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the cold side. That is it. Thank you, Tomasz. That is all from


the News At Six, Hello and welcome to Midlands Today.


The headlines tonight: Parents tell us the whole system has failed. We


are collectively determined to make sure we get the leadership we need.


Parents tell us whole system has failed. Also tonight... Blown up in


Afghanistan. Readjusting to life. The Royal Marines who say sport is


key to recovery. Why Keith the seal is being moved on, a year after


swimming up the River Severn Good evening. It is very much isolated


somewhere on its own. No let up from the cold this weekend with frost and


freezing fog to come. We should manage to stay dry. Your fall


forecast coming up. The headteacher at the centre of a row between staff


and Governors at a Birmingham School has resigned from his job. It


follows an Ofsted inspection which found relationships between the head


and management had become dysfunctional. In May this year, a


pupil allegedly threatened others with a knife. He was expelled, but


later reinstated by the governors. Then, in September, staff at the


school voted to stop teaching the boy. Now, a letter has been sent to


parents saying the head, Balwant Bains, has left the school. Saltley


School in East Birmingham, a school with leadership problems. This


building will not be refurbished. Until last week, the head teacher


was Balwant Bains, who appeared on Midlands Today three years ago, when


he worked in Coventry. But, in a letter to parents, he's announced he


has quit, saying he feels unable to carry out his role and


responsibilities. A group of parents spoke to us anonymously, their words


voiced by others. I can't see any future for my child in that school


because the whole system has failed.starting with the governing


body. If they're weak, the roots are weak, the head teacher and the


governors have got no trust together and it's affecting my child's


education. This is the school where earlier this year Mr Bains excluded


a pupil for allegedly threatening another with a knife, only for the


governors to reinstate him. The education part of it is fine. My


child is learning but the safeguarding is my main concern,


about the knife side. The governors let the child back in.I dont think


they dealt properly with the knife incident. A report from the school


inspectors Ofsted following a visit three weeks ago highlights a


dysfunctional relationship between the governors and the head teacher


resulting in no cohesive drive or shared vision governors they say are


not fulfilling all their statutory duties because policies to ensure


the safeguarding of all its students have not been reviewed The local MP


says the ball is now in the governor's court. They have to


respond to that. If they do not do this adequately, Ofsted go back in


and consequences follow. People are watching this like hawks. They are


doing it by the book. We are all collectively determined to make sure


that sultry gets the School leadership that it needs. An earlier


report rated the school as good. And there are positive findings. But


Ofsted also say the council's attempts to resolve the problems


here has been unsuccessful. In a statement, the Chairman of Governors


told us he and his colleagues are working very hard in developing an


effective action plan to address the issues raised by Ofsted and to


ensure good relationships between all staff, senior leadership and the


Governing Body. A new head is being recruited. Challenge number one, to


restore confidence. Coming up later in the programme...


The search for Keith the seal in the River Severn. She may not be the


only seal in there. That was an exclusive! And the latest news, she


may not be alone. It's just over a year since Harper Adams Agricultural


College in Shropshire became a University. And it's celebrating a


record number of former students getting jobs. Of the first group of


graduates, just 4% were unemployed six months later. The national


average is double that. And, today, a Royal guest was made its new


Chancellor. The Princess Royal has been a frequent visitor to the


university near Newport. 96% of graduates here got jobs last year.


Students studying mainly at cultural and rural courses. Do you think you


have higher than average badgered employment because of the type of


jobs? There is a pulled from industry. They want highly qualified


and experienced people. There are many agricultural students around.


The installation of the Princess Royal as Chancellor was relayed to


students on the screen. Among them, Rebecca. She is studying for a


degree on animal health and welfare but is spending a year out working


on the university 's own dairy farm. I am trying to get a wide range of


experience. I have not done anything with dairy cows before. I thought I


would do something different and learn something new. Elsewhere,


another student is spending her third year working for Natural


England. She is restoring natural peat bogs. Amanda helps her work


here will help her get a similar type of job when she graduates. ``


Emma. I have learned so much. Back on campus, she spent time meeting


students and staff. This is the first visit by the Princess Royal


Saint it became the first and only university a year ago. It is


estimated this university contributes ?40 million to the


regional economy. Future students could now have their degrees


conferred by the new Royal Chancellor. Plans have been revealed


for what could be a major expansion of a Ministry of Defence base in


Shropshire, making hundreds more jobs. Telford and Wrekin Council


hopes the proposals for MOD Donnington could ultimately create


up to 700 posts. The base provides logistics support for the army,


handling military equipment and weapons. Human remains have been


found near a pub in the Cotswolds, during work to build a new car park.


The skeleton of an Iron Age man has been unearthed on land bought by the


owners of the Horse and Groom at Bourton`on`the`Hill. A former health


minister and senior Birmingham MP is warning that pressures on the health


services could lead to more disasters like the Stafford Hospital


scandal. Gisela Stuart's constituency includes the Queen


Elizabeth Hospital. She told our Sunday Politics programme that she


was worried the Government wasn't dealing with staffing problems that


could lead to a repeat. Our political editor is here now.This


comes only days after Jeremy Hunt delivered the Government's formal


response to the Stafford Hospital report. He enshrined one of the


central recommendations of Robert Francis, QC. It is a duty of


candour. Staffing numbers on the boards are to be published monthly,


to restore confidence in the NHS. He gave no guarantees of minimum


staffing levels. This is one reason she said she thinks the government


is failing to learn the lessons of history. We have promise of


increasing care. We have lost many nurses. The quality care commission


says it has found no improvement. There are no actions which gave any


confidence it will be delivered. Campaigns to defend hospital


services in places like Stafford continued to gather momentum.


Management say they have no choice but to press ahead with their plans.


I was talking to the Liberal Democrat MEP representing the whole


West Midlands region. So often it is about individual MPs standing up for


constituents. Even though he lives in Staffordshire himself, there is a


wide argument about delivering sufficient hospital services across


the region as a whole. Stafford Hospital had these problems and it


does not remove the need for a hospital in Stafford. The need for


that hospital to be there with the services it has, it has not changed


by the problems that Stafford Hospital has. Intriguingly, some of


the place is right at the forefront of hospital reorganisation plans,


Stafford itself, Telford, Worcester, Redditch, they just


happen to be marginal party constituencies. This is an


intriguing question about how it will play into the general election


in over a year and a half time. And Patrick will be back with more on


this in this week's Sunday Politics, plus concerns about a possible


influx of Bulgarian and Romanian migrant workers when border controls


are relaxed in the new year. That's at 11am here on BBC One. There is a


chronic shortage of housing in the West Midlands. Local Authorities are


under pressure from the Government to build hundreds of thousands of


new homes, but plans usually bring councillors into conflict with local


residents. We've been inundated with e`mails from people concerned about


developments in their area. Holly Lewis has been to meet one group of


protestors in South Warwickshire. 5000 new homes could soon be built


on this green field site, running alongside the end 14 South


Warwickshire. The developers say it could be a Garden Village. Local


residents say it is not suitable for housing. I am opposed to a developer


and which would result in families living within touching distance of a


motorway. `` a development. You are building on a central reservation. I


would not want to live in a high traffic area like that.


Stratford`upon`Avon District Council has two build 9500 houses by 2028.


The residents group says the burden should be shared around the


district. We accept that housing is needed. We are more than happy to


take our share of that. We would probably working hand`in`hand with


the district to get the best out of the scheme. We put forward the


evidence `based argument this is not a suitable site. Disbursing new


housing is not currently an option on the table. In a statement, the


developer said the advantage of one strategic development is that it can


deliver the investment in infrastructure and facilities that a


number of smaller sites are unable to do. The council is under pressure


from the government to find space for housing. The leader says the


decision should be made locally. They either allow us to use our


current planning policies, instead of having a short cut, and those


planning policies will stop development in silly locations. We


will identify sensible locations where we can meet our housing


targets. Residents will find out in the New Year is the area will be the


preferred site for development and the council 's plans for the future.


Keith the seal has amassed quite a fan club since arriving in the River


Severn a year ago. The misnamed female has two Facebook pages and a


Twitter account. But the time has come to move on, anglers claim she's


chomping her way through too many fish and she has to be returned to


open waters. Our environment correspondent is at Bewdley.


David... Have they managed to catch her yet? The thing is, she could be


anywhere in this stretch of water. The search is focused between


Stourport and Bewdley. The bad news for anglers is that the ?5,000


mission to capture the seal was fruitless today. They are hopeful


they may find her tomorrow the problem is, she may not be the only


seal in the river. These locks outside Worcester. These are some of


the deepest locks on Britain's waterways. It is here that he'd feel


has most recently surfaced. `` Keith the seal. We saw her about a week


ago. She is one of two seals. Two seals! They became a tourist


attraction. Keith and any potential friends has certainly become a local


celebrity. She is not popular with anglers. It was a novelty value to


start with. Unfortunately, it has been cited by many anglers eating a


lot of fish and is destroying stocks. It has not gone down well


with anglers. The salmon will be returning to the River Severn.


Anglers all have stories of catching large salmon with missing tales or


big chunks taken out of their backs. They said that is down to the seal.


As the big plan to remove Keith once and four all was discussed, some say


they will miss her. As long as I am not fishing, it'll be all right. I


think it is sad. It is a bit of nature around here. If it will make


him safe, all the better for it. Today's search has proved


fruitless. It begins again tomorrow at first light. The problem is a


lack of daylight. After 3pm, there are not enough hours of daylight


left to try to capture him. Hopefully tomorrow they think they


should be a bit luckier. She is clearly proving to So, how do you go


about catching a seal? Be a slippery customer. English nature have not


issued a seal catching licence since 2006. It relies on people spotting


her first and early in the day. Tomorrow was set `` is Saturday and


plenty of anglers will be about. The inland rescue boats will go out and


try to tempt her into some of the public locks on the River Severn and


trap her inside. Then divers will go in and try to tempt her into a


special seal harness. They will wrap her up, tried to pull her out of the


river. They will check her over to see if she is OK. There is


discussion about whether it is good for a seal to eat so much freshwater


fish. Hopefully she will never bother the anglers again. This is


our top story tonight: A head teacher quits after an inspection


finds the relationship between him and school governors had become


dysfunctional. Rebecca will be along shortly with the weekend weather


forecast. Also ahead: I'm at ths Symphony Hall in Birmingham, where


there are not one, not two, but three big musical celebrations going


on this evening. And you can't get enough of this incredible moment.


The fastest goal of the season so far. That's awkward, and it's in.


Oh, my word. What's the next challenge for Stoke keeper Asmir


Begovic? Two Royal Marines who were blown up


in Afghanistan were back in Birmingham today ` the city where


they were treated for their injuries. They'd come to open a new


facility linked to Fisher House ` the residential home for families of


injured service personnel near the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Mark


Ormrod and Colour Sergeant Baz Barrett forged a friendship in the


darkest of times. Mark and I met for the first time in Christmas 2008.


What a superb inspiration to see him walking! Fisher House didn't exist


then, today they're back to see what's been built just next door.


Sporting facilities they could only have dreamed of. You spend a lot of


time in your hospital room watching countless DVDs. This does a hell of


a lot for your physical and mental well`being. It is about doing what


you can do. Just because you are built differently doesn't mean it


should not allow you to do what everyone else can do. The beauty of


this is it is feet away from Fisher house. Laura Brown has been living


here on and off for three whole years to be near his husband 's


bedside. Their hope of him using the facilities at any time soon. `` no


hope. Maybe one day I can give it a shot. He thinks it is a great idea.


It has been paid for by the Royal Marine Association. It is tough to


get into the Royal Marines anyway. He says goals and schools goals. Is


there anything that Asmir Begovic cannot do? He has produced a string


of man of the match performances and scored that wonder goal against


Southampton. He wants to raise money for sports facilities in


Staffordshire and Bosnia. This is the site Stoke City fans love and


opposition forwards hate. Tempt macro `` Asmir Begovic revealed a


new side to his character. He believes in giving young people the


chance to play sport. He has launched a charity foundation to


provide facilities to do so, both in Staffordshire and in Bosnia. We can


do a lot of things in Bosnia. It is something to look forward to. They


are trying to make the country grow and get better as time goes on.


Everyone is trying to look forward to the future. His international


team`mate has pledged his support, along with Mark Hughes and the club


captain. Here's a brilliant keeper and a great guy. `` he is a


brilliant keeper. It will help a lot of people. Tomorrow he will be fully


focused back on the pitch. They face a vital home match against


Sunderland. This is what happened the last time Stoke played at home.


It is in! Oh, my word! It was great. I took the manager literally about


scoring goals. Great that it happened and great that it helped us


to get a point. He probably will not score again this season but on and


off the pitch, Asmir Begovic is hoping to make a big difference.


Stoke play Sunderland tomorrow and West Brom host Villa on Monday.


Today there has been more reaction to the dubious penalty decision


which cost Albion two points. We know what happened. Ramirez comes


into the box in injury time. It looks a dubious penalty. This week,


Mike Riley has written to Albion apologising for the decision. This


is the reaction from the head coach. It is nice if somebody has made a


mistake and you get a phone call to say sorry. It is still nice that


people recognise they have made a mistake. Of course it is. Two events


taking place at the weekend. Some artistic gymnasts are heading to


Stoke on Trent. At the weekend at Worcester, real drive to push


Paralympics bought. A sports fest will encourage people to have a go


and take up Paralympic sport. The spirit of London 2012 goes on.


Multiple musical milestone has been celebrated at the Symphony Hall in


Birmingham. They are marking 30 years. Onstage, they will be


celebrating the centenary of Benjamin Britten. Quite a night. I


presume will be some Benjamin Britten in the repertoire. Part of


the worldwide celebration for the composer in what would have been his


100th birthday. He has close collections in the West where `` the


West Midlands. There is another celebration. Simon Housley has been


in Birmingham for many years. He is giving a preconcert talk. He told me


there is a very special relationship between him and the chorus. We begin


at Evan p.m. A bit tired. `` 7pm. We leave on cloud nine. They give me so


much and I give them something in return. The chemistry is so


fantastic. Learning this wonderful music and meeting all these


wonderful people is such fun. Let's speak to a couple of people who know


him well. It really is rather a special evening, isn't it? It is a


special evening. There will be 400 singers on stage. In Japan, they


will be banging the drum for Birmingham abroad. The classical


music critic from the Birmingham Post says this. Ever since the War


Requiem, he has built up a reputation of the chorus and it


really now is much sought after all around the world. There are other


choruses at 12 `` as well. The doors open at about 7pm. All 400 of the


chorus will be on at 7:30pm. How many layers will we need to wear


this weekend? It will be rather chilly but it will


be dry. There is some beautiful scenery. This is the Jefferson


Gardens in Leamington Spa. You can see these pictures on our Facebook


page. We will not be seeing much scenery like this tomorrow morning.


It'll be a foggy start tomorrow. Some freezing fog to come. It'll be


frosty as well. Once that clears, it will turn cloudy. We have had plenty


of clear skies. The blue sky does mean we will see a rather chilly


night tonight. Where we have holes in the cloud, temperatures will fall


away. They are already dropping down freezing and will fall further. We


are going to see some freezing fog patches developing and widespread


frost. Temperatures down to freezing. That is in the towns. We


start off tomorrow with freezing fog. Do bear that in mind if you're


heading out on the roads. It will be stubborn to clear. If it does, there


will be a brief period of sunshine. Under the cloud, temperatures are


really going to fall tomorrow. Still northerly winds. It'll be a cold day


tomorrow and it will be a cold night will stop the cloud will stick with


us. Temperatures will be helped a little bit. There will be breaks in


the cloud and patchy frost will form. Temperatures overnight, two,


three. After the frosty start, it'll be another cloudy day and the winds


will continue to ease. There could be some spots of rain. It is staying


settled for the next few days. The headlines: The couple arrested in


connection with the three women believed to have been kept slaves


for 30 years had been arrested by police before in the 1970s. A head


teacher quits after the inspection finds the relationship between him


and school governors have become dysfunctional. That was Midlands


Today. I will be back at 10pm with the result of Worcester 's rugby




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