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shaking your head. That is horrible. That is all from


Hello and welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight: Chocolate


giants Cadbury announce a new ?75 million investment in Bournville.


We are trying to create the next generation of manufacturing, and we


think it can only be good news for Bournville. But fears are emerging


tonight jobs could be lost ` we'll be live in Bournville.


Also tonight: Violence at a jail near Wolverhampton was a full`scale


riot, claims a prison officer. There were tables that has been


broken, iron bars lying around. Wires had become trip wires at a


lead level. A Staffordshire hospital begins


using a private company to look after patients at home, so it can


clear beds. Fears for the local economy over a


university's plans to close a campus and move 2,000 students.


And after a couple of pleasant days, don't be fooled, this rather wet


January is continuing with plenty more rain on the way as we head


towards the weekend. Your full forecast coming up.


Good evening. Cadbury, based here in Birmingham,


has announced a major investment in its Bournville headquarters. The


company said the ?75 million upgrade was the first significant investment


at the plant for 30 years. It would include replacing out`of`date


production lines and opening new ones.


Cadbury currently employs about 2,000 workers at Bournville and


union leaders have welcomed the investment. But tonight concerns are


emerging that jobs could go, despite this investment. In a moment we'll


be live in Bournville, but first this report.


Four new production lines within three years for the Cadbury factory,


where costs are high compared with competitors. Both unions and


managers have welcomed the planned investment ` it is one of the


biggest ever at the 135`year`old site. But there are hints the revamp


may lead to cuts in the 2000 strong workforce.


We have been open and honest with the workforce and say that there may


be a reduction in the number of jobs, but that is all up for


consultation. We have got to sit down with them. It is about how we


work and how we change the way that we work at Bournville. We are trying


to do the next generation of manufacturing. We think that the


investment can only be good news. The unions have already been


negotiating the redevelopment for two years. One leader sees today's


annoucement as a potential triumph for the region, comparable with the


resurgence of Jaguar Landrover. This is an acceptance that a lot of


the equipment here is outdated, and we cannot take any extra volume with


the equipment that we have. So we see it as positive, because we can


bring more product back into the site.


Whatever happens, it's clear another chapter is opening in the history of


the world famous chocolate maker. Cadbury's association with


Birmingham dates back to 1824, when John Cadbury opened a grocer's shop


in Bull Street. Among other things, he sold cocoa and drinking


chocolate. In 1879, John Cadbury's son George


drew up plans for the factory in Bournville. Production began in


September of that year More than 130 years later, the business was taken


over by American food giant Kraft in 2010.


At the time, there were concerns the company's new owners would run down


the Bournville site. But business leaders in Birmingham say today's


announcement shows serious commitment.


This is a long`term, sustainable strategy, not a short`term play.


This is a serious investment in their manufacturing capability, so


that they can reduce a state`of`the`art business based here


in Bournville. And Cadbury says this redevelopment will allow it to


compete with the best in the world. And our business correspondent is in


Bournville now. Peter, news tonight that this means jobs could go at


Bournville despite the investment? New technology often does mean fewer


jobs. Of course, machines are more efficient than people. What we are


hearing is that the investment involves the replacement of six old


production lines with four modern production lines, and irrespective


laid and that this could mean 60% of the walk force would go. That is a


worst`case scenario. Even the unions are saying that this is good news, a


potentially ?75 million investment in the Bournville plant. A


much`needed investment in an old plant that is very inefficient.


A senior government minister has been in the region today. What's his


reaction? Danny Alexander, the secretary of


the Treasury, was in the Midlands. He was visiting the Land Rover


plant. I asked him whether he felt it was right that Cadbury 's work


pegging the investment with changes in working practices.


Most workers in Britain want to work with companies to print `` improve


productive day, because that is the way that we will see living


standards increase. So the two things go together. I don't think


there is anything to fear from increased productivity and


investments. There were fears when Kraft took


over in 2010 that factories could close. Does this finally secure the


plant? I think it does mean much more


security for Bournville. Certainly, it is the second began best and that


we have seen here. The first saw Kraft bring in a Centre of


excellence from Switzerland. But many remember the Kraft of York,


where they kept factories open, then four years `` 12 years after the


takeover, they moved the production abroad. The investment here does


make that less likely at Bournville. You're watching Midlands Today.


Still to come: A warning that the horse meat scandal could happen


again. A prison officer has told the BBC


that a disturbance at the Oakwood prison near Wolverhampton earlier


this month was in fact a full scale riot. The officer said inmates set


up tripwires around the building and shouted threats from behind a


barricade. The company G4S, which runs Oakwood, says it was an


incident which was significant, but low`level.


Grey skies over HMP Oakwood, as a fresh testament cuts through the


murkiness surrounding events of January fifth.


Our briefing was that the prisoners were armed and dangerous and that


they had completely taken over an entire wing of the prison.


The words of one of the so`called Tornado Team, the crack squad of


prison officers drafted in to regain control.


There were tables that had been broken, iron bars lying around,


wires had been strung up as trip wires at chest and neck level. These


were people who actively wanted to harm prison officers. As we were


waiting to go in, I heard the prisoners shouting, we are ready for


you, we are going to get you. The prison operators G4S had


previously denied it was a riot. Today, they said it Wwas a


significant event ` no surprise to people living in nearby


Featherstone. It is like a holiday camp. It is not


a prison, because they have all the facilities that they could have at


home. It scares me. I am scared that I live down the road and that


someone might get out. It's needs to be put right. The government needs


to spend more money on security. G4S say any problems at Oakwood are


teething troubles. In a separate development today, the firm said


less experienced staff will now go on exchange programmes to other


prisons and get a ?500 allowance in return. They say things are no worse


at Oakwood than anywhere else. It really can be very frustrating to


operate `` operators such as myself, to see incidents at Oakwood that are


magnified by observers in the media, far more than any incident that


would happen in a long established jail.


But why would inmates here riot? This woman's son is serving time


there on Cedar Wing where the violence broke out.


He is being locked up early. He was getting locked up too early, that is


why they decided to kick off. Apart from a highly critical report


last year from Her Majesty's Inspector of Prisons, there's very


little data on Oakwood. So it's difficult to know what's really


going on behind its walls. Just this week, the Ambulance


Service revealed that there had been hundreds of call`outs here to


Oakwood, twice as much as any other prison in the country.


And since the start of this month, there've been 36 requests for an


ambulance ` either there are lots of accidents here or there's lots of


illness. Or perhaps the truth is that Oakwood is a dangerous place?


And you can hear the full report on Oakwood Prison on BBC Radio four


tonight at 8pm. The Crown Prosecution Service has


said there is insufficient evidence to charge five serving or former


police officers over their roles in a murder investigation. Kevin Nunes


was shot dead in Staffordshire in September 2002. Five men jailed for


murder were freed on appeal after it emerged concerns over the


credibility of witnesses were not disclosed to the defence.


Stan Collymore has reactivated his Twitter account, after complaining


about receiving abusive tweets. His account had been deactivated


overnight after he was sent death threats. Staffordshire Police said


officers had spoken to a 14`year`old in the Liverpool area and a


15`year`old in Bedfordshire, but neither had been arrested.


A wildlife charity has criticised the government's badger cull for the


use of trapping and shooting methods, which it says were not part


of its objectives. Care for the Wild said that in West Gloucestershire


543 badgers were killed through controlled shooting in six weeks,


while 165 were cage`trapped and shot.


Pressure on hospital beds is top of the government agenda this winter


and hospitals are being forced to look for radical solutions. In


Stoke`on` Trent an ?8 million deal has been struck which will see a


private company looking after patients at home, freeing up beds on


wards. Andy Fallows had to have his hip


removed due to a drug resistant infection. He was in hospital for


four weeks, but thanks to this new system he's one of the first


patients to go home. I want my tea at 8pm, like I


normally do. I am not timed to certain times. I am not bored. If I


want to do something, I can do it. He's visited by nurses from health


care at Home, who give him antibiotics four times a day. It's


been trialled in Southampton and means beds which cost the hospital


?580 a day can be freed up. It has done amazingly well in


Southampton. We have currently 36 staff on the team in which we often


will have 42 patients out of the hospital on a daily basis. That


means you have 42 beds in a trust that can be used in different


people. University Hospital Stoke`on`Trent


says that it will be monitoring it very closely.


Patients who are at home are at less risk at home `` four, and of getting


hospital infection. Patients do not want to be sat in hospital if they


can have the same treatment at home. Winter bed pressures meant temporary


wards had to be rerfurbished before Christmas.


This building houses 34 patients, but eschewed to be demolished and a


jewel carriageway going through this. Healthcare at Home will


hopefully free up for two beds Although it has run in Southampton


for three years, this campaigner has concerns about safety and the way


the contract was awarded. And solve the crisis.


To me, it is an initiative that in fact is a loophole that means that


University Hospital North Staffordshire does not have to


tender this work out. Health care at Home will be judged


on whether there are beds available next Christmas.


MPs have voted to release secret papers relating to the conviction of


the Shrewsbury 24. The group included comedy actor Ricky


Tomlinson, who was jailed for his part in picket line disturbances


following a builders' strike more than 40 years ago. The government


said today the documents could be made available next year. MPs from


our region spoke on both sides of the debate.


The Stasi published their files after the burning wall came down in


1989. I think we can. Many constituents say that these people


have been tried and convicted by a jury and many constituents are the


world at that this debate has even been called.


An MP is tonight urging the board of governors at Staffordshire


University not to close its campus in Stafford. The town's Jeremy


LeFroy believes the potential relocation of more than 2,000


students to Stoke`on`Trent would have a "substantial impact" on the


local economy. A final decision will be announced a week today.


The campus at Beaconside in Stafford's seen an increasing number


of students enrolling on courses over the last few years. But


Staffordshire University's carrying out a review of its buildings and


that could mean it moves out of this campus.


Currently, I don't want to move. I am settles and it is a lovely town.


I like the shops and the people, I don't want to move out.


It is further away than where I live. You have to sort out


accommodation again. It is just an annoyance.


It will probably cripple Stafford, because it will take all the


students away. I think it is a really bad idea.


The university's considering moving more students here, to its base in


Stoke`on`Trent. But leaving Stafford would be a mistake, according to the


town's MP. What I am saying to the university


is thinking long term. Don't take a short`term decision. Stafford is an


incredibly strategic position for a university to be in. We are near the


airport and the M6. It is at the heart of the UK.


The university says any changes won't have an impact on second or


third year undergraduates, although first years could potentially be


affected. The university declined our request


for an interview, but said that it is aware of students concerns and


has held meetings to discuss the future. It said it did not want to


pre`empt a decision of its Board of Governors.


Ahead of that decision, what's the feeling in Stafford town centre on


the plans? I benefit, because I am a taxi


driver. I take a lot of students around. Plus, they come into town


and do their shopping. As far as we can see, the students are happy


there and Stafford needs the University.


The university will announce its plans next week, when students will


be told where future investment will be made. It is 6:45pm.


This is our top story tonight: Chocolate giants Cadbury announce a


new ?75 million investment in Bournville, but jobs could be lost.


Brace yourselves for a watery weather forecast from Rebecca.


And also in tonight's programme: Exodus to the capital. Coventry City


set to be roared on by 5,000 fans in tomorrow night's FA Cup tie at


Arsenal. And celebrating 30 years: the


theatre group set up to tell women's stories.


It's 12 months since the horse meat scandal erupted into the headlines.


Shocking revelations followed one after another as major retailers


discovered their beef, pork or lamb actually contained traces, or worse,


of horse. But for some in the Midlands the scandal was actually


good for business. Our Rural Affairs Correspondent David Gregory`Kumar


has been investigating. So David who's done well out of all


this? People like this butcher. Now this


shop near Wolverhampton is part of a farm shop. You can buy the sausages


and steaks and see the pigs and cattle from the windows of the shop.


The owners call it a one link food chain. You can't get more certain


about where your meat has come from when the horse meat scandal broke,


we had a surge in meat sales, because people lost faith in


supermarkets, and decided to go to farm shops where they knew the meat


came from. And sales are still up. They've held onto half their new


customers. So what about the rest of us? This is the change in what we're


eating. As you can see frozen pork, beef and ready meals are all down.


But look at frozen burgers. That's where the horse meat scandal started


and sales are down by just 1%. That's thanks to heavy promotion and


discounting. If it's cheap enough, we'll still eat it.


So who's testing this food? Well not Trading Standards. For example, in


Birmingham Trading Standards have stopped testing for horse meat. They


told us since they didn't detect any further incidences of contamination.


One other reason Trading Standards stopped testing, increasing testing


by food companies themselves. Though of course that does carry a cost.


It is a bit of a business, because it's ?126 per analysis, and if you


can imagine, we take delivery of meat once a week, that means it


would cost ?25,000 a year just to check meat coming in is what it


says. A year after the horse meat scandal


many of us have gone back to buying meat based purely on how affordable


it is. But for a good proportion of shoppers knowing exactly where our


meat has come from is much more important than it was 12 months ago.


This time tomorrow, 5,000 Coventry City fans will be making a bee`line


for North London. They're hoping to witness a big upset in the FA Cup


fourth round. The Sky Blues maybe 55 places below Arsenal, who are


currently on top of the Premier League, but the Coventry camp


remains quietly confident. Training hard for the toughest task


in the round draw. Coventry away to Arsenal sitting pretty on top of the


Premier League. Realistically, Coventry know that they do not stand


a chance, but if Arsenal was to take their foot off the brake, then the


Sky Blues have players. Players like Franck Moussa, who has


30 goals and more to come. Last season, he took his debut when


Arsenal won`1. It is a great opportunity to play football.


Everybody knows about the FA Cup, anything can happen. We have to give


our best shot and go that expecting to get a result out of that. We will


see what our best will give us. I was hoping for Liverpool, but I will


not complain about going back to the Emirates. We have to believe that we


can get something out of the game. There will be cheered on by 5000


fans, but the boss, Steven Pressley, is determined there will have a


night to remember. If you are going to draw this, there


is no better side than Arsenal. It is one of location. We have to go


there with the right mentality. We cannot just go there to make the


numbers up. My players do have an opportunity. Have boots, do travel.


Hoping that tomorrow night is not the end of the road for them. Good


luck to them. And tomorrow we'll be with


Kidderminster Harriers as they prepare to face Premier League


Sunderland in the fourth round on Saturday A memorial


A memorial service will be held in Wolverhampton next month to honour


the Wolves and England goalkeeping legend Bert Williams The


93`year`old, who died on Sunday, made more than 400 appearances for


Wolves in a 14`year career that spanned the club's most successful


era in the 1950s. The service will be held at St Peter's Church in the


city on Wednesday February the fifth.


Have you heard of the popular comedy character Barbara Nice? Well, not


only does she make us laugh, but, in real life, her less manic persona


Janice Connolly is a founding member of the Women Theatre group, which


tackles difficult and often taboo topics. This year the group's


celebrating its 30th birthday. Are you ready now? A stinging start


to this week's comedy class in Wolverhampton. This is one of


thousands of projects that Women Theatre have devised for ordinary


people. It is all devised theatre, so we are making it up ourselves. We


wanted to find stories that were not already been told and, initially, it


was women telling their stories, but now we have men as well. But that is


how it started in the beginning. Three decades on, and Janice


Connolly is still going strong. You have caught me going through my


cupboards. You might be thinking, what are you looking for, Barbara? I


am looking for Anglo`Saxon gold. She is best known as her, the altar ego


Barbara Nice, who was in Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights.


Everyone who does the course will not end up being a performer, but


some people will. People enjoy themselves, and it is good for


well`being. You cannot beat the arts for coming out of yourself and


feeling better when you go home. The odd comedy, Women Theatre have


created work to challenge our perceptions.


I was standing outside the club, trying to pluck up the courage to go


into the disco to find women like me.


Here, stories of a hidden gay past. Homosexuality was seen as a form of


madness. This data is now part of the


cultural identity. They have employed 300 artists and workers.


They have had workshops, reaching out to thousands of people, many


have been empowered and entertained. Rachel is one of the many people who


has attended workshops. It has really boosted my confidence. I have


never done comedy, I was wanted to do it. It came along at the right


time. I have made new friendships, and onwards and upwards for more


comedy nights. At a time when many arts organisations are trying to


make ends meet, Women Theatre are a success story and have 20 to laugh


about. Happy birthday to them. Here is the


weather. Yes, unfortunately, the weather is deteriorating as we go to


the weekend. I will talk about rainfall totals, because we have


significant rainfall in the next few days. We could see ten to 20 minute


metres, then `` millimetres, then the showers on Saturday could be


heavy, and we could have up to 25 millimetres of rain on Sunday. There


are flood alerts in the region, and they could go up. We have had some


showers today, but we will see those moving off, then it is a clear


night. Cabbages will fall away under those


clear skies to begin with, but then we start to see cloud head of the


next band of rain. `` temperatures will fall away. We could see some


icy stretches. In Staffordshire, there is a yellow weather warning


for ice. Tomorrow morning, we will see the


rain sticking with this, temperatures really struggling.


Around three Celsius under that. It will feel cold tomorrow, it will be


breezy. There will be a few clear periods in that rain, but it will


not go anywhere. Eventually, there will be mild air, but we could get


up to eight Celsius where we have been recently. And the rain stays


with us right the way through Friday night. It will get heavy at times,


eventually heading away as we head into Saturday. We will get some mist


and fog patches developing, because there is quite a lot of moisture in


the error was well. It will not be too cold on Saturday, and Saturday


will be the best day of the weekend, but it still will not be a


great day, because although it starts off dry, we get some sunny


spells. Then we have the showers moving through. They will clear away


again, it will be a very cold night as we head into Sunday. Then we have


this area of low pressure moving in. It will have strong guts of wind up


to 40 miles an hour, 25 millimetres of rain. The forecast could change,


but it is not looking good. Tonight's headlines from the BBC.


Some hospital waiting time figures in England can't be relied upon,


according to an official watchdog. And guilty of throwing acid in the


face of a friend ` the woman who disguised herself in a Muslim veil.


Chocolate giants Cadbury announce a new ?75 million investment in


Bournville. There are some fears tonight that 60% of jobs could be


lost. And recent disturbances at a jail


near Wolverhampton amounted to a full scale "prison riot", according


to an officer working there. That was the programme. I will be


back at 10pm with the latest of the Cadbury 's announcement. We will


have more analysis of what this could mean for jobs, and we expect


to hear whether the striker has admitted all denied a football


Association charge about an A star will be born


on The Voice 2014!


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