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more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel.


Good afternoon. A lorry driver has died after crashing into the side of


a social club in Wednesbury in the Black Country. The accident happened


at around eight o'clock last night when the Royal British Legion was


open. Staff say it was lucky that no one else was killed. Ben Sidwell


reports. It's a scene of utter devastation.


Part of the Royal British Legion club in Wednesbury destroyed by a


lorry that ploughed straight into the building. It is heartbreaking.


Heartbreaking. I just heard a big bang. My wife and daughter were


shutting people out of the club. There were around 25 people inside


when the lorry had. Currently, `` at the time, there was a family with


young children, thankfully no one was harmed. These pictures show the


lorry embedded in the side of the social club. The area it hit was


where the children usually play. Louise Jones and her family should


have been in the building at the time, but were delayed.


My children could have been there playing and they would not have been


here today. No way could they have survived it. Terrible. Outside,


tributes already to the milk lorry driver who was killed.


One of those in the club at the time, said people thought it was a


gas explosion. People were coming up with their families on boxing night.


It could have killed a lot of people last night. My own grandchildren


included in my family. At the moment, it looks an enormous task,


but members here say they'll regroup and rebuild their club. We will


carry on. We have our centenary next year and we are going all out to


work towards that. Those who run the club say they hope to be given the


go ahead to reopen part of the building in the next few days.


A woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a man died


in a house fire in Walsall. The fire broke out at a house in South Street


Gardens in Caldmore on Christmas Day. A 58`year`old man died and a


57`year`old woman has been arrested. The man has yet to be formally


identified. Police are appealing for help in


piecing together what happened to a man found dead in a pond in


Kidderminister. The body of 41`year`old Paul Humphries was found


in the front garden of a house in Chaucer Crescent yesterday morning.


He'd been taken ill over Christmas and was last seen at his home a few


minutes walk away on Boxing Day morning. His death is being treated


as unexplained. So what did you get for Christmas?


Stoke City fans may think that referee Martin Atkinson got a new


red card. He sent two of their players off and manager Mark Hughes


as Stoke crashed to a 5`1 Boxing Day defeat at Newcastle United. Dan


Pallett reports. First it was Glen Whelan. The


reaction of manager Mark Hughes meant he was sent to the stands. And


then Marc Wilson also saw red. Stoke's Boxing Day excursion to


Newcastle all went horribly wrong. They had made the perfect start.


Oussama Assaidi scoring a spectacular opener to put stoke in


the lead. But down to nine men, they struggled and Newcastle took


advantage winning 5`1. The initial sending off was very harsh,


ridiculous in fact. The second one, we would argue against that as well.


And Aston Villa's problems continue to mount.


They lost 1`nil at home to Crystal Palace. Their fourth straight defeat


and their third consecutive home game without scoring a goal. I


cannot criticise their effort. But West Bromwich Albion are


improving under their caretaker management. They fell behind at


Tottenham. But Jonas Olsen equalised to earn Albion a valuable 1`1 draw


which helps keep them just above the relegation zone.


High winds and flooding have made it difficult for drivers across the


region today. Dozens of roads were closed for a time as the result of


trees falling onto the carriageway, like this one on the Stourport Road


in Kidderminster. There were also some local flooding problems in


Shropshire and Worcestershire. 11 flood warnings are still in place


for the Midlands, although river levels on the Severn are now on


So let's find out what tomorrow has So let's find out what tomorrow has


in store then with Rebecca Wood. Are things calming down now, Rebecca?


their way down. Yes, things are starting to come


down. We do still have some showers moving through the region. There


could be a wintry element in them. But we will have some clear spells


as well and temperatures will fall away a day. `` fall away there. We


could have some icy patches in the morning, that's good spells of


brightness to come tomorrow. Feeling rather chilly.


Finally, campaigners in Chelthenham hoping to get a former arts centre


re`opened have been given a welcome boost. Two benefactors have offered


to donate more than half a million pounds to buy the Axiom building. It


was closed by the council in 2000 as it wasn't thought to be commercially


viable. The agents say they're considering a number of offers.


That's it for now. I'll be back with the late news at a quarter past ten


this evening. But from all of us here, goodbye.


Good evening. What a week it has been, a stormy start, a law through


Christmas, then a wild end to the week, had to keep up, isn't it? This


was a vicious area of low pressure last night, but today the winds have


been strongest across northern areas, where it is still blowing a


gale. That will gradually subside as we go through the night, although a


windy night across Scotland with frequent, heavy showers. A few


showers whistling in elsewhere, but a lot of dry weather, and


temperatures will ease down first thing tomorrow morning. Tomorrow, a


different sort of day, not as windy thankfully, although still


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