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Hello, and welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight: Calls


to bring oak`wood Prison back under Government control after a third


disturbance in as many months. These are not legal week a write`off.


These people will eventually be released, and reform, and become


part of our society. The local Conservative MP tells us


it's not good enough. The Chancellor pays tribute to a great


manufacturing company ` as 400 jobs are created in North Warwickshire.


Too muddy even for pigs ` the animal sanctuary struggling to cope with


the aftermath of the heavy rain. Still loving the limelight ` the


entertainer taking centre stage on her 100th birthday.


Life is just a bowl of cherries. And after a week of endless rain,


floods and rising waters, how does this week compare? I'll be telling


you later. Good evening. There are calls,


tonight, for the largest prison in England to be brought back under


government control, after disorder lasting up to ten hours broke out on


a wing. Oak`wood Prison, near Wolverhampton, is home to more than


1,600 inmates, and is privately run by security firm G4S. Last night's


incident was the third in three months ` at a prison which Justice


Secretary Chris Grayling described, just last November, as a first class


facility. Giles Latcham reports. My partner told me get out of his


window, he could see the security guards coming in, and the rate


people coming in. All he could hear was banging and shouting. G4S have


described this, simply as an incident. I spoke to a prisoner


inside, said it was nothing short of riots. But 50 inmates refused to be


locked down, yesterday. They smashed windows and barricaded the entrance


to Cedar wing. Staff lost control of the wing for the best part of ten


hours, until a heavily equipped team went in to restore order at 2am.


Prisoners have protested on the roof, in the past. There are


complaints of inexperienced staff handing out harsh and arbitrary


punishments. There is clear evidence that G4S are not coping with the


management of this present. They are failing to deliver their contractual


obligations, daily society, and the government ought to be looking at


cancelling their contracts, and bringing back state`controlled will


stop last October, inspectors report highlighted problems with drugs and


violence, and said the jail was failing in almost every respect.


Within days, the prisoners staged a protest on the roof. In November,


there was another protest on the roof, bringing us five weeks on, too


last night's riots. In November, G4S said that problems were being tired


out. Incidents will happen. It's a feature of risen life. Every


director, or manager, tries to manage them out. `` a feature of


prison life. G4S said about 20 prisoners were involved. A number of


cells were damaged. They deny reports that prison officers were


taken hostage. The Conservative MP for South Staffordshire is Gavin


Williamson. A little earlier, he gave me his reaction to the third


incident at oak`wood in as many months. Frankly, it is not good


enough. You want to see any prison, whether it is run privately or by


the public sector, to run smoothly without incident, or any problems.


We've had three incidents, and that isn't adequate. I've spoken with the


prisons minister to voice my concerns. To make it clear, that


this isn't adequate. The prisons minister has already said that he is


ending up the deputy director of the prison service, to meet with


oak`wood, and have a clear understanding of what led to this


incident, and what can be done to ensure that it doesn't happen again.


Your Justice Secretary Chris Grayling described oak`wood as a


first class facility ` that was only two months ago. Most of my


constituents want to ensure that the amount of money we spend


incarcerating people is not astronomical. It's not adequate, and


that's why we've got to see action, we've got to see everyone working


together. We have to make sure that those people working in the prison


have the right training, the right support, the right back`up. We've


got to make sure that those people in prison, yes, they are probably


looked after, but it is a regime that is putting rehabilitation, and


making sure that people who live around prisons are safe stop how


much longer are you going to get this? The Chief Inspector of Prisons


said that oak`wood was failing in almost every respect, and they'd get


one last chance. How many more chances will you give? What we are


already seeing, is we are seeing the government is taking swift action,


sending the deputy director of prisons to oak`wood, to get a


clearer understanding of what has happened. The incidents didn't occur


because of what the prison officers did, it occurred because someone


within the prison decided to act in Amberley manner. We cannot make it


uses for people that acting... Take action and do whatever they want.


Coming up later in the programme: A last minute winner for Coventry


salvages some pride for West Midlands' football in the FA Cup.


400 new jobs are being created at an automotive company in North


Warwickshire. This fresh employment boost at Sertec was announced by


Chancellor George Osborne, during a visit today, and the emphasis will


be on providing opportunities for young people. Ben Godfrey has the


details. In 2008, at the height of recession,


Sertec in Coleshill was shedding jobs ` its future as a car parts


supplier was uncertain. It was hard to imagine, then, that six years


later, the Chancellor would pitch up here to deliver his latest plan to


remedy the economy. But last year, Sertec took on 200 new staff, and


now it wants to recruit 400 more. They're in demand to supply another


expanding firm ` Jaguar Land Rover. With their new models, we've been


able to create these positions. These are purely manufacturing jobs.


A lot of engineering positions, highly skilled robotics engineers. I


want the new jobs being advertised here to go to local kids. So, here


are two local kids, Andy and Oliver ` they've been taken on as


apprentices learning new skills, and earning qualifications. We are the


future of the company as apprentices. It made me optimistic


to do want to try my hardest. I've always wanted to be an engineer. I


was going to go to university, then I decided that I'd like do hands`on.


Only last summer, a telecoms firm based here went out of business with


a loss of 200 jobs. 2013 saw not just the demise of Greenwoods


Communications, but another major North Warwickshire employer ` Daw


Mill Colliery. I think it's the good news is outweighing the bad. We got


companies like Energetics, the Ralston Group, Rosa in bed worth,


they are all growing, taking on staff, and these are high quality


manufacturing jobs. The Chancellor talked about the pressure of global


competition, but for Sertec, success begins at home. In its 52nd year of


trade, it's still independently owned by former company apprentices


and engineers. ?300,000 will be spent on improving


the canals in Stoke`on`Trent and Staffordshire. The Canal and River


Trust will use the money to carry out essential winter maintenance.


They'll repair the canal walls, locks and bridges, including


Trentham, Etruria, and Branston Lock, near Burton.


Two minor injury units in Herefordshire have been closed,


temporarily, because of winter pressures being faced by the Wye


Valley NHS Trust. The units at Ross`on`Wye and Leominster Community


Hospitals, are being shut for a brief period to boost the resources


at Hereford County Hospital's Accident and Emergency Department.


All of the Community Hospital's other services will continue to


operate as usual. 's The NHS is facing its biggest financial


challenge since it was formed in 1948 ` with smaller hospitals, here,


in the Midlands, facing the prospect of being taken over and starting to


lose services. Meanwhile, GPs in the region say


they're struggling to cope with increased workloads. So, what is the


future for the NHS? Our Health Correspondent, Michele Paduano


reports. In essence, Edna represents the


problem. Edna is nearly 94. She fell at home and hit her head ` but due


to her time in hospital, she lost the use of her legs. Six weeks on,


this centre in Willenhall has freed up a hospital bed and Edna is


receiving intensive physiotherapy to help her get home. It's a big


problem, because I don't know how I will go on. I'm just taking it day


by day, step`by`step. That's how I'm taking life, now. But how much


better for patients, and NHS finances, if they can stop the


elderly going into hospital in the first place? There are simply not


enough beds to treat all the patients who need care. This centre


in Willenhall has a rapid response team of GPS and nurses who seek to


do just that. Hundred and 34 of those were rapid response patients.


We are setting up a new rapid response team, which should be up


and running by February. Yet Pressure is being put on GPs to take


on extra work. Simon Parkinson says primary care in Worcestershire


Herefordshire and Warwickshire is ?10m in the red, and like hospital


emergency departments are full to bursting. The workload is steadily


increasing. General practice has not had any additional resources. The


NHS as unit GPs are the sponge that soak up the work that no one else


wants to do. We are reaching our limits. Well, Stafford will be the


first hospital likely to be downgraded. Others in Redditch,


Nuneaton and Hereford are likely to follow. An independent analyst says


fewer hospitals will save money, but, ultimately, the public needs to


think about rationing. I think it's probably will work until the next


election. But after that, we need to start thinking, not just about the


way we do things, but actually what we do. That raises a whole lot of


difficult political questions. If the NHS is to stay on its feet, it's


going to have to change. And Michele joins us now. A lot of talk about


improvements needed for health care, but where is the money going to come


from? Although the NHS hasn't lost money, just to stand still, it needs


3% increases, but hasn't been getting them. They are talking about


the seven`day working. And more nurses on the wards. The managers I


have spoken to say, where is the money coming from? We are


struggling, at the moment. Looking forward 12 months, what do you see


the future being for hospitals across the West Midlands? We are


going to be moving towards these super`centres. Stafford is a pilot,


locally and nationally, as to what might happen. The others are going


to move in a similar direction. The problem is, it probably won't happen


until after the next election, because there is too much concern.


We also need to see integration of both social services and health care


and primary care. There is a time gap, between being able to do these


things, and things needing to happen. It's a question of whether


the public will accept what is going on.


Twenty`one flood warnings remain in place across the Midlands this


evening, with another thirty`two flood alerts across the region. The


Environment Agency says the risk of flooding could remain for three


days, although riverside defences appear to be working well. To


Worcester, now, and our reporter Cath Mackie. Cath, how are things


looking this evening? In the Mary, in the past, after this


much rain, I'd be showing you pictures of homes under water.


Thankfully, that's no longer the story here. The Environment Agency


say flood defences have saved around 1000 homes along the River Severn


from flooding during the recent bad weather. The defences in the village


of Kempsey, a few miles from here, have passed their first test since


they failed last year ` and have kept the village dry, much to the


relief of local people. If the defences haven't been put in, we


would have been underwater it. But mercifully, we are not. We are well


protected. Everybody is very happy with the successful outcome. The


driving rain and winds have also caused problems further away from


the river banks. A sanctuary in the heart of the Black Country is


struggling to look after its animals, with staff describing the


situation as really depressing. Bob Hockenhull reports.


This pig shelter has been blown over in high winds, forcing these two


Gloucestershire Old Spots to seek refuge under a tree. It's one of


many casualties of the weather at Brockswood Animal Sanctuary, near


Sedgley. It's quite depressing. You come in and don't know what you will


find. When it came in, the shelters were racked. You find sheet covered


in mud. You don't know what you will find. The sanctuary is in a valley,


and water from nearby brooks has seeped on to the land, adding to the


quagmire. Many animals have been moved. Part of an aviary wall has


collapsed, and fences and buildings have been damaged in the high winds.


It's very difficult for the staff to get round. The animals are


constantly covered in mud. We are having to get that out, often. The


fences have been blown down, shelters have been blown down. The


animals have nowhere to go undercover. We are trying to fix


everything quickly. 450 animals are looked after here ` they've all been


rescued, after being found abandoned. The centre relies on


public donations to keep running, but costs are spiralling because of


the bad weather. The sodden fields means there's less pasture for


animals, like Duke, here. Thousands of pounds worth of extra feed is


having to be bought in ` adding to the sanctuary's problems. It already


costs ?200,000 to keep the rescue centre open. Staff are worried that


if the bad weather continues, it'll struggle to cope, putting the


animals' future in jeopardy. River levels do remain high, and the


other problem it's causing is the amount of debris that's getting


caught up in the current. Down on the river Teme, at Powick, there was


a mountain of the stuff, and they're looking to clear as soon as they


can. The public's being urged to stay vigilant and check for flood


alerts. There will be more information on your BBC local radio


station ` and of course Shefali will be here later in the programme with


the weather forecast. Back to you, Mary.


Our top story tonight: Calls to bring oak`wood Prison back under


government control, after a third disturbance in as many months.


Shefali will be along shortly with the detailed weather forecast for


the Midlands. Also ahead: the showstar centenarian who doesn't


think much of modern celebrities. On Friday, Dan and I were talking


about the chances of an FA Cup upset involving a Midlands side ` didn't


quite go to plan did it Dan? Kidderminster Harriers are the only


non`league team in the country still left in the FA Cup.


They forced a replay against Peterborough United from League One.


But it was Coventry City who pulled off our best result, as Ian Winter


reports. Coventry City once paid Wolves


almost ?2 million to sign Steve Froggatt. How times have changed.


But Froggy still has a soft spot for his old club. And he's delighted to


see the Sky Blues earn a fourth round trip to Arsenal. Stephen


Presley has done such a fabulous job, under the circumstances.


They've had a ten point deduction. A lot of credit should go to him, but


the players have really stepped up. They're not used to playing in front


of big crowds. To go to the Emirates, in front of 60,000 people,


it will be a great atmosphere. On Saturday, Coventry saved their best


till last. With only 12 minutes left to play, they were trailing 1`0 to


Barnsley from the Championship. Then Frank Moussa raced clear to level


the score. And almost before you could say, when's the replay, Leon


Clarke made the question redundant by rifling in Coventry's second, to


win the game 2`1. Like Coventry, Stoke City are also


off to London in round four. Kenwyne Jones scored early against Leicester


at the Brit. And ten minutes after the break, Charlie Adam doubled


their lead. It finished 2`1, and Stoke will now be away to Chelsea.


On Friday night, we featured the Kidderminster hotshot, Joe Lolley.


So, no surprise when he almost scored in the first minute against


Peterborough. But, the Harriers goal led a charmed life in the second


half. It finished nil`nil, and they'll now replay, next Tuesday, to


earn a trip to Sunderland. Port Vale must be kicking themselves


today. 2`0 up at half`time, thanks to goals from Gavin Tomlin and Tom


Pope. They allowed Plymouth to force a replay. And that means a 500 mile


round trip from Burslem to Devon. It's not all glamour in the FA Cup.


So, only two Midlands sides definitely through to the fourth


round. Villa and Albion both losing at home on Saturday, and Albion yet


to appoint a new head coach. It's now four weeks since Steve Clarke


was sacked. Mirko Slomka, from Germany, and Jose Luis Mendilibar,


from Spain, are the latest to be linked to the job. They're new names


to most of us. But the fact remains that, for now, Keith Downing remains


the caretaker head coach. He'd drawn four out of four in the league, but,


on Saturday, they lost 2`0 at home to Crystal Palace. Dwight Gayle put


Palace in front, midway through the first half, after a mistake by Goran


Popov. And Palace made it 2`0 when Marouane Chamakh scored in the 90th


minute. A tame exit really. But, at least Palace are in the same


division as Albion. Villa lost to a team two divisions below them.


Villa's 2`1 defeat to Sheffied United was arguably the shock of the


entire third round. Villa have had their struggles at home, but this


was still a surprise. Jamie Murphy put Sheffield United ahead. Nicklas


Helenius equalised for Villa, which seemed to have rescued a draw. But,


the winner came nine minutes from time. Ryan Flynn sending the away


fans delirious ` but making a miserable season at Villa Park even


worse. Only five sides left, and only two definitely through to


fourth round. Now, a very happy 100th birthday to


Iris Bonehill. Her name might not be familiar to you, but she was one


third of the Clayton Sisters ` who were popular in the entertainment


industry across the Midlands back in the 1930's. Our Arts Reporter Satnam


Rana has been to find out more about her life in showbiz, and why she's


not a big fan of modern performers. The voice of Iris Bonehill and her


sisters ` recorded in Birmingham. Together, they were known as the


Clayton Sisters. The travelling troupe entertained audiences all


over the UK in the 1930s. I send my congratulations and best wishes to


you, on such a special occasion. Today, a royal seal of approval.


Iris is celebrating her 100th birthday surrounded by her loving


family and memories of her showbiz years. I was always performing with


my father in his group. It was a concert party, then, and I don't


think they have them now. We used to do the Birmingham parks, and put the


show on and always pantomime. By the age of 14, Iris started perfuming


professionally with her sisters. From the Dudley Hippodrome, to the


Alexander Theatre in Birmingham, to Yarmouth Pier and Scotland.


Performing alongside future stars such as actress Dora Bryan and Jazzz


legend Duke Ellington. I had a lovely time in show business. There


were some lovely people. Especially in Scotland, they built the artists


they could entertain. It was such a high standard. It was just lovely,


the atmosphere, to work in. Up until five years ago, she was performing


with the Ballard Singers in Worcestershire. But what does she


think of the way showbiz has changed? I'm still waiting for


something to happen, they don't do anything, do they? We danced, we


sang, we played instruments. We did every part in the way of


entertainment. So, after all the wind and rain, any sign


last week 's deluge left us with a string of flood warnings. But at


least the flood warnings have now been downgraded. However, there are


still 15. If you are in affected areas, I suggest that you bring the


flood line. `` ringing the flood line. This week will be a lost


writer, although not completely dry. It will be mostly mild, until


Friday, when temperatures drop. In terms of rain, we got a couple of


features running up which will affect us on Tuesday and Wednesday.


It's mainly affecting the southern half of the region. One to keep an


eye on, is this front that is heading in from the west. Is


currently affecting America, and causing chaos. It's heading our way,


and we could get quite a bit of rain later on Friday and into Saturday.


The time being, this evening, we have a few showers. There will be


periods when that even slightly, but it could have up a bit later on


tonight. Temperatures, because of the wind strength, are above


freezing will stop around seven or eight. We are looking at a frost


free nights, . It's going to be a lot quieter, and it won't be quite


as whites. There is a good deal of sunshine between those showers, but


still blustery winds. If you're out of those winds, temperatures aren't


bad dashed up to ten or 11. On Wednesday and Thursday, Thursday is


the driest. Tonight's headlines from the BBC:


Another ?25 billion of cuts on the way for Britain ` George Osborne


targets welfare again. Giant waves, as new storms batter the south and


west ` forecasters warn the flooding could be worse than last week. Calls


to bring oak`wood Prison back under Government control, after a third


disturbance in as many months. And 400 jobs are created at a car parts


manufacturer in North Warwickshire. That was the Midlands Today. I'll be


back at ten o'clock with more on the future of oak`wood Prison. Have a


great evening. Goodbye. TOM: # And if there's


anybody left in here # That doesn't want


to be out there... #


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