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Hello, welcome to the programme with Suzanne Virdee and Nick Owen.


Trees and power lines brought down as gale-force winds hit the region.


It is bad enough to score keep me awake and I have slept through


earthquakes. Pretty bad winds and lots of rain.


Police investigate events leading to the death of a couple in


Staffordshire. The local community suffers when something like this


happens.'s claims in a report that half of all young people today are


stressed all or most of the time. And proof yet again that Stoke is


the best in the business at Good evening, welcome to Tuesday's


programme from the BBC. Tonight, gale-force winds leave a trail of


destruction amid warnings they could be more stormy weather on the


way this evening. Dozens of fallen trees had to be


cleared from roads and power lines were brought down as winds gusted


up to 64 miles an hour in places. A popular tourist attraction in


Worcestershire was also badly damaged. Tonight, there are three


flood warnings in place and the Environment Agency is standing by


to erect flood depend -- look flood defences on the River Severn in


Shrewsbury. A major clear-up operation near


trailing 10 in Warwickshire. It is a scene repeated all over the


region -- and it Tredington. It was not just fallen trees


causing problems for drivers, heavy rain during the rush hour made the


new year return to work much more difficult. For some, there was


disruption of a different kind. At Sherborne near Warwick, engineers


were called out to repair telephone lines. Very strong winds overnight,


one dead tree came down in the lane outside and a couple of hundred


yards away from the House, another tree has split and broken a


telephone wire. That is why BT are here putting the new telephone wire


in. Across the region, there were scores of incident, the worst in


places like lemon tint where a fallen tree blocked the A445 for


several hours. In Shropshire, power cables were brought down. In new


start -- Newcastle under Lyme, another fallen tree caused delays


on the A519. He would have thought of Windmill could cope with a few


heavy gusts. Apparently not, this was the scene at the Avon craft


museum. It will be a major -- Major stepped back on the planned


maintenance that we had this year. This was the scene in Sri spree


this afternoon where rising water levels on the River Severn have


meant that the environment agency is having to erect flood barriers


in the next 24 hours. With the possibility of more stormy weather


on the way, today the RAC was issuing valuable advice to drivers.


In these windy conditions, it is better not to have a roof rack or


roof box on the vehicle. Also, look out for where you think there might


be cast of wind. If you are coming out from a patch protected by trees,


going over Highbridge, those places are risky. After the storm today,


there was also a rare appearance of the sun, and even some blue-sky.


Hopefully not the lull before yet another storm.


Peter joined us from the headquarters of the travel


information service in Birmingham. How are the good looking. Things


are looking -- how are things looking? Pretty snooze. This is the


M6 near Stoke. -- things are looking pretty good. They take


information from a variety of sources including things like


Twitter. They had been buried at busy today. What is the situation


tonight? It is not too bad. We have a one or two trees out around


stature, but everything else is OK. Were you surprised by it the


disruption? Not really, we were forewarned so we were on top of it.


What about other methods, the railways have been hit? They were,


the Charlton railway services were affected but everything else seems


back to normal. How important is things like this when it is


broadcast on the radio to drivers? Very important and it is a two-way


street. Three used wetter but the public information is just as


important. -- week used Twitter. The best piece of advice I have is


that do not take any unnecessary risks.


Our Trevor presenter has been monitoring the situation. -- hour


weather presenter. Still some damage caused? Yes, exceptionally


windy for us. This is the rainfall With this big batch of rain, we had


fairly strong and gusty winds. It was during the rush-hour that


things got really interesting. You can be -- pick out this vivid band


of colour, this was a violent weather front. We had some very


heavy rain and the wind arrows were converging on that line, us very


strong and dusty winds. During tonight, a further strong winds,


not quite as bad as it was but I will have a full first forecast


Police are investigating after a couple were found dead in their


home at the Staffordshire -- at the Staffordshire Moorlands. Detectives


are trying to piece together the events surrounding the deaths of


Mark Chandler and Karen Climpson. Forensic experts have been at the


scene all day. Scenes of crime officers have begun


and detailed examination inside and outside the House where the couple


were found. Police were called to the semi-detached home at Ness


Grove in Cheadle yesterday lunchtime. The alarm was raised by


relatives. Although the couple have yet to be identified formally,


police say they are believed to be Mark Chandler, 42, and Karen


Climpson, 46. Officers have done some house-to-house inquiries and


that is ongoing. There will be local neighbourhood offices in the


area to answer questions. This is a quiet residential street, not far


from the centre of the market town of Cheadle. Neighbours have been


horrified to find the area the focus of a police investigation.


is an awful thing to have happened. We feel very much for the family at


this time. To think that something happened -- terrible has happened


comes as a great shock. And also, the local community itself I think


suffers when something like this happens. The result of post mortem


examinations are not expected until tomorrow at the earliest. Police


have described this as an isolated incident. Forensic teams are


expected to be here for several days, carrying out a detailed and


thorough examination inside for evidence to help explain how this


couple died. CCTV pictures have been released of


a man police want to trace in connection with a murder of a


homeless man found at a. In Birmingham. It is thought 50 -- 58


year-old Richard Williams had been sleeping in the bus shelter when he


was subjected to a motiveless attack. Detectives are appealing


for this man or anyone who knew him to move forward. He was at at -- he


was at the scene moments before the attack. He may have seen something


but might not have seen it as as important as it was. We urge him to


come forward, it could be a crucial piece of witness evidence.


Two members of the same canoeing club have died in separate


accidents over the new year. 49 year-old Dave Smith but out of his


canoe in a family holiday in Cornwall, and Steve Wall died


during a private trip on the River Teme at Downton on the Rock near


Ludlow. A new report from a youth charity


has painted a bleak picture of the lives of young people living in the


West Midlands. The figures contained in the Prince's Trust


youth Index survey suggests that almost one in 316 to 25 year-old


always or orphaned field down or depressed, with more than half --


and always or often feel down or depressed, with more than half


feeling depressed all of the time. Donna Preece says a chaotic


childhood meant she did not do as well as expected at school and


struggled to find work but she has become a photographer. From a very


early age where my parents split, there was no routine. Being split


between two people entirely, it was very difficult for them to install


any regularity. There is no real structure. The Prince's Trust


helped her to set up her own business. Research published today


by the charity show the young people like her struggle with exams


and faced lower self confidence. This report highlights that beer --


and lack of structure and writing in the young person's life have a


devastating effect. And a direction as teenager can become a lost adult.


In a poll among young people, 27% of people told the charity they did


not support -- get the support they needed at school. 11% said they


thought their days lacked structure and direction when growing up. More


startling, 57% said they felt stressed all or most of the time.


This fitness class is run by former boxer Wayne Elcock. It aims to give


young people a sense of purpose and discipline. Many admitted they


would be lost if it was not for coming from here. I would use to


just stay at home or go out with friends but now I have something to


go out for, a purpose. It toughens you up, it teaches you to defend


yourself. Adults had been through what you are being -- going through


so they can give you good advice. The Prince's Trust helped 5000


young people in the West Midlands last year it with training or to


set up a business. With one in five young people unemployed in the


region, of this to the charity cannot reach everyone. Despite the


tough economic times, the charity says it aims to lend a helping hand


to even more disillusioned young people in the coming year.


The closure of Stafford Hospital's accident and emergency department


overnight has run smoothly over the Christmas holiday period say health


bosses, but they helped -- said that the mild weather had help.


There had been fears that neighbouring A&E -- A&E units could


An ambulance turns up at Stafford's Accident and Emergency department


during normal working hours, but the closure of A&E overnight


appears so far to have gone without a hitch. Managers are working to


reopen it, but hint that in the long term things may have to change.


The future sustainability and the long-term picture is something we


will work with the Primary Care Trust to determine whether or not


there is a demand in the future for a full A&E department or whether we


should look at an urgent care centre. Well-wishers leave messages


showing public opinion is very much in favour of an A&E. Interviews for


more staff take place in just over a week. It may seem unlikely today


but the unusually mild weather means the system hasn't been tested.


It may take a really cold spell to find that once and for all whether


the NHS can survive without a 24 hour A&E department in Stafford. In


perhaps the first signs of more stress in the system, new Cross


Hospital in Wolverhampton accepted 11 ambulances from Stafford last


night. We could continue at these levels but I think we have to make


the point Mike that the department we are standing in really doesn't


need -- it really does need to be up graded just to deal with the


normal casualty population. It is not that the purpose. -- it is not


that the purpose. Those campaigning for 24 hour opening at Stafford are


worried about a national agenda to downgrade hospitals, saying people


elsewhere were also told it was working well. They are sceptical


that three hospitals should make the same decision. Pontefract A&E


temporarily closed on November 1st, Central Middlesex Hospital did so


on November 14th and Stafford was on December 1st. We don't want to


become a statistic like other places have done. It is threatening


the services at the hospital. are urging the people of Stafford


not to take anything for granted. Michele is here now. So, the big


question now is will the accident and emergency unit open on time at


the beginning of March? It is impossible to say. I have


spoken to senior people in the NHS who do not think it will ever


reopen but at the same time the hospital remains adamant, although


they suggest that timescale may slip but what is clear that A&E


departments are changing for safety reasons and because they need to


save money and in the longer term we make get an urgent concern to


that is 24 hours a day but doesn't deal with life-and-death cases.


have been speaking to some patients, what have their experiences been?


have spoken to an elderly couple where the husband had a stroke on


Christmas Day and the ambulance of us turned up and wanted to take him


to Stoke-on-Trent but the wife was does but because she had never been


to Stoke-on-Trent. She knew New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton and


she picked them to take him there, and she followed on in a car. There


was a case of a teenage girl who had to wait is six -- you had to


wait six hours, and a five-month- old baby where there were issues


and it had to be taken to Wolverhampton which was


inconvenient. In all of these cases, there were no real issues. It could


have been worse, couldn't it? could have been and with a cold


snap like last year, we may have had large numbers going into the


accident emergency departments and we don't know whether they would


have been able to continue with those larger numbers.


Still to come in tonight's programme. After a frustrating ten


year wait, why Steven Spielberg's new film means so much to a horse


Plans for a directly elected Mayor for Coventry have been officially


opposed today. Councillors say they don't want a Boris Johnson-style


city boss. The rejection comes just five months before referendums in


both Coventry and Birmingham on the issue. Ben Godfrey reports.


This painting shows the Queen with the traditional Lord Mayor in his


refinery but could future works portray Coventry's answer to Boris


Johnson? The city's Council Chamber is used to its power struggles.


Mayors have taken their seats since the 1300s. But the Government's


desire for a Mayor elected by the people, has prompted something of a


revolt. The Labour-led authority says it can't and won't work here.


There is no appetite for it. As councillors, people don't engage us.


They engage us about a variety of issues about the quality of


services we provide. It is 2012, we don't need an elected mayor to


achieve that. In making its point, the Council's evoked memories of


the Blitz. It was, they say, local councillors and not an elected


Mayor who helped to rebuild the city after the Second World War. So,


a Labour council opposes the idea. A Labour MP, Bob Ainsworth, wants


the job if the people want him. current system of running our


cities does not work. They cannot provide the leadership cities need


in the modern age. If you walk the streets of Coventry, this is not


their fault, but ask the people of Coventry, ask them who the leader


is, who the deputy leader is, they don't know. Politicians have had


their say, but it is the people of Coventry and Birmingham that will


have their say and they will get the chance in May. If I was running


a city, I would like to be a businessman. I would like to see a


mare. If it is going to be good for Coventry and for people getting


work. It doesn't involve me, I'm not fussed about any of it. I don't


vote. They just all do the same thing, don't they? Stoke-on-Trent


had a directly elected Mayor but in 2008, it scrapped the idea of a big


city boss. One thing both sides of this debate can agree on -


challenging voter apathy. You can't bring power to the people if the


Talking about the power makes me think of darts. And that is the top


subject for Dan today. Darts world champion Adrian Lewis,


from Stoke on-Trent, says he's still in shock at retaining his PDC


world title. Lewis beat another Stoke player Andy Hamilton at


London's Alexandra Palace to retain his title. And as he's still only


26, Lewis hopes his second world championship will be far from his


last. A warning though, my report contains some flash photography.


It was the night that Stoke-on- Trent was the centre of the


sporting world. Two stars of darts went head to head for a world title


and both from the same city. The masses had gone to London's


Alexandra Palace to see Andy Hamilton, the contender... And


Adrian Lewis, the holder. Understandably, both showed nerves


at the start. But by set three, Lewis started to find his range.


Back-to-back 180s almost gave him a perfect nine dart finish. The


double escaped him on this occasion but it showed he was in it to win


it and gradually he asserted himself. By the tenth set, he was


ready to retain his trophy. Hamilton continued to show spirited


resistance but Lewis secured victory by seven sets to three. And


he was still reeling this morning. I am still in shock. I am delighted.


So proud of myself. It shows all the work and practice and


dedication has finally paid off again. But it was also a triumph


for the city of Stoke. With Phil Taylor still world number one, what


makes them so good? We have grit and character, a lot of


determination. That is key. The quality in Stoke-on-Trent is


fantastic. Adrian Lewis now aims to become the world number one and has


a long term goal of ten world titles. It'll be hard but Adrian


Lewis is from the right place to fulfil those dreams. What is it


about Stoke-on-Trent and dogs? Several factors, the legacy, Bill


Taylor was brought through 16 World titles, which will inspire people.


We know that the City is passionate to football and all sporting things


which has led to a vibrant scene. I spoke to some members of a club


today and a trim was play is there in the league, it is like Wayne


Rooney playing pub football, really, but they are very proud of the


City's achievements. Great stuff. I think it is all down to the


oatcakes. Aston Villa are hoping to sign


Robbie Keane on loan from the LA Galaxy. The former Wolves and


Coventry striker is currently training with Tottenham before


returning to America in March. Villa and Wolves both kicked off


the New Year with home defeats, as Ian Winter reports.


First footing at Molineux, for the first footy of 2012. New Year


resolutions include a nice new stand. And some blue sky thinking.


Reach for the moon. And failing that, Premier League survival. Not


to mention a fair crack of the whip from the men in the middle.


wonder what kind of view he has got. Last Friday, Mick McCarthy invited


the media to a film show, and asked how many journalists thought this


tackle deserved a straight red card for Nenad Milijas. Next Friday,


Mick would be entirely justified to ask the same question about Frank


Lampard's tackle on Adam Hamill. But referee Peter Walton didn't see


red, he saw yellow. Players have been sent off for that this season.


And that's why Lampard was still on the pitch to deliver the killer


punch two minutes from time. Frank Lampard should have not have put it


into an empty net. I don't want anybody else's players sent off,


but you know my beef with the authorities. Playing too many men.


If you are playing alert very as well, that's too many. Why didn't


the red card, out? Because the referee loves him. It is a big team,


that's why. No wonder they were upset. They'd just seen Chelsea


take the lead soon after the break, only for battling Wolves to


equalise through Stephen Ward six minutes from time, before Lampard's


late winner. Villa fans were also upset for a


different reason. Not once, but twice, poor defending gifted a goal


to Swansea. And another home defeat quickly killed off any seasonal


goodwill following their shock win at Chelsea. But hats off to Peter


Crouch. The Stoke City striker scored twice to beat Blackburn. And


reached a personal landmark of 100 league goals.


Tonight, BBC WM has full commentary on West Brom's trip to Spurs. The


Albion captain Chris Brunt will miss the game. He's having a second


scan on his injured ankle. And you can see all the goals from the


Football League on the BBC Sport website.


Steven Spielberg's new film War Horse is soon to reach our screens


and one horse lover from Herefordshire is looking forward to


it more than most. Revel Guest agreed to make a film with


children's author Michael Morpurgo over ten years ago. But a lack of


finances meant it never happened. Now, though, her labour of love has


paid off, as arts reporter Satnam War Horse, a tale of friendship


between a horse named Joey and a young man called Albert, set


against the back drop of World War One and Rural England and Europe.


But without Revel Guest from Whitney-on-Wye in Herefordshire,


Oscar winning director Steven Spielberg wouldn't have made his


latest film. He is a master at what he does. He has the same, if you


possibly can, and this time did, grew around him. Knowing what he


wanted as well as he did. So he could concentrate on the


intricacies of the shooting. It was lovely to watch. It was a chance


meeting as chair of the annual Hay Festival with Lee Hall of Billy


Elliot fame that made Revel's dream come true. In 2006, she'd made an


informal agreement with children's' author Michael Morpurgo to turn his


book into a film. We all met up at his house and we liked and trusted


each other. And agreed we would be the Three Musketeers, one for all


and all for one, and have go. was it like Signor work being


translated from pen and paper, you as a producer, on to screen and


said? I had very misgivings about Hollywood. I knew very little about


it except that it was jazzy. We have been treated unbelievably well,


I have, I am talking about myself, and was always welcomed on the set


and went to every different location, and it has been a delight


for and extraordinary and memorable experience.


And every man make himself and his country proud!


The film goes on general release on 13th January. There'll be a special


pre-screening in Hereford on 11th January in tribute to Revel's


grandson darling son, Tom, who lost his fight against a brain tumour


Ghosh, it looks good, doesn't it? I am looking forward to it.


Now here's Ben Rich with the latest For most of us, the worst pass past


but there are some further spells of wind and rain in the forecast.


Tonight, for some of us, it is going to turn windy once again and


there will be some showers. This big error of pressure in the North


East, that is what brought the stormy weather but last night. Now,


here, a little disturbance in the weather pattern, and it could turn


things windy again. This cluster of showers will go into the North of


the region. We could see wind gusts of about 60 mph just for a brief


time and then things calm down tomorrow morning with temperatures


dropping to about three. Tomorrow is a windy day but not as windy as


it has been. A bright start but we will see cloud increasing and some


outbreaks of rain working their way in. With the wind, it will feel


chilly with high ice 7 or 8. Through tomorrow evening, we have


winds picking up to the East of the Welsh hills, across parts of


Shropshire and Hereford drill with 60 mph gusts, and some heavy rain.


And with three flood warnings, that will not help the situation. If you


are concerned about flooding, call the Floodline. Through the day on


Thursday, things gradually calmed down. This ridge of high pressure


noses its weight in, so the end of the week is looking settled, but


the next few days, wind and rain. A look at tonight's main headlines:


Two men are found guilty at the Old Bailey of murdering Stephen


Lawrence. The teenager was stabbed to death at a bus stop in 1993.


And gale force winds have caused havoc in the region with trees and


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