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London. That is all


Albion take on near neighbours Aston Villa. Hello and welcome to Midlands


Today. The headlines tonight: The stresses of top level sport that


ultimately drove Warwickshire's Jonathan Trott to pull out of the


Ashes tour. I am sure Trotty will come home, he has a lovely family


behind him, he will bounce back. We'll be finding out just how tough


it is out in the middle in Test cricket and the psychological


pressure on players. Also tonight, why recruiting experienced social


workers is proving so hard in our biggest towns and cities. It is


about skills, passion and knowledge and wanting to make the difference.


Just days to go ` if you bought a lottery ticket in May, you could


have won a massive ?12 million but time is running out to make that


claim. Monday night is Derby night. And the


start of a new week with High pressure in control but what's that


going to mean for us in terms of weather. I'll have all the details


for you later. Good evening. Warwickshire cricketer


Jonathon Trott is back home tonight after dramatically quitting the


Ashes test series in Australia. His club say they'll give him their full


support as he battles with a long standing stress condition believed


to be linked to depression. The England batsman has faced pressure


on the pitch and off it with runs hard to come by and the Australians


accusing him of being "poor and weak". Here's Giles Latcham.


Out for just nine and out of the Ashes. Warwickshire batsman Jonathan


Trott's long walk to the pavilion was swiftly followed by a long


flight home from Australia, suffering we're told from a


stress`related condition. The stakes are high. A shocking development for


a neighbour back in Birmingham, and Warwickshire hero of the '80s and


'90s. Paul Smith bowled as well as faced fast deliveries and recognises


the stress and pressure that come with top flight cricket. It is a


very very stressful environment. The key is to identify if and what the


problem is and that are a lot of people with a lots of time for him.


The supporters and fans will see if and when. Even as England retained


the Ashes over the summer Trott appeared to struggle for form and


was asked last month ahead of the tour about suggestions the Aussies


had got inside his head. The surprising thing is, Australia are


confident but they lost the Ashes series and are making comments


already. That is the Australian way. The director of cricket says


Jonathan Trott's health and well`being is the utmost priority.


He calls him an outstanding cricketer and says over the next few


weeks, the squad will give him and his family there utmost support. I


suffered similar things that players go through in their careers but I am


sure Trotty will come home, he has a lovely family behind him and get


help and he will bounce back in the character we do. Trott says he needs


time away from international cricket, time to spend with his


young family and time it may be that heals. Joining us now is sports


psychologist Professor Andy Lane from the University of


Wolverhampton. Good evening to you. It is quite a shock. It is not all


glitz and glamour. It is a shock but not unsurprising. Sportsmen are


under tremendous pressure and you have to remember that they are


superbly talented performers but not necessarily always good at managing


the stresses that come with it. You have someone who can cope on the


pitch most of the time but going on tour, it is stress is on and off the


pitch all of that time and that puts someone in the pressure cooker. You


cannot get away from it. I heard talk about the support services and


while we might have expected them to fix it, if it is a sore knee and


they went ten injured, we would not be thinking anything worse, we would


expect that but someone who is sensitive to this barracking and the


pressure cooker and has decided the best thing to do at the moment is


remove themselves from the situation which is the best coping strategy.


It is a team game but it is individual as well. It is bombarded


by scores so you know exactly what job batting average is, you're


fielding rate so you cannot escape. Those figures come at you all of the


cart dashed all of the time. It puts pressure on you. How should it be


managed now? He has come home I suspect because that is his best way


of coping. The best thing is to leave him to his family and support


away from cricket where he is not being reminded of what went on in


the tour. I suspect he has strategies to help him overcome that


on his own. Marcus to help him overcome that on his own. Marcus


Agius Gothic have the same thing and did not return. Will he get


heatedly. It is a decision he will come to. Gothic.


Thank you for much. We wish Jonathan Trott all the best. Coming up later


in the programme: a fresh start after jail as former inmates try to


build a future by giving themselves somewhere to live. Birmingham should


find out within weeks if its children's services are to be taken


over after damning reports by Government inspectors. Part of the


problem is recruiting and retaining experienced social workers,


something shared by other urban authorities. Birmingham should have


659 social workers dealing with children but 131 posts can't be


filled. Walsall faces recruiting problems too. It has 123 social


workers dealing with children but another 22 are needed. Cath Mackie


has this report. It's Kirsty Naylor's first day at


work in Walsall Borough Council's childrens' services department. It


will be daunting and scary but I am ready. I am excited for the


challenge. She's meeting other social workers, who've turned up to


a recruitment morning at the council house. 22 jobs are on offer. The


changes going on, the support in place tells me it is a good place to


work. They are looking at the children and investing in the


children as well as staff development. But would they stay?


Many big authorities have problems retaining social workers ` overwork


and under`resourcing are frequent complaints. The results in nearby


Birmingham for example have been catastrophic. Children like Khyra


Ishak and Keanu Williams died, it was said because they were


"invisible" to the authorities. But Walsall too has had its fair share


of bad headlines. Back in June 2012 Ofsted rated its children's services


as inadequate. But a year later, things had improved and the rating


it was given was adequate. And things, we are told, are continuing


to improve." We are not complacent, we have a long way to go because we


want to be an outstanding service and that is what we are aiming for.


The people here were told it didn't matter if they'd worked for


Birmingham children's services but it's clearly an issue for some. To


Birmingham, probably not. I will wait to see what happens. I would be


happier in Walsall because I have the support I need. Would you


consider Brooke `` Birmingham? I put in application and so, yes. A lot of


the recent stuff would have put me off applying in future until things


have improved. Today's event was oversubscribed perhaps a sign of


growing confidence but they're bracing themselves now for a visit


from Government inspectors next month. Police have issued a fresh


appeal for information about the murder of a Coventry toddler five


weeks ago. Two`year old Khaleel Hussain


suffered a fatal head injury the day after this picture was taken. A man


and woman arrested are on police bail. Detectives want anybody who


may have seen Khaleel in the Ball Hill area of the city to get in


touch. We know he passed away at two years


of age, we are trying to piece together his short life and we are


appealing for members of the community to come forward if they


know what happened, prior to his death or in his short life with us.


Opponents to high speed rail from across the Midlands have been


protesting outside the Houses of Parliament. They say the HS2 line


line will be a waste of money and will have a negative impact on the


environment. Details of the first phase of the line between London and


Birmingham have been published today. We are here to stop this


madness, ?50 billion on a row way line that nobody really needs. Bad


policies eventually fail. This is so bad, it will fall over. A


19`year`old man from Cheltenham has died after his car crashed into a


pub. Six men were in the Citroen which careered off the road in the


village of Blythburgh in Suffolk on Saturday. Christopher Doran, from


Cheltenham, and another teenager died at the scene. The other men are


all said to be in a stable condition in hospital.


The West Midlands Fire Service training base in Smethwick could be


sold or rented out. The fire and rescue authority is discussing the


proposal as well as plans to rebuild fire stations in Aston, Kings


Norton, Coventry and Bickenhill. In future firefighters training will


take place at their individual stations.


A group of former prisoners have set up their own construction business


to tackle a shortage of homes for ex`offenders. Up to a dozen


properties in North Staffordshire are being refurbished, ready to


house offenders being released into the community next year. They'll be


monitored on a daily basis by the authorities. Ben Godfrey reports.


Pete is out of prison on licence. Plastering skills he picked up


inside are being used to build a home in Stoke`on`Trent for others


waiting to be released. It gives people an opportunity to see what


ex`offenders are doing. It's an opportunity to learn more skills. We


have been asked not to identify the location but the authorities will


monitor the ex`offenders who will live here on a daily basis. A


Christian charity is supporting these ex`offenders and they get paid


around ?50 a day for their work. They want to spruce up a dozen homes


in Staffordshire, with the help of local letting agents and building


contractors. There is a massive heart in Stoke`on`Trent to help


people but they are not sure how. We will help, we don't mind doing that


but we need support. A lot of it is lack of understanding. Some of these


lads have had a bad upbringing or made a mistake, we all make


mistakes. Housing advice for prisoners is limited, according to


The Prison Reform Trust. There aren't enough rooms or houses


to house people anyway never mind prisoners. The prisoner comes out


with ?46. That is it. I was in jail for 7.5 years. I had support because


I'm gauged in the support around me. For ex`prisoners like Pete, this


work is supposed to be another step towards rehabilitation. But for a


project eager to build community relations, it's chosen to keep its


location closely guarded. This is our top story tonight. The stresses


of top level sport that ultimately drove Jonathan Trott to pull out of


the Ashes tour and return home to Birmingham. Your detailed weather


forecast to come shortly ` also in tonight's programme a passion for


two wheels that's lasted for 30 years ` our search for the Midlands


unsung sporting hero. And we're live at the Hawthorns as


Albion and Villa go head to head ` who'll come out on top?


If you have a story you think we should be covering on Midlands


Today, we'd like to hear from you. You can call us or send an e`mail.


Cast your mind back to Friday May 31st of this year? Did you buy a


lottery ticket? And, if so, have you checked it very very carefully.


Especially if you bought it in the Ladywood area of Birmingham, close


to the city centre. Because someone has won the 12 million pound


Euromillion Raffle jackpot and not claimed it. Now time is running out.


Sarah Falkland is in Ladywood for us tonight. So when is the deadline?


The deadline is 11pm Wednesday night after that if not claimed all the


money goes to good causes. Just to try and jog peoples memories,


Camelot came up with a of stunt involving a countdown clock.


Five, four, three, two. And they're off ` spreading the word round


Ladywood that time is running out. The winning ticket for a million


pounds every month for a year was bought somewhere near here on Friday


May 31st. They don't deserve to win it if they are not claiming it. If


you buy a ticket, you should put it away. If I won that money, I want my


passport and I am off. So where can the ticket have got to? Got to hope


it didn't end up in the washing or out with the rubbish? People have


busy lives and do not check straightaway. Some people have a


stack of tickets in a jewel and need a gentle reminder to check them.


There have been instances of people finding tickets in glove box of cars


and a pair of shorts. Ladywood is a deprived area, the numbers on


benefits is three times the national average. The average home is


?115,000. The winner could buy a whole street of homes around here or


opt for one in the country. Brock Hamp `` Brockhampton house on the


Herefordshire/Worcestershire is up for three million? The jackpot would


buy you over 100 new Range Rovers. So what would you do with ?12


million? I would never be broke again. I would move from around


here. I am happy as I am! I don't need money to make me happy. So


Sarah we know the ticket was bought in Ladywood but do we know exactly


which outlet sold that extremely valuable bit of paper? Before that,


let me remind you of what the number is... It might have been sold right


here in this Ladywood supermarket. It could be your shop that sold the


winning ticket. Yes, it could be one of our shops. I would be very happy


because it would be nice to see one of the locals when the money. What


have people said to you? People are panicking, running around, have they


left my ticket here, checking the CCTV. I have not checked the CCTV.


People are looking all over the place. I have checked their tickets.


Who would you like to see women? Somebody in Ladywood. And it would


be nice to see somebody in Ladywood. They need it. And what


would you do with ?12 million? It would be a nightmare for me. I would


not want to know `` I would not know what to do. I could help you. I


reminder of the number. The deadline to claim your ?12 million is 11pm on


Wednesday. Check your pocket! Tonight is Derby night in the


Premier league and that means a full house at the Hawthorns to watch West


Bromwich Albion play Aston Villa. Ian Winter is at the ground right


now. You can barely squeeze a wafer thin


mint between them this season. 14 points apiece. The referee has been


in the spotlight this weekend, this afternoon I went to meet a man who


is keeping a close eye on the performance of match officials. My


very own private tutorial with an expert in football statistics. At


the University of Wolverhampton Professor Alan Nevill has just


signed a three`year contract with the governing body of Professional


Match Officials to analyse the mistakes made by referees. The most


recent research is fascinating providing compelling evidence that


referees are far less likely now to make decisions which favour the home


team. Now that might surprise a few Albion fans, who couldn't believe it


when Chelsea got a controversial late penalty a couple of weeks ago.


And it might also surprise a few Villa fans too after they were


denied a clear penalty at Chelsea back in August. Our referees biased


in favour of home teams? No. They might favour the home team


subconsciously but the word bias is wrong. I think it is just how it


happens at the time. It will even itself out. They have a difficult


job. I have never said or LAN bastide referee. I try to support


the guys. Had you solve the problem? He has been a revelation. He is in


among the goals this year. My defenders need to be on their toes.


Back in January, Albion fought back to earn a 2`2 draw nowonly goal


difference separates them from Aston Villa. And this evening back at the


University Professor Nevill will be watching like a hawk to analyse the


referee's performance. It's been a funny old season for Christian


Benteke. I don't think he's scored now for five games, that must be


worrying for Villa? Yes, slight worry. He scored 23 goals last


season but he struggled to recapture his form this time round. He has


been hampered by a hip injury but his last goal for the Villa came


against Newcastle. He has not scored in five games. But Villa need his


goals and the big Belgian striker will be aware of that and desperate


to repeat the trick he produced against the Albion in January of


this year. Not least with it being the World Cup season. Meanwhile West


Brom are very fortunate to have two top keepers at the club? Albion are


very fortunate to have such fine goalkeepers. He grabbed is


opportunity with both hands since injury to Ben Foster. Foster is


making good progress in rehabilitation and when he is fit


again, that really is a lovely problem for the head coach to have,


to outstanding goalkeepers and many would love to see Ben Foster in the


England World Cup squad for Brazil in the summer. Villa's away form is


slightly better than Albion's home form. The bookies say Albion will


win. I think it will be a 3`3 draw. Staying with sport and now the


search for those dedicated individuals who keep grassroots


sport alive. This year's BBC Midlands Sports Unsung Hero is down


to the final five nominees and we'll be telling you about them this week.


Tonight, cycling coach Graham Watkins. Laura May McMullan caught


up with him track`side in Shropshire.


Everybody all right! Is it getting IC? Graham Watkins, affectionately


known as George has a passion for pedal power. He's helped Mid


Shropshire Wheelers for nearly 30 years, encouraging hundreds to take


up the sport. The youngsters are enjoying it. That is the way I


planned it 20 years ago. It has taken 20 years but we are getting


there. George helped to get this cycle track built in Shrewsbury. It


has been a fantastic facility, the membership has grown to just under


400 from below 200. He is behind`the`scenes, he does it


quietly, strumming the forest for the cycle cross track, everything.


He is here all of the time. Luke Grivell`Mellor is about to go


professional and he has a lot to thank George for. He has always been


there running coaching sessions, a great help to me, sports village in


the evenings, much safer than the road. In primary school, the first


session I went to, George was running it. He is a role model. He


puts more effort and time in the most other coaches. He is always


there to help you if you are stuck. I will have a lap with them. He fits


cycling around a full`time job as a gash `` gas engineer. With the


club's GoRide cycling scheme, he hopes to keep the flame alive for


future generations. And we'll be hearing from more of the finalists


throughout the week. Well, it's been dry but fairly cold today. Shefali's


here to tell us how's the forecast looking. Dry and cold sums up this


week. High pressure is keeping it that way. Things are settled but


because of the high pressure, it will be weakened. We have largely


clear skies, the temperatures will be dropping as well in the night.


The air mass is going to make the biggest impression of all, it is


drawing in milder air as the winds circulate. So, apart from the try


and cold conditions, overnight frost and Fog and a mild spell developing


by mid week. Wednesday and Thursday in particular. Elements of what I


mentioned, a frost and Fog. Initially clear skies with


temperatures dropping quite sharply to `3 in the countryside or freezing


in towns and cities. Later in the night, the cloud will come in but


under clear skies we concede dense patches of fog, quite stubborn


developing in the morning. A combination of cloud and stubborn


patches of fog that will take temperatures back to two Celsius but


highs of between five and seven Celsius. A dry day, not bad but


quite chilly. Later on, if you spot of rain developing because of the


weakened weather front. This brings in more cloud and further spots of


rain during the night. The cloud and rain will hold temperatures above


freezing to about two or four Celsius. We will narrowly escaped a


frost overnight. More of the clouds on Wednesday and Thursday, in spite


of the temperatures rising to 10 Celsius in the south of the region,


it will be largely dry but dull and showers on Friday but dry by the


weekend. The headlines, a couple suspected of holding three women as


slaves are names, former far left activists. Payday loan companies


face a cap on fees and interest. Jonathan Trott is thought to be home


in Birmingham after a shock departure from the Ashes tour. And


why recruiting experienced social workers is proving hard in our towns


and cities. An attempt to capture a grey seal in the River Severn near


Worcester has been put on hold. Mercia Inshore Search and Rescue


haven't been able to find Keith as she's been called, since searching


began on Friday. Anglers blame the seal for depleting fish stocks. We


are back at 10pm with the goals from the hawthorns. Remember, if you are


sitting on a lottery ticket, claim it sharpish!


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