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showers. That sets the scene for the rest of the week.


Thank you. Jail for two security workers who


helped illegal emigrants into the country. You will be found. Just how


this could be a threat to our national security. What will the


police forces involved in the plebgate scandal do next?


Wiping the smile off their faces, passengers hurt as parts come flying


of a roller`coaster. As we started to come in, we were shouting, stop


the ride! They thought we were joking. It has only happened five


times in the Premier League so why does Stoke City's record`breaking


keeper say he is sorry? How different could November be? I will


be filling you in with the details later.


Good evening. Two corrupt security workers have been jailed for helping


to smuggle illegal immigrants through Birmingham Airport. Imtiaz


Ahmed and Ghulam Sarwar, who both worked for a private contractor,


allowed passengers with forged passports onto flights to Canada.


Birmingham Airport insisted tonight that the safety of passengers was


never compromised. Corruption in action at the airport.


Imtiaz Ahmed working for a private contractor calls forward a passport


holder knowing that his seat on a flight to Toronto will be taken not


by him but by another passenger travelling illegally to claim asylum


in Canada. Three Indian nationals made the journey from Birmingham in


a scam the judge said was sophisticated and required careful


organisation and planning. We have people using their passports and


compromising their passports. We have the drivers and two members of


the security staff who were corrupt and exploiting their position of


trust. Ahmed, from Balsall Heath in Birmingham was jailed for four


years. She played a central role said the judge and had no idea who


these men were or what they intended to do once they boarded the flight.


Another ICTS employee Ghulam Sarwar from Alum Rock in Birmingham


admitted his part and was jailed for three years. He was said to have


been the point of contact between Ahmed and those running the scam. In


essence, the court was told, it was quite simple. The holder of a


genuine passports were going into departures with a ticket to travel


and obtain a boarding pass. He would come back out and give the boarding


pass to the legal traveller, equipped with a forged passport.


More of their gang are seen collecting Bassett `` baggage from


illegal emigrants that they would check in on flights not knowing what


is in it or who has packed it. An airport spokesman told us: At no


point was aviation security compromised as everyone involved


went through the required security screening checks. But investigators


say corruption in such key roles raises concerns for every air


traveller. The judge recognised the risks of having security staff who


are corrupt working at our borders and that it has potential


consequences. I am pleased that sentences have been carried out.


Also jailed were some of those involved in running the scheme and


others who allowed their passports to be used. It's not known how much


Ahmed or Sarwar were paid for their involvement, but it's estimated the


asylum seekers may have paid the gang up to ?10,000 for their passage


to Canada. Joining us now from our studio in Salford is aviation expert


Chris Yates. Good evening Mr. Yates. This breach of security is quite


alarming on first impression, do you feel like that? Yes. Alarming


insomuch as these were people who were travelling and handing out


false passports for which they intended to travel internationally.


The judge was correct in his summing up, that this was compromising the


security at the airport. The airport insists it wasn't. We are talking


about identity documents here. This is compromising the identity


document itself in so much as we can't trust the people on the plane


are actually the people it says they are on the passport. That is the


security breach. In terms of travelling through the airport, they


are correct insomuch as saying that they went all through the security


procedures that were required of them including clearing banks


through x`ray machines, walking through metal detectors, the bags


that they were travelling with that word going on the plane with them on


in other words those in the hold. None of us want to be sitting next


to a passenger who is not who or she says he or she who `` he or she is.


We want to see this scam nipped in the bud very quickly by the


appropriate services. Will it happen again? It will always happen


wherever you have a private contractor within the airport and


staff being paid. They are paid low wages as well. There is always the


potential for corruption. It is one of those things that the aviation


authority has dealt with time and time again and I have no doubt it


will happen again. Coming up later in the programme:


She's known as the Thomas Hardy of Shropshire, but now her fans are


horrified that one of her homes may be knocked down.


A Warwickshire detective and a West Midlands police officer have been


called back to face the Home Affairs Select Committee about the so`called


plebgate affair. The Committee says the Police Federation


representatives who met Mr Mitchell after he'd been accused of calling


officers in Downing Street plebs, failed to tell the whole truth when


they appeared last month. Joining us now is the Warwickshire Police and


Crime Commissioner Ron Ball. Good evening, Mr Ball. One of your


officers, Detective Sergeant Stuart Hinton, has been called back to the


Commons, because the committee have basically accused him of lying. What


do you make of that? He is appearing again tomorrow so I am restricted as


to what I can say. I do not want to prejudice what they are doing. What


about the fact that one of your offices being accused of lying? The


whole incident is a mess and it is doing a lot of damage to the police


reputation. What I have done so far is three things. I have said that


the officer should not have gone as part of that political campaign to


see Andrew Mitchell and he is due an apology. You say he and the others


should apologise to Andrew Mitchell? Said to me. In terms of my role as


Commissioner, all of the relevant information needs to be out the


public domain. `` certainly. I have to make sure anything that has been


from anybody, including the IPCC say, should be out in the public


domain. Everybody is entitled to fair treatment after that. That


includes Mr Mitchell and the officers. That is why I am getting


some stick. Those officers are entitled to fair treatment. What


about your Chief Constable because he has been criticised as not being


impartial. I tried to do this job by putting people's hats on and seeing


the world from their point of view. That is an essential part of being


fair. I have to look at the decisions that have been taken and I


think he has shown strongly `` leadership and I do not agree with


the Home Affairs Select Committee. There will be caused by him to


resign. What would you say to that? I think that would be utterly unfair


and it is wrong. Our Chief Constable apart from anything else, the


performance of the forces `` the force has been incredibly good and


he has managed to do that and remain popular within the county. That is


quite a feat. This has been an incredibly unfortunate incident and


I think... Yellow matters which has ruined somebody's career. Would you


agree that the damage to the force is incalculable? The damage is


great. The way to get through this as far as I am concerned is to be


consistent and I have been consistent and I intend to be in


sisters consistent. It looks as if we are going to get another enquiry


into these three offices. My initial concern, I have taken legal advice


on that. Whether or not it is legal is questionable. I am not taking the


view either way. The best thing is to get on with it. An inquiry into


the death of a 13`year`old girl has said more should have been done to


stop her from trying to kill herself. The girl, referred to only


as Child FJ, was found hanging at her home in Wolverhampton in June


2011. A serious case review said while her death wasn't preventable,


agencies could have worked together more to protect her.


A number of agencies could and should work more effectively


together and that has been the focus of the works since we have received


based independent review. We have ended `` implemented much to ensure


hospital discharge processes are better than they were, communication


between agencies is better and I think, as important as anything,


that all professionals are properly cited and aware of this use of self


harm. One of the newest rides at Alton Towers has been closed after


plastic guard wheels came loose and his passengers. The Staffordshire


theme park's said an investigation is underway to see when the


roller`coaster can re`open. It was closed earlier this year after a


piece of track became dislodged. This is The Smiler costing ?18


million. It's one of Alton Tower's biggest investments. It's the


world's first 14 loop roller coaster. But after problems on


Saturday afternoon, the ride's shut. The theme park's confirmed some of


the small, plastic guide wheels that are used to keep the chain inside


the chain guard became detached. These were caught beneath the track


in the safety netting, but several flew off and hit four guests sitting


in the front row of the ride. Although otherwise it's been


business as normal here, the visitors who were on the ride at the


weekend have been describing what happened. As we started, we saw


these plastics and metals fly. This is when one of them hit me at the


side of the face. One hit my other half on the shoulder and one hit the


young lady in the forehead. The roller`coaster took eight months to


build but it's not the first time it's been shut. It was closed for


four days in July after a piece of track became dislodged. And it was


shut again for five days in August due to a technical problem. Alton


Towers says all its rides and attractions are expected to meet


extremely high standards, technologically and mechanically.


It's said an investigation's underway to determine when the ride


can reopen. The theme park says it's sorry for any disappointment that's


been caused by the ride's temporary closure, but the health and safety


of its visitors is a priority A man from Birmingham has been jailed for


shaking his ten`week`old daughter to death because she wouldn't stop


crying. 22`year`old Kurt Delves repeatedly shook Harli Reid in


frustration, causing devastating brain injuries. He's been jailed for


three years and nine months, having admitted her manslaughter last


month. A businessman from Coventry has


denied the murders of a couple and their two daughters. Jifeng and


Helen Ding were found stabbed to death, along with their children, at


home in Northampton in 2011. 54`year`old Anxiang Du pleaded not


guilty in court this morning. His trial is due to begin next week.


She's known as The Thomas Hardy of Shropshire, the novelist Mary Webb


lived and wrote in the county until her death in 1927. Now one of her


houses is at the centre of a planning dispute. A local


businessman wants to demolish her bungalow on Lyth Hill near


Shrewsbury to build a six bedroom home, but her fans say it would mean


the loss of an important piece of literary history. A solemn land, the


same fires burn in the trees. Words written by Mary Webb as she


contemplated the view from Lyth Hill. In 1917 the author and poet


bought a plot of land with the proceeds of her first successful


novel and built a small bungalow. She lived here on and off for the


next ten years. Since then the house has been extended and modified by a


number of owners, last year it came on the market again and was bought


by a local businessman who has submitted plans to demolish it and


build a new two storey six bedroom home. The Mary Webb Society were


horrified. It is so insensitive to rip the heart out of the place. Even


as it stands today, it is a perfectly good home and a beautiful


place. Same`macro she is known as the Thomas Hardy of Shropshire. It


is that important to Shropshire. 63 objections have been registered


against the plans. The house is barely visible from the road. The


new owner declined to be interviewed but has issued a statement saying...


But he does say he would be happy to work with those who have an interest


in the writer. Merriweather lived in several locations in Shropshire. ``


Mary Webb. Fans say Lyth Hill is the location because it is this view


that inspired her the most. This is our top story tonight: Jail


for two corrupt airport workers who helped smuggle people out of the


country with fake passports. Your detailed weather forecast to come


shortly from Shefali. Also in tonight's programme: He's become one


of only five in the history of the Premier League, so why's the Stoke


goalkeeper saying he feels a little sorry?


And one of the world's oldest Qurans on display among Islamic treasures


going back hundreds of years. The University of Birmingham has


unveiled its newest telescope today. Based in Wasthills on the outskirts


of the city, it won't just be for use by the university, it'll also be


available to amateur astronomers and school children. And our Science


Correspondent David Gregory`Kumar is there. So David, how big a job is it


to install a new telescope? If you have a look at the telescope, here


it is. It is quite big. With me is Doctor Graeme Smith from the


University of Birmingham. How hard was it to get it in? The day we


bought it, it was very exciting. We had to bring it through the roof.


You have e`mailed me some video this morning. What does this show? This


is a comet. We observed it before Wednesday with a group of students


here. With me is Eleanor from the Birmingham astronomical Society. It


is not just the university that would be using it. It is a wonderful


resource for us to have. The University planning to have several


nights when the public can observe as well. The quality of image you


can get from this is incredible. How does it compare to the telescope you


are using at the moment? With this, you can get images much further away


which are much more interesting. What sort of people could use it? In


addition to people interested in astrology, we are keen to reach


people who have not interacted with science before and reach out to new


members. That is really exciting. Now the nights are drawing income


astronomers will be out in Austrian is `` in places like this.


Time for the sport now and Ian's here. A bizarre goal to savour at


Stoke at the weekend! Every now and again, someone scores


a goal that makes you sit up and say WOW! And that's exactly what


happened on Saturday. So this afternoon, I popped along to the


Britannia Stadium to re`live that magical moment.


Lifelong Stoke City fan Bryan Shaw always arrives at the Brit two hours


before kick`off. He makes a beeline for the Boothen End. And settles


down in his favourite seat waiting for kick`off. But on Saturday, Bryan


was in for quite a shock It's often a bit breezy at the Britannia. He


kicked the ball up in the air. We thought, it is going to go in, it is


going to go in as Commissioner Mark what can I tell you about that goal?


It is the fourth fastest ever scored and it is a good job that Brian


didn't get stuck in the queue for his pre`match cup of tea. What are


his great qualities as a goalkeeper? He is agile and flexible. And now


top goal scorer. We are short of goals and a happy for them to come


in from anywhere. Almost two embarrassed to accept the acceptance


from his team`mates. We were very fortunate with the wind. We got a


lucky break there. And the Bosnian goalkeeper certainly took full


advantage of that following wind on Saturday. It wasn't quite enough for


Stoke to win the game. But for Bryan Shaw and the other 26,000 fans, it


was a goal they'll talk about for years to come.


Besides Begovic's wonder goal, two others worth mentioning in


dispatches including a beauty at the Hawthorns Yes, let's have a look at


Albion's first goal in their 2`0 over Crystal Palace.


Created down the left by Sessegenon. And scored with great skill by Saido


Berahino. Still only 20, his sixth goal for West Brom plus four for


England under`21's. A young man with a very bright future.


And an absolute corker for Shrewsbury Town against Sheffield


United? Yes, this is one from the top


drawer. A super strike from distance by Joe Jacobsen. He's a defender, by


the way. He'll remember this one for the rest of his career. And


Shrewsbury went on to beat Sheffield United 2`0.


There's nothing worse for any professional footballer than being


injured. They worry about whenor possibly whether... They'll play


again. But a new state`of`the`art treatment centre opened in


Staffordshire today. And that's good news for injured players at all


levels, as Nick Clitheroe reports. At 18, and may have the whole world


had of him. He started to question his future in the game. There is


times when I have been ready to pack in and give it all up. You just


think, I am never going to get back to where I was. Even able to play.


Come here, it is the first time I have felt like I have been making


progress. This is Burton upon Trent. Today, it became the first place in


England to be credited as a medical of excellence by fever. It should


offer an independent opinion about their diagnosis, management and


treatment of injuries but also an assessment of their health statement


stash status. Lower down the divisions, there's nothing like it.


It is open to everybody. We want people to come and use it. This is a


facility and a service for the entire game. It is the home of the


England football team and they train on this pitch behind me. It is here


to benefit the whole of the national game. Exciting new developments. One


of the world's oldest Qurans can be seen for the first time as part of a


new exhibition looking at Islamic calligraphy. Qalam ` the art of


beautiful writing ` features unseen collections including pens used to


create the art form. A late seventh century Quran folio from the Arabian


Peninsula purchased orginally for the Cadbury Family. A 10th century


Iranian ceramic Bowl from Stoke on Trent. And unseen pen cases from


Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery's collection. One of prized


possessions a case collected by an Art Teacher in Moseley. Well it's


beautifully painted inside an it contains all the tools. Birmingham


has a great history of pen manufacturer. We have this


outstanding collection. It's been put together with help


from the city's Islamic community. It engages the communities and links


the heritage. Contemporary pieces of work sit alongside historical


objects and celebrate the centuries across the world. They come in all


shapes and sizes to create calligraphy `` calligraphy. Qalam


the art of beautiful wtiting is a free exhibition and will run until


the end of hanuary. And that exhibition's at the Birmingham


Museum and Art Gallery. Now for a look at the weather.


( Tonight's headlines from the BBC The manhunt for a missing terror


suspect ` he's been on the run since Friday ` police say he shouldn't be


approached The prosecution in the hacking trial says Rebekah Brooks


tried to hide evidence ` discovered by a cleaner. Things will be turning


more unsettled and cold and this week, blustery at times. At the


moment, it is calm and clear out there. The wettest spell of all will


be tomorrow and Wednesday as these two systems weep in from of the


Atlantic. This one will be more prolific than the first. We are


looking at clear skies to begin with. Temperatures will be falling


down to two Celsius and that is in rural spots. Perhaps closer to


freezing in some areas which will give a touch of frost in places.


Later on tonight, the cloud thickens up from the west and we will see


some rain spreading in from that direction to end the night. Some of


this rain can be heavy in places. Just to point out that the winds


will be fairly strong this week, temperatures will fall. This area


will be the most prone to frost. Tomorrow will be grey and wet to


start off with. A lot of shifting eastwards so by the afternoon, we


are looking at brighter conditions. Temperatures will rise to nine


Celsius. With that brisk north`westerly breeze still


blowing, it will be quite cold tomorrow. As for Bonfire Night, it


could be worse. It is not bad at all. It is still quite windy but it


will be dry further east. Later in the night, we have got a band of


rain again. The next system is moving in from the West. This will


be heavier and more persistent. Temperatures tomorrow night will be


down to six hours it's `` six Celsius. The headlines: The manhunt


for a missing terror suspects. Jail for two corrupt Birmingham


Airport workers who helped smuggle people out of the country with fake


passports. That was the Midlands Today.


A family memoir that captured the hearts of millions.


A potter telling stories out of porcelain


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