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Hello, welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight: A �10,000


reward to catch the killers of a couple murdered in their own home.


The only offer these kind of rewards in the most heinous of


crimes. More than �35 million million worth


of metal stolen in the past four years in the region. We have seen


this as a massive problem. Braving the chill wind of the


economy, how Arts businesses are And aiming high, how we can all


enjoy some serious star-gazing this Good evening. Welcome to Friday's


programme. A �10,000 reward is up to track down the killers of a


murdered couple. Avtar and Carole Kolar were found by one of their


sons, a policeman, at their home in Birmingham. Officers say they are


following a number of significant lines of inquiry. Our correspondent


has the latest. The savagery of the two murders has


stunned the community in this prosperous part of Birmingham. The


investigation is painstaking. The postmortem into the deaths of Avtar


and Carole Kolar will now be announced tomorrow. The fact that a


husband and wife have been murdered in their own home has prompted the


crime stopper offer a �10,000 reward. It is really important that


people come forward and give us information about who might have


done this. Anybody who does give us any information either by phone or


through our website, it will be completely anonymous. What motive


for the killings? Little credence is being placed on the gangland


reprisal motive due to the San's police work. No threats have been


made to him all the family. The increasing number of street thefts


and burglaries. We are aware of a number of gold theft within the


area and nationally as well. We have seen an increase in doubt. It


is a line of inquiry that we are following up a. Gold has been a


safe investment but it is also fuelling crime with its high price.


Many Asian families often keep gold in their homes. Street robberies as


well and in one month last summer, 52 women fell victim to such


robberies. Be vigilant and consider safety at all time. Make sure your


doors and windows are locked, adequate lighting a. Things like


that. The most important thing to remember is your possessions can be


replaced but you cannot. The Kolars were deeply loved by their own


family and also at a nearby school. It was also attended by the


couple's and grandchildren. The sense of loss here today is


enormous. Everybody is devastated. We can't believe it to. Couldn't


believe it. In this day and age, what happens, I just don't know.


will cope though. Yesterday morning in the playground, most of the


children were crying. I am welling up just speaking about it, she was


a lovely lady. Every technique available is being deployed on this


double murder case. But it could be just local information, somebody


with a name, a suspicion, simply picking up a telephone and calling.


And Peter is that the West Midlands Police headquarters deceiving.


Still no news of the postmortem? -- headquarters this evening.


post-mortems have been carried out and I can tell you that senior


officers to have those results but this is a very highly sensitive


case and the police want to sit down with the whole of the Kolar


family to discuss exactly what happened to their beloved mother


and father. They want to make clear to the family all that information


before the release anything. there any more emphasis on this


investigation because it involves a police officer's family? No, far


from it. This was always going to be a high-profile case. The murder


of a couple murdered in their own home and some 60 detectives, that


is really standard practice in this type of murder investigation.


Finally, how common is it for Crimestoppers to put up a reward of


this magnitude? It is unusual. Rewards are usually between �500-


�1,000. But Crimestoppers kept repeating to me today that they are


independent of the police. This money has been raised by their own


volunteers and like so many people around the country, they have been


affected by this murder as well and they want to put up �10,000 in


order to encourage somebody out there to pick up the phone and make


that call. Thank you. Police investigating the murder of


retired teacher Betty Yates in Bewdley say people have spoken of


seeing her walking along the riverside. Until the earliest --


latest sighting was earlier in the day. They want to hear from anyone


who may have seen her near the river last Monday afternoon.


Coming up later, as plans for a new hotel for the Worcestershire


Country Cricket Club, does the City An investigation by the Sunday


Politics programme has found more than �35 million worth of metal has


been stolen across the Midlands over the last four years. A number


of MPs in the Black Country are now leading a Bill in Parliament to get


the wall surrounding the scrap Metal - crushed in the back country,


destined for places like China and there are huge amounts of money to


be made which is making metal theft a big problem for police. Just this


week, thieves stripped 200 metres of copper Telecom's cable from the


railway here in Walsall. British Transport Police to tougher


regulations for scrap merchant would help. It would help to


encourage scrap merchants to be more open with their dealings with


members of the public bringing in metal or cable. It would make them


more accountable and make our way of tracing metal certainly much


easier. The scale of the problem is significant. Figures released to


the BBC's Sunday Politics programme under the Freedom of Information


Act showed nearly 30,000 cattle theft in the region. West Mercia


saw little theft rise by 95% and the largest single theft was to the


tune of �100,000 in Staffordshire. One of the main examples have been


on the tram network and British Transport Police say more than


�300,000 worth of copper cable was stolen by thieves. It is those kind


of incidents that the Government wants to clamp down on.


The association that represents the scrapping organisation said asking


for photo ID would be better than banning cash. If we tried to ban


cash, it would drive it underground into illegal operations and


potentially to encourage the growth of organised crime. But MPs who


want to see an end to cash traders at scrapyard will be pushing for it


in a private members' bill in Parliament next week.


You can find out more about the rising problem of metal theft and


the changes that MPs want to introduce to the trade in scrap-


metal on the Sunday Politics programme at 12 noon on Sunday.


A father who appealed for calm after his son was killed during the


Birmingham riots has denied attacking a man in an alleged road


rage case. What is it-year-old Tariq Jahan appeared at the city's


Crown Court today to deny causing grievous bodily harm with intent.


The charge relates to an incident in Handsworth in July, one month


before the riots. A trial will take place in April.


An award-winning Indian pop singer who has been living in Birmingham


for 10 years has lost his fight against deportation. Rising star


Garry Sandhu was removed to India last night. The UK board in just


say say he had previously claimed asylum under a different identity


and had gone on the run -- the UK board Agency.


The Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi says he has been overwhelmed


by the support he has received since he has revealed he had cancer.


The founder member of the Birmingham heavy metal band has


been diagnosed with the early stages of lymphoma. In a message on


his website, he thanked fans, friends and colleagues and said he


was eager to start his treatment. Plans are being unveiled today for


the multi-million-pound redevelopment of Worcestershire


County Cricket Club, and the proposal includes a brand-new hotel.


One of the four or five that the council says the City requires. But


with hotelier's struggling to fill rooms already, is there a need or


desire for them? Our reporter is at Worcestershire Country Cricket Club


now. When it is light, this is one of the best sporting views anywhere


in the country. To imagine looking out of your hotel room window at


the best and that could become a reality as part of a �10 million


redevelopment plan announced today here at New Road. But as I have


found that, it to be the first of many new hotels to open in the city.


This is the iconic view of Worcester. A site that helps to


bring tourists to the city, helping to fill the 400 hotel rooms already


here. But according to research carried out by the City Council,


Worcester needs twice as many rooms and a better standard of hotels. To


attract both tourists and business. We think we have got a market here


that will support more hotels, that would meet the needs of both


business customers and those who come for leisure purposes. And so


we are very keen to encourage hotelier's to have another look at


the City. The findings of the report said the standard of


Worcester's hotels are generally of a low quality. Not one has an


official four or five-star rating. According to the Chamber of


Commerce, changing that is vital for the city and its economy.


Businesses in the City will use hotels outside of the city centre


and obviously they will then spend their money outside of the city


centre. That might be good for the people outside the city centre but


not good for those in the city centre. Away from hotels, there's


plenty of investment going on in Worcester including a new library,


sporting arena and multi-million- pound retail development.


Good afternoon, how can I help you? But the people running one of the


city's hotels save money needs to be invested elsewhere to fill the


already empty rooms. You get what you deserve like many things and


the city has got the hotels it deserves. Without the


infrastructure, the industry finds it difficult to fill the rooms that


it has got over a 12 month period. By this time next year, there could


be a new 120 bedroom hotel here. The first of a number in the City


but with many of was to's current hotels running below capacity, were


that there's a demand for them remains to be seen.


With me is the chief executive of Worcestershire Country Cricket Club,


David Leatherdale. You are was that man, can it cope with more hotels?


I cannot speak for everybody but when we speak to our spectators,


there seems to be a distinct lack of quality hotels and conference


facilities. We hope to build something that will produce not


just a quality hotel but facilities to allow businesses to come into


the city and use our facilities which will be totally beneficial.


new road is famous for cricket but also flooding and it will be right


by the river, that must be a concern for a new hotel? It would


have been if things had not been put in place relative to planning.


It will be raised above the flood plain exactly like the pavilion we


built two years ago so it gives a security. I know that the


Environment Agency have been consulted and are happy with the


situation and we should not have issues. What does it mean for the


cricket club itself? It will not have Test cricket but it will bring


bigger things here? The biggest thing we are looking at is


generating income more than just during the cricket season. Cricket


is key, that is what we are here for. Money generated will go back


into the cricket side. If we have got new facilities, we can do that.


If the plans to get the go-ahead and they still have to from


Worcester City Council, work will start in September and things


should be completed by 20th Thanks for joining us this Friday


evening. Still to come, we meet the men whose interest in space has led


to a pretty explosive hobby. And with the Stargazing events


taking place over the weekend, it looks like the weather is on their


side - cold and frosty but clear skies. I'll have a full weather


update later in the programme. Almost 1,000 social care staff


currently employed by Staffordshire County Council will shortly be


working for the NHS under plans which it's claimed will


revolutionise the way people are treated in their own homes. It's


the largest integration of health and social services in the country


and it'll cost the County Council �153 million, making it the biggest


financial decision they've ever made, as Cath Mackie reports.


At home near Uttoxeter, David Sargeant's regaining his


independence after a stroke last year. He's one of the first to


benefit from a new integrated care scheme, which he credits for


getting him this far. The care team worked very hard with the doctors,


the physios and the community. They made sure everybody was prepared


for me when I did come have. In fact, rethink there were five


carers here to me me when I first came hand. -- I think. And this is


what an integrated service looks like. The community nurses, the


physio, the social worker, the social care assessor, under one


roof. We can get patients out of hospital early and we can also get


them home and feeling happy. idea of services coming together


isn't new, but what they are saying here in Staffordshire is that this


will be the largest integration of health and social care in the


country. The idea is to get people out of hospital and provide care


for them at home. One in four ends up in hospital when they don't need


to. This is about increasing community capacity to treat people


in their own homes and therefore keep them out of hospital. But come


people be confident there would be this push to get them out of


hospital too soon? Yes. If they are there for clinical reasons, let's


get them there quickly. But let's get them out when they can. Unions


acting for the 970 social workers are also sounding pretty positive,


and are waiting to see how it works. As for David Sargeant, he's back


working part-time as a computer consultant.


And the Department of Health is expected to agree to the deal


formally next week. Setting up a new business in the


middle of an economic downturn may not appear to be the wisest idea


but it hasn't deterred the creative industries, which are reporting a


small increase across the UK. So why are people with a passion for


the arts willing to take a risk? Our arts reporter, Satnam Rana, has


been finding out. It's all hands on for Matt King and


Zaphira Cormack, who've ploughed �5,000 of their own savings into


opening up Centre Arts in Cheltenham. Matt, if you can move


up Toby's a long... They set up this art space in September last


year, after Matt was made redundant from the Herefordshire Music


Service. With a growing here and we have been growing since day one and


operating in the blacks in stay one. That is something I am actually


very proud of. -- operating in the black since they one. We did not go


to the banks for money. We have not been paid yet but that is yet to


come. But why take on such a huge investment in the middle of an


economic downturn? I suppose we took a risk but we are just so


excited to start up a business in the arts because chart and does not


have an arts centre and we were confident this would be successful


because it is something the community needs. They're not the


only ones taking a risk. The Blue Organe Theatre in Birmingham also


opened last September. advantage we had was the premises


and the fitting out been cheaper and also the interest rate being


solo meant for payments on the loan were a fraction of what they would


have been 10 years ago. -- the interest rates being it so low. We


found it more achievable. Across the UK last year, there were over


1,000 hundred creative local organisations. Let's look had


visual and performing arts. We have had a downwards decline and in 2009,


there were 1260 organisations compared to 1170 last year. That's


a reduction of 90 organistions over two years. But despite the small


downward decline in new start ups, people like Matt and Zaphira are


willing to take a risk. For For the first time this season, all


four of our Premier League teams will kick off at 3pm on a Saturday


afternoon. Wolves travel to Spurs and Stoke are away to Liverpool.


Robbie Keane is set to make his Aston Villa debut at home to


Everton. And West Bromwich Albion have also got a fresh face in their


squad to face Norwich, as Ian Winter reports.


Introducing Scott Allan - highly- rated midfield player. Just arrived


from Dundee United and just turned 20. One for the future, perhaps.


But that future starts tomorrow because Albion have nine players


recovering from injury, so Scott goes straight into the squad.


football hero was Paul Gascoigne because I used to go and watch him


every week. Those are my role models. Is there a touch of him in


your game? Not any pressure, but I would love to be as good as he was!


In spite of interest from an number of other clubs, Scott chose Albion


because they are in the league. Now it is up to the manager to make


sure they stay there. We have met briefly and we will meet again


today. Do you get the vibes from him that there is money out there


to spend? The chairman's goal was the same as ours. They have the


position that, if got something comes along that I should recommend


to the chairman, I will try to persuade him to do it. Hopefully,


he will back me. Is that the smile that says Roy's expecting the green


light to get busy in the transfer market, or the smile that suggests


it's highly unlikely? All will become clear in the next two weeks,


by which time his team might have completed a hat-trick of victories


against Norwich City in the Premier League and the FA Cup. But, as any


Albion fan will tell you, things don't always go according to plan.


And of course you can follow your team and hear full match commentary


and updates on your local BBC radio station over the weekend.


This weekend the BBC is staging a series of astronomy events across


the Midlands ahead of the return of Stargazing Live on Monday. Our


science correspondent, David Gregory, is in the centre of


Birmingham tonight, which will be the focus of one event. So what


will be happening, David? As you might expect, here in Birmingham,


the event will involve the BBC big screen. We will also be telling you


how you can find out about events taking place made you wherever you


live in the Midlands. But first, an interest in astronomy does not


always mean you end up taking out a telescope at night as part of your


hobby. Sometimes it can lead to interest in other things to do with


space, like rockets. In a freezing field near Coventry,


countdown has begun. I have got kids of 11 and 12 in my school and


they are taking up rocketry now. You could say this is an exploding


Thai hobby but I don't want to jinx our plans for lift-off! We set up


in 2000, 2001, as a group of like- minded individuals who had an


interest in space, astronomy, rocketry, engineering. And we


basically build and fly a model rockets, high-power rockets, for


fun. Now, you might be wondering just what sort of fuel these


rockets use. Well, they use what NASA uses. The fuel is commercially


produced, mainly in America. And it's basically exactly the same


constituency -- consistency as that that goes into the solid rocket


fuel boosters in a space shuttle. So the same as you get in real


rockets? Yes. These are real but they are just smaller. But like any


launch, there is always a worry it might not go to plan... Heads up,


we are launching in... 5, four, three, two, one, launched! Not a


hitch. And then, what goes up must come down, and the question is, how


do you track your rocket? Because it can land several miles away.


These guys have the answer. You just text the rocket and the


onboard GPS tells you where it is! And it's not only GPS on board.


They have cameras to give you a rocket's eye view too. With me are


some proper space scientists, astrophysicists, from the


University of Birmingham. What will be happening with the big screen,


Chiara Mingarelli? We will be starting off with some of short


films about looking for life on other planets. And then we will


have the night sky being shown. What else is going on, Katherine


Grover? The events of relief fund. You can build your own rocket and


see it launched from the sky. We have games and you can learn about


some of the research we do at the University. Will there be a


telescope surgery? Yes. You can bring your telescope and we will


have experts who can show you how to use it better or fix it, and we


will also have a telescope that has filters in it so you can look at


the sun without hurting your eyes. So, come down to Birmingham or go


to the website and you can find out all about everything taking place


all over the country. I would wrap up if you are going to


Yes. It has certainly been a frosty, cold Bay, but through the week, it


has been mild and we have had a transition. And this is a picture


of a rose in full bloomed. But none of that for the weekend. We have


high pressure at the helm so it will stay cold through the weekend


and next week. Plenty of sunshine today and a cold day, too. Any


cloud will disburse early this evening and we will see a


widespread frost under those clear skies. Pampered as well start to


plummet and dicta around -2 in most places, and even lower in some of


the more rural places. -- and dip down to around -2. It will be cold


and sunny through the day tomorrow and we are seeing some patchy mist


and for early on. But a lovely day ahead. Dry and bright with plenty


of sunshine once again, but cold again, with temperatures a touch


lower than today. Just four at best. For wind will be light. For the


rest of the weekend, temperatures will be staying very cold through


the rest of the weekend. We are not going to see the effect of these


until later in the week, so staying cold through the day on Sunday as


well with another frosty start. Temperatures at just four degrees


at best and the wind will be A look at tonight's main headlines:


The Prime Minister hints at a rethink of the plan to cut child


benefit for better-off families. And a �10,000 reward's been offered


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