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struggled with an Australian barrage all tour. Let's hope this guy has


Good evening. 20 flood warnings are now in place and the Midlands as


swollen waters continue to rise. Flood barriers were put up alongside


the Severn this afternoon, and the Environment Agency says several


motorists are lucky escapes after their cars were stranded in


deepwater. The waters of the Severn are


expected to peak at three and a half metres in Shrewsbury on Christmas


Day. The Environment Agency was putting up flood barriers to protect


the town today. It expects to have to do the same in Worcestershire


tomorrow. Flood warnings are in place on the Severn, the Wye and the


Avon. The ground is already saturated, and if the predicted rain


comes at the end of the week, the Environment Agency says rivers and


streams will become much more swollen and dangerous. The high


waters are closed several roads and made many others barely passable.


The moment agency says too many motorists are taking risks by


driving through deep surface water. I was talking to a lady ten minutes


ago who was telling me upstream appear she had to help pull somebody


out this morning. It seems to be happening all the time, people just


don't know what the depth is, they should not do it.


With more rain forecast, one riverside pub was preparing for the


worst in Worcester. For the local wildlife, though, the rising waters


proved more than the `` more of a fascination in the challenge.


The body of a man has been found in a river in Oxford. Police believe it


is the body of Michael Griffiths who went missing from his home in


Stechford and Birmingham. His car was found nearby. The body was found


in the River Thame near junction 88 the M 40 this morning.


Jobs are to be created by the company are WK operating out of the


Wedgwood/Royal Doulton warehouse. A toddler is recovering at home


after an operation to remove a tumour the size of a tennis ball...


Doctors were not sure whether Thomas Phillips would survive, but he is


excited to make excellent recovery. Thomas Phillips is one toddler


academic forward to two days unwrapping presents. Today on his


second birthday, his parents get their greatest gift, their son at


home on Christmas. After all we've been through, it's


fantastic. To see how Mikey is now, on his second birthday, it's


magical. Thomas became unwell in October. His


head appeared tilted. GPs at first thought it was a virus, but his


parents decided to pay privately for an MRI scan, and they bridge was


found. We never imagined. We thought it


would happen to someone else, it's not something that happens to you.


Surgeons and Birmingham Children's Hospital carried out a complex well


our operation. The tumour was wrapped around blood vessels at the


base of Thomas's skull. We believe we got all of it. There


is a few strands in other scans, we are planning to do another scan to


see whether that is just an appearance after surgery or whether


there might be a small residue. The tumour is known as Ependymoma


and affects just 30 children each year in the UK.


If you have a headache with `` if you have a child with headaches and


vomiting that goes on for more than two weeks, you should seek expert


guidance. Expats about hospital are delighted


with Thomas's progress, and he is excited to make a full recovery


after intensive course of chemotherapy.


What will the Christmas weather bring us? Here is Charlie Slater.


bring us? Here is Charlie Good news for Santa, it will not be


as windy as last night so he will not be blown around too much. In the


main it is a dry and Green Knight, temperatures around one or two


Celsius. Probably a little frost on Christmas Day, but not a bad day,


largely dry and bright. Some showers but I wouldn't pay them too much


mind. Into Boxing Day, not bad either. It looks like it'll be dry.


It will also be largely bright at times, but unfortunately it gets a


little worse come Friday. times, but unfortunately it gets


The national weather forecast is next, but from Midlands Today,


that's it, this side of Christmas. . From all of us, have a very happy


Christmas Day. Bye`bye. it from us - we are back on Boxing


Day at One o'clock. Merry Christmas.


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