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industry. We are back


Good evening. West Bromwich Albion say their striker Nicolas Anelka


will continue to play for the club despite his controversial goal


celebration on Saturday. Jewish groups around the world say they've


been offended by his gesture which they liken to a Nazi salute. But


Anelka continues to defend his actions.


Disgusting. Just one headline from many in the national newspapers.


West Bromwich Albion striker Nicolas Anelka is headline news. It's not


his football but his goal celebration. It's called the


quenelle and is the trademark of the controversial comedian Dieudonne.


Many consider it an inverted Nazi salute and jewish groups around the


world say they've been offended. Anything which is associated with


the Nazi party is something which he ought to know would have probably


put him in a concentration camp 70 years ago, rather than on a football


field and Anelka made the gesture after scoring at West Ham on


Saturday. That is the lesson he needs to learn. Perhaps we all need


to learn that from this Last night defending himself on a social


networking site. Incident as well. He wrote, I am not anti`semitic or


racist and I totally stand by my gesture. In a statement, he


continues to strongly deny any intention to cause offence. The club


say he will be available to play in the next few games. But there is no


sense of any apology. The club held a pre`match press conference today


but Anelka's gesture dominated despite the press officer's requests


to stick to the football. The club says it acknowledges it has been


absurd but it does and says `` say he says sorry. Can we move it on,


thank you? Nicholas is training as normal. He's been out there today,


training like you did last week. The football Association are continuing


their investigations but he could still face Newcastle united on New


Year's Day. One of the country's biggest plant


nurseries is calling for tighter controls on tree imports to combat


disease. Hundreds of thousands of saplings have been destroyed in the


Midlands this year, due to ash dieback.


The dead of winter. The aftermath of a deadly disease is evident. More


than 300 larch trees have been filed. The airborne disease was


found here in September. It is the furthest east it has spread to land


there is no guarantee it has been eradicated. When the Forestry


Commission comeback in the spring, we might find it has moved on from


this patch. It may have moved to the other trees within the site. 62


acres of bilberry have also been affected and precautionary member ``


measures are being taken. We could have a similar problem at Sutton


Park. What we have done is identified that there is a threat.


The Rangers there are all organising the rhododendrons being removed.


That is the most likely hosts the cheese. `` host species. Ash dieback


has also been a headache. This forest nurseries near Shropshire is


the biggest in the country. It has had to destroy 800,000 ash saplings.


The nursery's owner says a tighter control on imported trees is needed


to disease spreading. We should be introducing what the Australians do


and putting in warranties. You cannot tell by looking at the tree


whether or not it is hosting a disease because you may not see the


symptoms. In the soil, it's hard to detect. Inspection does not work.


The nursery is playing its own part in trying to combat disease by


establishing this orchard. The trees have been grafted with different


genetic characteristics. Scientists hope at least one will prove


resistant to Ash dieback. If these infections are not overcome, parts


of our landscape may look very different in years to come.


The man who was found dead at a house in Staffordshire at the


weekend has been named as 44`year`old Anthony Hughes. Police


were called to the house in Newcastle`under`Lyme on Saturday


night. Mr Hughes, died from head and facial injuries. Two men have been


charged with murder and were remanded in custody till later this


month. Three other men have been bailed pending further inquiries.


A university's becoming a world leader in developing diamond


technology. The University of Warwick has been awarded more than


?7 million to work with synthetic diamonds. The technology's already


in use in manufacturing. Scientists believe it could also be used in


treating cancers. Picture a diamond and many of us


will have this image. The classic sparkler. But think again. Here's


another physicist by the name of Newton. And he's about to give us a


sneak peak of something just as precious. You think of the silicon


chip. 50 years ago, people were developing silicon to be used with


electronic devices. We are now developing diamonds to deliver new


technologies, new capabilities. The University of Warwick is growing


synthetic diamonds not for shops, not for your finger. They're leading


the UK's research into diamond technology. Here is a piece of


synthetic diamond and here is a block of ice. Watch this because as


I pushed down not very hard at all, the heat is transmitting through my


fingers and literally carving the ice easily. Its thermal conductivity


is five times better than copper. Diamonds get used in everything from


drill bits to quantum computers, hip joints and optical windows.


Obviously, it's important to understand that characteristics of


the material. So these odd looking diamonds are grown in the lab and


have essentially the same chemical composition as mined natural


diamonds. It's hoped that by identifying the smallest of


molecular defects, they can apply it to all sorts of things, even


medicine. You have the ability not just to measure the temperature of a


patient but in principle, you can measure the temperature of a patient


but in principle, you can measure the temperatures of individual cells


and then decide which is a cancerous cell and then heated up to kill it.


This research will allow the university to recruit 60 new PhD


students, who'll share their findings with other UK universities.


So this isn't about the bling, synthetic diamonds are fast becoming


science's best friend. There've been howling winds and


lashing rain across the region today. In Kingstanding in Birmingham


this morning, a large tree was blown down, narrowly missing a house.


Firemen had to cut a route into the house, so that the three people


inside could be checked over by ambulance staff. No`one was injured.


So is there more stormy weather to come as we head for 2014? Here's


Shefali to tell us. Unfortunately yes. There are


currently numerous flood alerts in force but only one flood warning for


the river Severn at Tewkesbury. But of course with the ground so


saturated, it's not the best of situations to be in with the sort of


forecast we're looking at for the coming week The pattern unfolding


this week is one of rain. Heavy at times followed by heavy blustery


showers but for the time being at least it is dry out there and quite


calm with the skies clearing enough for a touch of frost in rural parts


initially before the cloud thickens up from the West later in the night.


It is looking quite wet for the morning. A narrow band of rain


spread secretly eastwards and that will leave us with much drier


conditions by the afternoon. Maybe even some sunshine. Again, quite


mild with highs of nine to 10 Celsius with moderate south`westerly


winds. As we welcome in the New Year tomorrow night, I'm afraid we have a


rash of lively showers developing. It could just start to quieten down


by about midnight but for New Year's Day, I'm afraid it is looking very


wet and quite windy. Showers by Thursday.


I will be back with our latest news just after 10:15pm. Goodbye.


Another day off strong winds, heavy rain and flooding. At least things


are quiet at the moment. The rain has cleared off and the wind is


lighter. There might be some ice in Scotland, but through the night the


wind picks up, lifting temperatures, but more heavy rain pushing in. The


rain band is not quite a significant us today, but it will leave surface


water flooding. Some heavy bursts clearing Northern Ireland by first


light. It reaches the east coast by the time we get to lunchtime, after


a few morning showers. The wind is falling lighter, easing down from


the gusty nature. A bit of sunshine through the afternoon. The


temperature is a bit higher than they should be at this stage of the


year. Some showers to finish the day in the West. They will push East on


a blustery wind. Some of you will end the year on a dry note. The


greatest chance of


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