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Hello and welcome to Midlands Today with Nick Owen and Suzanne Virdee.


The headlines tonight: They didn't lift a finger to help - the couple


jailed after a two-year-old was scalded in the shower and later


died. Any such perpetrators will be defined.


Hate mail and phone calls targeted at the group which highlighted the


scandal at Stafford Hospital. was one comment that said my window


should be put through, inciting violence against me.


With the Olympics just eight months away, warnings the market could be


flooded with counterfeit merchandise.


And filmed in remotest Herefordshire, how life might have


looked if we hadn't won the Second Good evening and welcome to


Tuesday's Midlands Today from the BBC. Tonight: guilty - a magistrate


and his former girlfriend who let a two year old girl die were jailed


for manslaughter today. They did nothing to help the little


girl after she was badly scalded in a shower at her home in Birmingham.


She died later as a result of her injuries.


The girl's mother, who was also found guilty of child cruelty, was


jailed for six years. Rashpal Chana, pillar of the


community, tonight starting a jail sentence for manslaughter. The


manslaughter was that of a two- year-old child, Kristiana, not


Chana's child, but that of his girlfriend. A child said the


prosecution neither lifted a finger to save. This is where rave very


young child, who was only two years of age, was in considerable pain


for some 12 days. The instant first occurred and Fen... It is an


horrendous crime and actually, that failure to treat has been


investigated and the right sentence has been brought forward by the


court. Eva Logina, a 26-year-old Latvian. National arrived in the UK


in May 2007 already pregnant with Kristiana. In December 2009 they


moved in with rashpal Chana, recently separated from his wife,


at his home in Harborne in Birmingham. On Feb 4th last year


she showered K because, she said, she'd soiled herself but the shower


was scalding hot and the child suffered 10% burns. It wasn't until


11 days later when she collapsed ghat she was taken to hospital but


by then it was too late to save her. The judge said Logina chose not to


seek medical help because she was frightened social services would


take her children. That selfish motive killed her daughter she said.


Jailing Chana for four and a half years the judge called his failure


to seek medical Attention a gross aberration. Rashpal Chana was a


lecturer who won a Queen's Award for Services to the Science


community. He was well known in Sikh communities in the Black


Country for his charity work. And for 18 years he served as a


magistrate on the Birmingham bench. I find it so hard to believe. He


was always such a positive guy, very caring. His students loved him.


He simply nodded as he was sentenced. The woman wept as she


was led from the dock. And we can go to Nottingham now where the case


was heard and talk to Giles. It seems astonishing this couple did


nothing to help Kristiana. Did they appear to show any regret, any


remorse in court? I spoke to the man in court before


the verdicts were returned. He was convinced there was no case to


answer, that he would be acquitted. He said bandages and cream were


applied to the child at home but he never knew it was a scalding injury.


He thought it was nappy rash. For mother cut a more cold and a motion


on less figure. The defence counsel said the irony was she had not gone


to the hospital because she feared social services would get involved.


By And it seems a remarkable fall from grace for Chana, whom you


described as a pillar of the community.


That's right. As his defence but it, this is a man who has lost her tour.


That's all because of his relationship. The judge said in


some respects you've been unlucky for some big City due to have


someone to clean, keeper a home and be available sexually, but you knew


about bad injury to the child as an early stage and you did nothing.


Thanks for joining us this evening, an evening that's somewhat historic


for football fans in the Black Lights, camera, action. Stourbridge


are up for the cup and a place against Plymouth is the prize if


The Labour Party's apologised after one of its members posted material


online attacking the health campaigner Julie Bailey. Julie


Bailey's been at the forefront of the group Cure the NHS which


highlighted problems at Stafford Hospital.


The Labour Party's apology comes as Ms Bailey revealed details of a


hate campaign which has included anonymous phone calls and threats


to her business. Julie Bailey's cafe in the centre


of Stafford has been the focus for her campaign to improve care at


Stafford Hospital. It's now at the centre of threats and online abuse.


This is material posted in the name of the Labour Party. It includes


interviews conducted by a Labour activist who's now apologised for


I hope she goes into A&E and dies on the way. It's not the only


material that's caused upset. e-mails on a daily basis. Then I


found out there was a Facebook campaign, including a comment that


said my windows should be put through, inciting violence against


me. Also saying we should be driven out of town because we have brought


shame on the hospital. In fact all we've done has told the truth.


There've also been insults posted on social networking sites. This is


not the first time the cafe and the campaigners who made here have been


targeted at the levels of abuse and the threat of increased in the last


couple of weeks. It follows the decision at a hospital board


meeting earlier this month to close A&E overnight for three months.


It's a move the town's MP would like to see reversed. I've got a


meeting with the minister on Thursday, to talk through both the


arrangements being made for people while the A&E is closed and also


the work that has been done to make sure it can come back for time as


soon as possible. And although Labour party members won't condone


online abuse, councillors in Cannock are campaigning against the


temporary closure. I would not condone any offensive material. I


understand that Julie Bigley has received a number of telephone


calls and I understand the depth of feeling but I would not condone


offensive behaviour Rattle. -- at all. Back in the cafe, Julie


Bailey's reporting the abuse to the police. She says it won't deter her


from either campaigning, or continuing to run her business.


Well, our health correspondent Michele Paduano joins us now.


You've followed this from the very start. Is this criticism fair?


is not fair because what Julie Bailey has done is heroic. She has


broken down political recalls to the point where he got to a public


inquiry where we can have benefits for patients everywhere. During


that time, there has been relentless bad publicity and that


bad publicity has meant that doctors have worked there, he think


I don't want to be here, there is a terrible place to have the


spotlight on may have left. They need to find other doctors to take


the place and it is difficult to recruit. To that extent they've


created a downward spiral. So A&E has been closed overnight. Do you


think for services will be reinstated soon? They are supposed


to be reinstated in three months' time but there is a national drive


towards having fewer accident and emergency departments, partly


because of a European directive. It is costly and difficult to get


enough doctors to fill the rota. There is also a desire to


concentrate services in fewer hospitals. A hospital like Stafford


is vulnerable. As the countdown to London 2012


begins, we can expect to be bombarded with opportunities to buy


Olympic souvenirs and merchandise. But how much of it will be genuine?


Trading standards officers fear the market's about to be flooded with


counterfeit goods and they're warning us all to beware of Olympic


fraud. The honest face of Olympic merchandising. In Ironbridge, they


have won a contract to produce the official London 2012 teddy bear.


But they had to pay for the privilege and they don't want any


pirate bears muscling in on their market. We are in fact one of only


two companies to what official licensees for the Olympic Games


producing soft toys. Any cuddly toy being produced which is not a mass


court or a teddy bear will most likely be counterfeit. On a train


of the counterfeiters, trading standards officers today bringing


their roadshow to a Birmingham supermarket. Their message, don't


be fooled by the fakes. Take a look at these two T-shirts. Apart from


the colour, they look virtually the same but in fact this one is


genuine and this one is fake. Holding it, you can tell that it is


inferior quality. When the Olympics arrive, or the counterfeiters will


see it as a good opportunity to repay the country off. We want the


public to be aware and take care. Very few tips. The way to make sure


that what you are buying is the real thing is to look out for this,


it is the Olympic holograms. It has a 3 D effects and is flashers in


the light. If you see this on what you are buying, you know you've got


the real McCoy. All for Mary thought Blair's character hologram


on at the back of the box. For a small company employing 25 people,


the Games have become a golden opportunity. There is also an


opportunity for less scrupulous manufacturers to do some serious


stitching up. We have been warned! Police


investigating an attack with a stiletto heel which left a


partygoer with a fractured skull have released CCTV images of a


woman they want to speak to. The assault happened in Bishop


Street in Coventry last month. Detectives have released these


picures from a nightclub security camera.


It's the biggest night in the history of Stourbridge Town. And


one that could make or break the season for the non-league club.


Tonight's FA Cup replay against league side Plymouth could bring in


at least �50,000. Our reporter Ian Winter is in Stourbridge for us,


Ian this is big for the club and big for the town too, isn't it?


An historic night. Two years ago, Stourbridge lost to Walsall in the


first round of the FA Cup but tonight against Plymouth, they are


aiming to reach the second round for the first time ever. The fans


have caught FA Cup fever. It is a win-win situation does because then


non-League club has already earned itself thousands of pounds.


The War Memorial Ground has never seen anything like this before.


Live TV cameras, 12 of them all set to being -- bring Stalbridge across


the nation. Inside the home dressing room, hardly room to swing


a cat. Uncomfortably small for Plymouth Argyle. Half a mile away,


it's lunchtime at the Britannia sports bar, where the mood is


confident. A pint of the usual, please. Certainly. Looking forward


to the game tonight? I certainly am. No problem. Do people drink more


when there is a good match on? Without a doubt. Every time they


come in, instead of having two or three, they are having four or five.


Good for Business. OK, so it is a replica of the FA Cup but there is


nothing false about these two characters. Super Bob Taylor will


always be a legend at West Bromwich Albion and this is the coach at


Stourbridge town. Both believe we are been for a shock tonight. Who


are the favourites tonight? bookies are going to probably say


Plymouth Argyle but for a personal point of view, I will back


Stourbridge at this moment in time, even though I sense... They got


their own support, the majority of their support. Everybody is backing


a them. They will come and be professional, and so we will we. We


will have a good at -- good go at them. I hope we will. On Saturday,


some rock scored a cracking goal. - - Sam Rock.


Let's have a chat with the chairman of Stourbridge, Ian Pilkington.


He's got a huge smile on his face. This is a bonus for us. We never


budget for a cup run because we get into trouble. Now it is fantastic


but we've got the additional revenue. We will put it away to one


side and leave it for a short while and decide what to do with it later.


Put into words what it has been look like reading it again? It has


been fantastic. Most of the people here of volunteers. We all have


full-time jobs. To try and tie it in River Dart has been great. The


truck -- press interest has been something else. When you get a


light -- nice like tonight, you go with the flow and enjoy it as best


you can. Plymouth are rock bottom of League Two. They've been to look


at the ground this morning. What did they make of it? They are happy


with the playing surface. They were happy with the pitch. At the end of


the day, we want to play good football and if we have a good


pitch, it will help us play good football. Let's see who the best


team is on the night. Hopefully it will be Stourbridge. The whole of


the Midlands is backing Stourbridge to win tonight. The kick-off time a


7:15pm. The atmosphere is building very nicely here at the War


Memorial Ground. Good luck to them! We are all


backing them. Still to come this evening: he's


Stoke City's not so secret weapon. But at 35, how much longer can Rory


Delap hurl his deadly missiles into the opposition box?


I feel good at the moment but I have no qualms about dropping down


the beat. And brace yourselves for one of the coldest nights so far


A cafe called the Hungry Hobbit is facing legal action unless the name


is changed. The business is near the Birmingham beauty spot where


JRR Tolkien drew inspiration for the Lord of the Rings, his fantasy


world of middle earth peopled by hobbits, elves and wizards.


Unless there's a name change, lawyers for the Tolkien estate say


the owners could end up in court. Begin at Middle Earth and walk for


a few hundred yards. Eventually you'll come to the Hungry Hobbit.


It's been the name of the cafe in Moseley for six years and its new


owners were proud to continue the Tolkien association. People ask


about the story and we tell them about the board and we say he grew


up in the area. It is our heritage. But it's come to the attention of


the all seeing eye of the Tolkien estate. A letter's arrived from


lawyers saying the word hobbit is unauthorised. The last paragraph of


the letter makes for pretty uncomfortable reading. It says, if


you are not willing to discontinue use of the name voluntarily we will


have no alternative but to pursue all of the remedies afforded by law.


The cafe is up against a formidable foe. The Lord of the Rings trilogy


made millions, so to the Tolkein estate the Hobbit character is now


more valuable, not least because a new film is being released shortly.


Lawyer Des Burley says big brands want to protect their name. They


might think of licensing a chain. You've got the Hard Rock Cafe or


you may see the church -- Star Wars chain of restaurants and there's a


lot of value and that, two shirts, the whole experience. To not use


the name any more would cost us thousands because we've got all of


the uniforms, the signs, the menu is. And regulars are supportive.


were disappointed to hear they've had this trouble over the name of


the cover of. Is a disgrace to be asked to change the name.


owners say they're not cashing in. It's just a caff but to win this


battle, they might need a bit of wizarding help.


Well, we've already heard from Stourbridge and their FA Cup


exploits. Dan let's hope they can do better than Aston Villa last


night. Immensely frustrating, is how the


Aston Villa manager described last night's 2-0 defeat at Tottenham


last night. Here's why. McLeish was disappointed with how they conceded


the goals. Poor marking allowed Emmanuel Adebayor to score the


first after 14 minutes. He'll never score an easier second. Gareth Bale


provided the cross but a mix-up between James Collins and


goalkeeper Shay Given left Adebayor with a tap-in. Next up for Villa is


a trip to Swansea on Saturday. Rory Delap is renowned for having


one of the longest and most feared throw-ins in football. The former


schoolboy javelin champion has caused havoc in Premier League


defences over the last few seasons. The Stoke City midfielder turned 35


this year making him one of the oldest outfield players in the


Premier League. But as Laura May McMullan has been finding out, he


plans to go on for a few seasons yet.


Rory Delap has been described as the ultimate long throw specialist.


Being able to launch the ball into the box from 40 yards out has been


a constant thorn in the side of the opposition. 5th rd does get me in


that the team when a manager is thinking about two or three of us.


-- the throw-in does get me into the team. I'm sure if I am playing


we will carry on using the. Supporters will tell you there's a


lot more to his game, covering about eight miles a match, tracking


back, running box-to-box, the midfielder is an important part of


the squad. Even at 35, he is at the peak of fitness. He went to be the


best you can be and get into the Premier League. -- U 12.


today's top players carry on longer a? Money has been spent licking it


sport science and looking at what it means getting older to be fit.


It has helped a lot of players maintain their careers and lot


longer than they would have done if you're so good. Reaching 30 was


considered to be a football as twilight years a few years ago.


That has all changed. There was a big culture change when the


foreigners Cayman. The game got a lot faster, you had to be a lot


fitter. We had to eat the right food. It is having a knock-on


effect now. In a couple of years, there will be older the me. By no


means is he the oldest outfield player in the Premiership.


Manchester United's Ryan Giggs is 38 at the end of this month. Wolves


defender Jodie Craddock is 36 and Blackburn's Michel Salgado is also


36. Rory says he wants to play professionally into into his 40.


feel good at the moment but I have no qualms about dropping down the


leagues. But what about life after football? My two boys half started


playing football and my little girl plays ballet. I want to spend time


with the end. -- with them. For now though there's no sign of him


hanging up his boots. He says he'll continue to put in the extra hours


training. Testament to his desire to play at top level.


He is only 35. Ryan Giggs has gone on well into his thirties.


Plenty of players are almost 40. If you look after yourself, why not


keep going? AC Milan have an incredible Academy,


the man a lab, to keep men fled. Physically they have spent a lot of


money on players, on their wages and buying them. If they were


injured, they were losing them. They have had players dawn for year


after year. I think it is something about the


Potteries because Stanley Matthews, who Wysall play when he was 50. --


I saw him play when he was 50. A reminder that Stourbridge is on


local radio. Port Vale and Tamworth are also in FA Cup replays tonight


while Birmingham City and Coventry City are in action in the


Championship. Now imagine for a moment that World


War Two had turned out very differently. That the D Day


landings had failed and the Germans invade Britain.


That's the startling premise of a new film, set in the remote hills


of Herefordshire. The movie Resistance is released on Friday.


It was shot in and around the starkly beautiful Black Mountains.


And as Bob Hockenhull reports, there are hopes it'll boost tourism


in the area. We have established an observation


post and as far. We will be here for the week. The film Resistance


is based on the best selling book by Owen Sheers and set in the


dramatic Olchon Valley in Herefordshire, close to where the


writer was brought up. Today it's one of the most peaceful parts of


the Midlands but in the film, set in 1944, it's been invaded by


Germans. I was going looking for a story in the Black Mountains and it


was while I was researching the history of that area that I came


across the story of it Siri units which would have been Britain's


secret civilian insurgency in the event of a German occupation.


must leave. I cannot be. If you stay, you will die. Resistance was


filmed in the countryside where it's set. Not only has it put some


of the more remote parts of the Midlands, it's also caused a lot of


excitement for local people. People like farmer Mark Williams from


Rowlestone. The production team stayed on his farm and shot scenes


in the road leading to the nearby village hall. Were you happy to


have them here for a stop we were happy and there was a degree of


excitement. -- were you happy to have them here? There was a degree


of excitement. We were glad to have the case back to ourselves any end.


For many involved in making the film it was the first time they'd


encountered Herefordshire's dramatic frontier with Wales.


Having an outside I was really useful, coming into a valley and


seeing it pretty much like it is the first time, having that kind of


experience. It was something that was really useful. And it's not


only Herefordshire's countryside that stars in the movie. The


medieval Mappa Mundi housed in Hereford Cathedral also features,


the priceless artefact is found hidden in a cave and is set on fire.


It is an horrific doomsday scenario. The realistic side of using the


Black Mountains to protect something precious I think is


something very feasible. Resistance opens on Friday bringing this


glorious Herefordshire scenery to a national audience.


Magnificent countryside but it It was never going to be a


straightforward week but if you're going to get rain it might as well


be during the nights, and so from that perspective this week looks OK.


But the winds are increasing from Thursday and that's going to make


things slightly colder. You'll feel the cold a lot more tonight though


as temperatures tumble. It'll probably end up being one of the


coldest nights so far this autumn. There is fog as well but not as bad.


It's this ridge of high pressure. That's building in tonight that's


clearing the skies and leading to much calmer conditions which should


be just about perfect for a frost. The low pressure then sweeps in


later this week to create a bit of frisson, introducing the rain and


stronger winds. So we can see the cloud is just starting to the clear


the East now so in rural parts temperatures could near freezing or


just below leading to a fairly widespread ground frost and a touch


of air frost. We could see some shallow mist and fog but not as


dense as it has been. So the morning's going to be cold, a bit


frosty and misty to start but a much sunnier, drier day. There'll


be some patchy cloud affecting Western parts with the odd spit of


rain. But the temperatures should pick up again to 11 Celsius. As for


tomorrow night, much milder with lows of eight or nine Celsius. But


the winds start to pick up from Thursday onwards and it's through


Thursday and Saturday night that we see the rain with the days staying


see the rain with the days staying A look at tonight's main headlines:


An uprising reborn, calls for a million people to take to the


streets of Cairo. Protesters converge on Tahrir Square again.


And a couple are jailed after a two-year-old girl was scalded in


the shower and later died. That's all from us this evening. On


tomorrow's Midlands Today we'll be hearing more about some exciting


news about what the long-term legacy of the Olympics will be in


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