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two weeks' time. That is all


Good evening. The Environment Agency is warning


that river levels in Herefordshire and Worcestershire are still


unstable despite today's drier weather. They're predicted to


fluctuate across the two counties over the next 24 hours. Meanwhile


teams of council workers and volunteers now beginning to remove


tonnes of debris trapped under Worcester Bridge. Sarah Falkland was


there. It was quite the Sunday morning


spectacle, pulling in crowds of onlookers. It is amazing when you


see what he never has brought down. A huge pile of debris, there was all


sorts in here, 28 tonnes were removed in the first hour. It is


mainly wood, Ford's and get some I have seen your wheelie bin, a beer


barrel, a life boy, plastic bottles, all sorts of things.


The dredging machine operator can't see what he's picking


`` this is not just some floating island of rubbish, it is the


proverbial tip of the iceberg. All of this degree is about three metres


underwater. The dredging machine operator can see what he's picking


up. He relies on the guidance of the team and the piles of. The normal


way is to let the river go down and take it away by car in the water. As


the doors closed we have an opportunity to reach down from the


top. That excavator can reach 80 metres in depth. That is the perfect


kit for getting rid of this. You might also see the difficulty we


have, the lights on the bridge are difficult for us to work alone.


All the wood will be chipped and made into mulch. In all they're


expecting to take out around 500 tonnes. Sarah Falkland, BBC Midlands


Today in Worcester. A 20`year`old man from


Stratford`on`Avon has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of a


teenager in Oxford. 17`year`old Connor Tremble was stabbed in


Fairacres Road in Oxford on Thursday night. He was taken to hospital but


died yesterday. A 21`year`old man from Birmingham has also been


arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender.


The Chief Executive of HS2 Limited says Stoke`on`Trent "hasn't been


ruled out" in a battle to get a station on the new high speed rail


line linking London, the Midlands and the North. The city has just


submitted its case to get a stop on the line, but it's facing stiff


competition from just 15 miles away, as BBC Radio Stoke's Political


Reporter Phil McCann reports. It used to be one of


Stoke`on`Trent's industrial powerhouses. Thousands of people


produced tonnes of steel at Shelton Bar in its heyday, but 14 years


after it closed, this is all that's left. The hope now is that HS2 will


fill the gap. The derelict land here would be home


to international arrivals, with high speed trains thundering to London in


less than an hour. Unlike councils in Coventry, Warwickshire and rural


Staffordshire, the city council here is actually fighting for high speed


rail. This will actually make Stoke`on`Trent a call city, the


amount of growth that will happen is unimaginable.


Local businesses say it'd give this city the boost it's been waiting for


for decades. It will create jobs, bring in investment, attract new


businesses to this great city. But 15 miles up the road, a


competitor in the shape of a true railway town. Crewe has already


appeared as a stop for some HS2 trains on the government's preferred


route. Stoke's plan would involve dragging the track away, launching


officials here into battle mod. The total connectivity argument that the


government talks about in the capacity argument is enhanced with


what you get from Crewe. Despite the initial preference for crew, the


chief executive told the Sunday politics that they will look at what


sort `` Stoke`on`Trent has to offer. We have completed a public


consultation. I am sure that Stoke have submitted their consultation.


Stoke`on`Trent have high hopes they'll win, but it'd mean a


significant change in the government's HS2 strategy. Phil


McCann BBC Midlands Today, Staffordshire. Time for the weather.


After the lovely sunny skies the day we will start to see some rain


moving and overnight, quite cold ahead of it, though, tend to drift


down to two degrees or three degrees. Mist and fog present as


well. It is going to be quite chilly and patchy to start, the odd heavy


burst likely as we head throughout the day came tomorrow, techie Lully


in the Senate. It will stay quite murky as well. A daytime temperature


of nine degrees. That's it. We are back tomorrow morning.


Goodbye. Good evening. In the midst of any


normal winter weather for the week ahead would be fairly unremarkable.


Some rain in places, some strong winds at times, but of course we are


in the midst of no normal winter. It is worth emphasising that with -


the weather this week will be less angry and volatile overall, a fair


bit calmer. Calmer but by no means dry. Outbreaks of rain will spread


across much of the UK through the night. There will be some snow mixed


in across the hills of central Scotland. Temperatures slowly


starting to


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