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Tributes have been paid to a father and son who were killed in a road


crash. Close friends of 14-year-old Ethan Sarkar paying their respects


at the family home. The teenager from Garrett screen in Birmingham


died along with his father Derek in a head-on collision on the Aire and


Calder Bridge on the A6,100 and -- If you were down he would make you


smile, no matter what. He was always there for you, hard working.


Ethan was a front seat passenger in his dad's VW Golf. His nine-year-


old sister, Abbey, and his mother, Karen, are still critically ill in


Leeds General Infirmary. The driver of the other car, 70 Sheila


Stavert-Lee, also died. Pupils have been leaving floral tributes at


Eton's school. The principal says counselling will be offered to


close friends. Ethan was a lovely young man, a


genuinely lovely young man. He was kind, he was gentle, well-mannered


to, and well respected by all. He was never in trouble and had a


great future ahead of him. Residents near the bridge have


called for improved safety. Friends back in Birmingham say the Sarkars


were in East Yorkshire visiting relatives when the tragedy happened.


Police are appealing for information after the body of a 19-


year-old student from -- was found under an M6 flyover. Thomas Healey


from Kingstanding was discovered near hurricane Park Industrial


Estate in Erdington. More than half the patients


admitted to a Birmingham eye treatment centre have been treated


for a serious infection that could lead to blindness. Doctors at


Birmingham's City Hospital say there has been a significant rise


in the number of people with an aggressive contact lens-related


infection. This student nearly lost to sight


after she developed an infection while wearing contact lenses.


My eyes became sore and swollen. They told me it was a rare


infection but quite serious. If they had not founded earlier that


was the potential for me to go blind. When I found out, it was


quite shocking. The infection is one of the most


aggressive eye infections and can spend with -- spread within days,


causing inflammation. If untreated, it can lead to blindness. Of 192


patients traded at this hospital over a four-month period, more than


half had a serious infection. Some of them may have suffered serious


damage to their site. This man specialises in treating


eye infections. He says that a major cause is poor hygiene. Some


people do not wash their hands when they are handling their lenses.


Sometimes it is to do with tap water. It sometimes has some of the


nastiest bugs in it. This girl now needs regular


eyedrops. The advice is that, if you are in doubt, seek help.


A Gloucestershire war memorial that was smashed by vandals last year


has been rebuilt. The monument could not be repaired, so now,


after months of painstaking work, a replacement is almost finished.


Imagine doing this every day. It is a job for a perfectionist. I am


just putting the last finishing touches on the detail. I am making


it nice and sharp. A group of Gloucestershire stone


masons have been chipping away for months, trying to get it right.


They are creating something they never thought they would have to.


It does add to the pressure, year. It is a piece which everybody will


be able to see. To get it right, there was a lot of pressure.


In October, the war memorial was knocked over and smashed into


pieces, some of which were simply dumped by the roadside. Many of the


villagers at Prestbury have relatives whose names are inscribed


here. I was in tears when I saw what these people are done to the


war memorial. It was awful. names are still present in the


village. One could see that they do belong in this place and that is


important for people to see that they are still there. The new


sculpture will be unveiled on 14th April. Clegg will be 91 years to


the day since the original was put in place.


The football now. It is half-time in Aston Villa's game against Stoke


City. Aston Villa are winning 1-0. Coventry lost 3-1 against Bristol


City. The Blues a leading against West half -- West Ham at a time.


One result from League 1. Walsall have gone down 1-0 at Charlton.


Hereford have lost to Accrington Telford's match against Tamworth


was abandoned after 43 minutes due to a waterlogged pitch.


I think some people would find today's whether a welcome change. A


soggy day. This week will be a welcome change because we have some


April showers on the way. You will find in the next couple of hours


that the rain will clear away to the east. There are a few showers,


particularly in the West. There could be a touch of frost in


sheltered spots as temperatures fall away. There windy gusts of


around 35 mph Rover made. There will be a lot of sunshine first


thing tomorrow, but turning wet through the day as an area of


showers moves in. It will be quite breezy and cold in the showers.


That is the way it goes for the rest of the week. Showers during


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