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Good evening. West Midlands Ambulance Service dealt with a


record amount of emergency 999 calls in the early hours of the New Year,


averaging four emergency calls a minute. More than 200 ambulances and


100 paramedics were on call. Between 1am and 2am this morning, the


control room saw an increase of 8% on last year's record levels. Last


year was busy. We had a 50% rise. This year in the peak period, we had


an 8% rise in calls again above last year. A lot of them were


alcohol`related. We were dealing with about a 909 call every 15


seconds. `` 999. A pioneering support centre for


former military personnel is hoping to increase its work this year by


becoming a charity. Over the last three years, more than 600 people


have been helped by the Veterans' Contact Point in Warwickshire. Laura


May McMullan reports. Luke McCloskey left the Royal Marines at the start


of year. The Veterans' Contact Point advised him on how to set up and


market his bootcamp business. A lot of the time, people are confused and


they are not sure what to do. People do struggle a lot. It is just here


support. We have had 75 enquiries. Len has always offered a helping


hand. Little did he know it would lead to setting up a vital support


service for ex`service men and women. We have transferable skills.


After 24 years in the military himself, he knows how difficult it


can be to adapt to civilian life. You are not used to going out,


budgeting, looking for work, making your money last the month.


Everything is provided for you in the military. Without this, I would


be dead. Meeting other veterans, that alone, it cheered me up no end.


They have renewed my forklift licence. They got me my card. I put


me on a course to work on the railways. In the last three years,


they have helped more than 600 people. It has been set up with the


help of various partners. There is a wide`ranging charities all under one


roof. The volunteers say there is always help here for veterans.


The president of West Bromwich Albion John Silk has died at the age


of 89. Mr Silk was made a club director in 1984 and became chairman


in 1988, a position he held for four years. He became president in 2003.


So flags flew at half mast at the Hawthorns today as West Brom beat


Newcastle in the Premier League with a late penalty from Saido Berahino.


Stoke went ahead through Oussama Assaidi. But Everton equalised in


the last minute. And Aston Villa won at Sunderland, thanks to Gabby


Agbonlahor. In the Championship, Birmingham are


now unbeaten in ten games, but had to settle for a point against


Barnsley. In League One, Shrewsbury won 2`1 at


Oldham. Port Vale lost 3`2 at Preston. Three late goals inspired


Coventry to victory at Rotherham. A one`all draw there between Tranmere


and second`placed Wolves. And Walsall sit seventh after beating


Sheffield United 2`1. In League Two, Cheltenham's game was


postponed. Burton are up to second place after a point at Mansfield.


Well, there's been plenty of rain around today. Rebecca Wood has the


weather forecast. A rather wet night to come. Heavy


downpours expected. The other weather warning in place for heavy


rain particularly across Herefordshire `` a yellow weather


warning. The showers continue through the next few hours and


overnight. By the time we make it into the early hours of tomorrow, it


will clear. Still gusty. Tomorrow will be a day to dry out. We have


plenty of sunny spells to come. Isolated showers here and there.


Temperatures not doing too badly. The sunshine will help. By Thursday,


we still have another band of rain to come. That is with us as we make


our way into Friday. Strong winds to come. Unsettled weather for the next


few days. The National forecast in a moment.


We are back at 10:40pm. Goodbye for now.


unsettled weekend. I'll be back after 10:30pm tonight.


Hello. It is a New Year but it is the same old weather. Flood warnings


are on the rise. The flood line number is on screen if you are at


all concerned. Still some rain to come this evening and overnight


Still some heavy bursts. It will push the way towards the east taking


the strongest winds with it. It did in temperature across the Highlands.


Temperatures are holding up fairly well. Tomorrow, I can offer you a


glimpse of brightness. Quite it isn't over getting out and about.


Many places staying dry. -- quite a decent day for getting out and


about. There will be some long, dry spells and a decent amount of


sunshine as well. Temperature


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