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Welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines: danger is an on the run,


and armed gangs spring a man charged with murder from a prison


van. How did they know he was in that


fan? Warnings about travelling to


Pakistan as investigations continue into the murder of a Birmingham


father. They are saying not to travel by rail, calf. We would not


recommend travel to Pakistan at part of -- at all at the moment.


Come planes that one in five people in Coventry are now living in


Coventry. -- complaints. Pressure increases on Wolves boss


Good evening. Our top story tonight: a prison van is ambushed


and a prisoner described as dangerous is on the loose.


Three masked men forced the band to stop and used as much home --


sledgehammers. They released John Anslow who was on his way to the


court to face a charge of murder. One prison escort was hurt in the


attack which happened Where's the van left Hewell Prison.


The prison van at the centre of the drama, ambushed within seconds of


leaving the prison. On board, John Anslow from Tipton in the Black


Country, a man the police warn tonight the public should not


approach. Anslow is an extremely dangerous man and we urge anybody


who sees them not to approach him but to contact the police


immediately. There were three men in the gang, two of them with


sledgehammers, smashed the driver's window punched him in the face and


forced him to open up. The gang climbed back into their Volkswagen


Scirocco with John Anslow and we believe that a mile and a half-


awake they switched vehicles completing their escape in a silver


Mercedes. This was an operation meticulously planned. Some are now


questioning how the gang knew what van to target and when. How did


they know it was that particular present van? That is a question I


would ask. There are a lot of prison vans coming out on a Monday


morning? They are going to courts all over the country. John Anslow


was charged last week with a murder in 20th July 10 of Richard Deakin,


boss of a skip hire firm, at his home in Chasetown. Four other men


face the same ever charged. Hewell Prison, the last escape here was


three years ago. That such a dangerous inmate should be sprung


up so brazenly is as embarrassing as it is worrying me.


As you said in the report, it seems to have been a very well-planned


escape? And quickly planned as well when you consider he was only


charged with murder last week. The police say that John Anslow has


connections around the country which makes it more difficult for


them, especially in London. He also has connections abroad. It is


likely that he has fled abroad or is seeking to do so. Ken Clarke has


said that the pack showing Anslow is a top priority. There are


questions the of authorities will want to a packed, not least how did


began as such did information about the van? Also what about security


arrangements for transporting people to court. There has been an


incident room set up and anyone with information is asked to phone


The Prison van driver is said to have been treated in hospital. He


was not seriously hurt. The family of Richard Deakin, the man John


Anslow has been accused of murdering, have been informed and


are said to be shocked. The woman whose husband was shot


dead in front of her in Pakistan is calling on the UK Embassy to call


on them to do more. Travel agents are warning of the dangers of


visiting Pakistan. The Foreign Office is avoiding people -- is


advising people to avoid travel to some areas. There are many people


of Pakistani origin living in this A family photo in happier times.


Rubana Mukhtar and her husband Azhar Iqbal were shopping on


holiday in Rawalpindi, a trip which ended with their nine-year-old


daughter watching her father being shot dead. 12 days on, Rubana


Mukhtar contacted BBC WM to say the Pakistani authorities are not


giving them information. I have had a brief conversation with someone


from the British Embassy. He said they would contact the police


station and get back to me but I have not had any thing else. The


only way to get a move on is to put pressure on them. Her wait for news


may be a long one. In December 2010, Zafran Jamil was kidnapped. He was


released four months later after a ransom was paid. He suffers from


post-traumatic stress disorder. He told me that the Pakistani


authorities are unhelpful. England, we have the police


everywhere, the government, pushing to find us, to look for us. In


Pakistan, it is a totally different story. As far as they're concerned,


if you are gone, you are gone. Foreign Office says it is in


contact with the a verities in Rawalpindi. The family's MP is


investigating a response of emergency services. The hospital,


to start out with, refused to do anything until a male relative


signed the forms a major act. If you are taken to hospital, one


assumes that people will will try to save your life. Tonight, travel


agents are one the against unnecessary travel to Pakistan.


Their offence of terror Vision -- terrorism. We would not recommend


travel to Pakistan at all at the moment. Rubana Mukhtar says she


will not return home to step to bed until she returns more -- learns


more about the gunman who tuck her husband's life.


We are joined now by Midlands journalist Amardeep Bassey he was


thrown in a cell in Pakistan 10 years ago on suspicion of being an


Indian spy. That part of the world has been described as the most


dangerous in the world. Is it? is what Barack Obama described it


as last year. The problem with that region of Pakistan is that it


borders Afghanistan. You have a lot of people moving in and out of


Afghanistan in particular. How much trust cannot Rubana Mukhtar have in


the authorities to trace the killers of her husband? How much


trust can Rubana Mukhtar? system is very different to hear.


They're open to corruption. Some people are literally lost in the


system for years. She is going to find it difficult to get answers


and to get any kind of breakthroughs or developments at


any time soon. Inevitably, people of Pakistani origin from here are


going to want to go back to see family. It must be very difficult


knowing how dangerous cities. very difficult. They have to be


very careful, particularly those with dual citizenship. They can be


detained there at some length. They do have to be very careful. Do you


think it will get safer any time soon? It does not appear so. There


seems to be a lot of bomb attacks and a lot of violence. Because of


the strained relationship with America, the security situation is


deteriorating if anything. In other news, a court has heard


claims that a Roman Catholic priests sexually abused young boys


over a period of almost 20 years. Alexander Bede Walsh work in


schools and parishes across the Midlands.


The allegations date back as far as 1970. Our Staffordshire reporter


was in court. Alexander Bede Walsh, here on the right, faces 27 charges


in connection with the sexual abuse of eight boys between eight and 16


years old. It is claimed the abuse was committed in the 1970s, 80s and


90s. Mr Walsh was a priest at this Roman Catholic Church in Cheadle in


North Staffordshire. The court was told that one young boy was given


alcohol before he was abused and told that if he drank it quickly,


he would go to heaven. Opening the case for the prosecution, Robert


Price said the priest was able to carry out to be his because he was


respected and his position allowed him access to young boys. The boys'


families had absolute trust in him. Jurors were also told Mr Worsnop


has a previous conviction for making and -- Mr Walsh has a


previous conviction for making indecent images of children.


Alexander Bede Walsh denies all of the charges he faces. His trial is


expected to last between two and the three weeks. Jurors are begin


to begin hearing evidence from witnesses tomorrow.


A �10,000 reward is being offered to find the killer of a retired


teacher from Worcestershire. Betty Yates, 77, was found dead at her


home near Bewdley on 4th January. She had been stabbed and beaten to


death with her walking stick. Crimestoppers have put up the


reward. Villagers have been helping to


search for a 63-year-old woman who has been missing for four days.


Police are becoming increasingly concerned for the safety of Alethea


Taylor. She was last seen on Thursday. A search team including


hundreds of residents have set up a base in the village hall. What is


the latest this evening? Basically, the official search for


Alethea Taylor have been called off tonight. It is dark. Some villagers


will be going back out later just in case. She disappeared last week.


The police helicopter has been up, mountain rescue have been out.


Teeth inspector, Tel-Me, are you starting to give up hope? -- Chief


Inspector. A definitely not. Our concern is growing but we will


continue searching until we have covered all of the ground we can


cover. We will also look at whether she has travelled further outside


of the area. We will certainly not give up hope. You have found some


items of clothing. Both items are not hers. The one thing that has


made this amazing is the response from the villagers. You are one of


the people co-ordinating the search. Tell me why you have gone to so


much effort. This is a very close community. I would like to think


that if anything happened to me or anyone else in the village, we


would get the same support. The village support is tremendous at


the moment and we hope it carries on. You are not going to stop?


will keep going and keep going. Until there is a result on this.


have to say, as soon as we finish this interview, he will be going


back out and the official search will start again tomorrow.


More than 600 rescue animals may have to be destroyed according to a


charity which is facing eviction. Many are too old or frail to be


moved. The owner of the land insists that the sanctuary was only


supposed to stay on a temporary basis.


Janet Taylor shows me around the Farm Animal Sanctuary which she


runs at each jump. Behind many of the 635 animals here is a


heartbreaking story. He was by the side of are the road with the body


of his mother. There are also ponies, a donkey, pigs and rescued


battery hens. The charity relies on public donations to meet its weekly


running costs of around �2,000. After 14 years, they have been told


to leave. We have no way to go. A lot of these animals we would not


be able to move from welfare at reasons. A lot of the older sheep


have arthritis. It would be cruel to attempt to move them. Supporters


including the actress Joanna Lumley are supporting their legal fight


against eviction. After 14 years and occupation, we do not know why


it they have been served with an eviction notice. Janet says she has


never paid rent here and believed the 60 five-acre farm was given to


them for the life of the charity. Lawyers acting for the other side


have sent as a statement on behalf of their client. It says she has


owned Manor Orchard Farm since 1997 and is an animal lover and has


generously allowed the farm animal sanctuary to occupy it payment free


on a temporary basis for 14 years. With no where else to go, the


charity says the animals may have to be destroyed. What are you going


to do? I have no idea. It is an absolute nightmare. The matter will


be heard at the High Court in Bristol. In the meantime, the


sanctuary is still taking in Still ahead: An update on the


Coventry explorer who is halfway to a remarkable first.


Compared to that, we can hardly complain about our lot this week


but there is some snow, it could cause destruction and that is not


all. It is a week of plenty. Poverty in one of our major cities


is so bad that one in five people rely on food handouts. That is


according to charity workers in Coventry who warn if the Government


go ahead with the current planned cap on benefits, the situation will


get even worse. One of those trying to help the hungry is charity


worker Kervin Julien. Every week on a Sunday you'll find


me here feeding the homeless and hungry. Get in the queue, please.


Recently, the queues have been getting longer. I want to find out


why. Food banks like this one in Coventry are inundated. Volunteers


are feeding 150 for -- 150 mouths every week. These people are


desperate. In this city, win a 20 % of the population are living on the


breadline, that is after paying for food and fuel and everything else,


they have nothing left. At another centre I meet 18-year-old Alesha.


Most of the time it is a Packer sip meal a day. They are 17p from ASDA.


Today, Alesha will eat. She has enough food to keep her going for


three days. Oxfam says one in seven poor people in the West Midlands


regularly go without food to ensure that family can eat. I think,


without charity, a lot of people would start. After the intervention


of the food bank, Alesha's cupboards are full. Head


Jobseeker's Allowance has been reinstated but she is still living


hand to mouth. I would love to be able to cook a massive dinner or a


fry-up but I have not got the right resources and I cannot afford to


buy the stuff anyway. The sad cases, there is not just one Alesha, there


are thousands of people living in that sort of existence. It is an


existence. There is no purpose or meaning to it. They're just going


from day today, hand to mouth, wondering where the next meal will


come from. We can talk to Kevin now. He is in


our Coventry studio. First of all, tell us about Alesha's story. We


saw a picture of a baby. Is that her baby and if she parted from the


baby? Yes, she has a 17 months son who lives with her mother because


she does not have the resources to look after the child. What you mean


by resources? She had no cooker or fridge. We provided her with one


just before Christmas that she had nothing. It is heartbreaking to see


people queuing for food like that. You are saying one in seven people


in Coventry go hungry, is that really true in this day and age? It


is an incredible, depressing statistic. It is. We are watching


an alarmingly increasing number of people accessing our services. We


have been doing this for four years. We started with three or four


people, increasing to 10 or 20 but in the last year there has been a


massive increase, probably close to 200 % in the amount of people


accessing our services. You have got big concerns about the


government's plans to cap benefits, tell us why. They are talking about


the cap being at �26,000 which will be a lot of money to some people.


It is not just about the cap, it has all the other things which the


government is doing to transaction people on benefits, to manipulate


statistics so it looks like Les people claiming benefits than There


are. When he continued put these people through all of these hoops,


they go into debt which means they eventually turn up homeless. Thank


you. You can see more on this tonight on


Inside Out at 7:30pm on BBC One. We can talk football now. It has


been a miserable weekend for Wolves fans but Dan is here with a glimmer


of good news. Yes, Emmanuel Frimpong could be


back in training again, despite being injured in Saturday's defeat


against Aston Villa. It is a much- needed boost for manager Mick


McCarthy who saw his side slip into the bottom three.


Something hot and steamy to keep out the winter's Gill. There has


only been one hot topic at Steve Franklin's city centre hot dog van


today, Wolves and their worrying slide down the Premier League. The


news stands say it has left manager Mick McCarthy under pressure but


what do the fans think? We have stagnated. Mick McCarthy has done a


great job keeping us here but it is no good just keeping us here. We


want better performance as. Getting feedback saying things aren't


working out. To be honest, I think he is the manager for the job.


wins out of 20 games, not good enough and it is not improving. The


problem is, who do you replace him with? Everyone is entitled to their


own opinion but the reason the papers are saying pressure is


growing on which -- Mick McCarthy it is because Wolves lost to Aston


Villa on Saturday. The game was breathless from the moment Darren


Bent's penalty put Wolves ahead. Michael Kyte Lee put them level and


Dave Edwards scored after the break. But Robbie Keane scored for Villa,


and Manuel Frimpong was stretchered off after an accidental kick to the


head and after her -- Robbie Keane supplied the winner. There is a lot


more can go wrong, a penalty, sending off, I don't know where


Lady Luck was but she was not in a waltz shirt. But their rivals won


against Stoke City. Graham Dorans gave West Bromwich Albion a 2-1


victory which gives them a seven- point cushion over the bottom three.


Birmingham City have agreed to sell the winger Jean Beausejour to Wigan


Athletic. There is no word yet on the fee and he is yet to agree


personal terms but he could -- his last game could have been the


victory over Watford on Saturday. The on-loan striker Alex Nimeley


made a fine debut for Coventry City scoring his first goal for the club


in a 3-1 win over Middlesbrough at the Ricoh.


You can see a special report on Port Vale on Late Kick Off tonight


at five past 11. A Staffordshire teenager said she


had to pinch herself after winning a silver medal at the 20th Olympics


in Austria. 17-year-old Jazmin Sawyers from Stoke-on- Trent is the


brakemen in Britain's to woman bobsleigh team. -- two woman


bobsleigh team. This is the most exciting thing we have ever done.


Just to be part of the games is an incredible experience. To win a


silver medal is incredible. It is the highlight of my life.


Well done to her. You made a documentary about Basil D'Oliveira,


didn't you, Nick? He was such a significant figure. You cannot


underestimate that. This guy, when he was the top non-white cricketer


in South Africa as a youngster, he was not even allowed to watch


first-class cricket, let alone play. It is the equivalent of being here


and having to watch cricket at Lord's from a tree outside. You can


see why he came here and why to such a great story that he came and


helped begin the ending of apartheid. On 7:30pm on Inside Out


there will be more on a story. If you think it is cold outside,


explorer Mark Wood is halfway through his attempt to become the


first person to ski solo to the north and south poles. Today, he


took time out from his expedition to talk live via a video link to


pupils at his former school in Coventry. He is in Canada to begin


preparations for the second part of his challenge.


I am really pleased to say that I am standing at the Geographic South


Pole. 15 days ago, there was no disguising the euphoria as Mark


Wood made it to the South Pole on skis. Thanks to the wonders of


modern communication, today, the intrepid explorer made it into a


classroom at his former school, Finham Park in Coventry. Hello. How


are you? Ma Arca, 45-year-old former soldier and fire fighter,


has arrived in Ottawa and Canada are preparing to ski to the North


Pole -- Mark. Today was a chance for pupils to catch up on his


adventures. When you went to the South Pole did you get any


hallucinations? I did not hallucinate as in my mind and my


eyes seeing staff but I learnt how to put my mind in different places,


rather than the situation I was in. DDC any penguins? There were no


penguins, no birds, nothing at all lives within that area. For Mark's


Challenge started in the Antarctic on November 20th. About 650 miles


later he reached the South Pole. Now in February, he will walk


across the Arctic to the North Pole, a journey of about 480 miles. Even


then it is shorter, his next trek is considered more dangerous


because of moving eyes and polar bears. Mark has lost three stone


and plans to regain the wait before his North Pole challenge, I


challenge these people say they would not want to share. I would


feel lonely and bored. I cannot be without people. But they are full


of admiration for the adventurer. Best of luck, Mark. I do admire him.


Now the weather. I think it is a It is no easy task summarising this


week because there is so much chopping and changing going on. It


will be wintry. A warm front followed by a cold. When we are


caught in the middle we are in a warm sector so temperatures will


rise but temperatures are picking up. We are not quite there yet. We


have clear skies across as this evening. That will send


temperatures plunging down to-four Celsius in the countryside, minus


one in built up areas. That will give us a frost and mist and fog


patches developing. Later on tonight, we will see the clouds


thickening up from the West. There will be rain across most parts. It


is a wet start to the day across all parts tomorrow morning. Still a


raw feel to the day. As the rain comes into contact with the colder


air from the east, that could turn into snow over the hills. The rain


starts to clear-up by the afternoon. Quite cloudy across the region. On


the surface, the temperatures look good. You think, why was it so cold


and then mild? Tomorrow night is a lot milder. We are looking at it


being cloudy with some spit sun spots of rain. Temperatures only


falling down to eight Celsius compared to tonight's-four. On


Wednesday we are looking at highs I was on the Lancashire coast on


Saturday and it was very, very windy. Tonight's main headlines:


Plans to impose a benefits cap run into trouble in the House of Lords.


And an escaped prisoner is on the loose tonight after he was freed


following an ambush on a prison van in Worcestershire. He is described


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