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Headlines: so staff and pupils are run-down still say they are to wait


a month until they find that the days rebuild. We will have to look


into these findings, will have to make sure that the funding is


allocated to the school's most in need. Flooding warnings are in


force across the region are the days of incessant rain. A family


course answers, wider if Barbara to die after being detained by police.


Well West Brom's and Roy Hodgson become the next England manager.


The news came on, I was gutted. I shout of the television. -- I


shouted., Good evening, welcome to Monday's


Midlands Today from the BBC. Tonight ; a Government Minister's


told staff and pupils at a dilapidated school they will have


to wait until the end of May to find out if it's to be rebuilt.


Richard Lee Primary in Coventry made headlines last year when


children had to be taught in corridors, after a worn out heating


system flooded classrooms. The Minister's visit came after the


school took their campaign to Downing Street.


The schools Minister Nick Gibb at Richard Lee Primary School today -


and his first impressions. It is very bad. I saw some damp. There is


no question the school isn't a bad way. -- is in a bad way.


structure of the school is so poor they can't keep on top of the


repairs for example these ceiling tiles behind me have become stained


over the last few weeks and that's in spite of the roof being repaired


during the school holidays. It's this and other problems which led


to a campaign culminating in a 3,000 signature petition being


handed in to Downing street by pupils Georgie and Harvey, and


today they too met the Minister. asked me what it would be like to


have a new school, it would be nice for children to get more education,


they would be able to do more things in life. That goes for


children. -- for all children. in spite of the visit the minister


couldn't say whether Richard Lee will be rebuilt, instead he said it


was now being fully assessed. decision to allocate money is done


in a scientific way. I hope it's not a PR exercise. I'm not so for,


I would hope that -- I am not a fall, he said he saw some bad


conditions there, hopefully we will be on that list. It is a PFI scheme,


that is the whole country. We are in their we have probably, although


the minister went to last, thousands of other schools. --


Minister won't tell us. So after 18 months campaigning the school and


it's 550 pupils will soon know their fate.


And we'll keep you posted on the outcome of the decision about


whether the school can be rebuilt next month.


River levels in parts of Warwickshire and Worcestershire


remain precariously high, following a weekend of strong winds and


incessant rain. There are currently flood warnings for the River Leam


in Leamington Spa, River Teme near Stanford Bridge in Worcestershire


and for the River Severn through Tewkesbury. Some fields and paths


next to rivers are already submerged. Our reporter Andy Newman


is in Upton-upon-Severn for us this evening - what's the situation


there, Andy? Actually, it's been rather a


pleasant day here. The bigger concern is that this could be the


calm before the next storm. The water level is high, it has not


been causing many problems, the weather has been good.


Gloucestershire Fire Service took advantage of the service to launch


a major exercise. Preparing for the next flood


emergency. Gloucestershire Fire Service mounted a full-scale water


rescue exercise amongst the swollen waters. It was arranged at short


notice, and was taking advantage of conditions that would provide a


flood advantage, but I'm not yet causing problems. For 24 hours we


have a period where the River is in flood, but it's not too angry four


and a cruise to operate. We are grabbing the opportunity. Elsewhere


this was the scene. A recently installed floodgates does his job.


It is sheltering in the town -- the town of the worst excesses of the


River Severn. There is a flood defence wall, that was due to be


completed in May, they are plugging the last few gaps, it should be


ready to do its jobs if the weather continues to rise. Back in


Tewkesbury, the dress-rehearsal continued throughout the afternoon.


They prepared for the worse, but hope for the best.


It is a case of so far so good. We have got through atrocious weather,


today provided something of a breathing space. The $64,000


question is how much more rain is their game to be, and how much more


flooding is they are going to be? With us in the studio is our


Environment Correspondent David Gregory, who's currently putting


together a special programme on the drought. How can there still be a


drought, David? We have just had the figures for this month, we have


had to wonder and 27% the average rainfall. I can see why you have


been confused. -- we have had 227 %. One heavy rainfall is not enough to


make a difference. If it is almost the wrong type of rain. What we


want is persistent a dull English drizzle. These big heavy downpours


are not the answer. Surely this rain will help a bit? It will help


some farmers. There is no hosepipe ban here. If a farmer has a storage


facility, it will be good news. Overall, it is too much rain in one


place, it causes flooding. We are still in drought. This exposes


problems of who has rights into water, that is what we are looking


at. -- who has rights in water. And you can see more from David on


an Inside Out special on the Drought, on wednesday night, 7:30pm,


here on BBC 1. I'm filming that tomorrow.


But is it shaping up to be one of the wettest Aprils on record?


Shefali has the answers Well that's the rumour - couldn't


confirm it yet as the figures for the month haven't been officially


released but what I can say it that up until 25th April we had around


91 mm of rain and the wettest April on record produced around 137 mm.


Yesterday will probably contribute quite heavily to the final figure


as Pennerley in Shropshire saw almost 36mm of rain which is over


half the month's rainfall in a day. And May doesn't put an end to it.


It goes on this week. I'll have more for you later


Diplomats are trying to secure the release of an aid worker from the


Midlands who's being held by soldiers in Africa. John Sorbo was


one of four men detained amid clashes along the border between


Sudan and its newly-formed neighbour South Sudan. It's


believed the four are being held in a military compound. Family and


friends are anxiously awaiting news. Arriving in the Sudanese capital


Khartoum four aid workers detained by the military, among them John


Sorbo, an expert in mine clearance. He lives south of Hereford but he's


spent seven years off and on in Sudan, doing a job his wife had


learnt to accept. I didn't imagine my husband being in danger,


considering the area he worked in, helping the Sudanese live their


life normally. It's believed the four were held near Sudan's border


with the newly independent South Sudan close to the town of Heglig.


The oil-producing region's seen a series of clashes and the two


countries are on the verge of war. John, a Norwegian national, works


for a charity based in Oslo. Their staff and Norwegian diplomats are


struggling to get access to him. can't say where he was when he was


arrested. The border there is not very clear, so where he was at the


exact time, we can't say for certain. You can never prepare


yourself for this kind of thing, although maybe you expected to


happen, or whatever. It is human nature that you are going to be


shocked. One of the other aid workers is said to be a Briton.


Latest reports say they're in a military compound and are in good


health - but no-one's been permitted to visit them.


A post-mortem examination into the death of a disabled man from


Birmingham has revealed he died of natural causes. 46 year old Colin


Bird died in the city's Queen Elizabeth Hospital last Tuesday.


West Midlands police were called in to make enquiries into the


circumstances of Mr Bird's death following allegations of neglect.


This has now been ruled out as a contributing factor.


Police have charged the Stoke City player Jermaine Pennant with drink-


driving and driving while disqualified after a car crash near


his home in Cheshire. The 29-year- old winger's BMW collided with an


Audi in the early hours of Sunday morning, leaving the driver of the


other vehicle in hospital with a minor back injury. Pennant's due to


appear in court on Wednesday. Two sisters who were killed in a


car crash on Friday have been named by police. 38-year-old Parveen


Kauser and Raheela Altaf, who was 37, died after a collision on the


A38 near Burton-upon-Trent. Three children, aged between 11 and 17


who were travelling with them were taken to hospital with serious


injuries. A man and woman in another car were also injured,


along with a four-year-old girl. A Shropshire railway station has


reopened today after mum so repairs and �2 million worth of work. The


project, which was managed by Network rail, was due to be


completed a month ago. The family of a man, who died after


being detained by West Midlands Police, say they're still waiting


for his body to be released to them. Kingsley Brown was detained under


the Mental Health Act in March last year, after officers went to an


incident in Birmingham. He died four days later in hospital. An


inquiry by the Independent Police Complaints Commission has yet to


report back, leaving the family with many unanswered questions.


Kingsley Browne was a father, a brother, and to his mother, a


loving son, she is struggling to cope with his sudden death. He was


my only son, he was a lovely father to his own kids, and his sisters,


he was one in a million. When he passed away, you know, it really


broke my heart. Last March, the father of two was detained after


the Mental Health Act, after calling 999. A few days later


officers were called to a disturbance involving him, he died


the following day. The IPCC began investigating. We want answers. We


want to know how he died. We have brought these questions are


previously, we -- we had brought these questions up, we are still


waiting. We have to wait for them to complete their investigations


until we know how we died. And IPCC spokesman said the investigation is


nearing a conclusion. Investigators have interviewed four officers


under caution. Earlier this year Dorset police were asked to


investigate the actions of non police personnel. So, why hasn't he


been buried, Dorset police say they cannot have until the investigation


Last summer, his family and friends marched through Birmingham, calling


for answers. I feel as if the system had led him


down. They are there to serve its interests, and the way I saw it,


they let him down. He has suffered enough. Come on, it has been a year.


At least release his body. family now say if they don't get


the answer they need, they will march again. The Independent Police


Complaints Commission say the change in the lead investigator


will not affect the inquiry, and that the forces pursuing inquiries


to allow Mr Burrell's body to be released at the earliest


opportunity. Thank you for being with us. Still


to come: The haunting strains from Doctor Who, just one example of the


great music created over the years in Coventry and is now being


What a time it is for football in the region. We have had winners and


losers already. Still more to come. And then there's Roy Hodgson.


It was not the news that West Brom fans wanted to hear. But today,


many said they were not surprised to hear that Roy Hodgson was wanted


by England. This evening, he is talking to the FA at Wembley. The


hunt is on for the right man to fill his big shoes at the Hawthorns.


West Brom or England? What do you think? Don't know, gaffer. You are


the boss. Nothing surprises Barbara Higgins. But even she could not


believe it when she saw last night's late bulletin.


The news came on. I was gutted. I shouted, no, you can't have him!


I assume a manager would love to manage his country. Fair play to


him. I wish him all the best. 24 hours earlier, the future


England manager had been his usual self-, kicking every ball from the


dug-out during Albion's goalless draw. Last night the Baggies


announce they have given permission for the FA to talk to Roy Hodgson,


and this morning he woke up to five he was not exactly top of the pubs


with the national press. -- Top Of The Pops.


Those headlines will not worry Roy Hodgson, who has always fancied the


top job in English football. His departure will give a twist to the


Midlands managerial merry-go-round. When he takes charge of England,


the Birmingham City this -- boss Chris Hughton is the favourite to


replace him. Mallett McLeish is close to the revolving door at


Villa Park. -- Alex McLeish. And there could be a vacancy at


Molineux as well. If Chris Hughton is not to be the


next occupant of the manager's office, who else would the fans


favour? Roberto Di Matteo is doing all right at Chelsea!


I have had not had a chance to think about it.


I think the Barcelona manager might be out of a leak!


From West Brom to Wembley, where this afternoon Roy Hodgson swept


past two complete the formalities with the FA. If it goes to plan,


his first game will be England against Norway, just 13 days after


Albion's last Premier League match, against Arsenal.


If he does go, Albion fans are going to be devastated. There seems


to be a lot of people who are not thrilled about him becoming England


manager. A lot of papers were on the attack


this morning. But actually, Roy Hodgson has got a lot of trophies.


In the cold light of day, they wanted an exciting name, but Roy


Hodgson as head coach was looking after the reserves. That is what


the FA want for their new centre in Burton.


So he has the coaching credentials. And he is usually respected among


the fans and players at the Hawthorns. There's a worry that


many players may leave. Who else might be in the frame?


Chris Hughton was installed this morning as the favourite. But


actually, Alan Curbishley took over this afternoon. We thought he might


get the Wolves job at one point. Maybe Michael Appleton, well


respected at the club. It is wide open at the moment. The timing is


good, though. Briefly, back to the Blues and


things on the pitch. The next thing is there play-off game.


They have already played 60 games this season. Remarkable. Watch this


space as to what is going to happen. The season never ends! Let's get


back to the action. There was joy and relief, and all the emotions in


between us four teams grappled with promotion and relegation this week.


When the dust settled, it was the fans of Shrewsbury and Walsall who


were cheering the loudest. A warning, this report contains some


flash photography of. I travelled all the way from


Yorkshire. We are going up! I'm glad he was complained, because


after three failures in five years, missing out again would have broken


the hearts of Shrewsbury fans. Of course it was nervous, but as


half-time approached, James Collins put them in front and the


supporters could start a party. When the final whistle blew, or the


energy exploded in a wave of delight.


It is a terrific feeling. There's nothing better in football. It is


to say there and enjoy it. It is amazing, too finally get it.


After the near-misses we have had, it is amazing.


I was only a teenager when this last happened. Absolutely immense.


I can't believe it. Instead it will be Cheltenham Town


trying to make it through the piles. Jimmy Spencer scored twice as they


beat Bradford to stretch their season into extra-time. Staying in


the division is Hereford United's ambition, and they have taken it to


the final day after Yoann Arquin scored twice. There will be no last


a nurse for Walsall, though. Another season of League One


football was guaranteed when they scored against Huddersfield. But it


is the pure joy of the Shrewsbury fans, who have waited 15 years to


get back to League One, which will be the abiding memory of this


weekend. And Shrewsbury Town's motion is


among the highlights of tonight's show. There's more interviews and


scenes of celebration on our Facebook page. Can't get enough of


The creator of an iconic television theme tune, the man behind the


legendary Two Tone that would label and an influential soul singer have


all been celebrated in their home city. They have a -- they are the


latest to be inducted into a hall of fame for musicians from Coventry.


There's more flash photography in this report.


One of the most famous songs to come out of Coventry. Among the


band members on the back seat in this video is Jeremy balance --


Jerry Dammers. He is one of the people who made a Two Tone happen.


It is great to get recognition in Coventry. Those were the best days.


We were rehearsing in pubs. We were chopping up chairlift to make a


fire to keep ourselves warm. -- chair legs.


Jerry Dammers was joined by a Ray King, also honoured for a career


stretching back to the '60s. He toured the world, playing with Otis


Redding, and is credited with giving many Two Tone artists their


first break. I used to give people a break. When


they said, do you want to break, I said, no.


It is not just about pop music. The Doctor Who theme, which will send a


shiver down the spine of millions. It was written by Delia Derbyshire


at the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop. She died in 2001. Her partner was


at the ceremony to see her inducted into the Hall of fame.


Most of the public have not heard of her at all. The music was not


released in her own name. It was under the BBC. I'm just glad she


has got some recognition. It is fantastic.


Music from across the decades has been celebrated here today, and


although a lot of it was created a long time ago, it still holds a


special place in the hearts of those dallied here.


-- gathered here. That brings back some childhood


memories! You know what is coming memories! You know what is coming


this. Is there going to be more rain?


Yes, you might get soaked tomorrow morning. It has transformed since


yesterday. Shropshire got a 35mm of rain yesterday, which is half a


month's in a day. Today we saw sunshine and highs of 17 Celsius.


These were the best temperatures across the region. It is nice to be


reminded of what we would like spring to be once in a while. But


unfortunately we have stormy weather returning tonight, for


which the Met Office has issued a warning. This is for the south of


the region. We could see difficult driving conditions and further


flooding in those areas that are already sensitive. We have got some


sunshine out shied at the moment. - - outside. The rain should arrive


during the early hours and the South East. It is going to be quite


heavy in the south of the region. It might not quite reach the


extreme north of the region. But you can see, under all of that, it


is quite mild. Temperatures of seven or eight Celsius. If you are


up early enough, it is going to be wet and windy to start. Gradually


through the morning, there's rain and wind. It will not be quite as


warm as today. Highs of 13 and 14 Celsius. We may see some rain, but


Celsius. We may see some rain, but elsewhere it is dry, light -- lows


of eight or nine. Oh, well, we had one half-decent


day. Tonight's headlines: More than 170


flood alerts across England, and more rain to come.


Staff and pupils at a run-down school are told they will have to


wait at least a month before finding out if it will be rebuilt.


That is all from us this evening. Tomorrow we will be spot lighting


the big contest in this year's local elections as the battle for


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