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on the BBC News Channel. I'm back with the News at Ten. Now it's time


Good evening. Two women who led the fight against failings at Stafford


Hospital have been recognised in the New Year Honours list. Julie Bailey,


who set up the campaign group Cure the NHS after witnessing her


mother's treatment, was made a CBE. Helenee Donnelly, a nurse who became


a whistle`blower, was made an OBE. Here's our health correspondent


Michele Paduano. It was personal: the death of a mother that inspired


Julie Bailey to confront not only poor care at Stafford Hospital, but


one of the largest organisations in the world ` the NHS. In 2007,


86``year`old Bella, left without oxygen, collapsed in hospital. For


the next eight weeks Miss Bailey stayed by her bedside, witnessing


atrocious care on the ward. I haven't accepted mum's gone yet. I


just haven't accepted it. From her cafe in Stafford, she formed "Cure


the NHS" which exposed the failings in elderly care. She campaigned for


a public inquiry, confronting the politicians in her way. We want


every person who died in that hospital examined. Her campaign cost


her her livelihood and her home. She was blamed for the break up of


Stafford Hospital. Speaking from Abu Dhabi, she felt her mum would have


been proud. I'm overwhelmed. It's fantastic. It will keep our cause in


the limelight. It's recognition of how society feels about the care of


older people. Also honoured with a seasonal gift, nurse Helene Donnelly


OBE who worked in Accident and Emergency. She raised nearly 100


complaints at Stafford Hospital and spoke out at the public inquiry. I


feel priveleged and obviously honoured. But not just for myself `


for all of those who have blown the whistle and raised concerns. It's


very difficult. People have had to deal with terrible consequences.


Between them, they laid the foundations for changing the culture


of the NHS. Nearly 1,200 people have received


New Year Honours, including more than sixty here in the Midlands.


They include two women with football a dominant feature in their lives.


Here's Cath Mackie. Alison O'Connell has spent years on cold, windy


touchlines ` spurring on generations of youngsters in Birmingham. She's


raised thousands of pounds for sports projects and life skills


courses. Her reward, an MBE for services to the voluntary sector.


It's great for the local people. It's not just an award for me. It's


a credit to the people involved over the years. From the touchline to the


boardroom, Karren Brady ` the former Birmingham City Managing Director `


said she was proud to become a CBE. Very priveleged and very proud,


particularly to be recognised for the work I've done for other women


in business. Ann Jones the 1969 Wimbledon Champion from birmingham


also becomes a CBE for services to tennis. `` Birmingham. Elsewhere,


the Mid Worcestershire Conservative MP Peter Luff gets a knighthood for


political and public service. It was, he said, an honour he shared


with his constituents. For the man dubbed "Mr Coventry", Joe Elliott,


it's an MBE for services to museums. And it's an OBE for the leader of


Coventry City Council Ann Lucas. Like many recipients, Carol


Pemberton ` the music director for Black Voices ` said her MBE for


services to music was humbling. Totally unexpected but greatfully


received. With honours for more than 60 people across the West Midlands,


the New Year celebrations will be extra special for many families. And


you'll find more details on the Honours recipients from the West


Midlands on our Facebook page. Football, and 2013 has been a year


to forget for the Midlands' three Premier League teams. Two of them


sacked a manager and not one of them is safe from the relegation battle.


So is there any cause for optimism? Nick Clitheroe reports. There have


been many more downs than ups for the supporters of Aston Villa, Stoke


City and West Bromwich Albion in 2013. All three will see in the New


Year in the bottom half of the Premier League and will be


desperately hoping for a better 2014. Statistics show that both


Stoke and Albion were among the worst performing league clubs in


England in the last 12 months ` winning less than a point per game


in 2013. That cost Tony Pulis his job at Stoke and Steve Clarke his


post at the Hawthorns ` where they're still searching for a


permanent replacement. For me it's been a tough two weeks. A real


examination. We've come through a difficult period. The players have


responded positively. Aston Villa fans can hardly be complacent. They


only won just over a point per game in 2013 and that figure drops


significantly for home matches. Manager Paul Lambert says he's only


18 months into a project to rebuild the club on a sustainable basis, but


how long will that project take? How long I'm given. That's the bottom


line. I don't think you need to be... Nothing's certain in football.


But in football, hope always springs eternal and fans of all three clubs


will turn up again tomorrow believing 2014 will finally be their


year. The weather forecast now with


Shefali Oza, and Shefali I guess it's more rain again? It's not


looking good. Shefali Oza, and Shefali I guess


it's more rain again? It's not We're being battered and bruised by rain.


Low pressure developing in the Atlantic. The two days to take note


of are tomorrow and Friday. Tonight it will be wet and windy. Quiet now,


but winds whipping up later. The north of the region may get off


lightly. Heaviest showers at the stroke of midnight unfortunately!


Winds picking up and a vile start to the new year. We've got warnings out


for an inch of rain. Gusts of 40 to 50 miles per hour. The rain is still


going through tomorrow evening. The whole lot will clear by Thursday. A


few showers then. Friday wet and windy. Thanks. Goodbye for now.


Good evening. It looks like mother nature may provide her own


pyrotechnics in the run-up to bid night tonight. We have some heavy


showers in western parts, starting to ease a bit across Scotland and


Northern Ireland. But the showers further south are heavier, with some


flashes of lightning as they move eastwards. They do get a bit more


hit and miss as we head towards midnight, but a greater chance of


getting wet in the south as we move into 2014. Cardiff and London could


see heavy downpours. Further north, you could be greeting the New Year




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