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Hello, are welcome to Midlands Today.


A new route is proposed for the controversial aged it -- HS2 rail


line. We thought it was more a less


planned and in place. It clear we are concerned it is coming nearer


to us. No fresh water for months, the


villagers having to rely on standpipes.


You take it for granted that you turn the tap on and there is water


there. But not be a to have a shower, not being able to wash


clothes. Police act on new information into


corruption at a council. And this Hallowe'en, we meet the


Americans get actor who is over here. Why? To frighten a silly!


You see people freaking out, you Greeting, welcome to Monday's


Midlands Today. Tonight, spreading the plight of further. That is the


reaction from some at anti- H has to proposals - hundred campaigners


to proposals for alternative route. Labour are proposing a road that


follows the child -- Chilton line and would bypass look Leamington


Spa and Warwick. They say it would save hundreds of acres of land. But


it would also mean trains running much closer to villages previously


unaffected. Our transport correspondent has been looking at


today's proposals. After months of consultation, those


against HS2, like this man, were once again poring over maps in an


effort to work out just where the latest proposals could take the


controversial line. Although for him, moving the line would be good


news, he is still concerned. It is still fairly open. The bridge


is not decided. The result at the moment is that Warwickshire is


blighted, rather than just the preferred route.


It was the Labour Party that proposed the current route, and was


to the government is behind the concept, they now that you grow


Labour now want the route to be moved. They wanted to follow


existing transport corridors like the M40 and the Chiltern Line.


This is what it could lot -- this is what it could look like. It


could run to Heathrow at - opera Heathrow Airport, as they could


take one of several options. So why has Labour done a U-turn?


We think it is not sensible to avoid going by your main airport,


and so we have suggested that it would be a better idea to do


another route. Any change in the alignment could


mean misery and bright in places currently unaffected by HS2, like


this village near Warwick. Here, up residents are worried.


Know. It will ruin a beautiful part of Warwickshire.


To bring it so close to a penny populated area, it is very


concerning. But so too is Labour's decision to


announce his alternative proposals after a major consultation,


according to the government. To put forward this route after the


consultation, I think it looks suspiciously opportunistic, and it


is woefully lacking in detail. Campaigners opposed to be rude say


that there will be no business case for us wherever it goes, and they


say it still leads to a huge white elephant.


This seems to have come out of the blue?


It certainly has. I did get quite a lot of annoyance on the path of the


government that Labour had chosen to publish this ridge now. They say


it is unfair to the 50,000 people who responded to the consultation,


as they say it is a big mistake for Labour to leave it so late.


So what difference would actually make?


Them or be more uncertainty as a direct result of this. The route


has already been looked at and dismissed, hence the reason they


publish the other route. Labour had already said that to this proposal


does not get the backing of the government, then they will still


effectively back the existing proposals, so we could be back to


square one within weeks. What will happen next? What about


the result of the consultation? The consultation took place earlier


in the year. Date -- it is unlikely there will be any further delay in


the consultation. The government seems likely to give HS2 the go-


ahead, and on the existing route that we have been talking about for


many months. It seems that even with these new proposals, it is


unlikely we will see that much of a delay or that much of a change with


the decision to go ahead with it. Later in tonight's programme,


reunited at last, the cat at the heart of the MP love triangle court


case is found safe and well. But first, families living in a


rural part of South Shropshire are suffering drought as their wells


and boreholes run dry. Thousands of homes are not connected to the


mains water supply, and rely on nature to provide them with water.


But with the country experiencing a very dry year, many are being


forced to rely on family and friends for water.


David and Coraine Oakley have come a mile and a half to get water. The


well that supplies their home near Clunton it dried out 12 months ago


-- 12 weeks ago. We have been fetching water from


our wonderful friends all over the place. We've been as far as


Birmingham. All the way to Birmingham.


They are filling up at a tank donated by Severn Trent, which is


stationed at a nearby farm which has also run dry. The water supply


from his farm normally comes from a spring in those hills. But it is


running dry, as they have been out of water here for two weeks.


The dry ground beans Falmer Jonathan Griffiths is having to


feed his sheep with a winter food. -- the dry ground means.


It has never happened, had I have been here all my life. It is a


whole new experience. Others are warning this localised


to drought could jeopardise next year's harvest.


At this time, it should be green it now, and you should be able to see


rows of seats coming up. The 10,000 people in Shropshire rely on wells


and springs for their water. Legally, it is their responsibility,


but talks are under way. This area is under stress for water


supply, so as part of the planning and development we are trying to


restrict development to areas where there are enough water, and then to


work with people to try and recycle things like either winter reservoir


as all things like rainwater harvesting to make things like


washing and washing-machines work. Meanwhile, everyday life is


revolving around water. The you take it for granted that you turn


the tap on and water is there, but does not appear to have a shower,


not being added to wash cloud that proper wash clothes.


Many here are praying for rain. Thousands of jobs in the region


will be either created or protected by the government's Regional Growth


Fund, according to ministers who have been setting out the plans.


The grants totalling 100 billion to pounds have been awarded to 22


successful bids. -- �100 million. One of the most important benefit


is looking at the automotive sector, as looking where industries want to


come back to the West Midlands. We see with Elonex, they wish to bring


back some of their development and production back to the West


Midlands from China. The a public meeting is being held for those


affected by the August riots. The Riots, Communities and Victims


Panel it is in Birmingham to find out why the disturbances happened.


It is also hoping to find out how to stop them happening again. They


want people to share their experiences of the disturbances.


Staffordshire Police say they have received new information about


alleged corruption in Stoke-on- Trent and are making fresh


inquiries. The it follows an investigation three years ago.


Detectives say they are reviewing information passed to them in the


last few days. This was an inquiry which saw three


of Stoke-on-Trent's most prominent public figures arrested. Councillor


Roger Ibbs, the city's elected mayor Mark Meredith, and


businessman Mo Chaudry were all questions. All denied any


wrongdoing, and all were released without charge. Investigations


surrounded the proposed closure of this council-run swimming pool. It


didn't shut, but there have been renewed questions after the city


council issued an apology over the matter to Mr Chowdhury. It has now


been revealed that settlement cost taxpayers �44,000 in legal costs.


Also, Staffordshire Police said it had received a complaint and are


reviewing this information. Of the inquiries have been welcomed by


independent councillors. I am pleased that the police are


going to do further inquiries into this matter, because it needs to be


done. It is the talk of the Potteries.


For his part, Mo Chaudry, who owns what a world, says the matter is


done and dusted. He says he is happy to reveal all details of his


agreement with the council. Liz joins us now from our studio.


What has reaction been to from the council?


When I spoke to members after them, their reaction was swift and short.


They said they had nothing further to add. There has been an attempt


to debate this issue, at that happened at the full council


meeting earlier this month. A group of opposition councillors got


together and put forward a motion because they said they wanted the


big players to be made there public. However, that motion was defeated


after 31 of Labour's 34 councillors voted against it. Separately, a


number of individuals have also organised -- a number of


individuals and other organisations have attempted to use the Freedom


of Information Act to get information. We have asked for


details of meetings, for correspondence and e-mails, in the


last few days, the council has refused our request alongside those


of other people. In our case, the council gave his legal reason by


saying it would be too disruptive to release that information, and it


could not be in the public interest. The council said it signed a


confidentially --, the entry -- confidentiality clause, and cannot


reveal any more. The tell us more about Mo Chaudry's reaction.


He has a rather different view. He said he had no objection at all to


all the information being revealed. He said he would be happy for the


council to reveal everything, and he felt he had been treated badly,


he said he felt aggrieved and let down by what had happened and he


said that throughout his position has remained unchanged.


Thank you very much. A cat belonging to the mistress of


the Liberal-Democrat MP John Hemming has turned up, safe and


well, more than a year after he was stolen -- she was stolen by his


wife. The Christine Hemming was given a suspended jail sentence for


stealing Beauty. Beauty is back, much to the delight


of Emily Cox, a long-term lover of MP John Hemming. The cat belongs to


her six-year-old daughter, and she is really delighted.


She just smiled and looked so happy, it was the most amazing thing to


see her. She knew she had her cat back.


And what a journey she has been on. Starting out in the arms of


Christine Hemming, wife of John, as she burgled Miss Cox's house in


Birmingham -- house in Moseley. Until last week she was missing,


feared probably dead. But after Mrs Hemming appeared in court, Miss Cox


appeared on Midlands Today. I think it has been worse for my


daughter. That has -- she has lost her cat.


That reached the ears of a cat lover.


My friend said that this cat has not been seen since November, at


that rang a bell. That was when she appeared. I thought I should follow


this up. A phone call to the Liberal


Democrat support Mr Hemming to her doorstep. It is thought Beauty has


had a litter of kittens, but they have yet to be located. The saga of


the MP, the cat, the wife and the Still to come: brewing up a storm


in League Two. We meet the hat- trick hero.


And find out why it's scaring yourself silly makes people in the


That was a bit scary! Every year, 2000 people receive free care from


hospices in rugby, Coventry and Warwick. But they rely on donations


and the cost for just one nurses �30,000 a year.


Today, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire launched an appeal to


help raise money to pay for more We have joined forces to launch the


BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Nurse Appeal. 2000 people every year of


cared-for by this Hospice, among from Joyce, who died last year.


Suddenly, there was help and it is invaluable help. It is stuff that


you don't even think about. When somebody is a very her ill, you


need help. �30,000 will fund a hospice nurse who in turn can help


43 patients this appeal by BBC Coventry and warwickshire aims to


increase the number of nurses working at the three centres so


that there is no risk of terminally ill patients being turned away.


is a great place for end of life care and we are set up with doctors


and nurses to what experienced. To turn someone down the field as


devastating because we do not know what alternatives are going on out


there. Donations of �7 million a year keep Myton hospice running but


it also helps famalies such as Meg who was just ten when her dad died


two years ago. Myton has helped her come to terms with his death.


makes us all feel better to know that we are there for them. Buying


items helps to fund this hospice but with more than 600,000 people


in their catchment area, if every single one of those people donated


just �1, they say they would be able to help you and Yours, at a


time when you need it most. Such a worthwhile cause. And you


can find more about the Myton Nurse campaign on BBC Coventry &


Warwickshire's website. Dan's here with the sport, and not


good news tonight for Birmingham City fans.


No but exactly how bad remains unclear. A statement has been


released to the Hong Kong Stock exchange today by the club's parent


company Birmingham International Holdings. It warns that they expect


to record a substantial loss for the year ending June the 30th, due


mainly to relegation. They also warn investors to exercise caution


when dealing in shares in the company. We also learned today that


those end of year figures won't now be published until the end of


January. What about the fans? How will it


affect them? Of course the big fear for fans is that more players will


be sold in January harming what so far has been a promising season.


They have done very well in the circumstances but they could lose


further players. They must be pretty nervous, the


players? Some of them are on Premier League


wages so it is not so much the money, but if they can get those


players of the wage bill, it would help.


That is not going to be easy. They didn't win this weekend. In


fact matters on the pitch and we didn't have a single winner above


League Two this weekend. That could change tonight though as Stoke City


host Newcastle United in the Premier League. Newcastle are


unbeaten in all 12 league games this season. But Stoke beat them 4-


0 when they last met. And there's full match commentary from the


Britannia Stadium on BBC Radio Stoke tonight. Coverage starts at


seven. Kick-off is at eight. Billy Kee will celebrate his 21st


birthday next month. But he's already got the perfect present.


Because Billy went home with the matchball on Saturday night, after


scoring his first-ever hatrick for Burton Albion. Ian Winter has been


to meet him. It's lasagne for lunch. And the


Burton Albion lads are always starving after training. Hungry for


carbohydrates and even more hungry to build on their excellent start


to the season. Not least, their talented young striker Billy Kee.


Outside, Paul Peschisolido believes he's snapped up a bargain. In his


heyday, Pesch loved popping in the goals for Birmingham, Stoke and


West Bromwich Albion, to name just three of his former clubs. So the


Burton Albion boss knows a natural goalscorer when he sees one.


Someone like Billy, who scored against Burton for Torquay back in


April. That goal convinced him that Billy would be perfect for Burton


and four months later, he signed him for the princely sum of �20,000.


Is that the best �20,000 you've ever spent? Absolutely. I don't


want to get too carried away because he is still young but he


has all the qualities of being a good player. Billy jumped at the


chance to join Burton, just 30 miles away from his mum's home


cooking. Normally, his proud parents go to every game. But they


missed his match-winning performance at Barnet on Saturday,


so this was their Billy at his very best. Goal number one came after


just seven minutes. And Burton were off to a flying start. Goal number


two was the best of the bunch and doubled Burton's lead after half an


hour. And then goal number three completed Billy's hat-trick in the


second half to put Burton back in front at 3-2. And they went onto


win 6-3. No wonder all the lads signed the matchball which now


lives in Billy's bedroom. It was one of those days, everything I hit


went in. Lately, my long-range play has not been the best but on


Saturday, everything I hit went in. Best hat-trick I've ever seen.


want to play at the highest level I can. Hopefully here, and believing


in myself more and a compass on. Now, Pesch is hoping Billy's boots


hit the target again at Aldershot tomorrow night. Lifting Burton up


to fifth in League Two. Two of our Elite League speedway


teams are under new ownership. The Coventry Bees have been taken over


by businessman Mick Horton who used to run a team in Peterborough. And


the Birmingham Brummies are now owned by the Black Country Training


Group. The Brummies have just finished their first season in the


top flight since returning to the sport in 2007.


And the deadline's passed to enter the BBC Midlands Sport unsung hero.


Many thanks for all your entries. Judging will take place this week.


The winner will be announced in early December.


I saw a great pile of them today, fantastic! Thank you.


If you're a mum or dad or grandparent getting the children


ready to go trick and treating, here's a spooky fact for you.


Halloween is the biggest money spinner for shops with only


Christmas and Easter beating it. 31st October has always been big in


America where they spend three times as much on Halloween. Now of


course, it's really catching on over here too.


Our reporter Ben Sidwell has gone to meet one American who's helping


up the scare factor here. Ben, who he is then?


Halloween, a time for ghosts and ghouls. He can make quite a lot of


money if you are a business. If it is bigger here, it is massive and


America at the moment. I'm in Burton-upon-Trent and the reason


this is happening is because of one scare expert from America, her why


have been spending the day with. I must warn you there are Strode


images in this report. How Wayne, a day for trickle Creek


is -- a trick or treaters, and for scaring yourself is -- silly. It is


also big business. Here, they portend a man with plenty of scary


experience to create their following attraction. Jared hails


from the home of the Hallowe'en celebration, the USA. You see a


group of adults coming through, they are cowering and freaking out.


You want to scare them as much as possible, that is the whole point.


To those of a more delicate nature, there is always a pumpkin to Carter.


Of course, it all costs money. As Hallowe'en become too commercial?


We have to dig into our pockets for another reason but I think it is


nice to have some fun and let your hair down and have a reason to have


a laugh and joke about things. children enjoy it so I don't see


why we shouldn't continue to commercialise it in a way that it


is at the moment. Jared will not be in Britain tonight, he will be at


home with his wife. Have been such a big hello Wheen Farm, their house


is hard to miss. -- Halloween. We put a lot of effort into decorating.


The we like to put a little something for the neighbourhood


kids to come to and everybody knows this. -- knows us. Back in Burton,


there are plenty of volunteers looking for a frightened of the


growth of hollow ring continues, you can't expect to see plenty more


attractions like this popping up in the Midlands over the next few


years. Jarrett has appeared in many of the


biggest scare attractions in America so he knows what he is


doing. One of the men that hired him is the eco owner of this


adventure park, that is Ivor Robinson. Hallowe'en for you guys,


you've invested a lot of money. That must mean it is big business.


Yes, sure. Hallowe'en is a number - - one of a number of seasonal


events. We had a successful time with it last year so we thought we


would build on it this year. We've made the attraction bigger and


better. It provides a good qualities get traction in the


Midlands. Why bring Jared in? He is the next bid for America but it is


a big thing to do for a place like this. He has the acting techniques


that we require and he has passed that on to the actors who can see


around me. It really is more than just people jumping out and


shouting. We have created towards 30 difference it theatrical scenes


that the actors work through during the night. Is this sort of thing...


I expecting hundreds tonight? have seen it working in other parts


of the country and it is successful. It doesn't seem to be so big in


Midlands yet but that is what we are going for. We've had hundreds


of people already. We are expecting more tonight. We will build on this


success in future years. They are here and 11 o'clock tonight. To be


perfectly honest, I have planned so -- spend plenty of time here and


I'm going to leave as quickly as The weather is a lot scarier.


Nothing as scary as the freak snowstorms in the States but having


said that, the same area of low pressure will affect us this week.


It is crossing the Atlantic and reaching our shores. As it does so,


it retains a lot of that intensity. Because we introduce a milder air


stream, the effects will be different. We will get wet and


windy weather but no star. We have a flavour of that coming along


tonight. I would get out on the streets sooner rather than later


tonight. For the next couple of hours, we will see this band of


rain heading our way. It is heavy rain, we are expecting between 10


to 12 mm. It is moving quickly so by the end of the night, it should


have cleared western areas but where we retain the the cloud and


rain, we will see mild temperatures. Values of 10 or 11 Celsius. It will


be gusty as the rain band moves through. By the time you wake up


tomorrow morning, the skies should have clear. We are looking up quite


a bit of sunshine. Copious amounts of it. That will not lift the


temperatures higher than two days temperatures. Eyes of 14 Celsius


but academic Ready because in the sunshine it should feel as warm. --


eyes. Through tomorrow night, which is dry and quite clear initially,


we will see evidence of the next band of rain coming through as the


cloud thickens up from the West. A look at tonight's main headlines.


After days of protests, another high profile resignation at St


Paul's Cathedral. And a new route's proposed for the


controversial HS2 rail line, affecting a whole new set of


residents. Inside Out is on in just over half


an hour here on BBC One and this week they meet Coventry's Adrian


Mason. He's spent more than 15 years in


prison for a catalogue of crimes ranging from theft, to driving


offences, and in the worst case, armed robbery. But whilst in jail,


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