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Hello and welcome to Midlands Today with Nick Owen and Suzanne Virdee.


The headlines tonight: Police investigate claims doctors agreed


to carry out abortions on the grounds of the sex of unborn babies.


Searching for Tom who disappeared on the day he'd celebrated his 21st.


Worsening obesity amongst children - could computer games and lack of


sleep be to blame? And TC's the new top cat at


Molineux as Wolves' hunt for a I have nothing to be embarrassed


about, this club has nothing to be embarrassed about, it has


Good evening and welcome to Friday's Midlands Today from the


BBC. Tonight - police investigate an


abortion clinic following claims doctors agreed to carry out


terminations on the basis of the unborn babies' sex.


The Department of Health's also involved in the inquiry after the


Calthorpe Clinic in Edgbaston in Birmingham was issued with a


Warning Notice following an inspection. Our health


correspondent Michele Paduano has the details.


Outside the Calthorpe Clinic today, religious campaigners maintained a


vigil against abortion throughout Lent. For them, abortion due to sex


is just another wrong. It shows the mentality people have, that the


child is a product, it is something that would determine for ourselves


and we choose and to elect for ourselves rather than a gift to us.


That just shows how widespread this is now. Abortion is available on


demand. The Calthorpe Clinic in Birmingham was caught on camera


Henin and -- undercover investigation. This doctor was told


the baby wasn't wanted because it In a separate development, the gay


equality development has made two inspections following a tip-off. I


understand that the Department of Health has been informed. The


police have been asked to investigate all areas of concern.


If this has happened, not only is it a criminal act, but it entail


the professionals deliberately falsifying the reports, which


necessarily accompany any termination of pregnancy. It is a


shocking thing to have happened, we will follow it up urgently and


thoroughly. When scanning Beefeaters, staff are where the


agenda may be an issue, and do not routinely tell the mother the


baby's sex. Whilst we wouldn't actively looked to sex a baby, if


it is something that is easily seen, and the woman once the information,


it is not something we would deny at any time. The Calthorpe Clinic


says it is conducting its own internal investigation. It cannot


say any more at this stage. What happens to the clinic while these


investigations are under way? just wandered into the clinic and


spoken to the general manager. She insists it is business as usual. So


whatever has happened, it has not been so serious that they ever to


close anything down. This clinic has been in existence by the 40


years, deals with thousands of patients across the Midlands, both


in Birmingham and Wolverhampton and Stoke-on-Trent. The one thing we do


know is that the doctor himself has been suspended pending their


investigation. Early indications along these investigations could


take? There are three separate investigations. The care quality


commission, that could be over fairly quickly. They talk about a


report being out shortly, it could be weeks or months. With respect to


the police and General Medical Council investigations, if there is


substance to them, they could take considerable time to investigate.


It is usual that if there are to be charges, it could be years rather


the mumps. -- than months. A still to come, could a work experience


scheme ease the problem? The distraught family of a man who


went missing within hours of his twenty first birthday celebration


are tonight asking the public for help in finding him.


Tom Haddock had enjoyed a celebration family lunch at his


mother's home. He left for a night out with friends in Lichfield, but


apparently never arrived. Police are now combing the area and


appealing for information as to his whereabouts.


A specialist team of officers searched the canal near Fradley.


Tom Haddock has been missing since last Saturday, where he headed off


for a night out. At home, his family face an agonising wait.


is really hard, because your friends are contacting all the time,


and you just can't... He has never done this before. He would stay


over at a friend's house may be overnight and come back in the


morning, but he has never been gone for this long without contact. It


is not like him. A Facebook page is helping the search. Tom's family


say he had thoroughly enjoyed a lunch to celebrate his 21st. That


night it is it off to Lichfield, deciding against waiting for a taxi


at home. It looks like he didn't get there, looks like changed his


mind. I don't understand it, he was so determined to go to Lichfield.


He got Picts from friends saying it where they were there not stop --.


He was last seen here at Fradley junction on Saturday night, when he


spoke to a boat on and asked for directions to Bromley Hayes. It is


and how's walk along the canal towpath. The mystery doesn't end


there. His sister had a missed call at 10:30pm, and a friend received a


call at 2:30am, but was into noisy and atmosphere to hear it properly.


From the moment he has gone missing, I have had a dedicated search team,


both land and water search. Currently we have a water search in


the canal, by the specialist shallow water team. Tom was


planning another celebration near his father's home near Cheltenham


this weekend. I am really confused by these missing hours. If I knew


where he was, I could deal with it, but just not knowing where he is is


just destroying us. Tonight, police confirmed no evidence had been


found in the canal. The search is now widening.


And if you have any information, please call the new police 101


number. And the grieving family of a man


who was killed when his moped collided with a lorry in


Staffordshire have appealed for the driver to come forward. Benjamin


Warrington, who was 24, was driving along the A38 near Streethay early


on Tuesday morning when he was hit by a tipper truck which didn't stop.


Could anyone else was travelling on the road on Tuesday 21st February


at 525, who thinks they may have information, please contact the


investigation team. A special plea goes out of the lorry driver of the


HTV to come forward. Benjamin is in our thoughts and will be badly


missed. Hundreds of unpaid work experience placements are being


offered in Wolverhampton in a new attempt to tackle rising youth


unemployment. Despite the economic climate, local businesses are being


urged to find time and money to nurture the next generation of


workers. And time is pressing - with a sharp increase in the number


of 18-24 year olds out of work. Is Mr White House available?


After being unemployed for three months, Jess Williams took a gamble


on unpaid work experience - the 21- year-old impressed and landed a job


at Wolverhampton Homes. I felt that the whole experience really


benefited me. It led me to feel I am significant and I can make a


difference. It enabled me to gain all the skills I need to help me


gain employment. For the first time, businesses in Wolverhampton have


signed up to offer hundreds of eight-week work placements. And


this is why. Queues around the block at City jobs fairs, and the


busiest Jobcentres in the West Midlands. If you are aged between


18 and 24, chances are you know someone who is claiming jobseeker's


allowance. In Wolverhampton, around 15% of that age group to just that.


And that is twice the national average. So can unpaid work lift


Wolverhampton's 1 is? -- won his? This week, campaigners dubbed the


government's unpaid work scheme slave labour. Tesco have since


decided to offer pay. The government insists it is helping


people off benefit and into work. It is to give young people an


opportunity. The Labour MP behind a separate Wolverhampton scheme says


it is voluntary. No one has to take part in this. We are making


opportunities available for young people. We hope they will take part.


Here is a chance if you want to take one. This is not about press-


ganging people into doing something. Low Hill - one of the most deprived


parts of Wolverhampton - will be among the first areas to be


targeted. We see, unfortunately, in the homes we manage, many people


who have been without a job in some time, and in some cases their


parents have to. So it is ambition in the next year to target some of


these placements to our tenants's sons and daughters. Jess Williams


is lucky - not all work experience ends in a job. But a little goes a


long way in a city fearing a lost generation of workers.


As the Government continues to push through its health reforms, the BBC


Sunday Politics programme has discovered the NHS in this region


needs to save almost �2 billion by 2015.


It is because of the increasing elderly population, the rising


price of drugs and new technologies. Our reporter has this.


Here in the West Midlands, the NHS streets around 3 million people


every month. David Brooks is in New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton for


a fairly routine hernia operation. But his -- it is not the first time


he has gone under the knife. I have had a cancer operation, heart


problems, I have had bowel problems which are came in for last year,


which I now continuing with the treatment, G two that. -- due to


that. That is going to be repaired. Who knows what will happen in the


future? At 60, Mr Brooks seems to have made plenty of use of the NHS,


but with the average age for men in the West Midlands now 77 and one in


81, the chances are he will lead the NHS in the future. The NHS, the


problem with it is because we are living longer, more of us are


needing expensive treatment and operations like these. But our


demand for better health care doesn't stop in the operating


theatre. There are around a dozen staff working in this laboratory,


making up cancer drugs like these, and they're not cheap. Add all the


cost and the fact there is less money in the coffers, and you get


the kind of pressure that means that by 2015, we need to save �1.8


billion from the health care budget in our region. I have noticed in


the last four or five years how technology and the advancement is


increasing, therefore the cost is increasing. We have got to be able


to find ways of saving money to be able to keep meeting that demand.


Health Wise, here in the West Midlands, we are living longer,


healthier lives, but financially, it seems the NHS is a victim of its


But we are joined by Patrick Burns. The first of all, how do these cuts


square with the government's promise to bring face the NHS?


Earth earth -- ring fence. They are having to produce these


huge amounts of money from within those existing budgets to foot the


bill for all these hi-tech, high cost of treatment that an ageing


population needs. It is really that they are victims of their run


success. This is coming at a time when the


government has got a fight on its hands with the health bill.


It is embroiled in the House of Lords, and we are hearing


speculation that some Liberal Democrat MPs are siding with Labour,


privately, saying that it should be dropped. On the wider front here,


help is one of those issues at the last election on which the


Conservatives regained the combatants of what we would


probably call Middle England, they won a 15 it seats in our part of


the country. What happens next? What


developments will there be in the next few days?


Fee the Royal College of Physicians is holding a meeting on Monday to


discuss whether or not they should come out against the proposals. I


will be talking to a Birmingham hospital consultant who has


triggered that meeting on Sunday. Sunday Politics is on Sunday on BBC


One. Hundreds of children are taking


part in the country's largest survey into how a computer games


and a lack of sleep on having an impact on childhood obesity.


One quarter of 11 year-olds in hour region are overweight. The charity


behind the study says many face a future of heart disease and


diabetes. It is the first lesson of the day,


and one which could help change the health of the nation's children.


Sixth-formers at Bordesley Green Girls' School in Birmingham


supervise younger pupils in the country's largest-ever study into


the effect of sleep deprivation on adolescence. It is linked to


obesity and how much technology is to blame.


We are no longer just interested in TV viewing, we are looking at


laptop and internet use, social networking, video gaming, reading,


music. The World Health Organisation


estimates the meet -- rate of the Beastie in children has tripled in


20 years. In the Midlands, one quarter of 11-year-olds are obese.


Sleep deprivation and obesity could be linked through a number of ways.


There is life style, a lack of sleep leading to a snacking and


unhealthy eating culture. There is also an interesting hormonal


factors, and we know there are certain hormones which change in


our bodies if we lack sleep, and they could also play a part.


These watches will be fitted to 800 children across Birmingham, which


they will wear for a week. It will monitor their sleep


patterns, for example, how often they wake up in the night. They


will also fill in this diary. I go to sleep at 9:30pm, and I


think I get a lot of sleep. I watch TV before I go to bed, and


I go on the laptop. It is an eye-opener for the


children themselves to see what factors affect their sleep.


They will be monitored for six years. If the links are confirmed,


researchers hope it will lead many to make lifestyle changes.


Still ahead, the countdown continues to the London Olympics,


and we are with young athletes at the Black Country Games.


And it has been a week of rising temperatures. Coleshill was the hot


spot yesterday, but what goes up I thought he would say that!


Find a see -- finally some news on a new manager at Wolves.


The search is finally over. At least until May. Mick McCarthy's


right back -- right hand Madhur Terry Connor has got the job until


the end of the season. Did has been a frustrating time for Taoiseach


fans, but today, chairman Steve Morgan insisted the club has


nothing to be embarrassed about. Wolves.


They have searched high and low to the north and the self-. The a


couple have turned them down. But finally they found the answer


on their own doorstep. We set out to find the right man,


and we believe we have. Certainly until the end of the season. He has


been in the Premier League for the last three seasons and was there a


few years ago, so we have a man with Premier League experience.


It is a great honour to be asked to look after the team for the


remainder of the season. We have unfinished business. We have done


two seasons where we have managed to survive, and we want to make it


three. If Terry Connor was almost


speechless, so were many Taoiseach fans, who wonder why some


candidates are not willing to run over hot coals to get the top job


at Molineux. -- Taoiseach. How frustrating is is that the


other people do not want the job? There have been a lot of untruths


spoken in the press over the last 10 days or so. They have been some


complete rubbish that has been printed.


How much the chief executive and chairman of argued to the contrary,


the efforts to recruit a new manager had appeared ham-fisted at


best to many supporters. But now, after 12 days of speculation, they


have finally chosen the sitting tenant all along.


I think the process we followed has been a really diligent,


professional approach in appointing what is, as Steve has said, a


really important appointment. I have nothing to be embarrassed


about, this club has got nothing to be embarrassed about. This club has


got everything to be proud about. We have handled things right and


proper all along. The players say that -- and Terry,


says he has not yet earned the right to be called gaffer. -- Terry


Connor. The internet has been alive with


comments from fans over the last few days. There has been a lot of


criticism. Lot of criticism on Facebook from


the Wolves fans. One person says they are a pathetic,


laughing stock and were in favour of sacking Mick McCarthy, but to do


it without a plan is a shocking. Andrew says it is a joke. No


leadership or direction, and he accuses the club of trying to do it


on the cheap. There is one from Christopher. He


says he does not want to judge Connor without giving him a chance,


and he will support him because he supports Taoiseach. -- Wolves.


The very best coverage of all our teams will be tomorrow on your BBC


local radio station. It starts at 2 o'clock.


One of the biggest motocross events of the year is being held in


Shropshire on Sunday. Riders from 15 countries will travel to


Hawkstone Park for the Hawk International event. Local riders


will be keen to make their mark. A these are days of nervous


excitement for Ray and Nathan, young riders facing a daunting test


on Sunday. Both have been British junior


champions, but they have got different reasons to be nervous.


23-year-old Ray Rowson is from Shrewsbury, but always seems to get


injured at Hawkstone Park. I have broken my back twice, my


wrist, my collarbone, everything, really. But I enjoy it, so I will


not stop. It does not would be off. 17-year-old Nathan Watson's concern


that is because this is his first season in the senior ranks.


It will be a big jump. I am used to racing 16 year-olds and 17 year-


olds, adding up to the professionals is a big step. They


are a lot rougher. The middle of riders have had some


early practice. 120 of the world's best riders will be here at the


weekend. It is recognised as the top


international in Europe, and it creates the biggest crowds, and the


top riders love coming to England, and Hawkstone Park.


Up to 7000 people are expected to come here on Sunday, just do not


expect a quiet day in the country. You are not stuck for motorsport in


Shropshire, because an institution that has been going for a quarter


of this century is ending this weekend. But it is Telford Ice


speedway. It has been going since 1986. The redevelopment of the ice


rink in Telford means it will no longer be suitable for speedway


racing, so catch it while you can. Earlier, are we highlighted child


obesity. Today in Walsall, the emphasis was on getting on people


into sport. More than 1100 youngsters took part in the Black


Country Games, part of the government's commitment to use


London 2012 as an inspiration to Over 1100 children up from 71


schools competing in 12 sporting activities. These are the Black


Country Games. I really enjoyed it, especially


coming out to play sport and playing sports that I love.


It has been brilliant, how many people there actually are.


I like bouncing the ball and catching it. That was the best


thing. From volleyball to netball, rugby


to running, just some of the sport taking place. These youngsters have


already battled their way past other schools to make the Games,


that they were aiming to be crowned the best in the Black Country.


It is about taking part had been inspired to take part in the school


games, but what a great year to do that in an Olympic year.


Last year, the Black Country was one of nine places to hold the


school games. But the success has meant that this year, There are now


49, giving every schoolchild in the country the opportunity to take


part. If they needed some inspiration, a


former Olympian and Commonwealth gold medal-winning swimmer Adam


Whitehead was there. I was very average at school, I was


not even that good at sport, but through hard work and determination,


things are possible. For the youngsters, medals to


represent their success. The winners will represent the Black


Country in regional and national finals.


I was watching cricket earlier. It is only about six weeks and still


the start of the season. -- until The weather has been a bit like


Springer this weekend. But it is still only late February. We will


see temperatures dropping a way through the next couple of days, so


I think to some things up, yes, it will feel cool, but there will be


some sunny spells. That cool where there is working in it from the


north. -- weather. Temperatures are still way above what we should be,


but behind the cold front, there is some colder air starting to work in.


That will be the case through this evening and tonight, so


temperatures could drop below enough for a touch of frost. But


further south we will hold on to the remnants of the weather front.


There may even be a bit of rain. We will lose the front of tomorrow


morning, and it will be a fairly pleasant day. There will be some


cloud floating around, however. Well the temperatures are as well


down on what they have been, they are still above average. There


could be some frost into Sunday, but Sunday is another fine day.


There is a bit more cloud in the afternoon. Temperatures again will


be good. If you off to the motocross event at Hawkstone Park


in Shropshire, it should be dry with some cloud by the afternoon.


You can see the dip in the temperatures through the weekend.


Watch what happens as we go into next week. They will start to rise


once again. It looks like by Tuesday, we could again sea


temperatures into the middle of the teens. It looks like only a


A 65-year-old a former businessman is on his way to America, the


latest Briton to lose his battle against extradition.


Police investigate claims doctors in Birmingham agree to carry out


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