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Good evening. A 12-year-old boy is being treated as a potentially


significant witness after a woman died from multiple stab wounds at a


flat in Wolverhampton. Police launched a murder investigation


after the 36-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene in the


Whitmore Reans area yesterday. She suffered 18 separate stab wounds. A


man, who was also found at the flat with stab injuries, is being


treated in hospital. The boy is currently being cared for by


specially trained police officers. Wards at four separate hospitals


across the region have been shut after an outbreak of the winter


vomiting bug norovirus. Visitors are being told to stay away from


wards at three hospitals in South Warwickshire including Warwick


Hospital. Ward one at Walsall Manor Hospital is also closed. But


visitors are being allowed again at City Hospital in Birmingham.


Three men have been jointly charged with murder after a 23-year-old man


was stabbed to death in Shrewsbury. Jason Scott Cooke died during an


incident in the Monkmoor area of the town on Tuesday evening. The


three men, who are all aged 24, have also been jointly charged with


burglary. They will appear before a special sitting of Telford


Magistrates tomorrow morning. Four other men arrested in connection


with the incident have been given bail while inquiries continue.


A former soldier who was severely burned in Iraq is on the verge of


running his 52nd marathon in a year. Karl Hinett from Tipton in the


Black Country will run his last race in Liverpool tomorrow. As Bob


Hockenhull reports, he has raised more than �20,000 for the burns


unit where he was treated. Karl Hinett's running exploits this


year have taken him much further than his local park. 51 marathons


so far in 19 countries starting with Zurich in Switzerland at


midnight on January 1st. The first marathon they felt like it I had


maybe bitten off a little bit more than I could chew. I took it a week


at a time and hero am. -- here I am. An oustanding achievement for


anyone, but particularly for Karl who was in a coma for 11 days after


his tank was petrol bombed in Basra in 2005. The Staffordshire Regiment


soldier suffered 37% burns and endured five years of surgery.


first challenge was looking in the mirror. Because of the scars. But


again, you start off small and work your way up. His charity marathon


challenge has raised �20,000 for the burns unit at Queen Elizabeth


Hospital in Birmingham. Karl is confident he will manage this


weekend's marathon in Liverpool. After all, he is planning ultra


races in the Amazon and the Antarctic and will also climb


Everest for another charity. He aims to run 100 marathons by the


end of 2012. He is confident he will manage the back-to-back


marathons in Liverpool this weekend. He will be running in the Antarctic


and Amazon later in the air and will also climb Everest for another


charity. In a little over 24 hours time, we


will enter the Olympic year of 2012. And to mark the occasion, the torch


from the last time the Games were held in this country was brought to


Birmingham. Kevin Reide reports. 91-year-old Olympic cyclist Tommy


Godwin in Birmingham today with the two bronze medals he won in the


1948 London Games. Joining him, fellow cyclist Harry Reynolds who


later won silver. And future hopeful, Birchfield Harrier


sprinter Amelia Benjamin with the 1948 torch. The trio were


highlighting Birmingham's role in the Olympics as the city plays host


to both the American and Jamaican Athletics teams. The idea of the


Games coming to London and the effect it has had on Birmingham and


the Midlands from the commercial side is wonderful. And Tommy thinks


it will all be very different from when he was involved. The media was


not interested in those days. There was a little bit in the paper. The


team was put together two weeks before and you were told, you are


on the Olympic team. But what do today's youngster think it will be


like? I think more young people will come to the Games. It will


have a possible impact on sport in Birmingham. -- positive impact.


Meanwhile, here in Coventry, the excitement is also building, as


this city is one of the few venues outside London specially selected


to host some of the Games. We have got 12 Olympic football matches


coming up to Coventry, 250,000 people are expected to come to the


City. We are really looking forward to it. So for the Midlands, it is


roll on London 2012. Onto football now and the Wolves'


manager Mick McCarthy has angrily criticised the decision to uphold a


red card given to one of his players. Nenad Milijas was sent off


during the 1-1 draw at Arsenal three days ago and an appeal by


Wolves was thrown out. Nick Clitheroe reports. I wonder what


kind of a view he has got... This was a press conference with a


difference. Mick McCarthy decided to turn the tables and start asking


us questions. Does anybody think it was a sending off? He's angry that


an FA disciplinary panel upheld referee Stuart Atwell's decision to


send Nenad Milijas off for this tackle at the Emirates. There is


one person who thinks it is, one referee I have spoken to think it


is a booking. Who sits on the panel and who decides when everybody but


one in here and everyone I have spoken to think that is a bad


decision, who has compounded that bad decision by agreeing with them


and why would that happen? To back up his argument, he had prepared


another clip of what he suggested was a very similar tackle by Ronald


Zubar which did not even lead to a free-kick. But despite his anger at


the injustice, McCarthy is delighted with their performance


and hoping the players repeat it at Bolton tomorrow.


And you can keep up-to-date with your team's fortunes over the busy


Bank Holiday period on your BBC local radio station.


So it's out with the old and in with the new tomorrow night. But


what will the weather have in store It has been a thoroughly at soggy


affair for many of us to date. Quite a lot of rain and some mild


air bear it. You will certainly notice that this evening and


overnight. It will turn very mild indeed. It has been an


exceptionally warm year. The Met Office have just given as the


statistics. It was the second warmest year on record in the


Midlands. It was also the driest since 1960 fault. You might


struggle to believe that with all of the main debate! -- with all of


the rain today! It may be a bit misty over the hills but in our


there will come tomorrow morning said temperatures will be in double


figures. Tomorrow will be mild. Some outbreaks of light, patchy


rain and drizzle. A better chance of seeing something brighter in the


south and east. Look at the temperatures! Exceptional for the


time of year. If you are celebrating tomorrow night, there


will be a bit of rain at times. It will be breezy and very mild. Some


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