaz Uddin and Sara Rylance, or


friends who died together in the most terrible circumstances. Both


were caught -- Butler pulled that off Smethwick Locks. Friends and


their family have been visiting the scene all day.


He was a nice young man. If he just wanted to go out for five minutes,


and I was around. The five minutes was the last of his life. It is a


sad, sad loss. The for our family and first and foremost, his parents.


A the locks are used by teenagers at a meeting place. It is


understood a friend of the pair raised the alarm. Fire crews were


on the scene in six minutes. 4th we came in with a flotation


device, or manage to travel -- carry the female a long, and one of


us went into the water and rescues the second person. Our thoughts are


with the families at the moment, it is a very tragic accident that has


happened here. The police are still investigating


what happened, but on not treating the deaths as suspicious. Nearby


residents say they neighbourhood had been celebrating Diwali with


fireworks until news spread of the tragedy.


The officers were still trying to resuscitate them, the paramedics


were try to resuscitate them. And then what seems like about 10


minutes later, I cannot tell you exactly the Times, and then they


were working on the other person involved. They were resuscitating


as they were going. Canals are commonplace in the West


Midlands, but following this tragedy, the emergency services are


warning that they can be deceptive be dangerous. Besides are protected,


had particularly at this time of year, the water can be extremely


cold. The results of post-mortem


examinations on Fyaz and Sara are yet to be released. An inquest is


expected to open in the next few days.


And West Midlands police are urging any witnesses to the incident last


night to come forward. Still ahead on tonight's programme,


the youngsters spreading an anti- gang message on the streets of


Birmingham. Now, West Midlands Police Authority


is calling for a change in the law as it faces claims of more than �5


million after the August riots. Under the Riot Damages Act of 1886,


the police are liable to pay compensation after a riot to anyone


Originally, the Home Office said it would take care of riot related


claims, but it has since backtracked, and the West Midlands


Police Authority is now dealing with more than 300 applications for


compensation. It has been a tough 18 months for


Kuldip and Iqbal Chana. He was attacked and stabbed four times in


his shop last year, then in August they were victims of the Birmingham


riot. CCTV footage shows a mob of looters forcing the shutters from


the front of the shop, and then smashing their way inside. They


caused thousands of pounds worth of damage, as well as dealing more


than �5,000 in cash. But the couple's insurance has a 500 pound


cap on cash, so would not pay out. And this means the Chanas have


struggled to keep their shops -- shelves full.


I am about 40% down, if not more. It is not here for the customers to


buy, and sometimes I have not got it. But I am losing the customers,


they will go somewhere else. The riot has caused problems for


many. Now, as permitted by the Riot Damages Act, more than 300 people


have filed claims with the police. A total of �5.1 million, which


traders say is badly needed. -- �5.4 million.


It can only be a positive. At its meeting today, the police


authority had a grant from the Home Office would help pay. If not, it


will have to pack --, told police reserves and could have knock-on


effects. Both they are calling for the 1886 Riot Damages Act to be


consigned to the history books. In my view I think these are costs


that should be borne by insurance companies and taken that way. The


Act needs to be repealed, and we will be working with our MPs within


a locality to try and see if we can address this situation.


So a lot of money being paid out in compensation, but West Midlands


police have also spent between �10 million and �12 million policing


the riot. So far, there have been six and and 44 arrests and had and


68 people have been charged. Both and in a further 250 cases, charges


are about to be brought. A more than 80 staff are still


working full-time on the investigation, and others on these


compensation claims. We are joined now by Conservative


MP for Halesowen and Rowley Regis, James Morris. Cannot be right that


the West Midlands police are facing a bill for �5 million because of an


act that date back to 1886? I have got some sympathy from the


police authority, at that is because it does -- the act goes


back to 1886. Many people would recognise that the insurance market


has moved on. We have got an issue where the police authority does the


to make a special grant application to the Home Office, which I know


that they are making, and we need to know that they make that grant


application, and we keep pressure on the Home Office, because I think


I agree that we do not want to be in a position where it can be


avoided, the authority has to tap into reserves in order to


compensate these businesses. The Home Office are visually said


it would pick up the tab, and now it has backed down.


We have to draw a distinction between insured and uninsured


claims. Both for insured claims, this does at -- it does go back to


this archaic piece of legislation, which the Africa which is being


looked into. I think we have to make a distinction between the two,


but the police authority has to go through the process of making his


application, and given the scale of the issue which has been identified,


as a local member of parliament representing an area of the West


Midlands, I will be helping to put pressure on the Home Office. The


this sounds great time consuming. We heard from West -- from one


business owner that their insurers had not paid up the full amount.


They are really struggling to run their businesses.


It is also true that in response to the riots, the government put into


place a government -- the government put into place a series


of measures to help people get through difficulties that came out


of the riots in terms of business interruption, so it is not just


focusing on insurance claims. They rather funds around in order for


them to get through these difficulties.


Thank you. Bosses at the Warwickshire Hospital


have set up an external review into its own mortality rate after a


report today showed that they had the highest rating in England.


The George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust in Nuneaton recorded 1024 deaths in


the year ending March 2011. Only 143 had been expected. We are live


now to our reporter Joan Cummins, has this report just come out of


the blue, or has it been linked in any way be the concern of death


rates at a our hospitals? Thi this is a direct result as to


the appalling events that happened at Mid-Staffordshire Hospital. The


big government said they wanted to ensure that those mistakes never


happened again. Interestingly, under this data, Mid-Staffordshire


came out quite well, almost 2% under the expected mortality rate.


But one Department of Health spokesman said to me that you


should not judge a hospital just on one set of results, they say it is


like buying a car. You would not just buy it on fuel consumption.


So the hospital is excepting the findings?


Earlier today I spent to the medical director at as the George


Eliot Hospital, and he was very quick to say that he wanted to be


as transparent as possible, and he did not feel that there was


anything wrong with the care in Nuneaton.


I think the quality of care is good, and I think the safety of patients


is good. It is paramount at -- to the decisions we make. We ensure


that quality and safety is at the centre of everything we provide.


Something is going wrong. Something is going wrong, and what


our external review will determine his by their it is initial quality,


which I do not think it is, whether it is an issue of recording, an


issue of external factors. Interestingly, the Department of


Health say that this data does not come with any sanctions. Nobody has


been named and shamed. The Department of Health said it was


like a smoke alarm, it prompted further investigation. But one that


Inspector... One watchdog for the hospital said to me it was all very


well, but surely if your toaster is burning up that is simply


difference to your house being on fire. These results will be coming


out every quarter, and all the hospitals will be looking at them


with great care. Two other news, and unions


representing bin men in Birmingham have voted in favour of strike


action for the second time this year. These were the scenes in the


city during the last walk out, today the GMB said its members plan


to strike again over changes to their contracts. They claim that


some staff could lose �4,000 a year. A strike date has not been set.


Amazon has become the gritting 1500 temporary staff to work at his new


depot in * Staffordshire. They opened a 7000 square foot warehouse


in Rugeley last month. They are now Could eating more slowly make use


Laura? It is a theory that scientists in Coventry are trying


to prove and a hi-tech unit nicknamed the Flab Lab.


They it has been set up to get at - - an idea of what is causing the


world's obesity problems. This is no ordinary day for this


woman. She is being sealed in a chamber and closely monitored for


eight hours. There will be exact measurement of how much energy C


Burns. It is part of an experiment to test whether eating faster make


should put on weight. -- how much energy she Bunce.


Weight is due to how many calories you taking and expend. If you find


that meal duration can affect those parameters it is important for


public health. She has had nothing to read today


and it is exactly mid-day. She has lunch passed -- passed into are, a


sand which and yoghurt. She must eat the portions slowly, one every


five minutes, and her appetite is assessed throughout the afternoon.


It is all happening in Coventry hospital and Warwick University's


Flab Lab. The most advanced of its kind in Europe. Before our


experiment gets under way, patients are tested in this extraordinary


looking instrument that measures how much the way, their body volume


at how much fat they have. Scientists will test the


relationship between weight and things like sleep levels, exercise


and dogs. For conditions like infectious


diseases and cancer, we are beginning to make process. However,


it is frustrating that a condition like obesity, which is very common,


we still have not manage -- managed to get a treatment. That is what


we're hoping to do. After eight hours, she is allowed


out. Fresh air!


What did she think? You never think about how you eat,


it is something you do. When you have good time you saw for pace


yourself, I think it affects the way you take your food. -- when you


have good time yourself. Finally, she assesses her hunger by


eating what she likes from us that -- selection of food. The results


will take time, but they're hoping to find some answers about the


obesity and it -- obesity epidemic. Watching that makes you hungry,


that is the problem. You can find out more about that


obesity report on the Midlands Today Facebook page.


Still to come tonight... Are the little owl part of a big


archive - I Shropshire baronet gives us a bird's-eye view.


And rain at last. It has not been the wettest October so far, but it


Three of the Black Country's best- known tourist attractions today


received a �4.5 million boost which is hoped will double visitor


numbers. Dudley Zoo, the Black Country


Living Museum and Dudley Canal Trust hold the investment will draw


more than one million tourists to the town that each year. Our


correspondent is high above the town at Dudley Castle. Great news.


It is, today it has not been perfect weather for tourism, but


you can see the castle, 1,000 years old, standing behind me imposingly.


That is one of the attractions that brings visitors to the town, but


now it is hoped this investment from Europe will be able to build a


big new centre, which will give people access to all three of the


town's biggest tourist attractions. Let's speak to the chief executive


of Dudley Zoo, one of those attractions. You fought long and


hard for this money, you must be delighted, what will it do?


It is fantastic news. We have been trying to get investment for ten


years. �4.5 million will provide infrastructure to -- for access to


the museum in a different way. We will have a new car parks so that


people can transfers between the three attractions. -- transfer


between. They will also be a new attraction within the castle so


that conservation and education work associate with the zoo can


take place. I have been to three of the major


attractions today. Can it actually work that you have one centre for


three very different attractions? Yes, we think it can. We're


different attractions, and you can come for a weekend to the Black


Country Museum and the Canal Trust, whereas previously they were seen


as quite separate entities. The views taken by the local


authorities are that this is the way to develop the tourism centre.


Currently, 600,000 people visit these three attractions. The hope


is when the work is finished in about five years' time they can


increase that number to one million people. There has increased numbers


are also point to help boost the town, as well.


Hopefully we should see people coming into Dudley very soon.


Especially when it is not raining. Thank you very much.


Premier League footballers are backing a new video which carriages


young people to adopt a zero- tolerance to going for -- to gang


warfare. The film also has the support of chart-topping music acts.


Today they were in Birmingham to showcase their creative talents in


an attempt to put across a positive image of young people, as a our


arch reporter reports. -- as a Mac Arts reporter reports.


No Postcodes - No Gangs, a clear message from those affected by gang


culture. I am not educated, not from a very


wealthy family, I am from the bottom of the chain. It is easy for


people to close the door on me. The gangs gave me a way out, they gave


me money, they gave me life. Headed a you get out?


My brother motivated me. My brother said to me, I am saving money for


your funeral. That scared me. The campaign is the brainchild of


young people from Bromford Support. The idea is to urge other people to


be citizens of Birmingham and not be did -- not be defined by their


postcode, something gangs have been defined by in their past.


The many have had first-hand dealings with gangs.


I just said I was not going to get over my stuff and they stabbed me


with a screwdriver. I had someone to see me with a knife. I was on a


bike and as I was pedalling away the scratch my back, it was an open


wind. The No Postcodes - No Gangs video


is now online for anyone to view. It is a sign that there is an


alternative to gangs for young people.


We know there were some local footballers involved in that from


the Premier League. Talking of which, Wolves were applauded off


last eight, despite losing five had -- 5-22 Manchester City in the


Carling Cup. Mick McCarthy had called some


supporters mindless idiots after he was jeered during their previous


game. Only 12,000 fans were at Molineux,


but left the manager in no doubt whose side they were on. The


whose side they were on. The players responded, too, and took


the lead through Nenad Milijas. Mick McCarthy's reaction Das


understated delight. In five restless first half minutes the


visitors rammed their superiority home. Astonishingly, a 1-0 lead


became a 3-1 deficit in the blink of an eye. Two further goals at the


start of the second half threatened a demoralising wrote, but once more


Wall's revealed their backbone and Wall's revealed their backbone and


Jamie O'Hara scored the only other goal the game.


We were still chasing them, still creating chances. The desire to


play is just quality. Stoke City are also out, but they


Stoke City are also out, but they went down fighting, too. They had


already had a goal disallowed for obstructing the goalkeeper Glenn


Jon Walters power and pace set up the opera for Kenwyne Jones. But


Liverpool have a player with magic in his boots - Luis Suarez pit in a


delightful equaliser early in the second half. His second was more


prosaic but was enough to win the prosaic but was enough to win the


game. It has to be even Stevens. We


played tonight and we do not think it was even Stevens, in respect of


some of the decisions. When you look at it, you will have to ask


him why, we do not know why. So after two consecutive years with a


Midlands Today and the final, they will be no repeat at Wembley this


time. Better news for Birmingham City, at the Blues made it six wins


out of six after beating Leeds 1-0 in the champion jump. Nikola Zigic


scored the game's only goal. It was his first goal since February. It


left them to aid than the table, just one -- just one point outside


the play-offs. You only have until Sunday to


nominate your BBC Sports Midlands unsung hero.


Further details, call to our I am wondering if we will pop one


in the post of the closing date is Sunday and today is Thursday.


The weather is threatening outside, but our Autumnwatch series should


have died in things up. Sir Michael Leighton is a cameraman


who has dedicated much of his time filming a unique record of wildlife


in the Midlands. This estate is one of the jewels of


Shropshire. It is also an important wildlife record, because for more


than 30 years the man in charge has been filming pretty much anything


that moves. Leighton Parker has been the seat of the Leightons


since 1931. Few Giddings have stayed here, but some visitors have


been less regal, and Sir Michael Leighton got many on camera.


These are young buzzards. They are a bit naive.


It is so easy to forget in these days of high-definition cameras how


unusual Sir Michael's passion was, but he was years ahead of its time.


He used the latest technology to film the wildlife on the estate.


So you call this area little owl Avenue, why is that?


Yes, because a lot of the sites were here. They picked between 1974


and 1982. -- they peaked between. In 1985 or 1986 they were down to


about three pairs. Now I don't think there is a sight in the park.


The little owls may have gone, but we have the pictures and films,


some taken using early motion detector technology.


The animals would go on heat and added capture them when they went


to feed their young ones. I had some exciting stuff.


What were you doing when the little filming was going on? -- when the


little owl filming. Playing cricket!


Given the extraordinary amount of the cage, literally give you a


taste of it, but what is his favourite moment?


There was a sparrowhawk on a branch. What was special about that?


It was very rare. Sir Michael has recorded almost


every British bird on the estate over the years and has captured


many on film, creating a vital record of Shropshire Wildlife.


Fabulous footage, and more from David tomorrow, looking at


hedgehogs. Sunshine over there and rain over


Yes, but the rain has been much needed. The Met Office have


released provisional figures for October showing the Midlands has


had only just have its usual rainfall. Even though it has been


raining for pretty much the whole day, amounts have been fairly


unimpressive. Hereford was the wettest with 7 mm. This should


silence people grumbling about the cold, because October has been one


of the warmest on record. These figures include the entire country,


so temperatures have reached a maximum of 29.9 Celsius at the


beginning of the mud, averaging out at 12.2 Celsius. That will only be


supported by the next few days. -- the beginning of the month. And if


you are was the whole region should be much more dry, and some clear


spells developing overnight. Some dent fog patches and places.


Temperatures overnight dropping to a minimum of four Celsius, possibly


three in rural spots. At chilly start tomorrow, but we have some


sunshine once the fog lifts. A complete transformation,


temperatures up to around 12-14 Celsius. It will be milder than


today with hardly any breeze at all. The weekend is looking largely dry


The weekend is looking largely dry and mild.


Finally, a look at tonight's main headlines. European leaders stuck -


- strike a last-minute deal, the rescue fund will be doubled at half


of grease's debt will be written off.


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