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One, it's time for the news where you


Good Evening. The Mid`staffordshire Nhs Trust Will


Be Dissolved With Stafford And Cannock Hospitals Being Run By Other


Trusts. It Comes Following Concerns Over The Standard Of Care And


Financial Problems At Mid Staffs. Some Services Will Be Downgraded,


But Today It Was Announced That Stafford Could Retain Its


Consultant`led Maternity Department. Our Health Correspondent Michele


Paduano Reports. We can only pray as Stafford to be


fair. Instead they are hoping to open some more beds, but then David


Cameron dropped a bombshell. We are hoping that A can continue at


Stafford. We are hoping that we can have a consultant led maternity


department. This was a cautious welcome. It is not there yet. We


need to wait and see what happens. Cannock hospital will be taken over


by Wolverhampton and the mid Staffordshire NHS Trust will be


diesel. They have been to demonstrations, the largest 50,000.


The majority of people in Stafford still want their services. We would


like it to stay as it is. It is not good that it is going to be passed


over. I am quite disappointed. It is not quite clear what the


announcement around maternity means, but what is clear is there may be


more concessions. Politicians always get nervous around hospitals. Today


marks the end of an organisation so it industry could be `` linked with


bad health care. Joining us now from Westminster is


the Conservative MP for Stafford Jeremy Lefroy. Mr Lefroy, now that


we know what's happening with the Trust, what's the timescale to get


things back on track? Clearly the trust is being dissolved. The


announcement from the secretary of state said it should happen as soon


as possible and it is important to do that. At the same time, NHS


England are trying to preserve the consultant led maternity services. I


would very much welcome that because these are services we have fought


for over the last year. It is a lot to them where we were a year ago,


but we must continue the battle. Will there ever become a time when


RFID hospital is not under scrutiny? There will be. `` Stafford Hospital.


It is one of the top regional hospitals now. It is a place that


really has improved greatly. What we need to do is seek confidence in the


future with the hospital coming together with Stoke. More people


will be attracted to work there. We must also address this question of


the consultant led maternity unit. Thank you very much.


Police have been given an extra five days to continue questioning a


former Guantanamo Bay detainee who was arrested along with two men and


a woman on suspicion of Syria`related terrorism offences.


45`year`old Moazzam Begg of Hall Green in Birmingham is suspected of


attending a terrorist training camp. 1,000 tenants in Shropshire have


been invited to swap their homes with each other. People deemed to be


living in under`occupied or overcrowded homes have met up to see


if it would be beneficial to move into each other's properties. It


could help householders to avoid paying the bedroom tax.


There are 15,000 properties available to rent in Shropshire's


Council's area. But many people feel they are not living in the right


accommodation. This woman has spent eight years trying to get off of an


estate she did not like. Now she has finally got a property she likes. I


went into the council offices begging them to move me, but their


hands were tied. You need to have so many different qualifying criteria


to move. This event is almost like speed dating. People are hoping to


be matched up with someone else's home. We want to put people in touch


with other people who want to swap properties. This family have


outgrown their house on something smaller. People are struggling with


one or two bedrooms and we have three. They probably could do with


an upgrade. This is a way of people avoiding the bedroom tax. If they


have an extra bedroom, they face a cut in their housing benefits.


Manufacturing has been in decline in the region recently, but things are


looking up. Tomorrow night, join Nick and Mary at 6.30pm for a


special programme looking at more than 100 products made in the


Midlands. That is all from the late team. We are back tomorrow morning.


Now the weather. After what has been a pleasant day


we have a wet night to come. It is this and of rain that will work its


way in. We are expecting up to ten millilitres of rain. The cloud will


build ahead of the rain, which is moving quite thickly. Temperatures


will not fall away too far with lows of five or six Celsius. Tomorrow,


that band of rainbow clear away and it will be a pleasant start to the


day. Still a few showers here and there. It will be quite blustery in


the afternoon with temperatures between eight and nine degrees. The


National forecast is on the way. I will leave you with an outlook for


the next few days. day on Friday, wet snow around and a


breeze blowing as well. Tricky into the weekend. And now we have the


national forecast. Good evening. We know it has been a


wet winter but it has also been mild and across England and Wales,


lacking in snow. The last day of the season which we measure on Friday,


might provide a bit of it. Friday's weather is coming from the small


area of low pressure. These tiny


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