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Good evening. Hundreds of businesses across the region say


they're confident of a better 2012. What's more, almost a third of


those questioned in a survey by the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce


expect to take on staff in the New Year. Cath Mackie reports. This


machine it is one of our machines... Steve Britton shows off a machine


bound for oil exploration in China. Just one of several export orders


secured by BSA Machine Tools in Birmingham and it's looking good


for 2012. As a company, I am feeling confident. We have got a


good overseas market now and the promise of more orders to come and


I think that whilst the first quarter might be quite, from their


men, things will pick up. - mac from thereon in. He's not the only


one's who's confident. Of 1,000 businesses questioned across the


region, just over half believe their fortunes are going to improve


in the New Year. The manufacturing sector is quite optimistic. They


have had a tough time and we are talking about figures starting


fairly low but there is a slight uptown and we hope they may be able


to take on some more jobs. -- a slight up term. A lot of the


optimism's been generated by the success of Jaguar Land Rover, and


the knock on effect for car component firms. But not everyone's


optimistic. Businesses overall are saying they are expecting a tough


2012 with inflation the biggest concern among the region's


manufacturers. So there's caution attached to the hope. Not least


because 2011 saw unemployment rise to its highest level in 16 years as


jobs were shed by virtually every sector. BSA, though, have just


secured an order for the American oil sector worth three quarters of


a million and are hoping to take on an apprentice in the New Year.


Seven men have now been arrested following the death of a 23-year-


old in Shropshire. The victim, Jason Cook, also known by his


nickname Scottie, was stabbed on Tuesday after a dispute involving


up to twenty young men in the Monkmoor area of Shrewsbury. He was


taken to hospital, but died a short time later.


And a murder investigation is underway after a woman's body was


found at a house in Wolverhampton this morning. She'd been stabbed. A


man was discovered at the same address with stab injuries and he's


being treated in hospital. Police say they're not looking for anyone


else. The West Midlands has more


companies specialising in Tele- health, that's remote medical care


or monitoring in your own home, than anywhere else in the country.


And with an ageing population and shrinking health budgets, those


firms could see business growing. Here's our health correspondent,


Michele Paduano. Four-year-old Thomas Moore has


autism and developmental delay. One of his obsessions is turning on


taps, but new technology stops him flooding the bathroom or escaping


from home in Wolverhampton. haven't got the stress of wondering


where he is, what he is doing by having the gadgets we have got


meaning we can monitor Thomas and, at the same time, it is also giving


him the independence that he needs in order to grow and flourish as he


gets older. At this house in West Bromwich, Alvolution shows off an


array of gadgets. Like this fingerprint access to the home.


Welcome home. I will put the kettle on. There is a change needed in the


culture that actually care should be and can beat delivered at home.


Or even outside of the GP's surgery. Are you OK? I am OK. Clinical


trials show this system can stop death by 45%. It can save money as


well as lives. Safe Patient Systems has won a �1.4 million contract in


Bristol that allows 3,000 patients up to the age of 104 to monitor


themselves. It uses mobile phones. They follow the instructions, this


device then follows -- takes some readings, then it uploads


automatically via Bluetooth that reading to the device. The results


are then sent to a computer. It cuts down on cost and the patients


tend to manage their health better. That's why the Government is


encouraging such innovation. 12 months ago, the discovery of the


remains of more monuments buried in the landscape around Stonehenge


created international interest. Since then, researchers at the


University of Birmingham have continued to examine the data


producing extraordinary results. Our Science Correspondent David


Gregory has been catching up with progress at the University's high-


tech archaeology lab. Amazing as the stones are for


archaeologists, what is going on underneath them is just as


important and last year an international team including the


University of Birmingham used the later scanning equipment to examine


what is going on under the surface without having to lift a spade. So


this is an Ordnance Survey map and these are the Stonehenge stones


themselves, this is the car park, and all of this grey area, that is


all the data the scientists have taken. That is an enormous amount


of information. When you put it together, it is not just a couple


of kilometres but seven square kilometres of data. In three


dimensions as well. To analyse that, it is beyond the capacity of


individuals and we have to automate the process now to get the most out


of it. We were the first revealed one of the project's discovers, a


second wooden Stonehenge. Other features of the landscape have been


discovered as well. Two pits have been discovered. It is at least a


month -- a metre deep. We don't think we have got to the bottom. It


is quite a significant structure. One theory is these pits could have


contained giant bonfires. That links to a much earlier monument of


Stonehenge itself which suggests Stonehenge is becoming important


before the monument that people know so well actually came into


existence. And that is important. There is much more data to look at


and this laboratory will be revealing much more of Stonehenge's


It has been a grey day, let us see what we have been so store.


It has been a blustery day to day. Those winds will feed in showers


for the first part of tonight and it will be cloudy. Those showers


died out with a dry end to the night but it was there a cloudy


with temperatures dipping to around five. Tomorrow we start off with


dry weather than a band of rain moves in from the West. Then this


band of rain spills in across the region for tomorrow afternoon


bringing a spell of very wet weather. Temperatures, eight, so a


touch higher. The winds will be lighter as well. New Year's Eve,


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