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Welcome to Midlands Today. Give us the right to strike. The


call for police cool are angry about proposed reforms.


escarpment seems to delight in kicking ass in the teeth time and


time again -- this government. Hectic times on the forecourt, how


they are coping at petrol stations. Royal approval as unemployed


youngsters trained for a job in forestry.


And how pedal-powered could net �100,000 as two of our finest plant


to cycle the event of Britain. is going to be tough. If I can get


through it and raised the amount of money we are hoping to raise, I


Good evening. Welcome to Midlands Today. Tonight, we have had enough.


The angry message for David Cameron and his government from the men who


represent more than 12,000 police officers in our region.


The chairman of four police federation branch is said they felt


kicked in the teeth by plans to reform the service. It follows a


review into police pay and recruitment between them, these


four men represent 12,500 police officers across the West Midlands.


Those officers are telling them that they have had enough. What


concerns our members, a our professional members, is that this


government seems to enjoy and delight in kicking us in the teeth


time and time again. The police service according to the Police


Federation is under sustained attack from budget cuts and reform.


Out of 7005 ended officers, the West Midlands is losing 1200.


Warwickshire has eight and about 50 police and is cutting 200. There


are 2000 officers and former Diprose will go -- Warwickshire has


850 police. Their anger is directed at this man, Tom Winsor, who was


recruited by the government to do the review. It suggests enabling


forces to make officers compulsorily redundant. A our


members are saying that if they are to be treated as employees, they


deserve the same rights and legal protection and that includes the


right to strike. Police officers are currently a -- banned from


striking and any change to the rules would have to be voted by the


MPs. They are now asking officers what they think about industrial


action. Within 24 hours of opening a poll, 92% of officers were in


favour of seeking the right to strike action. They have come to


the point where enough is enough. A my personal hope is that the


government will realise the strength of feeling in the UK and


in police officers across the country and will change what they


propose. The federation say they want the government to reject the


review and set up a royal commission to investigate the


future of policing. The Home Office declined an offer


to be interviewed on Midlands Today but they have issued a statement


from the Policing Minister and Nick Herbert.


It reads, the proportion of the police were forced on this front


line is in fact increasing with some 25,000 officers in backroom


post. There is therefore plenty of scope to make savings while


pretending -- protecting frontline policing. By cutting bureaucracy,


we are increasing one doesn't 500 officers on the beat. A later, --


increasing 1500 officers. How more and more companies are


using social media for marketing. It has been a glorious week, but it


will turn cooler and cloudier. Make the most of the sunshine tomorrow.


Full forecast later in the programme.


Queues have formed at petrol stations as demand for fuel shot up


after ministers called for people to top up in case of a tanker


drivers' strike. Some carriages ran dry but


retailers said they were coping and normal deliveries would ensure that


supplies were replenished. Ministers said that they have not


caused panic buying. We have been finding out what it is like to run


a garage to date. Feast of famine, that old saying


was turned on its head today. This forecourt began on empty after


forecourt panic-buying yesterday. We will have fresh petrol since.


Then, there was a queue of customers who were ready to feast


on the fresh delivery they had followed in. I sort beak again and


I followed it here. -- I saw the wagon and I followed it. George


Osborne and David Cameron are completely out of touch. They have


caused panic buying. I think it is a fuss about nothing. A strike has


not been announced yet so what is the point in ticking off yet?


strike has not been officially declared so why is everyone


panicking? David Cameron should have kept his Clapp shrub. 40,000


litres of diesel and petrol have come in but 15,000 went straight


back out again -- he should have kept his clapped shut. It says the


next available date... I am not a happy chap. The petrol station


owner has just found out that his next tanker will not be back until


Tuesday which is a worry. This delivery usually lasts five days


but at this rate his palms will be empty again by tomorrow. -- his


pumps it looks busy but you do not sell any more. After that, you are


sitting around doing nothing. strike date has been set and there


would be seven days' notice in any event. The advice to top up as a


precaution and not panic is proving a hard sell.


We will have more on the fuel panic buying tomorrow. Plenty of comments


on our Facebook age. The body of a soldier from


Wolverhampton who was killed in Afghanistan last week has been


blown back home to the UK. Captain Rupert Bowers from 2nd Battalion


The Mercian Regiment was killed by a roadside bomb. His body along


with two other British servicemen was flown into RAF Brize Norton in


The repatriation of Captain Rupert Bowers this afternoon at Brize


Norton. The shadow of a compact and


secretary Liam Byrne is to resign from Ed Miliband's front bench to


stand for mayor in Birmingham if the voters vote Yes in main's


referendum. -- maid's referendum. Computer problems have led to


delays at Birmingham airport's immigration desk. A UK Border


Agency spokesman said that a survey malfunction had been caused by a


power cut. Bass said the priority was to maintain security of the UK


border at all times -- they said. Business leaders in Coventry say


they are angry after Liam Byrne confirmed it is closing a clothing


warehouse with the loss of 500 jobs. It is planning to transfer the work


it does for Sainsbury's to a larger depot in Bedford. The site in the


Walsgrave area of the city will close next year.


Stafford hospital bosses have approved plans to reopen the A&E


Department it at night in June. The department has been closed from


10pm until 8am until last December because of staff shortages. It will


fully reopened on 11th June provided targets for staff,


training and waiting times a map. Small companies in the West


Midlands have been given an opportunity to boost their


businesses. One of the world's largest banks is funded a programme


to help firms to grow. The money is being used by business


experts from Aston University to help entrepreneurs flourish and


more importantly create jobs. We have visited one company which


is benefiting. Goldman Sachs, the world's most


powerful investment bank, is lending a hand to businesses across


the West Midlands. It is paying for entrepreneurial experts from Aston


University to run programs on business growth. The purpose is to


ensure that the Midlands benefits from building a power port of


businesses who are able to deliver a significant growth into the


region creating jobs and wealth for these companies. The key aspect is


that we will work intensively with the businesses. It is a unique


offer. So far 60 companies are benefiting among them Jenvey


Dynamics which makes mortar -- motor sport components. They had a


business plan before but I did not have the detailed about how to


achieve it. I have no formal business training so the Goldman


Sachs programme has really helped me put some detail behind my


business plan and given me a bit more formal business training and


help to me significantly on the financial side. Small businesses go


through a rigorous application of to get on the Goldman Sachs


programme. It is aimed at established firms who have survived


the recession and are ready to grow. Three weeks ago, a production


manager started here. This firm plans to recruit six workers as a


result of the programme. It is very good for the company. Hopefully,


the company will feel the benefits and the staff well. The programme


is already proving successful in other parts of the country and this


small family firm now has plans to expand as a direct result.


Staying with business, more and more companies are turning to


social media networks to help with marketing and get important


messages across to customers. One train company in the region has


even won awards for its use of Twitter which it uses to tell


people when they are delays. Experts say it is something all


companies will have to do eventually. It our business


correspondent is in our newsrooms. Whether you have one of these


smartphones of a tablet computer or a laptop or desktop machine, there


has never been an easier time to use social media. It has been


estimated that what attracts nearly 500,000 new users every day --


Twitter attracts. In the past, delays on the


railways... He was lazy defy doubt about the cause. Now greater use of


social media like Facebook and Twitter, passengers waiting at the


station have never had so much information literally at their


fingertips. For regular travellers like Ben Whitehouse, it has made


commuting by train so much easier. A London Midland are one of the


industry standards that everyone is aspiring to and it is good to have


lots of companies using Twitter and Facebook to engage with passengers.


This is where the engagement happens. They monitor Twitter feeds


and sent out information about delays. They even talk directly to


passengers. This gentleman here is asking about compensation and I am


just explaining when he can claim full back. For staff in the London


Midland customer-service team, says the media has revolutionised


communication with passengers. we are getting from complaints and


correspondence through the post is completely different to what people


might be concerned about on their journeys into work. We are getting


real-time feedback to allow us to make changes we need due to make


journeys better. London Midland has set out 55,000 tweets and has


15,000 followers. I am just calling you regarding some feedback we have


had on our Facebook age. Have you got a few minutes to discuss it?


This is another organisation embracing social media. Bromford


Group use Facebook to advertise properties. We are bringing in a


whole raft of different ways for customers to communicate with us.


We want to embrace that and bring it on board rather than push


people... We want customers to use the contact channels they are keen


to use. Clearly it is market-driven and aspects and social media say it


is fast becoming an essential tool for any growing company. Any large


organisation will be taught about on Twitter and face but so if you


want to do something about that, it to is the only place you can take


part in the conversation and you will have to join it. As a large


business, you have got a choice, do you get defensive or do you be


helpful? It appears that most companies are acting for the latter


choice hence the growth in social media which are too many seems


unstoppable. You can interact with Midlands today on the internet.


There are 8000 fans on our Facebook age. You will also see lots of


photographs and films that have appeared on the programme. Twitter


is also a good place to find out what we are up to. We have $8,000.


I am a bit short of the 8000 figure, but I am on Twitter too. -- we have


80,000 followers. I would love to Plenty still to come this evening,


including: Memories of 25 years ago and Coventry City's epic Cup win -


do you have any memorabilia for a The Prince of Wales has praised a


scheme aimed at helping unemployed teenagers in Herefordshire into


jobs and training. 13 young people have been taking part in a three-


week course on Prince Charles' Hereford estate allowing them to


get the qualifications they need to work in forestry Well our reporter


Ben Sidwell is in Herefordshire for us this evening. Ben, what exactly


have these teenagers been up to? is a beautiful evening here in


Herefordshire. This would belongs to the Prince of Wales. Many of


these youngsters who have been unemployed for well over a gear


have been on this Prince's Trust forestry course aimed at getting


them a job in one of the oldest trades known to man. Learning the


skills deep in the timber line would in Herefordshire 13th young


unemployed people are gaining skills in forestry. I have been


unemployed for over a year. I have been constantly looking for jobs.


It is very frustrating. I have not heard anything back from the jobs


that I have applied for. We are responding to the high levels of


unemployment. One in five of the young people in the West Midlands


are unemployed. In this area we are looking at the rural crafts. It is


the estate of the Prince of Wales, we have 1,500 acres here and he


wanted to support this with it. is the forestry staff who are


trying to transfer their skills to a younger generation. Hopefully


they will go away with these skills in mind and think we have had a


good three weeks here and learned a lot and it has opened our eyes so


let's see it through. This course is the first of its kind here in


the UK and is giving hope of bacteria to people like best. --


hope of a career. I have really enjoyed it and I am hoping to get a


young apprenticeship or something out of it. It has been really good.


The Prince's Trust say they hope to be able to run at similar course


again soon. The course does end tomorrow. Speaking to a lot of the


young people are here today many of them are saying they are now


seriously considering going into a career in forestry. They will be


given six months of mentoring by the Prince's Trust after this


course ends tomorrow. The hope is that they will go on to training or


a job. Stoke City's Manager Tony Pulis has climbed mountains and run


marathons for charity. But he's about to take on his toughest


challenge yet. Along with comedian Nick Hancock, he'll be leading a


team in a 24 hour non-stop cycle ride from John O'Groats to Lands


End. And as our Staffordshire reporter Liz Copper explains, it's


all in aid of a children's hospice in Stoke on Trent. Pedal power from


the Potteries. Tony Pulis and Nick Hancock are about to begin training


for a four-day 24-hour cycle relay. They'll be covering 960 miles. And


it's all in aid of the Donna Louise Childrens Hospice. It will be tough


but I think the fact it is being done for such a good cause and it


is only 1.5 miles from the stadium. The hospice is absolutely fantastic


and there is a lot of great work for young children. For me to be


able to help out his a privilege. It was two years ago the pair


climbed Africa's hightest peak Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds


for the charity. Kilimanjaro was very tough because the weather was


threatening. It is different from that. Mental strength I can kind of


Handel but I am worrying about the physicality! Benefitting from all


this fundraising will be the families who regard the hospice as


a lifeline. Owen's been coming here since he was six months old.


the whole family it is a break. Looking after my son is hard work.


There are a lot of hospital appointments. This place gives me a


break and allows me to spend time with my other children. To help


Owen and the other children who depend on the hospice, the cyclists


aim to raise �100 per mile. They may be joking now - but they'll


soon be embarking on serious training for a tough challenge


ahead. A youth choir in Birmingham is taking part in a BBC religious


project, performing a new hymn for radio listeners. The City of


Birmingham Symphony Orchestra's youth choir will be one of more


than 140 choirs across the UK performing The People's Passion


over the Easter Weekend. And this evening Ben Godfrey's had a sneak


preview. The congregation here, the quiet made up of teenagers are a


desperate to sing. All these people have come to see them perform. They


have got a new song which was shown Let's talk to some of the people


who are taking part in this quiet. What was your background in


singing? I did sing before or but I do it in college as well and it is


improving by being in the choir. Has your boys improved to? And what


does it mean to you to be in a quiet, what is the background?


There is no better feeling than being in a choir. There is a sense


of community and all of us working together is really what I enjoyed


most of all about it. I am now the man who tries to conduct it.


Getting all these people together, how well did they do? It has been


fantastic bringing all these different groups of people together.


There are some people who do music in further education and others who


are doing it as a hobby. I will let you go because you have to perform.


On Easter Sunday there will be a performance of the Easter anthem by


the choir as you see now. Thank you very much. That is high pressure,


performing outdoors, live. And there's more information about the


people's passion on our Facebook page. Now it's almost 25 years


since one of the most memorable FA Cup finals ever took place - the


1987 classic between Coventry City and Tottenham. It's widely regarded


as one of the finest to be played beneath the old twin towers, and


now a new exhibition in celebration of the final is ready to kick off.


Kevin Reide's been finding out more. It was a final few can forget - the


underdogs Coventry City playing in it for the first time against a


side who'd won it more than anybody else. Tottenham were packed with


internationals, the Sky Blues an assembly of lower league players


with just a few established stars, but on this day they were all heros.


These are some of the items currently being prepared for the


exhibition. This is the actual match ball. This is my favourite,


the actual Show belonging to be Number 10 striker who scored the


memorable goal. Many of the items have been deleted by those lucky


enough to have been at the game. This man was one of them. It was


wonderful. It was dreams coming true. The whole city just came


alight. Others have brought forward previously unseen home videos of


the celebrations that followed. They reckon there were 250,000


people on the streets. It really captured the imagination of the


public but unfortunately nothing has been achieved since then.


People are really coming together to mark this anniversary, I think


It brings the memories flooding back. Absolutely. I played in a


celebrity charity match the night before. Weather time now. Good


evening. Today is another beautiful bay with lots of sunshine and


temperatures back up to 20 Celsius. There will be a change soon,


tomorrow will be a lovely day again but by the weekend temperatures


will drop of to around 13 Celsius at best. Tonight we still have


clear skies to start the night. There will be a few shallow patches


of mist and fog by tomorrow morning. Tomorrow will start cloudier but it


does look to be another sunny and warm day once again. It does start


of cloudy in comparison to what mornings have been like of late.


But the cloud will lift and by afternoon it will be sunny and warm


again. The temperatures will be just slightly suppressed over parts


of the north-west of the region. For most another warm day with


highs of up to 19 Celsius. Towards the weekend it is turning cloudier,


cooler and it will still stay dry. The high pressure is shifting


westwards pulling in colder here from the north. That will introduce


more cloud on Saturday with highs of just 12 or 13 Celsius. A look at


tonight's main headlines: As fuel sales soar, ministers are accused


of causing panic buying. Long queues appear at petrol stations,


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