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Good evening. Flooding has continued to cause


major disruption across large parts of the Midlands. Flood barriers are


in place in Shrewsbury, Bewdley, and Ironbridge. In Worcester, the city


was effectively cut in two with the closure of the city centre bridge.


The River Severn there has already reached the level of the devastating


floods of 2007 and it's expected to get even higher tomorrow. Cath


Mackie reports. First light in Worcester, and the


sun rises revealing a city under water, and a city almost cut in two.


The historic bridge, a major arterial route, was closed to


traffic. In the rush hour, the city centre roads were eerily quiet. But


on the outskirts thousands of commuters were forced to find


another way in. The swans too were forced off`course as the river and


road merged into one by Gheluvelt Park. People living nearby waded


home, but at least their flood barriers were stopping the water


from getting inside. The river has been up and down. I am worried about


later in the week as it will come up again. Other than that...


The central bus station is currently closed, and buses diverted. Road


works too have been suspended. But by lunchtime, some good news ` the


bridge was partially opened to traffic. People are working around


the clock. Given the forecast and the amount of rain that is coming


down now or could come down the river, we cannot rule out the


possibility of having to close it again.


With more rain expected, the river levels will be going up and down all


week so we can expect more road closures and more disruption, and


that'll impact on the local economy. Businesses are worried if they


cannot get people into shop or eat or whatever it may be. But we have


the bridge open as soon as we could. We'll keep managing it.


Local businesses are hoping the message gets through. A job for


anybody to get through to deliver anything to us. They have not been


able to. As soon as we saw the impact yesterday, I knew it would be


a quiet day today. Hopefully, it only lasts for maybe today and


tomorrow and then we can get back to business.


Since the big flood of 2007, millions have been spent on flood


defences along the Severn, and today they held. But Worcester's


floodwaters remain a wonder to behold. I have come from Manchester


and it rains a lot there, but nothing like this. It is terrible.


Absolutely terrible. The city may have witnessed scenes


like this before, but it doesn't make it any easier.


Further downstream, flood barriers have been protecting most homes in


Upton`on`Severn. But there's still been serious disruption to many


people's lives, with bridges closed and roads impassable. More now from


Ben Sidwell. Been pulled to safety, another


victim of this winter's flood. Despite defences, overnight her home


and eventually succumbed to the rising water. It was coming in, yes.


Everything has been lifted or taken upstairs that we can. She is not


alone. One of her neighbours, who also had to be rescued, when he


moved into his house in October. It has been flooded 80 times since


Christmas, but it has not come into the houses. It has found a way in


now. `` a few times. To give you some idea of just how


bad the river is, take a look behind me. That area there were a few


things are sticking out of the water is a caravan park. From the boat, it


is easy to see the extent of the flooding all around. It is coming up


so quickly. It is getting people to a safe position as quickly as


possible. It is currently 5.4 metres above its normal level. As you can


see, it does have some weight to go to match the level in 2007. `` some


way. There is some good news, for the majority here the flood defences


are working and holding back the river. As someone else was rescued,


the worry is that with more rain forecast, they may not have seen the


worst of it yet here. Back now to Worcester and our


reporter, Liz Copper. Liz, what's the latest on the situation there?


River levels are still very high. They are expected to rise again


during the course of tomorrow. There are still some road closures and


diversions here in the city centre and there are also expected to


remain tomorrow. Business leaders are keen to point out that this is a


city very much still open for business and any disruption will be


kept to an absolute minimum. The Environment Agency, who as you


expect will be monitoring things right through the night, and they


are confident that flood defences will hold. We are confident that the


flood defences will hold and work. Were not expecting 2007 levels. But


they are manageable at the moment. `` we are not. It's not just


Worcestershire, what other parts of our region have been affected?


Tonight, across the region there are 44 flood warnings and 24 flood


alerts. In Herefordshire, the River Wye proves quite a spectacle with


some coming to watch the racing floodwaters. It was very dangerous.


Six motorists had to be rescued by firefighters. Some villagers in


Herefordshire 's `` some villages in Herefordshire are only passable in a


4x4. In Shrewsbury, drivers who left their cars near a bridge were caught


out by the raving `` the raising speed of the River Severn. The


Environment Agency `` near Brent agency say that levels are


manageable. `` the Environment Agency.


And for the all latest information on the floods and how they're


affecting the roads where you live, be sure to listen to your local


radio station for regular updates. That's all from me. We'll be back at


Breakfast from 6am tomorrow morning. The weather's next.


Well. It's an eventful week weather`wise to say the least.


Adding to our worries. We have not just got rain, but the drop in


overall temperatures is going to mean a risk of ice, frost and snow


for which there are yellow warnings. Even more serious than yellow though


is the amber warning for strong winds in the West and Southwest of


the region for Wednesday. Those will also be accompanied by heavy rain.


At the moment out there though we have largely dry conditions and


clear skies with a touch of frost and ice starting to develop as


temperatures plunge just into negative numbers for rural spots. So


that will continue for a time tomorrow morning with squally winds


and producing between ten and 20mm of rain followed by a drier,


brighter afternoon but still blustery and a top temperature of


seven Celsius. A more detailed look at the national picture is next.


I will leave you Good evening. You have my permission


to complain about too many repeats with the British weather at the


moment because yet again it looks as though our winter weather is set to


continue with a repeat of last week. Sunny spells and scattered showers


today and this is the next area of low pressure pushing in from the


west. It influences our weather for the rest of the week. More rain to


come and gales and severe gales to come. Ice is a possible risk. That


means a cumulative total perhaps or 40-70 millimetres and that is an


extra two to three inches. It will exacerbate the flooding we have


already got across England at the moment. The cloud, wind and rain is


already pushing in from the west. There will be a widespread frost.


Ice could be a problem first thing in Northern Ireland. Snow in the


hills and maybe in the North East of Scotland we could see snow at lower


levels. Rain through northern England and Wales and Somerset. Some


of that rain could be quite intense coupled with squally, gusty winds on


exposed coasts. In the east it starts off relatively dry, but it


will not be long before the wind and the rain spreads further east. Up


into the North the snow showers continue on the hills, but by the


end of the afternoon we could see wet snow even at lower levels. A


cold day. There is a potential for some snow showers at lower levels


across England and Wales on Tuesday night and into Wednesday. On


Wednesday it is this area of low pressure which is the main factor in


Wednesday's weather. More wet and windy weather. An early amber


warning has already been issued from the South West. Severe gales are


likely as we continue to see some very wet weather coming into central


and southern areas. The strongest winds follow in behind those


showers. In Scotland you are probably wondering what the


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