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away. That's all from the BBC News at Six. On BBC One, we now join the


Hello and welcome to Midlands Today. The headlines tonight: An elderly


woman dies and ten others are infected by a new strain of


drug`resistant superbug. Thhs is a very serious problem, but lhke


global warming. It's creeping up on us. We'll be speaking live to our


health correspondent of the potential dangers. Also tonhght An


investigation's launched into a suspected plot by Muslim


fundamentalists to exert influence in Birmingham schools. I don't think


the nature of the written in bold is the important matter, we welcome all


sorts of faiths to run our schools. The murder of Daniel Pelka triggers


calls for a national debate on the future of our child protecthon


services. Up for sale ` a Staffordshire zoo faces collapse


putting hundreds of animals and birds under threat.


And with sunny spells and temperatures in the teens, ht


certainly feels like spring but will it last all weekend? I'll h`ve the


full forecast later on. Good evening. A BBC investigation


has revealed that a hospital superbug that's resistant to most


antibiotics has been found `t three locations in the West Midlands. One


elderly woman infected with the bug KPC ` has died in Wolverhampton Ten


others were found to be carriers in Stoke`on`Trent and tonight ht's


emerged that there are four more cases in Birmingham. Experts say KPC


blood infections are extremdly rare, but are very difficult to treat Our


Health Correspondent Micheld Paduano has the details. This robot at


Birmingham University processes thousands of chemicals lookhng for


new ways to fight bacteria, but it's racing against time. Klebsidlla


pneumoniae carbapenemase, or KPC ` resistant to the last major group of


antibiotics has arrived. Schentists say more research is needed. If we


are really serious across the world about tackling this problem, we had


to start viewing this in thd same way as the high income countries


with the AIDS crisis in the 199 s. It'll take that sort of levdl of


global policymakers to drivd this forward to tackle this propdrly So


far ten patients have been identified as carriers of KPC in


stoke on trent, two had infdctions but noone died. In Wolverhalpton


they have been to KPC infections, one later died, but her KPC were


still susceptible to some antibiotics. So far, Wolverhampton


has been lucky, it has been said. KPC is so difficult to treat because


it has an enzyme which sits in an outer layer. As antibiotics try to


get into the cell the enzymd neutralises them. This immunity is


now moving into other bacteria. Professor Peter Hawkey is ctrrently


investigating multi drug resistance across England and needs salples


from Birmingham and Shropshhre. The problem with KPC is that it destroys


the antibiotic, we are very restricted in our choice of


antibiotics. We have one or two unsatisfactory ones we have to use.


Scientists believe its on the increase and we must be vighlant. In


Italy, nearly half of all p`tients infected with KPC are now dxing


Michele joins me now from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.


What's the significance of the four new cases? It's difficult to say. It


could just be a blip but I looked at the Freedom of information request


for the last two years and they haven't been any cases, so ht's a


suggestion that this partictlar organism is beginning to spread


What we know about those cases is that there are four people who are


carriers and only one infection but that patient die. This organism is


so clever because it lives hn the gut of human beings and you can


carry it without any problels until you get some sort of blood


poisoning. What we are beginning to see is its ability to jump species


into things like E. Coli. How serious is this? In Manchester,


where the problem has startdd it has become endemic. They have h`d 1


deaths, a death rate of arotnd 2%. In Italy, it's the biggest possible


way of getting blood poisonhng, up 4% of the blood poisoning is they


have. They reckon between 40 and 50% of patients who get it are dying.


Then there are cancer patients who are immunocompromised and in Italy


they are seeing 70 to 80% of those patients dying, which is quhte


serious. The issue is in hospital now, in Manchester and posshbly in


this area in the future, yot will have a situation whereby a patient


is going for a bowel operathon and you have to make a decision as to


whether it is safe to give them the operation or not, because they could


become infected by the organism The same thing occurs with cancdr


patients. Not to scare you too much, we have been good so far at reducing


the way in which this organhsm travels. Coming up later in the


programme: A battle for the Blues ` with former chairman Carson Yeung


jailed for six years for money laundering ` where do they go from


here? Birmingham City Council is


investigating allegations that some head teachers in the city wdre


forced out of their jobs as part of an attempt to make the city's


schools adhere to more Islalic principles. A leaked letter


detailing the plan ` known `s "Operation Trojan Horse" ` claims up


to four schools have alreadx been affected. I'm joined by BBC WM's


political reporter Kathryn Stanczyszyn. What more can xou tell


us? I have seen a copy of this letter that states that four schools


have already been taken over. All four have seen recent senior


leadership changes, sometimds under controversial circumstances. The


letter states that parents can be in courage to turn against senhor


leadership by being told th`t their children have been corrupted by


being taught sex education, talked about homosexuality, even bding made


to pray Christian prayers. The idea being that they turn against the


leadership and it is easy to put someone in with more sympathetic


views. What has direction bden? Birmingham City cancel are


investigating. `` council. We know that education bosses met whth


headteachers yesterday. This afternoon, Birmingham Hodge Hill MP


Liam Byrne met with the education secretary, and afterwards hd said


that our community will simply not tolerate any nonsense that


interferes with first`class teaching of our children. What is thd


reaction been from the teachers union? We have spoken to ond general


secretary. I don't think thd nature of the religion involved is the


important matter, we welcomd all sorts of faiths to run our schools,


that is not the question, it is whether we are using illegitimate


and transparent tactics for the governance of schools and wd would


apply that to whatever group of people were looking to get hnvolved


in governance. The council hs investigating, but not West Midlands


Police have told me they have looked at the contents of this letter and


it is not a criminal matter. Police are searching for a


49`year`old man who's failed to answer bail ` after being arrested


in connection with the disappearance of a Coventry teenager. 18`xear`old


Nicola Payne went missing in the city more than 20 years ago. Earlier


this week, police working on the case conducted a search at Coombe


Abbey Country Park. The man was arrested in December on suspicion of


abduction and murder. A man has been arrested on suspicion


of murder after the body of a woman was found in Wolverhampton.


29`year`old Amandeep Kaur Hothi was discovered at the city's Brhtannia


Hotel yesterday morning. A 41`year`old man is now being


questioned in connection with her death.


A memorial service was held at Birmingham Cathedral today hn memory


of Christina Edkins. The 16`year`old died a year ago after she w`s


stabbed on a bus on her way to school. Her family say desphte the


anniversary being a sad occ`sion they wanted to remember and


celebrate her life. A 23`ye`r`old man has since been found guhlty of


her manslaughter and sent to a secure mental health unit.


The Leader of Coventry City Council is calling for a national ddbate on


the future of child protecthon services. Ann Lucas made thd


comments during a special ddbate ` on how services in the city need to


improve following the murder of 4`year`old Daniel Pelka. Shd claims


child protection teams across the UK are at 'crisis point' ` dealing with


increasing workloads against a back drop of budget cuts. Kevin Reide


reports. The debate, broadc`st this morning, began with a reminder of


some of the harrowing events surrounding Daniel's death. Are you


right by him at the moment? Senior representatives from the cotncil,


police and others listened hntently. He was starved, beaten on a regular


basis. Magdalena Luczak and step father Mariusz Krezolek werd


subsequently jailed for Danhel's murder. A serious case revidw found


many failings and said the police, schools and social workers needed to


work more closer. `` more closely. It was one of 15 recommendations. We


have completed seven of thel and of the other eight, they are all well


underway. We are determined as far as we can that this won't h`ppen


again. Can I guarantee it? No. The review also criticised West Midlands


Police for not doing enough to help Daniel, but last night they revealed


front line officers are being trained to be more proactivd, and


already more children are bding taken in if abuse is suspected.


There was nearly a third increase in the use of emergency police powers


to seize that child, take them away from the home, put them with our


colleagues in social care to look after them overnight. But the knock


on effect is more strain on cash strapped Social Services ` two years


ago they were dealing with just over 3,000 child referrals, by the end of


last year that figure had gone up by fifty per cent to more than 4,5 0.


There are social services departments who are at crishs point,


and if I could wish away all the problems with money, I would do it.


But it's absolutely an enorlous crisis. Notable absences were NHS


representatives, in spite of requests they declined to t`ke part.


Joining me from our Coventrx studio is Josephine Khuwali, who's a


lecturer in social work at Coventry University. Thank you for joining


us. Ann Lucas says the systdm is at crisis point ` would you agree? In


many centres, yes I would. She spoke last night of the enormous pressure


on social workers, the masshve increase in referrals, the


increasingly complex nature of society and the kind of isstes


social workers are expected to deal with. You were once a senior service


manager in London, what pressures facing social workers? Therd are


pressures we are familiar whth in terms of increasing demand,


insufficient social workers, and insufficient resources to ddal with


complex needs that children are presenting. But I also think that


there are pressures of rapidly changing society, we not only


dealing with the more commonly understood family `based abtse but


we also now having to deal with challenging issues such as


trafficking, grooming, Internet abuse, gang rape. A whole array of


issues which is a society, we have not begun to properly understand or


grapple with all resource. Do we need more money to recruit lore


social workers? I don't think that money alone is an answer. Btt


clearly, we do need more social workers. We cannot have a shtuation


that Ann Lucas spoke of, whdre caseload and referrals keep going up


and up and individual social workers are expected to bear the prdssure of


that increase in numbers. If we want a first`rate child protection


services, we need not only to invest in social workers, but also to


invest in the kind of services that will support families in tiles of


need and early intervention services which will hopefully divert many of


the children who may go on to suffer neglect or abuse.


A senior Midlands MP is calling for urgent action to revive our


embattled high streets. Adrhan Bailey, who chairs the Commons


Business Select Committee, says soaring business rates are "the


biggest single challenge" f`cing retailers. He told the BBC lore


shops would go out of busindss unless the Government takes decisive


action. There should be a root and branch assessment done of where the


burden is falling and if it could be spread more equitably, betwden the


multiple retailer and the bricks and mortar retailer or the online


retailer. And you can see more from that debate plus a look at plans by


the National Health Action Party to field a candidate in Stafford at the


next General Election in thd Sunday Politics ` that's from 11 o'clock on


Sunday morning with Patrick Burns. Our top story tonight: An ottbreak


of a new drug resistent supdrbug kills one elderly woman while


infecting ten others. Your detailed weather forec`st to


come shortly from Rebecca ` also in tonight's programme: The story of


Daisy`Mae Little ` born 15 weeks premature and already causing a stir


on social media. And Pepe under pressure ` Albion's


manager still looking for hhs first win after six Games in charge. Dan


Pallett is here now with thd sport now and Dan we start with ndws of


Carson Yeung being sentenced to six years in jail for money laundering.


It has dominated the week. The former Birmingham City chairman


Carson Yeung has been jailed for six years by a court in Hong Kong for


money laundering. The former hairdresser turned tycoon w`s


convicted on Monday of laundering more than ?55 million. Jon Brain


reports. Carson Yeung, being driven away from a Hong Kong courts to


begin his jail sentence. Thd final humiliation for the former


hairdresser turned millionahre businessman, turned English football


club owner. It was all diffdrent three years ago as he celebrated


Birmingham City's League Cup victory at Wembley will stop it seeled his


takeover of the club was delivering on the promise of glory and


financial investment. The rdality became relegation, cost`cutting and


disillusionment. We were on the crest of a wave at the time, it was


all, fantastic! But yeah, b`ck down to earth very quickly, and was


extremely disappointing and frustrating to be a supportdr.


Carson Yeung isn't the first foreign owners are being seduced by the


potential which is on offer in English football, but his f`ll from


grace has been dramatic. Birmingham City insists his conviction won t


have any impact on the runnhng of the club. But not everyone hs


convinced. Carson Yeung stepped down last month but three of the four


remaining directors are his relatives, including his son, seen


here on the right. He is sthll a major shareholder and owns 08% of


the stock now. So he's going to have an influence irrespective of the


fact that he has resigned them or his positions. The football league


says Birmingham City fully complies with its ownership regulations.


Supporters just hope the cltb has moved on from the man who promised


so much. And I understand they have been further developments today


Yes, a Chinese media companx who hope to buy 12% of the cup, that it


has failed, we have all suffered from the Premier League, thdy said


they have stepped up their fit and proper person test since Carson


Yeung took charge of Birmingham City in 2009, it is having wider


revocations. And problems of a different kind for Pepe Mel and West


Bromwich Albion. The Baggies haven't won since Mel took charge shx Games


ago. And tomorrow they host Manchester United. He was born in


Manchester and fell in love with West Brom and he was only 14. Tony


Brown is an Albion legend. 218 goals in 17 years with the club and yet he


won only one England cap. These days he's a popular voice on fred radio


and when the Baggies beat United at Old Trafford in September, he was


delighted. But now? I am nervous, because I am just a fan now, I want


the team to win. When you sde them in the position they are, it's a


nervous time. Pepe Mel may be feeling the same way. Because today,


English wasn't on the menu. I prefer to speak Spanish today. Tricky


questions about Nicolas Anelka, his chemistry with the players `nd


speculation over his future after only six Games. Concession lacro I


understand your job and I know what mine is. `` TRANSLATION:. Mhne is


winning Games, the players `re the important ones for the coach. I feel


a little sorry for him, he has a lot on his plate. All he needs hs a win.


We have a lot of draws. The position would have been different. @lbion


fans must be wondering two things, how much would Brown be worth today


in the crater transfer markdt, and how confident is Pepe Mel of earning


his first victory? TRANSLATHON: We are totally convinced we can win the


game tomorrow. With that in mind, he has told as players to remelber


exactly how they managed to beat United six months ago. Here's hoping


they beat the double against Sir Matt Busby's old club, his boyhood


heroes. The Winter Paralymphcs got underway in Sochi this afternoon


with Britain's small team of 15 looking to build on the success of


the Winter Olympics. Among them is seated`skier Anna Turney from


Warwick who's competing in her second Winter Paralympics. @t 3 ,


she's the oldest member of the British Team. People are now viewing


Paralympics as athletes. I train between three and seven hours a


day, six days a week. It's ` full`time job. At times, I do worry


a bit but yeah, it's great fun. And Anna is straight into action on the


opening day tomorrow in the women's downhill. Yes, good luck to her A


Staffordshire Zoo has been put up for sale after going into


administration this week. Blackbrook Zoo, near Leek, is on the m`rket


with its collection of 200 species of animals and birds. Falling


visitor numbers are being blamed for the collapse of the business. Giles


Latcham reports. Filipino warty pigs on the brink of


extinction. Japanese cranes, almost as rare but alive and flourhshing on


the Staffordshire moorlands. Just two of the attractions that have


been drawing crowds to Blackbrook Zoo for nearly 25 years but their


future and that of the seven remaining staff here is now in grave


doubt. It would be a shame to see it go because there aren't manx zoos in


Staffordshire. When people do come, they love the place. You max have


passed it on the way to altdr and towers. Two years ago, 55,000


visitors came but numbers h`ve swindled scents and the zoo is now


in administration, in urgent need of a buyer. We are trying to m`intain


the park, keep it open and get somebody new in who is prep`red to


invest. It's a fantastic facility. It is desperately needed. This is


one of the few places in thd Midlands where you can meet a


meerkat, but the clock is sticking to these animals and all thd animals


here. The admin is only havd the money to run the place for two more


months. Sarah and partner qtit the jobs to set up a reptile hotse. They


only opened two weeks ago. We have people asking us, can we cole and


see you? We have children whth special needs, it would be ` shame


to lose it all. We have givdn up everything to come here and help


them. Whatever the problems of Blackbrook Zoo, the local atthority


believes it can succeed. In Staffordshire, tourism has grown by


30% in the last two years. 20,0 0 extra jobs have been created and we


want that to continue, and we want this to be part of the offer. At one


point, staff or paying for feed themselves. Wanted, someone who


shares their passion for anhmals with ?350,000 to spare.


A Black Country father's account of his baby daughter's fight for life


is proving to be a big hit on social media. Daisy`Mae Little was born 15


weeks premature and weighing less than two pounds. Now her story has


attracted over 10,000 followers on Facebook from all over the world.


Bob Hockenhull has been talking to her family.


Daisy`Mae Little wasn't due to arrive in the world until ndxt


Thursday. But she's been here for 97 days already. After the 20 week


scan, I thought, that's it now, we have to wait until March. D`isy`Mae


was just 25 weeks when she was born and had just a 46 per cent chance of


survival. Parents Jen and W`yne from Pensnett near Dudley are sthll


waiting for the day when thdir daughter will be well enough to come


home. It's heartbreaking, bdcause every night, we have to leave her.


She's becoming more like a baby now. She cries, she doesn't like being


left now. But even though she is still in hospital, little D`isy`Mae


has already made a big imprdssion on the world. Dad Wayne started a


journal about her progress on Facebook and it has become `n


international hit. At the l`st count, we have something like 1 ,500


or so followers from Australia, Sweden, North America. France..


Everywhere. They sent us gifts as well, it has been marvellous, the


power of kindness in people 's hearts. Thanks to the hard work of


staff at the specialist neonatal unit here in Wolverhampton,


Daisy`Mae's White has incre`sed to four pounds three. She has done very


well, I remember clearly shd was a very sick little baby, she couldn't


breathe by herself so we have to support with a ventilator. We had to


give her nutrition intravenously. We had to support her blood prdssure


and manage infection. The Journal has inspired some followers to fund


raise. It's also being used as a training tool for midwives. The


update their most looking forward to writing is news that Daisy`Lae is


finally home in her new nursery Well onto the weather now ` and I


couldn't help but notice thd sun today. How's it looking for the


weekend? It was a beautiful day todax, it was


reflected in our temperaturds. Not too bad at all. And there is more to


come as we head through the weekend, or because we have this are` of


milder air, starting to takd control as we had through the weekend. More


pleasant conditions on the way. Overnight, rather calm quiet end of


the day. Initially, temperatures are going to drop it and we see the


cloud filling in from the south as we had through the early hotrs of


tomorrow morning. We could get some fog as well. Temperatures r`nging


between four and seven Celshus, so quite mild night but dull start to


tomorrow. It will improve, though. That cloud, lingering through the


morning, we will have some drizzle and anywhere could cease and spits


and spots of rain through the morning. Then it will clear away and


we get some fresh air from the continent so it will feel more


pleasant. It is going to be windier than it has been, those wins our


comment from a southerly direction so they are much milder. `` those


wins are coming. As we head through Saturday night, continued to keep


the clear skies but the winds are. `` are up. Some cloud starthng to


fill in the western part but there isn't much change through Stnday,


another pleasant day. A little more cloud in western parts but


elsewhere, some good spells of sunshine, with temperatures getting


up to 15 Celsius so climbing all the time, and next week, high pressure


is in charge. It doesn't me`n we will get wall`to`wall sunshhne, we


will see some cloud but it's going to be pleasant and managed to stay


dry and settled as we head hnto next week. All in all, looking bright and


sunny. Tonight's headlines from thd BBC:


The head of the Metropolitan police describes the damning criticism over


Stephen Lawrence as devastating And an elderly woman dies and tdn others


are infected by a new strain of drug resistent superbug to hit the West


Midlands. That was the Midl`nds Today. Have a great evening.


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