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Adebowale show nod remorse. That is all from us. Now we join our news


Hello and welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight: A cruel and


evil death ` a court hears how Jamie Reynolds lured Georgia Williams to


his flat before strangling her. He'll spend the rest of his life in


prison. There is no sentence we can ever be satisfied with because it


will never bring Georgia back. Also tonight, a review into breast


care services at Solihull Hospital finds patients were seriously harmed


and victims of weak and indecisive leadership.


In memory of Christina, family and friends open a memorial garden for


the 16`year`old stabbed to death on a Birmingham bus.


All hail at the Britannia ` the storm at Stoke which stopped play.


These are the conditions that you want to play Man United in. What is


the likelihood of disruption to the rest of this week's fixtures? More


on the forecast later. Good evening. The man who murdered


Shropshire teenager Georgia Williams was this afternoon told he would


spend the rest of his life in prison. Jamie Reynolds had already


admitted murder and was appearing at Stafford Crown Court for sentence.


The judge in the case was told Reynolds was a sexual deviant who


had attacked another girl five years earlier. Georgia's father Steve, a


serving police officer, read a tearful statement in court, saying,


evil took Georgia away from her family. Giles Latcham was in court.


Jamie Reynolds arrives at a cinema in North Wales seemingly untroubled,


enjoying a night out. In his van in a car parked outside lies the body


of 17`year`old Georgia Williams. Hours earlier, he had murdered her.


The motive was his sexual gratification, inspired by a morbid


fascination with violent pornography. For Georgia's family,


the hearing was another cruel ordeal, the details of her horrific


murder set out in court for the first time. There is no sentence


that we can never say we are satisfied with because it will never


bring Georgia back. She is dead. She has gone. Physically. She lives in


our hearts. Georgia was a popular student from a family described as


happy and caring colds Jamie Reynolds she was not interested in


him romantically `` told Jamie Reynolds. He looted her to his home


on the pretence he wanted her to pose for him for a photography


project. He strangled her. Jamie Reynolds was described as a sexual


deviant with thousands of violent pornographic images and videos


stored on his computer. In 2008 aged 17 he was given a police caution for


attempting to strangle another teenager. Georgia's mother was said


to be wholly deliberate chakra Georgia's murder. `` Georgia. Jamie


Reynolds sat in the docs slumped forward, his head in his hands.


Cameras picked him up in a petrol station. Georgia's body in the van.


He disposed of it in woodland near Wrexham. He fled to a Glasgow hotel


where he was arrested three days later. A psychiatric report said he


showed psychotic tendencies and could have gone on to become a


serial killer. There is no doubt in my mind that Jamie Reynolds's


addiction to sadistic, extreme pornography played a significant


part in this investigation and as you heard today even in the minutes


leading up to Georgia's arrival, he was still viewing such material. He


was a keen fan of Telford United `` she was a keen fan. It has emerged


tonight a Serious Case Review is under way into how the police dealt


with Jamie Reynolds into earlier separate investigations. The world


has lost a wonderful person, her father told the court he fully. ``


tearfully. He said he cried for her from warning until night.


Still come before 7pm: Further embarrassment for Birmingham's


Children's Services ` two children's homes close after being rated


inadequate. Breast cancer patients were


seriously harmed and were victims of weak and indecisive leadership from


senior managers. That's one of the conclusions in a review of breast


care services at Solihull Hospital. Surgeon Ian Paterson was allowed to


carry on operating on women for several years, despite a series of


concerns raised about him by other medical staff. In a moment, I'll be


talking to the hospital trust chairman. But first here's our


health correspondent Michele Paduano.


Fitness instructor Gail Lawrence feels she can't move on in her life.


She had breast cancer and was operated on by Ian Paterson in 2003.


This year, she had two further breast surgeries and her ovaries


removed. She is terrified the cancer will come back. I feel like I have


been cheated. Cheated out of a normal life. It is hard enough after


having cancer. But having been told that you have got to have more


surgery because it has been performed wrongly, it is just hard.


Mr Paterson was operating at whirlwind speed and doing an


unrecognised operation leaving breast tissue behind. Today's report


showed after 12 years, his patients were seven times more likely to have


cancer back in the same breast, although it's difficult to compare


cases. I was shocked by how long it took for effective action to be


taken. My review is about patients'. It is about women who


were harmed. They feel they have been betrayed For years, doctors


were raising concerns but weren't being listened to. In 2003, a cancer


specialist worried about Ian Paterson's surgery reviewed 100


patients, but the trust was more worried about friction between


staff. It wasn't until 2007 that an inquiry decided that he should stop.


Six clinicians went to the chief executive but Mr Paterson carried


on. It's not until 2011 that the General Medical Council restricted


Mr Paterson's practice. They still do not suspend him. Had the trust


listened to people who had raised concerns, I would not be standing


here now. I would know my treatment was over and I could move forward


from that. The chief executive, Mark Goldman, who saw the six clinicians


stopped them talking about it. This solicitor excuse `` exposed Mr


Paterson. She now represents nearly 400 patients treated by him. We have


been asking for the investigation reports for some time. They have not


been provided. The Heart of England Trust has lost the confidence of


staff. Nothing happened as a result of them raising concerns, doctors


and nurses. It will take us time to rebuild the trust. That is what we


have to do now. Other patients' might have to face what this lady


has. Thousands of patients are now being checked.


A new report from Birmingham Prison's own monitoring board says


the atmosphere at the jail is improving, but that drugs are still


a problem. In October, 2011, the prison became the first in the UK to


be privately`run by the security firm G4S. Today's annual report also


highlights foreign inmates staying in the prison after their sentences


have officially ended. 26 men have been jailed and five


others received suspended sentences after disorder broke out at an


English Defence League march in Walsall in September last year. More


than 600 supporters held a demonstration in the town centre and


several West Midlands Police officers were injured when missiles


were thrown at them. The last of the defendants were sentenced at


Wolverhampton Crown Court today. Sandwell Council is to get an extra


?22 million over the next three years to create thousands of new


school places. 20 schools have already increased their intake since


2011. There are plans to expand many more by the end of 2016.


Two council`run children's homes have been closed in Birmingham after


being described as inadequate by Government inspectors. At one home,


youngsters were said to be frequently playing truant or going


missing. The decision to shut them comes in the wake of a series of


damning reports into the city's Children's Services department. Our


reporter Bob Hockenhull is in Selly Oak for us outside one of the homes.


Bob, another embarrassment for the council? That is right. The two


homes concerned are Fairfield in Erdington and Bournbrook in Selly


Oak. At Fairfield, Ofsted inspectors found children were not attending


school, going missing and missing opportunities to get to their


education potential. Staff were not sufficiently trained to deal with


emotional and behavioural difficulties. In fairness, this


home, Bournbrook, although it was also found to be inadequate in


April, a subsequent inspection found improvements in the way children


were looked after. The council still took the decision to close both


homes. What have the council said? The council says the decisions may


not last forever and in the future of the two homes may reopen again.


But it felt that when another inspection came along it still would


not be able to bring me home is up to standard so the decision was


taken to close them for the time being. We agreed with Ofsted that we


had not brought up to standard as quickly as we would like. The amount


of time taken would have been a detriment to the young people. We


decided to move the heat small number of young people in the homes


to better placements where they could be more safely cared for. This


means the council has only ten council run children homes in the


city because last year five other homes were shut bringing the number


down from 17 to ten. What the council wants to do is move away


from homes and try to get young people into foster care instead. It


feels this gives them a better chance in life in the future.


Babies will still be born at Stafford Hospital but the trust


administrators are recommending the maternity unit should be run by


midwives instead of doctors. Around 2000 babies are born there every


year. The council leader says the change could mean smaller hospitals


are targeted for downgrading. The many consultancy led maternity


services where perhaps there are only 1500 or even 1000 babies the


year. They are run perfectly well. This report has ramifications


outside Stafford for other hospitals because I am sure that if you apply


the logic of this report to them, I am sure they must be worried today.


Unions are warning it will have a huge impact on vulnerable


pensioners. The council says difficult decisions have to be made.


My messages we are very sorry we have to do it, but we have to


balance the budget. We have substantially less money from


central government so we have to make these savings. We are making


them enough careful a way possibly can. We are determined to protect


the most honourable and still are. Family and friends of a teenage girl


who was stabbed to death on a bus gathered at her school today for the


opening of a memorial garden. Christina Edkins who was 16 and from


Birmingham was killed in the city in March. Sarah Falkland was at the


ceremony in Halesowen. May this stone stand strong and firm as a


symbol of our remembrance and love for Christina and may this area be a


place for solid you don't reflection. `` a place for solid you


and reflection. A blessing at Leasowes High School


in Halesowen. The whole school assembled around a new stone in


memory of Christina Edkins. She will be smiling because so many people


have gathered to remember her. She was just 16 when she was killed in a


random attack on a bus in Birmingham, She'd been travelling to


school along the Hagley Road when 23`year`old Philip Simelane stabbed


her once in the chest. Christina's parents Jason and Kathleen had


wanted a permanent reminder of their daughter here. Christina's


classmates decided on the words that would be engraved on the stone. It


is a nice memorial. People can see that it is a nice thing to remember


her by. I think she would be amazed by how much people love her.


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