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Welcome to Midlands Today. Our main headlines... As JCB offers jobs


hope to young apprentices, the boss calls on the Chancellor to deliver


a radical budget. No gimmicks, just let's have a policy that we all


understand. Patients are dying needlessly because a quarter of


junior doctors do not know how to diagnose a specific type of stroke.


Is it time for Synchronised to give us an upset in the Gold Cup? And


meet our new Press Pack, asking the questions that matter. Do you have


a message for Usain Bolt? But his faith in the Lord that he is going


Welcome to Thursday's programme. Tonight, it is time for radical


action, that's the message from one of the region's leading


industrialists to the Chancellor, ahead of the Budget next week. The


intervention from Sir Anthony Bamford comes as his company, JCB,


announces plans to recruit more than 100 new young people this year.


Three apprentices embarking on New Careers, just as �3.5 million is


invested in jobs for young people at JCB. In fact, these apprentices


are actually 16-year-old triplets, all training to be welders. It is


very hard to get a job now, it is challenging. In the long term, it


is going to benefit me, it is going to be a really good career choice


for me. Hopefully stay here and progress through the ranks. As part


of its initiative, called Young Talent, the number of


apprenticeships at JCB is being doubled this year. It comes as the


chairman, Sir Anthony Bamford, has issued a report direct to the Prime


Minister, in which he calls for a manufacturing champion in Whitehall,


and says it is time for radical thinking. That radical approach to


revitalising British manufacturing could involve looking to Germany.


Sir Anthony Bamford says, in economic terms, Germany puts the UK


in the shade. Every month we are importing more than we're exporting.


It is terrible. And yet Germany, just across the way, can do it.


There is no magic to it, they have just applied themselves, as a


policy, written or not, that is understood, about education, about


vocational training, very well understood in Germany. The Budget


is imminent - what would you like to see from the Chancellor? From a


business point of view, reducing corporation tax would be a good


thing, and they should continue to do that. But more than anything, I


would say, no gimmicks, just let's have a policy that we all


understand. According to JCB, a coherent long-term strategy for


manufacturing is required, and they want politicians from all parties


to act as a matter of urgency to protect British jobs. There's a


special programme on the state of the economy in our region next week.


Our Economy: The Midlands Today Debate is on Monday night here on


BBC One at 11:05pm. Good to have your company. Later in the


programme... We will be in Wolverhampton, where workers at the


Goodyear Dunlop tyre factory are hoping for a secure future. But


first, patients are dying needlessly or being left with brain


damage because a quarter of junior doctors do not know how to carry


out the two vital tests needed to diagnose their condition. People


going into A&E complaining of severe and violent headaches are


being missed diagnosed as having my greens, when in fact they have a


life-threatening brain condition. This report from Michele Paduano.


In May 2010, Caryl Hinton went momentarily blind and deaf, she


vomited. Her family is taking legal action now after the junior doctor


failed to organise a head scan. 16 days later, she dropped dead.


would not wish it on anyone, my family completely fell apart after


it happened. Me and my brother were homeless for six months, our family


was completely destroyed. 17 months earlier, June Harriman was told she


had a my grain and was sent home from hospital in Staffordshire.


Within days, she had died. There is a little blister on his blood


vessel, and that was the cause of the haemorrhage. This eminent


surgeon helped the family of June Harriman get compensation. Back in


1997 he wrote a paper about the need to scan patients with a sudden,


agonising headache, also known as a thunderclap headache. If you have a


sudden, agonising headache, you should be screened for the


possibility of a brain aneurysm. If you walk into hospital with a


sudden, agonising headache, the chances are, you're going to walk


out. If you come in with a coma, the chances are you're going to die.


Extraordinarily, while doctors were failing June Harriman, researchers


at the same hospital were researching the failure to diagnose


this condition. We put in a Freedom of Information request to try to


get the findings of the study. It was a survey of more than 100


doctors in A&E. 20% of junior doctors had never heard of a


thunderclap headache. Only 20% were discharging patients after ACT scan.


84% did not know how accurate a CT scan can be in the early stages.


have got no experiences in anything but I will, but when I heard of


those symptoms, I would have thought there was something wrong.


I do not understand how somebody who has done seven years of


training cannot feel the same way. Over the years, several patients


have been missed, with this condition. One law company is


currently dealing with five cases. He includes Dudley, Shropshire,


Stafford, it is something that we feel frustrated about, because we


cannot see that there is any action being taken to prevent future


deaths. It is felt that with education and national guidelines,


the situation can be improved, but that they are needed, and quickly.


Following that report, lawyers representing the families are


waiting to the Secretary of State for Health, urging action to make


sure that there are fewer unnecessary deaths. Three months


into a murder investigation, police have doubled the reward for


information about the death of a man in the firing was to. 52-year-


old Andrew Heath was found dead at his home in Warndon in December. A


reward of �20,000 is now being offered. West Mercia Police are


treating the fire as a suspected arson attack. This has proved to be


a difficult investigation. It is still very active, even though it


is in the fourth month following the incident. There are more than


40 officers on the investigation, and we are still following a number


of lines of inquiry regarding the murder of Andrew Heath. A candlelit


vigil to commemorate the first anniversary of the uprising in


Syria is taking place in Birmingham this evening. Scores of Syrian


exiles live in the West Midlands, and they have been having to go


through harrowing television pictures from their homeland. This


report from Bob Hockenhull. About 60 people have gathered here,


including Syrian nationals. It comes on the day that 200 groups,


from 27 different countries, have called for a UN resolution to


demand that the Syrian Government should allow humanitarian aid into


the country, and stop bombing civilians. With me now is Abdul


Omar, who has organised the vigil tonight. The people who were of


Syrian extraction here, are they able to contact their relatives in


Syria? It depends on which part of the country their families are from.


People in the centre of Damascus are likely to be able to


communicate. Those people in places like Homs and Deraa are on the


opposite end of the scale, communication blackouts are


extremely common, in fact, they are now the norm. Do you think


humanitarian aid will be allowed into the country soon? From what we


have seen on the news, it is quite are -- quite bizarre to expect


those responsible for committing the crime to deliver the aid as


well. I am expecting some kind of a different ploy from the Syrian


regime, to use it as a propaganda coup, but those who are suffering


will continue to suffer. Just quickly, I can speak to Ellis


Brooks from Amnesty International - could you have imagined that the


situation would get so bad one year ago? No, the determination of


people to do this for a whole year has been amazing, in spite of the


crackdown. There are now 3 million people, through Amnesty


International, who stand with them. We have just issued a new report


about the torture which has been done. Amnesty International is


bearing witness to those issues. 8,000 people have died so far. The


question on everybody's lips here - how many more have to suffer? Three


former pupils have been threatened with legal action over comments


they made about their school on the social media side Twitter. They


have each been landed with a bill of nearly �700 to cover the legal


costs of the schools after lawyers were brought in. One current pupil


has also been suspended as part of the row. This report from Steve


Knibbs. Twitter works by people publishing their thoughts in 140


characters or less. But three former students and one still at


The Crypt School went too far, posting what have been described as


highly offensive and libellous comments about members of staff.


The school threatened the users with legal action and asked for


costs of �680 each. The pupil still at the school was suspended for a


day. The head teacher told me his actions were proportionate. We sent


them a warning letter, which said, remove the tweets, refrain from


posting things like that again, otherwise we will take legal action.


But unfortunately, when you involve lawyers, it brings costs. There has


been a lot of reaction to the story. One user said... But communications


experts say writing comments on the Internet is subject to the same


laws as those covering journalists. People like journalists have been


given legal training in things like this. Of course, not everybody has


that. Suddenly, you have got thousands of cities and journalists


who can write whatever they want, or think they can, and then there


are repercussions. -- cities and journalists. I have spoken to the


people, and they feel they have been hard done bye-bye the school.


-- citizen journalists. Having said all of that, they go on to say, now


that we have seen the consequences of our comments, we realise that


what we put was a mistake, in hindsight. We have apologised to


the school. Still coming up, we're counting down to the Gold Cup. And


one more day to go before the rain comes tumbling down? Let's hope so,


we could do with some, but amounts will be variable. Catch-up with the


details later. Before that, Goodyear Dunlop has


unveiled a �6 million revamp of production facilities at its


Wolverhampton factory. The firm has gone through some tough times over


the last decade, with hundreds of workers losing their jobs, but it


is reaping the benefits of an upturn in the UK motor industry.


The 300 strong workforce at Goodyear Dunlop in Wolverhampton


took an hour off the factory floor to join in the celebrations to mark


the end of a five-year, �6 million investment programme. It has been a


long journey, the tyre industry has a lot of challenges. This


investment shows exactly the kind of commitment that we have to the


future of our business. The factory retreads truck tyres and makes


rubber which is sent around Europe to be made into tyres. This plant


is a fraction of what it was 15 years ago, but for workers, the


redevelopment was morale-boosting Euros after challenging economic


times. That amount of money, it shows that people in Europe think


we have got a good future here. shows there's opportunities to


progress. At 54, I cannot see me working anywhere else. I love


working for this company, I have worked for them for such a long


time, and this guarantees my future, hopefully. The factory is just as


short distance from where Jaguar Land Rover are investing in a new


engine plant, on the i54 business park. This is a massive shot in the


arm for the City of Wolverhampton. We have got a significant


investment in Goodyear, but also we have heard last year, Jaguar Land


Rover building a multi-million pound engine plant. 4,000 people


once worked here, but decreasing markets and moving production


abroad means there are now 300. But workers and the company as a whole


say the �6 million revamp is an investment in the future. It is


time for the sport now. We're counting down to one of the biggest


days in the racing calendar. Yes, tomorrow is the Gold Cup. It is


like Christmas Eve today for raising funds. And there has been


an emotional victory for Herefordshire jockey Tom Scudamore.


He won the Byrne Group Plate, a bored Salut Flo. It is just his


second ever we know at the Festival. Take a look at the passion. So, to


the Gold Cup tomorrow. It is a clash between current champion Long


Run and Kauto Star. But there is no shortage of rivals hoping they can


grab the headlines away from the big two. And those rivals include


Synchronised, trained in Gloucestershire by Jonjo O'Neill.


He is a quirky type but he keeps on improving. Let's be honest, he is


not the best-looking horse you will never set eyes on. With his


distinctive white face and K join - - and long ears, Synchronised does


not exactly stand out. I don't know wattages, but he is not a good-


looking horse. He is like a ladies' hunting horse, really. But he is a


great character. And it is the same on the gallops, at Jackdaws Castle


in Temple Guiting. But what really matters is how they run.


Synchronised has already won a Welsh National and a Midlands


National. Synchronised was always considered a Grand National


contender, but steady improvement over the last few years means that


he is now going for the biggest prize at the Cheltenham Festival.


He is in the form of his life, he is in great shape. So long as he


surprises me a little bit more this season, that would be grand.


the stable has already had two Festival winners this week,


including Alfie Sherrin, who won the big handicap chase on Tuesday.


Synchronised has great stamina, so he would have preferred softer


ground to blunt the finishing speed of some of his rivals. But the Gold


Cup is not a beauty contest, and he will be battling on right to the


line. You can keep up-to-date with awe of the action tomorrow on the


For thousands of speedway fans, the sport's winter hibernation is


finally over. New signings are being paraded, and new owners are


outlining their ambitions. When the tapes go up on Easter weekend,


three Midlands teams will be vying to lift that trophy. This report


from Nick Clitheroe. No brakes, no fear, is the motto. You have got to


have strong nerves in this sport. That's why speedway attracts a very


loyal army of fans. You just look forward to getting back to seeing


them race, the smell, everything. Everybody is excited, the team


looks very strong on paper. If we make the play-offs, we have done


really well. The Birmingham Brummies only entered the Elite


League last season. But expectations are high. The level of


interest on this media day reflects the optimism at this club, that


they can genuinely be title challengers. We want to win the


Elite League. It is ambitious, but because of the way the points set-


up happens in the Elite League, anybody at any time has a chance of


winning. Tom Court also under new owners are the Coventry Bees,


champions from 2010. They had a horrible 2011, in which their


League status came under threat. A calmer seas and off the track will


give them a better chance. season. Wolverhampton are also


seeking a change of fortunes after a disappointing way last year. --


after a disappointing year last year. Last year was a bit of a


comedown for us, but it is difficult to maintain a high


position year after year in this sport. But we are looking to get


back into the top four at least this season. All three clubs will


meet in Midlands League races next week. It must be spring term, the


speedway season is getting under way. And three weeks today, the


cricket season starts as well. Now, does the social networks like


Facebook need a bit of a geography lesson? -- social network site.


When users update their Facebook status, the location can often be


spectacularly incorrect. Our correspondent has been


investigating, and he joins us now from, well, what could be said to


be Chaddesley Corbett... Indeed, I have spent the afternoon enjoying


the delights of the lovely village that Facebook calls it Chaddesley


Corbett. Chaddesley Corbett is a small village of 1,400 people in


Wyre Forest in Worcestershire. It has shops and the Post Office and a


sports club located in Fox Lane... OK, actually, this is Birmingham.


And this is Chaddesley Corbett. The two are 16 miles and a 30-minute


drive apart, so why does Facebook keep confusing them? This is


something I did a few days ago in central Birmingham, at a staff


leaving do. It is a photo I took, and it clearly says I am in


Chaddesley Corbett, and I can promise you, I wasn't. Frankly, the


16 miles is the least of it. These are the differences which are


cropping up on Facebook. For some viewers, the difference can be as


much as 150 miles. Just what is going on? Absolutely ridiculous,


what does Facebook say about this? Firstly, we know the difference


between Birmingham and Chaddesley Corbett. Facebook told us in a


statement that occasionally, inaccurate results will be returned.


What is happening is that Facebook are using the IP address of the


computer or phone, which is a great way for things in cyberspace to


find out where other things in cyberspace are, but it is not so


good when you try to translate it into the real world, it is not


completely accurate. So, how long have they got it? As you say, on


our Facebook page, Daniel lives in Leek, but Facebook often puts him


in Guildford, about 187 miles away. We think that is the biggest error,


but if you know better, why not tell us on our Facebook page?! You


will find a link to a blog which I have written about the subject as


Across the region, thousands of children have spent the day


covering the news for BBC News School Report Day. Amelia Benjamin,


from Arthur Terry School up in Sutton Coldfield, interviewed Lord


Coe in London. It was a big day for Amelia, who hopes to compete in the


2016 Games. And in Coventry, there was a royal visit earlier in the


week, Princess Anne visiting the Whitley Academy. The children were


on hand to report the visit. In Birmingham, pupils from Holyhead


School have been investigation -- investigating preparations in the


city for the arrival of the Jamaican athletics team this summer.


Jamaica is a nation of fewer than 3 million people, but the country


produces some of the world's greatest athletes. This is the


University of Birmingham, and this is where the Jamaican team will be


staying. We are at the University's running track to check the


facilities and make sure they are suitable for the Jamaican team. Is


it true they have been asked to provide extra long beds because


some of the team members are so tall? Yes, there are five or six of


the team who are particularly tall, so we will be bringing in some


extra long beds for them. I will be part of a team of volunteers


helping the Jamaican team. We can take them around the Bull Ring, we


can take them to the sporting stadiums around Birmingham, we can


show them around the city and hope that they enjoy their stay. In the


last Olympics, the United States athletics team won seven gold


medals, and the Jamaican team won 6. Together they're the best athletics


teams in the world. In Handsworth, excitement about their arrival is


building. Preparations for lunchtime are under way at this


community centre. Today, the talk is about one thing only. I feel


very proud. I live in Birmingham and I loved Birmingham very much,


and I am really glad that they are coming. Do you have a personal


message for Usain Bolt? Trust in the Lord, put his face in the Lord,


that he is going to be the winner. -- put his faith in the Lord.


Jamaican, I am British, and proud. Don't let us down. Having the teams


here will be very prestigious for Birmingham, and it seems that


wherever they go in the city, they We are joined now by two of the


stars of that. Did you enjoy it at stake yes, it was fun and exciting,


and it built up our confidence. met some characters. Yes, it was a


really good opportunity to develop our skills as young reporters.


have got another challenge for you, we thought you could try your hand


at presenting. That would be great. Of you go, then. Now, it is time


for the weather. Shefali is here with the forecast. Thank you very


with the forecast. Thank you very much. Today has been another


disappointing day in terms of sunshine. Back in the team more of


the country, where it was quite sunny, temperatures shot up. But in


terms of cloud, tomorrow is going to be very similar. For the


Cheltenham Gold Cup, we are looking at highs of around 12 Celsius. It


will be a breezy day, but it will be mainly dry. As for the weekend,


that's when it is going to turn cooler, and at last, we will get


some rain. That's from tomorrow night onwards, in fact. Tomorrow,


we will see the Sturley and thickening up once again. Some mist


and fog as well, but not quite as extensive. -- we will see the cloud


thickening up. Tomorrow, again, a dull start to the day. Temperatures


getting up to 11, 12 or 13 Celsius. I said it is going to be more


breezy tomorrow. And you can see the rain as well, coming into parts


of Wales by the end of the day. This is going to start to spread


eastwards through tomorrow night. It becomes heavier as we head


It becomes heavier as we head towards Saturday morning. A lot of


people will be pleased about that. The main headlines tonight - new


evidence that Merseyside Police blamed Liverpool fans for the


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