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That is all from BBC News At Six, I will be back with more


become the technical home for more than 40 local TV channels. Hello and


welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight: Three nurses are


suspended at Stafford hospital over concerns about care given to an


elderly patient. There was one patient who was overlooked for some


time and clearly that is something neither the trust nor I or anyone


would find acceptable. We'll be asking what impact this could have


on the confidence among patients at Stafford, also tonight: Landing new


jobs ` the maintenance hangar Birmingham Airport hopes will boost


business. Already we have recruited 150 highly


skilled engineers with a view to another 150. Nine leisure centres


and pools to close in Birmingham ` six new centres will be built and


run privately. Why giving birth to this rare


Suffolk punch was a big ask for Mum. And you may have been cranking up


the heating now that winter's approaching, but for a brief time at


least there seems to be some relief in sight. More on that later.


Good evening. Three nurses have been suspended from their jobs at


Stafford Hospital over concerns about the care given to an elderly


patient earlier this month. The hospital has confirmed it relates to


an incident on the15th of November and says the concerns were reported


by other nursing staff. The Hospital Trust has confirmed it launched an


"immediate investigation" and is keeping the patient's family


informed. Here's our Health Correspondent Michele Paduano.


In the dark days of Stafford hospital, it was care for the


elderly that lay at the root of the problem. Neglect was made worse by


nursing shortages. The town's MP's established here staffing wasn't an


issue. There were the correct number of staff and correct qualifications


for the staff and patients at the time but it is simply a matter that


was one patient who was overlooked. The nursing director Colin Ovington


has met the family of the elderly patient. The hospital would provide


no further details. Its statement said the incident was reported


quickly by nursing staff. Three members of staff who were on duty at


the time has been suspended while an immediate investigation is carried


out. The campaigners who fought to keep services local will have seen


standards improve. This comes weeks before a decisions made about the


hospitals future. It is disappointing that the staff have


acted in the right way, the hospital have acted appropriately and we all


have to wait to see what the investigation holds. It must be


remembered suspension is a neutral act and mangers at Stafford will be


absolutely scrupulous because of the hospitals past. And Michele joins us


now from outside Stafford Hospital. What happens now in a case like


this? Well, the investigation will take


statements from all of those involved and somebody, probably the


nursing director will decide if there was a case to answer and a


panel will be convened. The unions say there is no timescale when that


will take pace and it could drag on. If somebody is dismissed, there is


an appeals process which will be next year before we have an outcome.


What effect does this have on patient confidence? Well, this town


is polarised, there are people who can see no wrong in this hospital,


others would like to dismantle it brick by brick. For most people,


they should see this as one incident in a hospital that statistically has


been improving. This is Stafford Hospital, Stafford Hospital which


around the globe is synonymous with bad care and care that was appalling


amongst the elderly. The issue now is how it plays out in the PR world


and it will be difficult for them to recover. Coming up later in the


programme marking a safe return from Afghanistan, with an historic


homecoming in Warwickshire. A huge new aircraft hangar has been


officially opened at Birmingham Airport today. The new facility can


accommodate almost every type of aircraft in the world. As well as


creating 150 new jobs, it's hoped it'll help attract valuable business


and more airlines to the airport. Here's our transport correspondent


Peter Plisner. A special fly`past today to mark the


opening of the new hangar. A multi`million pound investment and


major expansion for one of Birmingham's leading airlines. This


is a huge facility, behind me a Boeing 757, the sort of jet that


takes us on holiday. You can fit six in here, the size of four football


pitches and the only facility that can house the new Boeing Dreamliner.


So why choose Birmingham to site the new facility ` according to Monarch


it's a perfect place to expand. Our airline is a key operator at


Birmingham Airport, this part of the country is renowned for engineering


skills providing a future proofed line of succession for business. And


it's also meant new jobs, with more to come in the future. Engineer


Richard Froggatt is one of those lucky enough to work here. It is


exciting because you are coming in at the start of moving into


Birmingham so it is good to get in at grassroots. The arrival of the


Hangar has also help boost the local economy. This Coventry firm supplied


compressors to the new facility. With the high profile of this


customer, it has a knock on effect. We have employed an extra two


people, we are investing in more vehicles, we are expanding the


offices, everything is moving forward. So good news all round at


an airport that after a tough recession is finally taking off.


With me now is Paul Kehoe, the Chief Executive of Birmingham Airport. How


much extra money will this bring to your coffers? Well, in the short


term, we have done a fantastic deal to make the deal work. When we see


more aeroplanes, we have counted the money coming in from the Knight


aircraft but the visiting air planes will bring some money in. So, you


need to attract more airlines. Yes, and this will do that. How confident


are you, BA and virgin are not interested. No, they have their own


facilities but Mama have got contracts in place and we will see


the Boeings come here. They are servicing the aeroplane so the


future is bright and Mama have done a fantastic job to get where they


are today in nine months. Which airlines are we talking about? The


airlines like Thompson, Monarch, maybe some easyJet. You might see


some of the aeroplanes with a runway extension, Bangladesh with a new


Boeing and that aeroplane could be maintained in Birmingham. Exciting


possibilities. Mononoke have not shared all their details but they


are confident and they are confident in the facility. The response from


customers is exceptional. Can you clarify the number of jobs because


we said 150 new jobs but some have been transferred from Luton. It is


150 jobs in Birmingham and apprenticeships, the aim is for 300


jobs. We have parachuted people in from Manchester and Luton and


Gatwick but these people are bringing new people on board, the


aim is 300 jobs by the end of next year with more apprentices. It is a


great news story from Birmingham. Nine leisure centres and swimming


pools have been earmarked for closure in Birmingham, to save


nearly seven million pounds. The City Council says it would be too


costly to repair the existing buildings. It plans to replace them


with six new leisure centres, which will be privately run. Bob


Hockenhull has the details. Campaigners have fought long and


hard to save Moseley Road Swimming Baths. But it looks like the end of


the line has finally come for the Edwardian building. It's one of nine


facilities due to close as Birmingham City Council needs to


save 6.8 million pounds from its leisure budget. I am disappointed


because it is popular in the community. Lots of people use these


barbs. There's been a big cup dashed public campaign and there are not


alternative facilities. If the plans are approved Moseley, one of the


oldest swimming baths in the country, will shut in September


2015. Part of it has already been moth balled. They have been shut for


ten years now, the seating area around the pool is considered unsafe


and the council say it's cheaper to build new facilities rather than


repair old ones. Under the council's proposals, eight other leisure


facilities across the city will close by April 2017. But they will


be replaced by six brand new centres at a cost of 36 million pounds.


They'll be privately run so the council says the investment will be


cheaper than trying to repair old buildings. We have a number of


swimming baths which are at the end of their life. The proposals we are


coming forward with will give us leisure facilities and swimming


facilities across the city in a geographical spread which gives


access to all residents. And to help deprived areas, the creation of six


so called well being centres has been announced. They'll offer advice


and practical help to produce what the council hopes will be a fitter


city. New figures suggest the number of additional deaths in the region


caused by cold weather rose dramatically last winter.


There were 1200 more deaths in the Midlands during the prolonged


cold`spell compared to the previous year. The majority of the deaths in


the winter of 2012 to 2013 were among pensioners with over`75s


accounting for more than eighty percent of them.


The Sutton Coldfield MP Andrew Mitchell has said the so`called


Plebgate affair destroyed his political career. The former Chief


Whip resigned from his post in the Cabinet last October after a row


broke out over exactly what he said to police officers at the entrance


to Downing Street. Earlier it was confirmed one Metropolitan Police


officer is to face criminal prosecution over his account of what


happened. My reputation was destroyed. I was vilified


relentlessly over 33 days with over 800 hate e`mails in the course of


that first week. I and my family were driven from our home with as


many as 20 journalists and photographers camped outside.


A 75`year`old man who was found lying in the road with serious


injuries in the Black Country is believed to have been the victim of


a hit and run. He was discovered on Beakes Road in Smethwick on Saturday


evening and was taken to hospital, but died of his injuries. Police say


they believe he was hit by a van or possibly a 4x4. They're appealing


for witnesses. History was made today when the


first battalion The Royal Regiment of fusiliers were granted the


freedom of an entire district in Warwickshire, following a homecoming


parade. The second battalion of the fusiliers is under threat of


closure, as part of the army cuts. But today's homecoming parade was


about celebrating the safe return of the regiment from Afghanistan. Joan


Cummins reports. The Fusiliers have been part of


Warwickshire for centuries. With its link to the Royal Warwickshire


Regiment, today hundreds lined the streets of Leamington to welcome


home 180 soldiers from the 1st Battalion, Royal Fusiliers on what


is hoped to have been a final tour of Afghanistan. I first deployed in


2006, to go back in 2013 to see the progress the security forces have


made is staggering. Hundreds have lined the streets to say thank you


to the Fusiliers, Regiment with a long tradition in Warwickshire. They


are doing a difficult job. You must support them. It brings a lump to


your throat. You want to cheer and shout. It is a big thing, what they


do. They protect everybody and look after people. Many of the Fusiliers


grew up here in the Midlands and today soldiers from Coventry and


Birmingham explained why homecoming marches are emotional experiences.


It is an amazing feeling, it feels like you have achieved something


which we have. It is a good feeling. It is a good experience and I am


glad I came back in one piece. You do get a proud feeling. It is nice


that you are appreciated for the job you do. It is good to know everyone


is supporting us. Regardless of changes taking place, the Fusiliers


will always have a place in the hearts of people in Warwickshire. It


is coming up to quarter to seven. This is our top story tonight: Three


nurses are suspended at Stafford hospital over concerns about care


given to an elderly patient. Your detailed weather forecast to


come shortly with Shefali ` also in tonight's programme honours even at


the Hawthorns, Aston Villa come from two goals down to share the points


with West Brom. And no ordinary foal, find out why Faith is packing


quite a punch. The Midlands has become the


technical home for a new generation of local digital television


stations. More than forty new local TV channels from across the country


could eventually be transmitted from a brand new high`tech centre in


Birmingham. Today Estuary TV, a local station for Grimsby, was the


first to go live and our science correspondent David Gregory`Kumar is


behind the scenes right now. So David how has it gone?


It has been almost two hours and they are still on air, it is going


swimmingly. This broadcast centre in Birmingham will pump out all the


UK's planned local TV stations and here in the Midlands our first local


TV station is likely to be City TV broadcasting to Birmingham, so when


might it launch? After that first tranche of new services, in the


Midlands Bromsgrove, Stoke`on`Trent, Stratford`upon`Avon and


Kidderminster all have plans for local stations. Lots of different


services. We are launching channels to appear on free view, terrestrial


television on channel eight in England and 26 in Wales and


Scotland. Most of the places that have local TV will launch on channel


eight. Hopefully, several services here, they are quite difference.


What is the advantage? The technology here and behind you is,


if we did not build it here would have to be built in every location


so at the moment there were 19 in the first wave and two got


licensed. That would be 21 different places to build the technology we


have here. By centralising it, it is more efficient and more cheap and


would provide a higher level of service than many of the stations


can for themselves. Thank you for talking to us. Other services will


also be coming online including Kidderminster next year. It is all


going swimmingly so far. It is always like that in TV! Sport now,


Ian's here and it really was a game of two halves at the Hawthorns last


night. For almost an hour it was a stroll in the park. Albion cruising


2`0 up. Villa, deflated. But that's when Paul Lambert launched his three


subs. And Steve Clarke's 2`goal cushion quickly sank without trace.


Honours even in the West Midlands Premier League derby, for the fourth


game running. This was the moment that turned the


derby upside down. It was a big call but they were fantastic. Villa had


played second fiddle. It was delivered in style by the


Republic of Ireland striker. The Albion fans were in dream land. This


mess was costly. It might have been game over. Contrasting emotions for


both managers but one knew something had to change. Within ten minutes,


Villa were back in the game. The gloves were off and so was the


jacket. The weather was cold but the comeback was hot. When Albion failed


to clear their lines, Ashley Westwood made the equaliser.


Thankfully it nestled in the bottom corner. To celebrate in the Derby


was special. He was excellent, his passing was excellent. And the goal


was a fantastic strike. The disappointment is we had good


control until midway in the second half. We allowed it to slip away.


When we go ahead, we need to control the game better. And to bet against


a fifth consecutive draw or they meet again in two months time and


Villa Park? Wolves could return to the top of league one against


Tranmere Rovers. Full coverage on the BBC local radio.


I did not hear your prediction last night, I was stuck in traffic. I


watched the first two goals. I gather you predicted a draw.


Yes, I fancied 3`3. It ended 2`2. Six games without a goal, worrying


for Villa. Within the next hour the BBC will reveal the ten names on the


short list to become Sports Personality of the Year. Possible


candidates from our region? Two names spring to mind. I'd be rather


surprised if the Wolves speedway rider Tai Woffinden isn't on the


list, after his success in becoming World Champion this year. But the


Warwickshire batsman Ian Bell must be a certainty. He scored 562 runs


against Australia including three centuries to help England retain the


Ashes. Talking of Warwickshire, they're changing their name? Yes,


next summer, they'll be called the Birmingham Bears but only in the new


NatWest t20 Blast tournament on Friday evenings, starting in May.


Every night this week we're introducing the five finalists in


our search to find the BBC Midlands Sports Unsung Hero. This evening


it's Colin Greetham who's been at the very heart of Sutton Coldfield


Cricket Club for more than twenty years. Nick Clitheroe has been to


meet him. It may not feel like the weather for cricket but you still


can't tear Colin Greetham away from his beloved square. His official


title is chairman at Sutton Coldfield cricket club but in


reality for the last 23 years Colin has been so much more. Coaching with


the adults, ladies and juniors and on top of that trying to manage the


club. I have looked after the ground but I am trying to step back a


little. I still like to put the lawn mower around. His main passion is


coaching and especially bringing through future generations of


players for the first team. That youth policy has really worked. This


summer they won the Premier Division of the Warwickshire Cricket league.


That team had an average age of just 19 and their successors are already


being lined up too. He is the heart of the club. I would not have


enjoyed it as much if it wasn't for him. He has made me love the sport


as much as he does. He is properly respected by everyone at the club.


Everybody likes to take advice of him. Cricket is a great game for


youngsters but it is a great game and I want people to share my


enthusiasm for it. And he hasn't stopped there. When the club decided


to start up a ladies team they were drifting along until Colin took a


hand. He took complete beginners, nobody could bowl a ball to cat is


playing competitive cricket. One of the ladies scored her first century


last year and that is down to his coaching. So whether it's at the


indoor winter nets or out on the square 69`year`old Colin Greetham is


at the heart of this club. Good luck to Colin. Tomorrow, we'll meet our


third finalist, that's Frank from Droitwich Spa.


She may be just six months old but already "Faith" has made her way


into the history books ` the equine history books that is. She's a rare


breed Suffolk punch ` they're the oldest breed of heavy horse in


Britain. But there are so few of them left, that one breeder in


Herefordshire has turned to surrogacy to help boost the numbers


.and along came Faith. Cath Mackie's been to meet her.


She's only a baby, and like many babies she likes to eat... And


eat... And play around, at home in Foy in Herefordshire. But Faith the


Suffolk punch filly, is far from ordinary. She has been born via the


embryo transplant route which is well tried among the profession but


not amongst heavy horses. It has never been done before with this.


Her birth mother is a former dressage horse. At six months old


little Faith has got the characteristics of the Suffolk


punch. You can see her lovely round belly, the little short legs and


lovely deep chestnut colour of her coat, but above all the lovely,


sweet natured temperament. They have the most marvellous temperament.


They like human beings. And it is a tragedy they are trying out. They


are dying out, rather, because we have no further use for them. Heavy


horses played an essential role in farming for centuries ` pulling


heavy machinery, and carts. But then mechanisation took over. Now there


are only 500 suffolk punch horses left worldwide, with just 200 mares


in the UK including Faith's natural mother Opal who gave birth herself


this year. What are they like? Fantastic, lovely. I wish I had been


here from the beginning of the project because it is so exciting.


Will you do this purely out of love because I assume there isn't much


money. No, no money whatsoever. It is out of love and to try and form a


small breeding herd ourselves. And the aim is to keep the breed alive.


In the future, hopefully Faith will help continue the line. She is


gorgeous. There was ice this morning. It is still technically


autumn. Winter is fast approaching, we should be there by December.


Autumn is not letting go without a fight. We have a brief burst of


milder air and that will lift temperatures slightly. You will


notice it during the night. It is down to warm fronts and sectors,


high keeping things largely dry but a warm front with milder air. The


next one comes through on Thursday moving from west to east. Really,


that is keeping things mild and tonight you will start to notice a


difference. Compared to last night, a huge difference, temperatures were


`3 in rural spots last night, tonight we are down to seven


Celsius. And with this warm front from north to south, increasing


cloud and also rain. More particularly in the eastern parts.


There could be fork in the high ground. Tomorrow, with lighter


winds, not an awful lot to agitate the cloud or fog. It could be dealt


to start the day but we hope the wind will pick up in the afternoon


so we get some brightness and sunshine. Temperatures again on the


mild side, nine or 10 Celsius with a lighter winds. Tomorrow night, a


repeat performance of tonight, it will be largely dry and so is


tomorrow night, a lot of residual cloud with hill fog and temperatures


matching tonight to values of five or seven Celsius. We will see things


cooling down after that, some rain on Thursday, a cold front following


so it may pep up the cloud producing patchy rain. Rain and showers on


Friday. Tonight's headlines from the BBC: With ten months to go to the


referendum, the Scottish Government has published its blueprint for


independence. A police officer is charged over the


plebgate affair ` it's alleged he falsely claimed to have witnessed


the incident. Three nurses are suspended at


Stafford hospital over concerns about care given to an elderly


patient. And landing new jobs ` the


maintenance hangar Birmingham Airport hopes will boost business.


That was the Midlands Today. I'll be back at ten o'clock where we'll be


looking at how businesses here in the West Midlands are growing more


quickly than anywhere else in the country. Have a great evening.




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